by MJSmith

Chapter Three – THE DA VINCI CODE (Le Pyramide) AND LA SUFRETE CODE (The Arc du Carrousel)

     Throughout most of the book, the odd numbered pages are titled after the book, THE DA VINCI CODE, but there are three exceptions.  I found these other three pages after having a dream that I needed to flip through the book, like how one looks at flip cards to see a moving picture.  I feel that God wanted me to find these three other codes so that I could explain them to you, or see how they were part of this work of art.  I also found them after I found the four even number pages that had different titles other than the author’s name, and after I saw the one page with three stars in place of the page number.
     I feel that the pyramid or triangle represents the DA VINCI CODE, while the circle represents the SUFRETE CODE.  On page 141 I found LA SUFRETE CODE.  Sufrete probably means: “suffer.”  Mary Baker Eddy said that we either learn from suffering or we learn through Science.  Most of us choose to suffer, perhaps that is just human nature?  But I also feel that it relates to woman’s rights, as that is what the suffrage was really all about.  This being said, this code is rooted to one of the four rivers in Genesis – Gihon.  Mary Baker Eddy defines this river as: “The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.” (S&H 587:3)  Notice that this quote says “The rights of woman” not “The rights of women.”  It is the woman God-crowned (herself) that she is speaking of in this definition.
     In Brown’s third chapter many readers read about the Arc du Carrousel and probably continue on without giving it a second thought.  However, when I read it I was saying, “Ah, ha!  I know what this is!  This is the divine calculus!”
     The giant stone archway symbolizes the Arch of the Covenant (the Spirit of the Law), the second contract between God and man.  There are many covenants spoken of throughout the Bible.  There is the one I already mentioned, Adam’s rib, which was actually a broken contract.  However, it is only an illusion to Adam that the covenant has been broken because of the hypnotic trance he is placed under (by himself), and never wakes up from, thus this is called the Adam dream.  The red man’s womanhood (divinity) can never be severed or cut from him!
     Everyone knows that Noah and God had a covenant set up.  The first was the wooden ark itself (the Letter of the Law where prophecy dooms those who have been disobedient to God’s Law), the second was seen as a “bow in the cloud” (pointing to the Arch of the Covenant for the Spirit of the Law).  Most people who read about this Covenant think it is a rainbow that is being spoken of.  But the Bible does not say it is a rainbow.  For that matter, it had stopped raining for several weeks, maybe even months before the sign in the sky was given to Noah and his Christ-Son![1]  So, I do not think it was a rainbow at all.  Yes, clouds really can have bows in them, or bows of colors, for I have seen such clouds.  But what if this bow in the cloud was Sagittarius, like the Archer Cloud given to me in my dream of 1996?  Was not the cloud also the sign for the appearance for a divine messenger – a Neveu – a second coming of Christ?  Was not this messenger of God seen by Noah, and his triplet son (born in Noah’s 500th year, a son of the Three Degrees), a prophecy of the second coming of Christ in the Sixth Day of Truth (the flood came in the Sixth Day, Noah’s 600th year)?  Was not this angel the woman God-crowned, Mary Baker Eddy, Venus?
     Mary Baker Eddy defines ark as:  “Safety; the idea, or reflection, of Truth, proved to be as immortal as its Principle; the understanding of Spirit,[2] destroying belief in matter.
     “God and man coexistent and eternal; Science showing that the spiritual realities of all things are created by Him and exist forever.  The ark indicates temptation overcome and followed by exaltation.”[3]  (The ark landed upon the mountain’s capstone.)
     The next covenant was made between Abraham and God when Ishmael (The First Degree son) was thirteen years old (a symbol for the thirteen nations to come).  It would be fourteen (2×7=14) years after this covenant was made that Isaac (a manchild) would be conceived and born.  It was Sarah’s (Princess, the sacred feminine Principle) own spiritual rebirth that she conceived and gave birth to.  Such a birth would not happen again, or take place again, for another 4,000 years.  This manchild would be the outcome of the conception of divine cybernetics.  Cybernetics is defined as “pilot, governor (to steer,[4] govern):  The science of communication and control theory that is concerned esp. with the comparative study of automatic control systems (as the nervous system and brain and mechanical-electrical communication systems).”[5]
     The last portion of this definition would be, I think, of the serpent!  True government is Principle and true Science is Principle.  Divine cybernetics would be spiritual communion between God and man (the ark of the covenant) and spiritual control (the arch of the covenant).
     Another covenant mentioned is a coat of many colors (the Arch).  The “Father” known as Israel gave Joseph (a Christ Son) this coat.  The coat is the mantle of successorship!  But his ten older brother’s, out of jealousy, tore up this covenant, however, spiritual covenants are spiritual and cannot be destroyed by mortal mindedness.  What most people do not take into account about this coat of many colors is that such coats were given to virgin females!  This is spoken of in the Bible (I did not make it up).  So, it was Joseph’s womanhood that was presented with the Arch of the Covenant, and it would be womanhood that would fulfill the final Arch of the Covenant in the endtime.
     Other contracts between God and man would continue to be drawn up throughout the Bible.  Moses would also have a different type of Covenant with his Laws and Ten Commandments.  With the New Testament, and Jesus Christ, came a New Covenant of the blood sacrifice (which simply means, that to be at one with God we must give up all belief that blood, matter, organs are the source of man’s life).  This covenant is where we sacrifice all beliefs that man was ever born into a material body (sold into bondage, taken down into Egypt).
     And when Christian Science came in the Sixth Day of Truth, another Arch of the Covenant would be made, this one would say, “Principle and its idea is one.”  This Covenant would be seen as the messenger angel Michael, descending down with “a little book” known as Science and Health Key to the Scriptures.  This second coming of Christ is manifested on Earth as the woman God-crowned, Mary Baker Eddy.

