by MJSmith

Appendix A

SEVEN BOWLS OF LOVE (from the fifth vision of Revelation)

“Love:  The incorporeal or spiritual sense of Deity demonstrates Love’s perfection in human experience (S&H 577:28-578:18).”[1]
     The pages mentioned above, from the Christian Science Textbook, are found at the end of the sixteenth chapter “The Apocalypse.”  Mary Baker Eddy ends her chapter with the 23rd Psalms where she translates Lord into Love.

The following is from the KAPPELER NEWSLETTER, it is on the synonym:  LOVE.

     In Revelation’s epilog there are seven angels, or seven stars, for the seven churches.  These seven angels are the seven synonymous terms for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.

     The Individual Christian Scientist; Volume XXXIV; July 2009 edition, published by Doris Greekel, has an article “The Church of the Laodiceans.”  This is about the seventh church, the church of today during the Seventh Day of Love.  I have applied the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle structure to these seven churches.[2]

     It is important to see the foundation stones of the first and seventh churches as going with each other, the second and sixth churches as relating, the third and fifth churches as relating, and the fourth church as the main focus in getting it all correct.
     Enoch[4] was the seventh lineage from Adam.  Adam fell asleep and he never woke up!  The Bible tells us that Jehovah[5] (not the same God as found in Genesis 1-2:3) walks in the Garden of Eden (the material body), however, it says that Enoch (who was dedicated and consecrated to his sacred purpose) walked with God (Enoch did not die but was translated back to Spirit because he woke up from the Adam dream).  This was man’s awakening.  Enoch relates to the Seventh Day of Love, our time period that we now live in.  Enoch is a prophecy of our present Day of Love telling us that a great awakening in mankind’s consciousness (a spiritual translation) is taking place.
     The warning to the Laodiceans is about apathy (toward error) and indifference (not doing anything about error, not speaking up).  But Love says, “I know thy works, that thou are neither cold nor hot:  I would thou wert cold or hot.  So then because thou are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” (Revelation 3:15-16)
     In our day and time we must not sit back and enjoy our material wealth or lives because it is only part of the Adam dream and we must wake up from this Adam dream.  Are today’s Christian Scientists following their Leader’s footsteps?  Are they devoting all of their time to waking mankind from the Adam dream of animal magnetism?  Are we meeting the resistance, persecution, desertion, “all manner of evil” that is said against Mary Baker Eddy and her revelation?  Or are Christian Scientists blind to the tricks of the red dragon (the Adam “red” drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism)?
     Today, in the Seventh Day, it is important for Christian Scientists to STAND with their Leader because the Capstone vision (the fourth vision) of Revelation is about the woman God-crowned!  It also depicts how the red dragon persecutes her and her remnant seed.  Do Christian Scientists (who are suppose to be the woman’s remnant seed) just ignore this part of the Capstone Vision?  Is it because of the dragon’s persecution and tricks that the remnant seed is afraid to STAND with their LEADER?  If the Christian Scientist REALLY reads Revelation 12 they cannot help but see that it is telling them to stand with their Leader, the woman God-crowned, and that is the true type of spiritual warfare.