Suffer the Children (colorized by me)

Suffer the Children (colorized by me)

     The third advent of Christ is taking place right now, although most people are unaware of it, they are still waiting for the second coming of Christ to take place.  This Covenant is depicted in the seventh illustration of Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem Christ and Christmas.  Oddly, the title is “Suffer [permit] the Children [to come unto me, the Christ].”  In the illustration we see the girl, Martha Jones-Smith,[6] sitting on a foursquare wooden chair underneath a pyramid of light.  In her hands is the open book by Mary Baker Eddy.  THIS IS THE ONLY ILLUSTRATION THAT HAS THE LITTLE BOOK BEING OPENED UP IN IT!  This girl is not Mary Baker Eddy, but Mary Baker Eddy’s successor in the Christ lineage (Christ-link).  The grandfather clock reads a time of 5:05.  Revelation 5 verses 1-5 are about the Bible (which is a closed book upon a table top in the illustration) having seven seals and being opened up by the Christ heir of Judah (the lion).  It is not the religious old man, with glasses, who opens up the Bible (set at his right side), no, it is the girl holding the open Christian Science Textbook who is depicted as the one who will open up the book; why?  It is because she is the one who understands the matrix codes (the Key to the Scripture).  Mary Baker Eddy was the first woman to open up the Bible, but she literally had to hide the structure in her Textbook because the world was not yet ready to accept and understand it.
     The time on the Grandfather clock represents the following keystones to Window of the Open Book:  The Golden Shores of Love (the Word as Science “Christian Science versus Spiritualism”), The Concord Grapevine (the Christ as Science “Footsteps of Truth”), The Big Dipper (Christianity as Science “Christian Science Practice”), and The Open Bible (the Word as the Word “Prayer”).  I think that there are three events of the three keystones of Science that open up the Bible.  The first event is July 16 (Mary Baker Eddy’s birthday), 1969 when Apollo 11 launches and heads for the moon.  The Mother Ship (The Mother Church) named Columbia (divine Science) orbits the moon, while the fourth living creature, the Eagle (Science), lands upon the Sea of Tranquility (the Peaceful Sea of Harmony by the Golden Shores of Love).  The second event is when the foursquare church of divine Science (symbolized by the Concord Branch) descends from heaven after the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth has been explained to Martha (this was completed in 2008).  The third event will be when the seven keys (seven stars) of the seven angels (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love) unseal the Bible’s matrix structure for all mankind.  It is then that Christian Science Practice will take off; people will begin to utilize this practice for all healing.  They will use it to cast out demons (sin), heal the sick, cleanse the lepers (the terminally ill will be healed), and raise the dead via the Scriptures and “Prayer”!
     But to continue with the divine calculus, Dan Brown explains that four art museums could be seen at each compass point (this represents the city of God, with the tone of absolute Christian Science).[7]  To the south (the cardinal point for Christianity) was the old train station[8] now called the esteemed Musee d’Orsay (museum of the bear; a bear is a Christ witness, a Christ follower; the Big Dipper is also part of Ursa [Bear] Major).  To the north (the cardinal point for the Word) was an ultramodern Pompidou (splendor; bright; a star) Center (hub).[9]  It houses the modern art collection.  In the west (the cardinal point for Science) was the ancient obelisk of Ramses (ram’s island or the safety of the ram, safety of the Christ) which marked the Musee du Jeu (activity) de Paume (palm, which I equate to Salvation = Science and Health).  And to the east (the cardinal point for the Christ), which was through the archway (path of the covenant), was the monolithic Renaissance (rebirth, a Second Coming, perhaps even a Third Coming of Christ) palace famous art museum, the Musee du Louvre (lover).  A louvre (a building) is also a type of roof that allows air to flow but keeps out rain and provides protection from the sun.
     I loved the description of the seven triangular pools that encircled the Louvre’s main entrance.  To me this is very descriptive of St. John’s seven visions in Revelation.  Each vision is composed of seven pyramids.  This type of pyramid is what I refer to as the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.  Others call it the Golden Candlestick Matrix.  The first pyramid would reflect the tone of Mind (in its own seven structure of the seven synonymous tones), and the second pyramid would reflect the tone of Spirit, the third Soul, the fourth Principle, the fifth Life, the sixth Truth, and the seventh Love.  All seven pyramids would form a larger pyramid for Mind with its first vision.

     Principle is the capstone of the Mind vision, and the pyramid structures would continue, as above with the tones of Life, Truth, and Love in a descending order.  Life would be along the side of Soul, Truth would be along the side of Spirit, and Love would be along the side of Mind.  All seven groups would make up the first vision with the main tone of Mind.
     The second vision would be constructed the same way, with its main tone being that of Spirit.  I call these many minor pyramids the Mountain Range.

THE DA VINCI CODE – Le Pyramide or the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth
     The Louvre’s glass pyramid is a big giant window, which I feel is very symbolic to our day and age.  This is mainly because Mary Baker Eddy described herself as a window.[10]
     Dan Brown describes the Museum’s Pyramid as being created by the Chinese-born American architect I. M. Pei.  It is seventy-one feet high.  I see this symbolically as being the seven synonyms as one God.
     The Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth is based upon the number eleven, as there are eleven illustrations in Christ and Christmas, and there are six days of creation (revelation) in Genesis 1 found on the left side – the Side of Life.  (I changed the tones [one time only] on the Side of Light [the right side] over the years as my spiritual understanding became clearer.)
     I kept asking myself why the first creation story was split up into the first chapter and the beginning of the second chapter.  It bothered me that the most important creation, out of the two creation accounts, was not all located in chapter one.  I reasoned that there must be something behind this.  It was not until I was shown the pyramid structure that enlightenment came to me on this topic.
     The answer was simple.  The first chapter of Genesis is the Side of Life of the Major Pyramid structure, while the Sabbath Day (and the Eighth Day, or the Bridge) was mentioned in Genesis 2:1-5.  The beginning of the second chapter was the Side of Light for the Major Pyramid Matrix.  It looks like the following –