     The next step up (or the next step to take once we understand that we must STAND up for [the woman] and stand upon the two foundation stones with our own two feet[6]) on the pyramid structure is the Branch of the Christ as Spirit and Truth.  The persecution of the loyal followers of the Christ either gives birth to or brings about perfection (Truth) or those who profess loyalty, but are really afraid, will try and hide (or side) with error.  We will either hide with error or stand with Truth, which will it be?  Will we land upon the capstone of Truth with the Ark of the Covenant and then go out to see the Christ messenger coming in the clouds or will we build up error as Nimrod, the tower of Babel?  Will we believe that mortal man, Nimrod, is a god?  Or will we obey the First Commandment and have only one Mind and one Spirit?
     Jesus said that the days of Noah is specific to the time of the Second Coming of Christ.  This Second Coming was Mary Baker Eddy.  It is interesting that there is a second Noah mentioned in the Old Testament.  This second Noah is a woman, and she (and her sisters) actually receives an inheritance from her father (which was not a common practice in those days).
     Noah is in his Sixth Day of Truth (six hundredth year) when the flood comes.  He and his Christ (triplet) Son of God go out to see the sign of God’s Arch Covenant way after the rain has ended.  So what Noah and his Son really are supposed to see is a divine messenger coming in the cloud.  The Bible says the bow is in a cloud; it does not say it is a rainbow.  And yes, clouds can have rainbow colors in them.  Mary Baker Eddy was born in Bow, New Hampshire and she is the angel of Revelation 10 who has a rainbow upon her [Christ] head!  What I am bringing out here is that it is Noah and Son in the Second Day of Spirit that is shown the symbol for the Covenant with God, how it shall appear, and this is why Jesus said that the Second Coming would also come in a cloud, these are code words being used to mean that the angel is a divine messenger and this divine messenger comes directly from God.  This is why the angel of Revelation 10 is “clothed with a cloud.”
     The symbol of the rainbow that St. John used is also a symbol for the goddess Isis.  Isis is an earlier symbol for the woman God-crowned, just as Queen Semiramis is symbolic of the woman God-crowned.  Now who, you may be asking me, is Queen Semiramis?  Well, she is the wife of Nimrod and mother of Ninus/Tammuz.  Who is Nimrod?  He is the builder of the Tower of Babel.  Now, you can begin to appreciate and see how clever the Bible writers really were, because they were in tune to divine Mind and always translating all back to God.  So, St. John depicted Queen Semiramis as who?  No, not the woman God-crowned.  John depicted Semiramis as the harlot, the Babylonian woman.  But, you are thinking, you have just said that they are the same symbol, that they are the woman God-crowned!  Yes, I did, however, the Babylonian woman is the counterfeit (opposite) of the woman God-crowned, even though they have the same appearance!  And Queen Semiramis (The Mother Church) must be spiritually translated back to God and seen as the woman God-crowned (The First Church of Christ Scientist – who is Mary Baker Eddy).
     What the woman God-crowned really stands for is the true ideal, the Truth, the Church of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) known to Christian Scientists as The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.  What the Babylonian (confusion) woman sits for is The Mother Church being run by personal sense (a Board of Directors).  So, the two are one, yet the two are opposites in their manner of operation.  All Christian Scientists should bear this in mind while reading the Communion of June 4, 1899 by their beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy (seen below).
     My Beloved Brethren:[7] Looking on this annual assemblage of human consciousness, – health,harmony, growth, grandeur, and achievement, garlanded [crowned] with glad faces, willing hands, and warm hearts, – who would say to-day, ‘What a fond fool is hope’?  The fruition of friendship, the world’s arms outstretched to us, heart meeting heart across continents and oceans, bloodless sieges and tearless triumphs, the ‘well done’ already yours, and the undone waiting only your swift hands, — these are enough to make this hour glad.  What more abounds and abides in the hearts of these hearers and speakers, pen may not tell.
     “Nature reflects man and art pencils him, but it remains for Science to reveal man to man; and between these lines of thought is written in luminous letters, O man, what art thou?  Where art thou?  Whence and whither?  And shall the answer be?  Expressive silence, or with finger pointing upward, — Thither!  Then produce thy records, time-table, log, traveler’s companion, et cetera, and prove fairly the facts relating to the thitherward, — the rate of speed, the means of travel, and the number en route.  Now what have you learned?  The mystery of godliness – God made ‘manifest in the flesh,’ seen of men, and spiritually understood; and the mystery of iniquity – how to separate the tares from the wheat that they consume in their own fires and no longer kindle altars for human sacrifice.  Have you learned to conquer sin, false affections, motives, and aims, – to be not only sayers [Letter-Ark] but doers [Spirit-Arch] of the law?
     “Brethren, our annual meeting is a grave guardian.  It requires you to report progress, to refresh memory, to rejuvenate the branches and to vivify the buds, to bend upward the tendrils and to incline the vine towards the parent trunk [which is Principle].  You come from feeding your flocks, big with promise; and you come with the sling of Israel’s chosen one[8] to meet the Goliaths [big giant heads of personal sense].
     “I have only to dip my pen in my heart to say, All honor to the members of our Board of Lectureship connected with The Mother Church.[9]  Loyal to the divine Principle [the trunk and capstone] they so ably vindicate, they earn their laurels [God-crowns].  History will record their words, and their works will follow them.  When reading their lectures, I have felt the touch of the spirit of the Mars’ Hill orator [Paul], which always thrills the soul.
     “The members of the Board of Education, under the auspices of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, have acquitted themselves nobly.  The students in my last class in 1898 are stars in my crown of rejoicing.[10]
     “We are deeply grateful that the church militant is looking into the subject of Christian Science, for Zion [the Bride City] must put on her beautiful garments – her bridal robes [her Seven Days of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love].[11]  The [midnight] hour is come; the bride (Word) is adorned, and lo, the bridegroom cometh!  Are our lamps trimmed and burning [are we like the five wise virgins]?
     “The doom of the Babylonish woman,[12] referred to in Revelation, is being fulfilled.  This woman, ‘drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus,’ ‘drunk with the wine of her fornication,’ would enter even the church, – the body of Christ, Truth; and, retaining the heart of the harlot and the purpose of the destroying angel, would pour wormwood into the waters – the disturbed human mind – to drown the strong swimmer struggling for the shore, – aiming for Truth, – and if possible, to poison such as drink of the living water.[13]  But the recording angel, standing with ‘right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth,’ has in his hand a book open (ready to be read), [14] which uncovers and kills this mystery of iniquity and interprets the mystery of godliness, – how the first is finished and the second is no longer a mystery or a miracle, but a marvel, casting out evil and healing the sick.  And a voice was heard, saying, ‘Come out of her, my people’ (hearken not to her lies), ‘that ye receive not of her plagues.  For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities…double unto her double according to her works:  in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double…four she saith in her heart, I…am no widow, …Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; …for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.’  That which the Revelator saw in spiritual vision will be accomplished.  The Babylonish woman is fallen, and who should mourn over the widowhood of lust, or her that ‘is become the habitation of devils; and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean…bird’?
     “One thing is eternally here; it reigns supreme to-day, to-morrow, forever.  We need it in our homes, at our firesides, on our altars, for with it win we the race of the centuries.  We have it only as we live it.  This is the needful one thing — divine Science, whereby thought is spiritualized, reaching outward and upward to Science in Christianity, Science in medicine, in physics, and in metaphysics.
     “Happy are the people whose God is All-in-all, who ask only to be judged according to their works, who live to love.  We thank the Giver of all good for the marvellous speed of the chariot-wheels of Truth and for the steadfast, calm coherence in the ranks of Christian Science.
     “On comparison, it will be found that Christian Science possesses more of Christ’s teachings and example than all other religions since the first century.  Comparing our scientific system of metaphysical therapeutics with materia medica, we find that divine metaphysics completely overshadows and overwhelms materia medica, even as Aaron’s rod swallowed up the rods of the magicians of Egypt.  I deliberately declare that when I was in practice, out of one hundred cases I healed ninety-nine to the ten of materia medica.
     “We should thank God for persecution[15] and for prosecution, if from these ensue a purer Protestantism and monotheism for the latter days of the nineteenth century.  A siege of the-combined centuries, culminating in fierce attack, cannot demolish our strongholds.  The forts of Christian Science, garrisoned by God’s chosen ones, can never surrender.  Unlike Russia’s armament, ours is not costly as men count cost, but it is rich beyond price, staunch and indestructible on land or sea; it is not curtailed in peace, surrendered in conquest, nor laid down at the feet of progress through the hands of omnipotence.  And why?  Because it is ‘on earth peace, good will toward men,’ – a cover and a defence adapted to all men, all nations, all times, climes, and races.  I cannot quench my desire to say this; and words are not vain when the depth of desire can find no other outlet to liberty.  ‘Therefore…let us go on unto perfection;[16] not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works.’ (Hebrews 6:1.)[17]
     “A coroner’s inquest, a board of health, or a class legislation is less than the constitution of the United States, and infinitely less than God’s benign government, which is ‘no respecter of persons.’  Truth crushed to earth springs spontaneously upward, and whispers to the breeze man’s inalienable birthright — Liberty.  ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.’  God is everywhere.  No crown nor sceptre nor rulers rampant can quench the vital heritage of freedom — man’s right to adopt a religion, to employ a physician, to live or to die according to the dictates of his own rational conscience and enlightened understanding.  Men cannot punish a man for suicide, God does that.
     “Christian Scientists abide by the laws of God and the laws of the land; and, following the command of the Master, they go into all the world, preaching the gospel and healing the sick.  Therefore be wise and harmless, for without the former the latter were impracticable.  A lack of wisdom betrays Truth into the hands of evil as effectually as does a subtle conspirator; the motive is not as wicked, but the result is as injurious.  Return not evil for evil, but ‘overcome evil with good.’  Then, whatever the shaft aimed at you or your practice may be, it will fall powerless, and God will reward your enemies according to their works.  Watch, and pray daily that evil suggestions, in whatever guise, take no root in your thought nor bear fruit.  Ofttimes examine yourselves, and see if there be found anywhere a deterrent of Truth and Love, and ‘hold fast that which is good.’
     “I reluctantly foresee great danger threatening our nation, — imperialism, monopoly, and a lax system of religion.  But the spirit of humanity, ethics, and Christianity sown broadcast — all concomitants of Christian Science — is taking strong hold of the public thought throughout our beloved country and in foreign lands, and is tending to counteract the trend of mad ambition.
     “And how is man, seen through the lens of Spirit, enlarged, and how counterpoised his origin from dust, and how is he presses to his original, never severed from Spirit!  O ye who leap disdainfully from this rock of ages, return and plant thy steps in Christ, Truth, ‘the stone which the builders rejected’![18]  Then will angels administer grace, do thy errands, and be thy dearest allies.  The divine law gives to man health and life everlasting – gives a soul to Soul, a present harmony wherein the good man’s heart takes hold on heaven, and whose feet [foundation] can never be moved.  These are His green pastures beside still waters,[19] where faith mounts upward, expatiates, strengthens, and exults.
     “Lean not too much on your Leader.  Trust God to direct your steps.  Accept my counsel and teachings only as they include the spirit and the letter of the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the teachings and example of Christ Jesus.  Refrain from public controversy; correct the false with the true – then leave the latter to propagate.  Watch and guard your own thoughts against evil suggestions and against malicious mental malpractice, wholly disloyal to the teachings of Christian Science.  This hidden method of committing crime – socially, physically, and morally – will ere long be unearthed and punished as it deserves.  The effort of disloyal students to blacken me and to keep my works from public recognition – students seeking only public notoriety, whom I have assisted pecuniarily and striven to uplift morally – has been made too many times and has failed too often for me to fear it.  The spirit of Truth is the lever which elevates mankind.  I have neither the time nor the inclination to be continually pursuing a lie – the one evil or the evil one.  Therefore I ask the help of others in this matter, and I ask that according to the Scriptures my students reprove, rebuke, and exhort.  A lie left to itself is not so soon destroyed as it is with the help of truth-telling.  Truth never falters nor fails; it is our faith that fails.
     “All published quotations from my works must have the author’s name added to them.  Quotation-marks are not sufficient.  Borrowing from my copyrighted works, without credit, is inadmissible.  But I need not say this to the loyal Christian Scientist – to him who keeps the commandments.  ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures’ has an enormous strain put upon it, being used as a companion[20] to the Bible in all your public ministrations, as teacher and as the embodiment and substance of the truth that is taught; hence my request, that you borrow little else from it, should seem reasonable.
     “Beloved, that which purifies the affections also strengthens them, removes fear, subdues sin, and endues with divine power; that which refines character at the same time humbles, exalts, and commands a man, and obedience gives him courage, devotion, and attainment.  For this hour, for this period, for spiritual sacrament, sacrifice, and ascension, we unite in giving thanks.  For the body of Christ, for the life that we commemorate and would emulate, for the bread of heaven whereof if a man eat ‘he shall live forever,’ for the cup[21] red with loving restitution, redemption, and inspiration, we give thanks.  The signet of the great heart, given to me in a little symbol, seals the covenant[22] of everlasting love.  May apostate praise return to its first love, above the symbol seize the spirit, speak the ‘new tongue’ – and may thought sour and Soul be.”[23]