     The structure for the Great Pyramid of Giza also has six levels (the capstone, however, is missing).  There are three paths within the pyramid.  The path, which would be on the level of Mind, goes down into the ground into an unfinished tomb.  This is the path of The First Degree.  The second path is on the level of Spirit, it is straight and level, it leads to the unfinished tomb of the Queen’s Chamber.  This path is The Second Degree.  The third path is the Grand Gallery.  It is on the level of Soul and leads upwards into the King’s Chamber.[11]  This is the path of The Third Degree.  On the level of Principle are the five relief chambers.  Above this nothing else seems to exist inside.  And as mentioned before, the capstone for the Christ-Truth (the Cornerstone) is missing.
     In the Bible there is mention of a capstone being rejected by the builders.  I feel that this verse has to do with the rejection of Christ by the builders of a material organized Church.  The fact that the Great Pyramid of Giza’s capstone is missing today is very symbolic of this verse.
     There is even a more important symbol for this missing capstone that took place in the twentieth century.  Mary Baker Eddy was born in Bow (remember the bow in the cloud covenant), New Hampshire.  She was born and raised on this Bow farm.  After she left the material scene on December 3, 1910, some years later, a Mason made a pyramid of stone and placed it on the land that at one time had belonged to the Baker family.  This pyramid was no ordinary pyramid, for its measurements were exact to the measurements of what would have been the capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza!  It too represented a divine calculus with its four messages, one message for each side.

Pyramid Capstone at Bow

     There are photographs of this capstone for a remembrance to Mary Baker Eddy found in some older publications by the Christian Science Publishing Society.  This capstone, however, no longer exists because the Boston Hierarchy did not like what it symbolized!  They decided to dynamite it.  The builders of the Church literally rejected the capstone-cornerstone as their beloved Leader!  It was hatred for the woman God-crowned that blew up the marker; it was animal magnetism, the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism that performed the evil deed.
     What was their excuse for destroying the capstone?  “This pyramid marker is nothing more than deification of Mrs. Eddy!  We do not need a marker for where Mrs. Eddy was born.”  But they never blew up where they buried her coffin!  Okay, they could not do so because it was on private property.  My point is that they are okay to have a marker to where the woman’s dead body is supposed to be at (because they want her to be legally dead).
     Not only does Christ and Christmas follow the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth, so does the “little” edifice in Boston.  First I will give you the layout structure of her poem, and then her church.

     The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts has three levels.  The Sunday school is on the first level, along with the Director’s Room (which could also be partially on the second level).  On the second level is the main floor with its auditorium, vestry, Immanuel Arch (and five steps), Madonna Bell Tower (going up beyond the third level), and the third level with Mother’s Room (which could also be partially on the second level) and the Grand Gallery.  Also on the Side of Light near the corner (the intersection) is the actual headstone (cornerstone) for the Edifice.  Inside it are copies of – the Bible, Science and Health, and other Christian Science writings.

     Most of what I have placed in the matrix structure will be the glass stained windows.

     Dan Brown says that the glass pyramid is made up of 666 panes of glass.  He even says that conspiracy theorists seemed to think that it was meant to be the devil’s number.  I doubt that this is true.  I easily translate it to be Truth, Truth, Truth.  Even so, the 666 panes would need to be divided evenly by four.  This could not be easily done unless the panes of glass are  all of different sizes.

     The late French president, Mitterrand (the Glovered[12] shield[13] warrior), had commissioned the glass pyramid.  Dan Brown writes that the man suffered from a Pharaoh complex.  The president’s nickname was the Sphinx (Lion-Word), while the policeman, that the main character is about to meet, is nicknamed the Bull (Christ).  The Christ is always symbolized as a Captain.  Bezu Fache is Captain of the Central Directorate Judicial Police.  Bezu may have to do with a round glass covering.  While Fache may have to do with the face, perhaps the glass (clear = Spirit) face for a watch, or a divine calculus.  However the French word fashe means “angry.”  Our police captain did seem to be an angry man in most of the book.
     Now, the Sphinx is usually known as a lion.  The lion is symbolic of the Word; it is also symbolic of the tribe of Judah.  The bull or ox is symbolic of the Christ.  So here at this point in Dan Brown’s novel he gives us references to two living creatures of the divine calculus in conjunction with the property of the four museums (four board of directors).[14]
     Robert (prophet) Langdon (long hill) is the name of Brown’s main character.  Langdon is from Boston, where The First Church of Christ Scientist is located.  Langdon is also a professor at Harvard.  I believe that Boston means something like: “town on a hill.”  I find it interesting, however, that a boss is the center hub of a wheel.  I see Robert Langdon as a symbol of the Christian Science prophet “a spiritual seer; disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts [one who knows Science facts] of spiritual Truth.”[15]  The loyal Christian Scientist has only one boss Leader and four directors – the leadership of Mary Baker Eddy (via the 88th edition of the Church Manual) and the divine calculus.  The unfaithful Christian Scientist has five directors, that of the five physical senses.
     The Seine River is near the museum.  Seine means “net for fishing” so even this river of Science is a symbol of the Network Matrix used by the Fisher-King.  It is near the Quai Voltaire, the bank-hedge-KEY of Voltaire.
     Lieutenant Jerome Collet works for Fache and, in the book, he is the man who picks up Langdon from his motel.  Lieutenant means to stall and hold, while Jerome means holy and Collet means victory (it is also a French word that means “collar” which is appropriate because the man is a cop and he likes to make collars).  It is also by the collar that we often recognize the holy fathers of organized religion.  So the proper attitude for us to hold within our consciousness is the Holy Victory of the Christ over the flesh.
     The name of the dead man that Robert Langdon is being brought in and questioned about is named Jacques (Jack = divine Science) Sauniere.  I could not find a definition of Sauniere, however, it could be rooted to “sauna” which is a cabinet (a board of directors) where water is poured onto hot rocks (rock = Christ-Truth) to make steam.  And this actually does describe Sauniere’s position with the Priory of Sion; in fact he is the head master (Christ) of the four other Sion men.  I feel that his name translates to be the defender of divine Science.
     Mary Baker Eddy defines Zion (Sion) as:  “Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength.  Emptiness; unfaithfulness; desolation.”  (S&H 599:6)  The first definition is its spiritual translation, while the second definition is what it means negatively.
     Sauniere was shot in the stomach.  He uses his own blood to draw a five-pointed star on his chest and he lays his body in the same pose as Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing called The Vitruvian Man.  Vitruvian means “stained glass,” which I find fascinating, for, it is in this manuscript that I will speak of the many stained glass windows located within The First Church Edifice.  Robert Langdon tells Fache that the star around Sauniere is not for devil worship but is a symbol of Venus.  So the hidden fact by Da Vinci is that the man of the stained glass window is really the angel of Revelation 10.  And it is in The First Church of Christ Scientist of Boston where the real Vitruvian Man is located, or found as the Angel, the Woman God-crowned, and the Holy City.