The Bible and the Woman God-crowned are the Holy Grail, the…
Bride.  Purity and innocence, conceiving man in the idea of God; a sense of Soul, which has spiritual bliss and enjoys but cannot suffer.”[24]

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and Christ are the…
Bridegroom.  Spiritual understanding; the pure consciousness that God, the divine Principle, creates man as His own spiritual idea, and that God is the only creative power.”[25]

     With the next step up, or forward, we have Soul and Life as the Third Church and Fifth Church together as one.  With the Third Church of Pergamos comes the threat of personal sense in the form of popularity.  Who will be first?  Remember how Jesus’ disciples fought to be numero uno?  Who would be the greatest and most favored of all the disciples, who would be the greatest apostle?  Would not that be the one who was small?  And that would have had to be Paul (small).  However, I also feel that John was a very great apostle.  What really makes us small is the letting go of personal sense, of believing that we are a god, or as a popular term puts it “a mini-me.”  This is accomplished by recognizing that there is but one Ego, that of the divine, the real King of the Universe.  Soul says, “I am that I am.”  Another way of putting it would be that Soul is all that it is, all that it sees via spiritual understanding.  (Notice that the word stand is found in understanding!)
     “In the third 1000-year period we have the definition of God as I am that I am, meaning that it is what it is.  Moses saw that the nature of Spirit when contemplated from the point of view of Soul is unchangeable.  We can see that every idea has identity because an idea created by Mind, substantiated by Spirit, will never change, and these ideas form the identities of being.”[26]  And this is what “Science of Being” is really all about.
     The Fifth Church of Sardis stands for Protest and Reform.  What we are protesting against and trying to reform becomes of importance!  Are we going to protest against God or against personal sense?  Are we going to try and reform the material organization by trying to make it a better material organization or are we going to reform it in God’s image and after God’s likeness where one disorganizes the material church in order to join the spiritual church?
     Christian Scientists must stand for righteousness (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures).  “Beginning with Sardis – the age of protest and reform – Christians have taken a stand for righteousness which Mrs. Eddy has immortalized in Science and Health by quoting the words of Martin Luther:  ‘Here I stand.  I can do no otherwise; so help me God!  Amen!’  This message gains import when we become aware that this quotation from Martin Luther is the only one heading a chapter [“Science of Being”] in Science and Health that is not from the Bible.
     “Christians took a stand for freedom and brought forth the United States of America, thus preparing a place for the Woman and her discovery.  For many decades Americans cherished this freedom and expressed their feelings in glorious speeches on appropriate occasions.  The indifference of the seventh church age was expressed in a college student’s response to one such speech, which was, ‘What’s so great about freedom?’”[27]  I add, that you just simply need to take that student’s freedom away from him for him to understand freedom’s greatness!
     What is the stand we all must take?  That man does not live in matter, that man was never created of material elements.  As the Woman says:  “Human philosophy makes God manlike.  Christian Science makes man Godlike.  The first is error the latter is truth.”[28]  To take this stand is the only way that we can gain our freedom from Egyptian (material organized) bondage.  Life does not exist in matter, it never has.  Life is and Life can never end.