     In the Introduction of Revelation 1 a man like unto the Son of man stands within the midst (in the middle) of the Golden Candlestick, which is what I have come to call the tree of Life Science.[16]  This Son of man represents Principled Science.  I find it interesting that the Golden Candlestick is found from the very beginning of the Bible and throughout to its end.  In fact, the Golden Candlestick is the Key (being held by the man, who many people think is Jesus Christ) to the structure of the entire book of Revelation.  If you understand the Golden Candlestick Matrix (a.k.a. the tree of Life Science) then you understand the structure of Revelation itself, with its seven visions and each vision with its own seven sections.  So, God gives us the Key (as the Golden Candlestick that Moses made to follow the pattern seen in the mount, in other words, like a pyramid structure) so that we can understand the Book of Revelation.  This tree of Life Science is the Key to heaven (the key to the City), and the entire book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy is based upon this City matrix!
     Leonardo De Vinci’s Vitruvian Man depicts a man with four stances (the X-Cross of Travis, the Star of Venus, the t-Cross, and the Y).  The Star of Venus stance shows him with outstretched arms, and his legs spread apart to form a pyramid shape.
     The man is inside a circle and a square is offset slightly from the circle.  This illustration is supposed to show the proportions, or measurements, of the human body.  It is the measurement of the Vitruvian Man-Woman-City that is the Holy Grail or the Holy Measurement.
     Jesus Christ referred to himself as a door, while Mary Baker Eddy referred to herself as a window.  Vitrify means: “to convert into glass or a glassy substance by heat and fusion.”  What if then, The Vitruvian Man is a window, or perhaps a stained glass window, a window found in a Church where “convert” has a specific importance to its congregation?  Convert means: “to transform.”  So true conversion has to do with the transformation of man from a corporeal being into a spiritual being.  Even though most people think it means to convert from one religion to another, where a congregation grows in number.  In regards to a window, the transformation begins with a Streisand (blotted ‘stained’ sand), and this through a process of fire (spiritual baptism) would become a stained glass window of rainbow refractions.
     On May 9, 2000, I had a dream that I titled “Barbara Streisand, you will understand Reincarnation Understood!”  In this dream I see over an angel’s back and am able to see that he is holding an open book.  This angel has no wings, but I see a halo.  He has long hair.  This angel is in the sky, or heaven.  At the time of the dream I thought the title of the book was Reincarnation Understood.  I hear a voice say, “Barbara Streisand, you will understand Reincarnation Understood.”
     Barbara means: “stranger, alien.”  Was this angel an alien?  Was this angel the stranger, or the Barbara Streisand?  Or was I Barbara Streisand?  I would not really know or understand the full significance of this dream until August 23, 2009.
     It was shortly after the dream that I received a book in the mail, from its author Helen Wright, about the seven synonymous terms for God.  This book is titled, Your Divinity Revealed.  Some time later I translated it to mean, “Your reincarnation uncovered, understood to be the human and divine coincidence of the Christ.”  Also around this time I received a publication about the reincarnation of Christ, or what most people refer to as “the second coming of Christ.”  In Christian Science we accept that Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ, and that her Textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is a most important part of this second coming.  Her chapter “The Apocalypse” was based upon Revelation and I have based this manuscript on the sixteenth chapter that actually explains her place in Bible prophecy.
     After reading The Da Vinci Code this January (2009), and doing my spiritual interpretation of the book, I realized that my dream and The Vitruvian Man go together in a symbolic way.  I also realized that the stained glass windows in The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts and the dream are connected with each other.  Within the Boston edifice is a window of the angel from Revelation 10 (as seen above).  He has no wings, and might the halo (of my angel) be the rainbow arch of the stained glass angel?
     I now also realize that the book the angel was holding in the dream was “a little book” which is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.  And it is this alien Science (that seems strange to corporeal sense) that is explained in the book.  Man’s spiritual being (which S&H explains) seems to be a stranger to corporeal sense.  It is this “little book” that helps us understand the second coming (re-incarnation) of the Christ!

     There are two other stained glass windows in the Boston edifice – “Woman God-crowned” on the western wall and “Window of the Open Book”[17] a Rose Window on the southern wall of the edifice.  “Window of the Open Book” also has a keystone of the “Woman God-crowned.”  Of course, there is also THE actual window depicting Mary Baker Eddy located at the Church’s cornered capstone inside Mother’s Room.
     Mary Baker Eddy tells us that the angel of Revelation 10 prefigures divine Science, and it “comes from God” (is God’s messenger, or angel).  I believe this is why the angel is clothed with a cloud, just as Jesus is said to ascend upon a cloud.  “In the like manner” shall we see the second coming descend from heaven (harmony).  This reference to coming on a cloud (especially a rainbow cloud) goes back to Noah when he sees the “bow in the cloud” representing the Holy (Arch) Covenant.
     The angel’s two feet of fire represent spiritual baptism via absolute Christian Science and Christian Science.  Absolute Christian Science works in the subjective thought and has dominion over the hidden elements of mind, the unconscious sea.  While Christian Science works in the objective thought and has dominion over what the corporeal senses try to convey to us as reality or truth (“visible error and audible sin”).
     Eating (mentally digesting) the Textbook is our Paschal meal.  It is our passage from material bondage (Egypt) into the (notice that Mary Baker Eddy did not tell us that it was the Holy Land here) El Dorado of faith and hope (two Second Degree qualities for Life).  Eldorado is the city of gold, or the divine city of God, while El Dorado is really our own Christ Kinghood of the divine “city of our God” or the Kingdom of heaven which is within our consciousness.  I see El Dorado as subconscious subjective harmony while Eldorado is conscious objective harmony.
     She tells us that – “Truth arouses [awakes, excites] the ‘seven thunders’ of evil [seven horns of discord], and stirs their latent [is dormant or hidden but becomes visible via the excited action of this stirring] forces to utter the full diapason [“the entire compass of musical tones”] of secret [hidden] tones.”  What this means (I think) is that Truth stirs up error, makes it become seen or exposed, it becomes uncovered, or dis-covered (“Animal Magnetism Unmasked”), and this happens so that error can become destroyed.  Error always counterfeits Truth, so it too claims to compass the tones of God.  But what compasses a man (Christ Jesus) is the woman God-crowned, and her Window Matrix of the Holy City.