     The Fourth Church of Thyatira has to do with corruption, the corruption of Principle, or Science, of the woman God-crowned.  This corruption turns the woman God-crowned (The First Church of Christ Scientist) into the Babylonian harlot (The Mother Church Organization of matter).
     The term Fisher-Kings is the combination of two types of leadership in Jerusalem.  The term Fishers refers to the Christ Prophets (there are sixteen Christ Prophets in the Old Testament).  These Christ Prophets were supposed to be the true leaders of the Israelites.  But the people could not stand this and insisted that they have a king!  So God gave Solomon, the prophet, permission to appoint and anoint a Christ-King for the People.  It was a “suffer (permit) it to be so now” type of situation.
     Well, we know how the first king turned out.  His name was Saul.  And Saul is the same name that Paul originally had!  So if Paul is small, then Saul is great, huge, ego!  Saul did not want to loose his command position of king, so he hunted God’s beloved Son, David.  Saul tried to kill David more than once too.  Jonathan (divine Science) was David’s brother-in-law, but Jonathan loved David more than he loved Saul (the big giant head).  Saul did not go out to fight Goliath (his big giant head) because he was afraid to destroy an image built in his own likeness.  Goliath’s destruction was left up to David.  David chose five pebbles (five rocks to nullify the five material senses) and used a sling to hit the giant brain right in the forehead (Negatively speaking, the forehead is that which leads the way in matter.).  Then David used the giant’s own sword to behead Goliath (to separate Church from State, to separate ecclesiastical despotism from material organization).  In David’s hands the double-edged blade of dualistic thinking is translated into the Sword of Spirit and Truth.
     Eventually the ten Israelite tribes and the three tribes of the Jews split up.  The thirteen tribes lost their head, so to speak.  But the Israelites (the Christ body, the feminine) were taken into Assyrian captivity (and later became lost, went to live elsewhere in the world) and after this (the Christ head, the masculine) the tribes of Judah (the King’s family), Levi (those who ran the Holy Temple), and Benjamin (David’s family) were taken into Babylonian captivity.
     The prophets gave warning to the people, telling them what to do, but they often refused.  When they did listen and obey things went smoothly for the people.
     At the end of the 19th century, as of yore, the people clamored for a king, only this time it took the form of a material organized church.  Mary Baker Eddy tried to get them to listen to her (as she was their prophet) but they insisted on having what they wanted.  So she said, “Suffer (permit) it to be so now.”  But she would give them the symbols within the original edifice and her other two churches (the Concord Branch and the Extension Crown) so that they would learn from them and they could help point the way out of the material organized method of Church.
     Because the Christian Scientists have not heeded her warning via the Church Manual estoppel clauses and continued to hold onto the King of Church organization they have been suffering (permitting error to go on).  The five (personal sensed) Board of Directors have run her Church (Ship) aground.  They have bankrupted her newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor, in just 100 years time.  And because world affairs (the body) reflect (follow) church affairs (the head) today the United States of America is in serious financial trouble, not to mention war, but I am.  Personal sensed egotistical kings are in charge of the U. S. Government.  They want it all, all the power, all the domination, just like the Board of Directors have been wanting and getting since December 3, 1910!  We are going on one hundred years people; do you think we can survive Goliath or Saul?  No.  And if we do nothing about it, God will!  And it will seem to be a plague to the Babylonian woman’s followers.  (By the way, today’s Babylonian King is President Obama.  His full name translates into having the same meaning as that of King Nebuchadnezzar!  This is how I knew that he was going to win the election two months before the election took place.)  And I am not so sure he will not be voted in for another term!  (He was.)

     The seven angels (the seven stars) of His presence with the seven bowls of Love are in the fifth vision of St. John.  The fifth vision’s focal point is the Fatherhood of Life, yet, “Love [Motherhood] alone is Life [Fatherhood]” so in order to experience Life, which is spiritual, we must have Love.

Father.  Eternal Life; the one Mind; the divine Principle, commonly called God.”[30]

Mother.  God; divine and eternal Principle; Life, Truth, and Love.”[31]

     John sees the Christianity of Israel (the twelve stars of the woman’s crown[32]) in one reflection of the glassy sea (Soul); John recognizes only one identity.  The twelve tribes of the Children of Israel sing the song of Life, Truth, Love, the Song of Moses[33]   (“Moses.  A corporeal mortal; moral courage; a type of moral law and the demonstration thereof; the proof that, without the gospel – the union of justice [the Letter of the Law] and affection [the Spirit of the Law] – there is something spiritually lacking, since justice demands penalties under the law.”[34]] and the Lamb of God.  “Lamb of God.  The spiritual idea of Love; self-immolation; innocence and purity; sacrifice.”[35]) The Lamb of God sits upon the throne (the seat of power and dominion) in the hub of the Temple of God.  “Temple.  Body; the idea of Life, substance, and intelligence; the superstructure of Truth; the shrine of Love;”[36] as apposed to the temple of “a material superstructure, where mortals congregate for worship.”[37]
     In Revelation 5 (in the First Vision) the Lamb of God (Mary Baker Eddy, the “spiritual idea of Love…”) unseals (opens) the Bible.  It is the Bride (the Bible), the Word of God, which gives unto the seven angel thoughts the power to pour the Love of God into all materialism.  Love is always a plague to materialistic thought and corporeal life.

The first Bowl (of Life) is Love as Mind – Mind guides – “[Divine Love] is my shepherd, I shall not want.”
     In Revelation 16:2 the angel of Mind pours Life’s Bowl of Love upon the grievous sea (the subconscious of mortal mind [death]).  This Love caused a mental stirring up and an elimination of bestiality (demon warship; black magic; animal magnetism) and its suggestions (all of which are as subtle as the serpent, as in mental suggestion, mesmerism, hypnotism).  This Love brings to the surface (uncovers) a completely self-destroying plague of festering corruption to all that is antagonistic to the Truth.
     In The Biggest Secret by David Icke he claims that our world has been manipulated for thousands of years by serpent creatures, many of which live in the fourth dimension.  These cold-blooded lizards (serpents) control mankind through mental telepathy, intermingling with our species (if such a thing is even possible), they are the ones in control of our banks, commerce, and politics.  He even goes so far as to claim that all religions were made up by these beings and that Jesus never existed.  Personally, I do not agree with the man about Jesus, and I find it hard to believe that such creatures even exist (even if they can hide who they are by appearing to be humans[38]).  As a Christian Scientist I do understand how it is possible to control the mind of someone else if someone wishes to do so.  We all know about hypnotism and mesmerism today, but perhaps many people are unwilling to believe that there are certain persons (who believe in personal sense) out there who are willing to use such methods in an evil way, in a black way.
     One thing I do know about hypnotism and mesmerism is this, that if someone is attempting to control you mentally you can keep them from doing this if you hold onto a principle.  This principle can be as simple as knowing that two plus two equals four.  Another fact, and I feel that this is why the angels use Bowls of Love, is that if someone is using mental malpractice on you, trying to make you sick, or even kill you, that this can be thwarted if you stay in the mental realm of Love.  If you Love your enemy, do not feel hate or malice toward them at all.  Anyone who loves, or Loves, cannot become the target of evil, Love protects us from the mental arrows shot at us that would try to do us harm.  Hate is the anti-Christ.

The second Bowl (of Life) is Love as Spirit – Spirit feeds (the famished affections) and clothes (with the sun – with spirit[39]) – “[Love] maketh me to lie down in green[40] pastures; [Love] leadeth me beside the still waters[41].”
     In Revelation 16:3 the angel of Spirit pours Life’s Bowl of Love upon the sea and the blood of dead men (material blood is not the true source of Life) appear in the waters (spiritual teachings).  Love poured into hidden erroneous conditions,[42] that were dead to Truth, brings to the surface (uncovers) a completely self-destroying plague of annihilation to all erroneous phases of commercial trade (of the black horseman, false Christianity) and bestial thinking (hypocrisy can no longer hide itself from the congregation [or We the People] and its lust for power and dominion is exposed).
     I feel that the term black horseman symbolizes a type of erroneous thought that deals in illegal and unfair business deals:  the black market, unfair trade and embargos, unfair loans by bankers (like the original Knights Templars who actually rode on horses) who charge high interest rates, the men who tax, tax, tax, Internal Revenue Services that have no ties to the government at all nor do they have any real legal standing, a Federal Reserve that prints money with no end in sight, and it goes on and on.

The third Bowl (of Life) is Love as Soul – Soul restores – “[Love] restoreth my soul [spiritual sense]…”
     In Revelation 16:4 the angel of Soul pours Life’s Bowl of Love upon the four rivers (of Science), the fountain waters (spiritual teachings), and again blood appears.  Love is poured into the current false teachings so that the true spiritual teachings become restored.
     The red dragon’s false teachings counterfeit the true teachings of Mary Baker Eddy (the woman of the Lynn [river]).  False teachings send forth (distribute) propaganda about the woman’s seed or her dissemination.  These false teachings bear no fruitage, there is a lack of Christian Science demonstration; there is a lack of Christian Science practice because error has poisoned the river, the woman’s true teachings, with wormwood.  Wormwood is used to make an alcoholic drink called absinthe.  It has a greenish color.  I then see this wormwood as poisoning men by making them drunk, or mentally incapacitated, they do not think straight at all.  The word “incapacitate” makes me think that one looses his head, or he no longer has his Christ-Truth capstone.  Thus, the builders have rejected the woman God-crowned (Mother’s Room = Mother’s Consciousness) with the wormwood drink.
     Because of Love being poured out, the woman’s remnant seed (her loyal followers) become prepared for “Fruitage” for they have digested “a little book open.”  Her congregation, however, will suffer because they have permitted sin within the writings of Mary Baker Eddy’s Periodicals [The Journal, Sentinel, Der Herald, The Quarterly, The Christian Science Monitor], or the four rivers of Science.[43]  They did not retain them as pure Science and as a result they stopped demonstrating Science.  Not only do these four periodicals represent the four rivers of Science (the X-stream), but also the cycle of the Word for the divine calculus.  Originally the Christian Science Publishing House Trustees were to watch over the four periodicals, however, the Board of Directors wrestled control away from the Trustees around the same time as World War I broke out (world affairs reflect Church affairs).  The drunken wormwood Field sided with the Board of Directors.
     A clue is given to mankind as to what the woman’s disseminated seed (here I am not speaking of her remnant seed, just her seed) is in the zodiac[44] circle symbol and Window of the Open Book.  In both wheels the sun is placed within the center, albeit, in Window of the Open Window a sunflower symbolizes the sun.  I call this flower the New Jerusalem artichoke.  It is a matrix based upon the twenty-four elders (twenty-four questions and answers in the fourteenth chapter of S&H – “Recapitulation”) that sit around God’s throne in Revelation.  A sunflower has seeds,[45] so the center hub is where the seeds are located.  The center hub of Window of the Open Book is the Open Book itself (is the book [the Science square] Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures) written by Mary Baker Eddy.
     In The Biggest Secret the author talks about how the earth could actually be hollow with a center light in the core that never turns off or goes out.  He says the earth is hollow because of centrifugal force, like how all the clothes in a dryer cling to the metal drum as it spins and there is empty space in between.
     I have heard elsewhere, besides in Icke’s book, that Admiral Byrd found out that the earth was hollow and has entrances within the magnetic rings of the North and South Poles.  Icke writes that once you are inside the magnetic rings that the temperatures begin to warm up because of the warm fresh water[46] that flows outward from the inside of the earth.  Once inside you find plant vegetation and animal life.  He asks why the Alaskan yak migrates North for the winter.
     Whether or not he is correct, what he described is like the same pattern the Window of the Open Book and the zodiac circle have.  He did not make the connection in his book (it is what I saw).
     What is sad, today, is the fact that one of Mary Baker Eddy’s rivers has run dry (the enemy has entered the camp).  I speak, of course, of the once daily newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor, and it was never suppose to say “International” in its title, why?  Because “international” is another way of saying “communism.”  (Look it up in your dictionary!)  If one river has dried up are the other three very far behind?  And since communism has become a part of The Christian Science Monitor can there be any question as to the fact that communism has crept into the United States government?  I answer – no.

The fourth Bowl (of Life) is Love as Principle – Principle demonstrates itself – “[Love] leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”
     In Revelation 16:8-9 the angel of Principle pours Life’s Bowl of Love upon the sun which scorches men with fire (baptism by fire) and they (carnally minded men) blaspheme God (break God’s Law).  Hence, they are full of troubles and discomforts.  Love poured into traditional false teachings, such as sun worship (worship of matter, material energy, magnetism, and material life),[47] moon worship (for material creation of children), and astrology (the belief that matter has power [governs] over man) when uncovered by Truth brings about a complete self-destruction of error via scorching (baptism by fire) and torment (permitting sin to bring about the desire for repentance).  This suffering brings about an end to malpractice (the desire to break God’s law, even if they are By-Laws or estoppel clauses found in the Church Manual) and self-will (resistance to correct thinking and a refusal to recognize the Christ Truth).
     Sun worship, moon worship, and star worship may also be associated with Satanism (which I do not like to capitalize, it should be satanism but word check does not like this).  It is said that the moon has to do with women’s blood cycles and these satan (again I refuse to capitalize error) practitioners drink this blood (how they get it to drink I do not know).  Many satan ceremonies are held during special times, like the equinox, eclipses, etc.