Window of the Open Book (Science and Health)

     I understand the angel of Revelation 10 to be the Discoverer of Christian Science, while the woman God-crowned is the Founder of the Christian Science Church.  The woman God-crowned is a great work in heaven (harmony, the musical sphere that encompasses man).  She is Venus, or divine Love, the Morning Star.

Morning.  Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and progress.”  (S&H 591:23)

Star.  A Christ prophet of God.  An angel of God.

Mother.  God; divine and eternal Principle; Life, Truth, and Love.” (S&H 592:16)

     The following definition of Cancer is from a dream dictionary.  It says that cancer “represents the Moon [which is matter, the woman’s two feet have dominion over it], the Eternal Mother [God] and the astrological sign of cancer [which is Mary Baker Eddy’s birth sign].”  She has power (dominion) over cancer (terminal diseases), and over all astrological beliefs.  Astrology is the dragon’s sea and disease is in the objective earth of matter (moon, which would be reflected intelligence).


1)  absolute Christian Science (the right foot has dominion over the sea) handling the subjective, being the dominant power “prevailing over all other powers; predominant; paramount [like in a pyramid], preponderant, sovereign; superior”

2)  Christian Science (the left foot has dominion over the earth) handling the objective, being secondary “not first in the occurrence of development”


1)  The woman’s right foot (Truth), this idea,[18] reveals the universe as tributary to Spirit.  A tributary stream feeds a bigger stream (river) or lake. The word tributary also has to do with tribe (the twelve tribes, the twelve stars of Christianity).

2)  The woman’s left foot (Love), this idea, reveals the universe as secondary to Spirit.

     This makes it clear that the angel’s mission is to bring to life, or descend with “a little book” as God’s divine Christ messenger.  This is the “individual Christian Scientist” who is “alone with his own being.”  This Christian Scientist is the man of Genesis 1.  This man has dominion over the sea and the earth.  Yet the woman’s mission is to found Truth and Love as The Church of Christian Science, the twelve nations or twelve tribes of Israel.  These twelve stars “will yield to the activities of the divine Principle of man in the harmony [heaven] of Science.”
     The definition of Church is most interesting if you really understand what the institution is that Mary Baker Eddy is speaking about!  The institution is “a little book”.

Church.  The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.
     “The Church is that institution, which affords proof of its utility [use] and is found elevating the race [from material beliefs and error], rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs [she tells us that Truth performs this function in the section in “The Apocalypse” on the topic of “a little book”] to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick.” (S&H 583:12-19)