The fifth Bowl (of Life) is Love as Life – Life leads to deathless life – “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for [Love] is with me, [Love’s] rod and [Love’s] staff they comfort me.”  Love’s rod is the affirmation of Truth and Love’s staff is the denial of error.
     In Revelation 16:10 the angel pours Life’s bowl upon the seat of the beast, upon the seat of false succession (dominion and power).  Love is poured into human will power (the false successor-ship of a Pope or a Board of Directors), malpractice (disobedience to the Ten Commandments and the breaking of the By-laws in the Church Manual), and brings to the surface (uncovers) a self-destroying plague to torment resistance.

The sixth Bowl (of Life) is Love as Truth – Truth consciousness saves – “[Love] prepareth a table[48] before me in the presence of mine enemies:  [Love] anointeth my head with oil [(just as the Christ-King is anointed upon the head with oil)]; my cup runneth over.
     In Revelation 16:12 the angel of Truth pours her bowl upon the river Euphrates (divine Science) as it was dried up.  Love poured into traditional phases of resistance to Truth (such as sun worship, moon worship, and astrology), brings to the surface the error so that its perversions of Truth may be destroyed.
     Error believes that there must always be war.  Men, who want to control the whole world, cause all the wars of the world.  These men support both fighting sides with financial aid.  They send out frogs (unclean propaganda) into the world, they are not above lying to achieve their agenda.  However, Love exposes the illusions of the frogs.
     Propaganda is a form of brainwashing.  They also repeat the same lies over and over so much that people begin to believe them.  The nervous system and brain also work in partnership to continuously send out messages of pain (discomfort).

The seventh Bowl (of Life) is Love as Love – Love bestows infinite good – “”Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house [the consciousness] of [Love] forever.”
     In Revelation 16:17 the angel of Love pours her bowl upon the sort of thought (thinking) that would cause a separation between God and man (Principle and its idea), namely – the thought approaching God through an intermediary (powers of the air [spiritualism; the fourth dimension,[49] animal magnetism]) and through material intellectualism (male ego, male domination).
     One form of brainwashing is used in commercial advertisements, especially medical commercials.  They show these commercials, for this disease or that disease and this remedy for this disease or that disease, over and over and over!  What I do not get is why people have not wised up to this type of mesmerism?  And how come they do not question these adds?  My point is that the medicinal cure sounds worse than the disease after hearing about all the “side effects” that the medicine can or might cause!  Who needs that?  But see, this legislation to air these types of commercials was secretly passed, and nobody was given a chance to vote on it!  The thing is, they know what harm these medicinal commercials do, but they do not care because they are in the business to make money and dope up the People.  Even my local supermarket advertises shingles over their p.a. system, even though I have complained several times about it.  The red dragon actually wants people to get sick because is is good business (the black horseman rides again)!!!
     The Textbook’s fifth chapter “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” has a direct association with its sixteenth chapter “The Apocalypse” in that the word apocalypse means: “to uncover hell [to unmask animal magnetism].”  Revelation (singular not plural) is a revealing of the nothingness of hell, or animal magnetism’s powerlessness (it has no seat of power), while at the same moment Revelation reveals the omnipotence of Science, divine Science, absolute Christian Science, and Christian Science.  These four Sciences are the city foursquare and the holy city.  Ezekiel’s Wheel (Science with its divine calculus) is the spiritual translation of the zodiac circle!

“It is done.”  The seven Bowls of Life as Love’s allness have been poured out to you, the reader.
     The angel bids John, “Come, and I will show you the doom of the counterfeit of true womanhood [which is female energy], the Babylonian woman [a Mother Church dictatorship which is dominated by male egos or personal sense] and her temporary pretense to power and dominion [they can no longer pretend to be Mary Baker Eddy’s successors].
     “And here the leaders [a Pope or even a Board of Directors] of materialistic and worldly thought, the kings of the earth [the five senses of personal sense], have become enticed by her [the material Church organization’s] works of carnality [mortal mind], as also those dwelling in materialism.”
     The Babylonian woman is not only a Mother Church dictatorship but it is also the idea behind the original female goddess, or the original mother (some call her Earth).  As mentioned before, this woman has been depicted much the same as the woman God-crowned was depicted by St. John in Revelation 12.  She has a crown circle of twelve stars and her head is the hub of the zodiac wheel!  This Babylonian woman is supposed to be the wife of Nimrod, the builder of the Tower of Babel.  Her name is Queen Semiramis, her Sun (Son) of God is Ninus/Tammuz.  She is also known as the Egyptian’s Isis, mother of Horus (a Sun of God).  Many Christians see the woman God-crowned as Jesus’[50] mother Mary, a.k.a. the Virgin Mary.  Today, she has been called Mary Magdalene, wife of Jesus, mother of his daughter.  But Christian Scientists, the Remnant Seed, recognize the woman God-crowned to be none other than Mary Baker Eddy and this is why her name is found on “a little book” in the center hub of Window of the Open Book.  She is also seen in the Keystone of the Woman God-crowned.
     This Keystone is found in the position between the numbers of 12 and 1 of a clock.  I feel that this points us to Revelation 12:1-5.  I also feel that the Keystone’s position points us to the clock found in the third illustration (Seeking and Finding) of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem Christ and Christmas.  Also in this illustration is Mary Baker Eddy sitting at a table studying the Scriptures.  Behind her is the clock and on the floor is a talking serpent (a snake with human teeth).  Above her is a skylight with four sections (a divine calculus) and a seven-pointed star shining down upon her, for she is the woman, she is also the angel of Revelation 10.  This angel actually represents Mary Baker Eddy as the Discoverer of Christian Science.
     The Capstone Vision (the Fourth Vision) of Revelation is about the woman God-crowned, her manchild, and how the red dragon tries to kidnap her manchild and then goes on to persecute the woman.
     The woman God-crowned (Revelation 12) actually represents Mary Baker Eddy as the Founder of Christian Science.  The woman is seen in illustration six (Christian Science Healing) of Christ and Christmas.  Why does this illustration show Mary Baker Eddy as the Founder of Christ’s Church?  Because it is the healing method of Christian Science that the Church of Christ Scientist is really founded upon!  Petra (the feminine form of the name Peter) is what the Christ Church is said to be founded upon, it is not the mortal man Peter, but the type of consciousness that Peter was reflecting when he understood who Jesus was when he said, “Thou art the Christ, the Son [clothed with the Sun = Spirit] of the Living God.”
     The Holy City (the Bride of Revelation 21) actually represents Mary Baker Eddy as the Christ Leader of divine Science.  Illustration nine (Christian Unity) of Christ and Christmas represents the Holy City of divine Science because it is the only illustration that is circular.  It depicts Mary Baker Eddy standing with a scroll in her left hand (power of womanhood).  The scroll says Christian Science on it.  To her right is Christ Jesus.  He is sitting down and has his dark mantel upon his lap.  Some say this means that his mission has been completed and that it is the woman’s turn.  I think that it also could mean that Jesus sits upon the throne of God.  Jesus’ left hand (womanhood) holds Mary’s right hand (dominating power as manhood).  The two hands form the shape of a ‘U’.  I feel that this ‘U’ stands for Christian Unity (as the name given to the illustration).
     Mary Baker Eddy had three God-crowned missions.  These three missions are the three measures of meal (which the woman places leaven into) that she describes as her sixth chapter “Science, Theology, Medicine.”  She discovered Science (God’s own understanding of His-Her creation), she founded true Theology (what God knows about God and she explains that God is not located in matter and that man [idea] reflects God [Principle]), and she is the Leading metaphysician of God’s Medicine (divine Science) that really heals.

Christmas Eve Holy Trinity

     I do not think that many Christian Scientists have actually even thought much about the title of Christ and Christmas.  What does it really mean?  They may think that it has to do with Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science, and Christmas because the fourth illustration is called “Christmas Eve” and the fifth illustration is called “Christmas Morn” (which is the only illustration with an oval[51] shape).  But there is more to the title than they think, it was much more than a book to purchase and give out to friends and relatives as a Christmas gift.  A clue is found in a choirboy’s head seen in the Christmas tree of “Christmas Eve.”  The Goliath Christmas tree is also decapitated, and I also feel that the dream I had (The Ghost Museum) helped me to figure out the title’s meaning.  Christ, of course, is the Truth.  Jesus Christ manifested the Christ in the Fifth Day of Life (which is the New Testament and also where the tone of Christianity is represented).  But, being that Christ Jesus was the Shepherd (the Leader) he is actually the Head of the Church.  He is the Leader, the Capstone.  Christianity (as well as other religions) have rejected the Capstone (because they refuse to do the works of Christ, they really refuse to follow the Christ), they are like a decapitated giant Christmas tree.  However, Jeremiah said, “A woman shall compass a man.”  So it is not too hard to understand that in the Sixth Day of Truth a woman God-crowned would compass the man Jesus Christ.  She would come not to replace him but to explain him and to make his teachings to be understood by mankind!  She would do this by explaining the Science that he demonstrated but did not explain.  She too would be a leading head, symbolized by Mother’s Room (a Capstone) in the original Boston edifice of Christ Scientist, referred to as the Cross.  She basically told the artist of Christ and Christmas that we (as God’s children) would find there is “A Way [a Leading Shepherd]” in New England just as there was “A Way [a Leading Shepherd]” in Jerusalem.
     So, as God is our Father-Mother, so the Christ must also be manifested as male and female.  But if Life represents God’s Fatherhood and Truth represents God’s Sonhood (when wo-man has dominion as mentioned in Genesis’s first chapter), then Love must represent God’s Motherhood.  And perhaps this means that there must be a third advent of the Christ-mass (Christmas) or the Christ body, the congregation.
     This Christ-mass, however, cannot be seen to be the body of a giant man (who is beheaded, has no control, and even though he directs with organization he is really disorderly or disorganized because he has no Christ Leader) but must be recognized to be generic man – the Daughter of Zion (Martha Jones-Smith).  And this brings me to another illustration in Christ and Christmas that relates to the Seventh Day of Love; that is happening NOW.



     In this Seventh (Love) Day illustration there is a girl sitting on a wooden chair, it is foursquare (divine Science).  It was a wooden chair that the decapitated giant sat on in The Ghost Museum dream.  So this girl translates the giant body that was in my dream.  This girl is generic man, Martha Jones-Smith; she is the New (the Original) Man of God.  Her feet are based (her understanding is based) upon a ramp that leads upward toward Truth.  Behind her is a window with nine sections.  The number nine is symbolic of spiritual birth (as in nine months).  It took only nine months to build The First Church of Christ Scientist (where the Christ-Mass would meet as one).  The first thing laid was the Corner Stone (where Mary Baker Eddy’s books and the Bible were placed).  She was telling her builders (congregation) not to reject these writings!  The main reason why Mary Baker Eddy published Christ and Christmas was so that The First Church could be built within its nine months (Mary Baker Eddy understood that it was error trying to keep the Church from being built).  She knew that an understanding of her place in Bible prophecy to her followers would enable the Church to be built, so she illustrated her place in the poem.
     Outside the window, trying to get in is a dragon (which looks like a bush).  It seems appropriate then that this particular illustration points to our present day or time.
     On the left side of the illustration is the Old Man who sees through a glass darkly.  He sits in a rocking chair (he teeters and totters in his beliefs of “Science, Theology, Medicine”).  On the round table (Does it symbolize the Illuminati, Rhodes Scholars, etc. groups of men who claim omniscience and omnipotence?) sets the Bible, unopened!  This type of mentality does not understand the Bible’s angel message.  However, in the woman’s round Window of the Open Book, in the position of the Word as the Word, is the Keystone of the Open Bible itself.
     Behind the Old Man is a Grandfather clock.  Its time is set at 5:05.  Revelation 5:1-5 is about the Lamb of God who opens up the seven seals (seven Adam skins) of the Scriptures.
     In Martha Jones-Smith’s hands is the open book of Science and Health Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.  It is this KEY that opens up the Bible Code, or the Bible Matrix.  And the key is found as answer number 1 (the first elder) in “Recapitulation.”  The answer to “What is God?”  The key is the seven synonymous terms for God, the Seven Days found in Genesis 1-2:3.  These seven names are “infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.” (S&H 465:9)  She first tells us, however, that God is “incorporeal, divine, supreme,” and then goes on to “infinite Mind.”  Is she telling us here that the order is:  Science is incorporeal, divine (Science), supreme (absolute Christian Science), and that Christian Science is infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love?
     This explains the Pyramid Matrix’s Side of Light for Christ and Christmas.  The seventh illustration is for the Light of Love, while the eighth illustration is for the Light of Science itself (the Bride’s head Principle), the ninth illustration is for the Light of divine Science (in the tone of the Word [the Bride’s body]), the tenth illustration is for the Light of absolute Christian Science (in the tone of the Christ [head]), and the eleventh illustration is for the Light of Christian Science itself (in the tone of Christianity [body]).
     Queen Semiramis is symbolized by a dove, yet the dove, Columba, Columbus, Jonah, etc. is also used to symbolize the city foursquare.  Many people may think that the original Semiramis is evil, and I cannot say one way or the other, as I do not know; but Semiramis after being spiritually translated back to God (which I believe was given to us by St. John in Revelation as the woman God-crowned, who knew not who her human identity would be) must be more than what Isis or even Semiramis originally were.  I see her as not only being Mary Baker Eddy (the real Head of The Mother Church, or of Mother’s Church), but also as Mother Hood, or the second (in the Day of Truth) and third (in the Day of Love) advents of Christ.  The Two Sentinels on the cover of the Christian Science Sentinel.
     She is, and we must take a look at the goddess stories throughout history, the Mother, thus she must really be Love.  Love is and always has been seen as Motherhood, or the qualities of unconditional Love.
     St. John’s first vision (a foundation stone) is about the seven seals (seven Adam skins) being taken off by the Lamb of God.  It is mankind that has claimed that this Lamb of God is Jesus, but Revelation does not state that Jesus is the Lamb.  Mary Baker Eddy did not define the Lamb as Jesus either.  St. John’s seventh vision (also a foundation stone) is about the Bride City!  We must not overlook this as an accident!  He laid out the book in the apocalyptic style of the seven, and the first vision and seventh vision are foundation stones to the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle (with Principle as its Capstone).  And this Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle can also be seen as the Golden Candlestick Matrix of Science.  Even more amazing, is that it can then be seen as the Wheel, the Window of the Open Book, and even as the Earth as described by David Icke!  Yes, the Illuminate, the Masons, the Knights Templar may all use this symbology of the zodiac wheel, they may even reverse it (turn it to the dark side), but they cannot defeat God, the red dragon cannot win the battle against Michael (Truth) and Gabriel (Love).  Why?  Because God has been explained to us by the real woman God-crowned!  The woman that prophecy (via myth and legend) has foretold for thousands of years has been revealed to you and nothing can take that away.

[1] KAPPELER NEWS; Spring 2009 Volume 16

[2] The main difference between the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle and the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth is that they stand for two different things.  When you have the Minor Pyramid it always has to do with Church, specifically Church as Science (not religion).  With the Minor Pyramid you have the Christ Head (Principle) on top of the Christ Body (congregation).  With the Major Pyramid you are working with the Seven Days of Christ-Truth prophet appearances – of the two books (the Word of the Bible body and the Science of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures head) and the spiritual evolution of mankind.

[4] Enoch means dedicated and consecrated.

[5] Jehovah is a tribal god, he is the belief that God is found in matter.

[6] The angel of Revelation 10 (also Mary Baker Eddy) has the two feet of fire, for they are absolute Christian Science and Christian Science.

[7] Philadelphia!

[8] I believe that this sling is the Key of David (from her Textbook).

[9] In this instance The Mother Church is lead by Mary Baker Eddy, so it is the woman God-crowned she speaks of and not the Babylonian woman.

[10] Who can deny that this is a reference to the woman God-crowned that she is making here?

[11] To me Zion is the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

[12] Queen Semiramis as the Babylonian woman is material organized religion being led by personal sense.

[13] The living waters are the writings of the woman God-crowned.

[14] This is the angel of Revelation 10.

[15] the Second Church

[16] Just as the Sixth Church names.

[17] As mentioned about the Seventh Church.

[18] This is the capstone of the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (also where Mother’s Room [Mother’s Consciousness] is located, just above the Board of Director’s Room).

[19] Infuses added

[20] Companion means “together bread or together food” is not she telling us that both the Bible and her Textbook are to be mentally digested?

[21] This cup could be the Holy Grail.

[22] This is the Covenant of the Bow in a Cloud.

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[29] Much of what I have drawn from in the following section is found in The Apocalypse of St. John of Patmos, by Edith Armstrong Hoyt.

[30] Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; by Mary Baker Eddy; p. 586:9

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[32] I find a drawing that I have of the goddess Isis most interesting.   She is the same symbol as the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12 and her head is found to be the hub of the wheel of twelve stars.  Isis is seen with Horus, a manchild, and the oval shape around the woman and child resembles the shape inside the clouds of the Woman God-crowned window found in the original Boston edifice.  Some differences are the fact that Isis stands upon a banana-moon while the Woman God-crowned stands upon a full moon.  Also, with the Isis picture, the moon is upon what I believe is suppose to be Earth, and a serpent snake is coiled around the planet, just as the serpent of electricity (the nervous system) is coiled around the tree of knowledge (Adam’s backbone).

[33] Moses was a leader, or rather, an educator, as he was drawn forth from the river, the living waters of divine Science.

[34] Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; by Mary Baker Eddy 592:11

[35] Ibid; 590:9

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[37] Ibid; 595:9

[38] Icke claims that they can keep up their false appearances by drinking human blood.

[39] It is Mary Baker Eddy that explains how the woman God-crowned (Revelation 12) is clothed with Spirit.  She tells us that the sun is a symbol for Spirit.

[40] I often symbolize Life with the color green.

[41] These calm waters are free from agitation and turmoil; there are no storms, high winds, or rough activity found in the elements of Mind.

[42] the sea

[43] The Quarterly is not considered to be one of the four periodicals because it is strictly made up of selected Bible verses and selected readings from the Textbook.  However, the Boston Hierarchy is doing their best to try and replace the King James Version with newer “unenlightened” Bibles.

[44] Zodiac means “animal circle.”  Thus, it could spiritually (translated) be a reference to the divine calculus as the wheel of the four living beasts.

[45] Sunflower seeds have a spiral pattern to them.  Max Kappeler says that Science has more of a spiral pattern then a circular one.

[46] He believes that this fresh water is what the glaciers are made of.

[47] The sun is 99% of all matter in our solar system.  (How do scientists figure these things out?)

[48] I like to think that this table is a matrix table.

[49] David Icke believes that the serpents of the fourth dimension control humans through the air, or via mental telepathy.  Whether these serpents of the fourth dimension are real does not matter, as Christian Scientists know this is the method used by men of the world, people like Richard Kennedy, the Jesuits, etc.  Mary Baker Eddy calls it animal magnetism and she unmasked (uncovered) animal magnetism.

[50] Jesus is called the Sun of God.

[51] An oval symbolizes womanhood.  However, I feel that the oval of this illustration points to the skylight window found above the Reader’s platform in the original edifice.  I feel that this window depicts, or gives to us, the Science X-Stream (there is also an X in the illustration where the stream crosses the dry path [Was this a prophecy of today?]).