     I feel that the “workings of the spiritual idea by healing the sick and sinning” are the twelve stars (the first twelve chapters of Science and Health) being understood and demonstrated by the tributary and this stream feeds (with “a little book”) the whole of mankind (the universe).
     There is another word in the “Glossary” that I think refers to the Textbook, in fact, its second edition was called The Ark.   “Ark.  Safety; the idea of Truth, proved to be as immortal as Principle; the understanding of Spirit, destroying belief in matter.
     “God [Mother] and [generic] man coexistent and eternal; Science showing that the spiritual realities of all things are created by Him and exist forever.  The ark indicates temptation overcome and followed by exaltation.” (S&H 581:8-14)
     She tells us the physical scientist (learned of the tree of knowledge) Agassiz sees the sun (Spirit) in an egg – the point of embryonic life.  The “Glossary” definition of Eve, in part, is as follows:  “the belief that the human race originated materially instead of spiritually, – that man started first from dust, second from a rib, and third from an egg.”  But, she goes on to say that St. John (the metaphysician, learned of the tree of Life Science) saw an “angel [divine messenger] in the sun [Spirit].”  So here, for sure, she is telling us that the woman God-crowned is an angel, the angel (I believe) from Revelation 10.  This woman, however, is the metaphysical Scientist viewpoint that comes from the tree of Life Science.  The name of the angel that stands in the center of the sunflower (of Window of the Open Book) is Reverend (Revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy.  The Revelator saw the woman clothed in light (like a window is), a bride coming down (descending like the angel of Revelation 10 did[19]) from heaven, wedded to the Lamb of Love (as seen in the Lord and Lamb Keystone).  Of course, the Bride is also referred to as the Holy City, the Word, and “Dove.  A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith.”
     In THE WAY of Christ and Christmas the dove is seen descending down toward (1st) a man, perhaps generic man and (2nd) toward the crowned-cross that floats above the ground.  In an illustration of the Boston Edifice is also depicted a dove descending in the heavy rain (the flood of error) toward the Church.  Inside the Church all is dark, darkened sense is depicted within material organized church.  Only divine Science can bring the Light.

The first "The Way" with its crowned cross.

The first “The Way” with its crowned cross.

The second "The Way"

The second “The Way”


     I take comfort that Mary Baker Eddy informs us that the serpent (which grows in size from being a copper head serpent in Genesis to Revelation’s red dragon) is “the highest degree of human depravity.”  Well, the highest degree of moral or even human depravity (S&H 115) is the First Degree, and it can go no higher!
     Revelation tells us that the red dragon, which persecutes the woman, has seven heads with seven crowns and ten horns.  I have always thought that the ten horns were hard hornlike things upon the dragon’s heads; however, I finally interpreted these ten horns to be musical horns!  And these ten horns, which defy the Ten Commandments, play nothing but discord.
     The hydra heads are water founts, a false sprinkler system known as physical science that tries to drown the spiritual ideal, the woman God-crowned.

     The woman is taken into the wilderness (“spontaneity of thought and idea; the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds [like a sunflower] the great facts of existence”) with the wings of a flying eagle.  The eagle is the fourth living creature (or fourth living beast) and it symbolizes Science.  So it is the wings of Principled Science that flies the woman to safety (a word that defines ARK).  The wilderness is the sense of Soul path, where stately Science pauses not, but moves before us, a pillar of cloud (angel of Revelation 10) by day (Truth, Michael) and of fire (woman God-crowned) by night (Love, Gabriel and/or Uriel), leading to divine heights.
     Genesis gives us true creation (chapter 1-2:3) followed by the false creation of Adam.  Likewise, Revelation first shows us the true warfare (Revelation 12) and is followed by the false warfare.  The two angels of Church, Truth and Love, or Michael and Gabriel, fight the true warfare, the battle between flesh and spirit.  Divine Science shows us how the Lamb (David; the spiritual idea) slays the wolf (Goliath; corporeal sense).  The false warfare is where we make a reality out of error and try to destroy it that way, and this will never work.
     What I mean is with the true warfare we actually see the nothingness of error, of matter, we understand that matter is not to be changed or healed or transformed!  All change takes place in Mind, and the objective world changes because Mind is accepted and understood within the subjective realm of thought.  When we try to heal matter we are using the false type of warfare.  We cannot heal matter, besides, why heal something that is not real?  We must lay down the material sense and follow the sense of Soul path.
     Today many Christian Scientists get fooled into symbolizing parts of the material body thinking that this will heal it.  They believe they can say that a heart symbolizes Love and heal a sick heart; but is a material heart made of Love?  No, it is not.  The corporeal heart does not Love anyone or anybody because it has no mind or consciousness to it, it just beats and pumps blood because it is an involuntary muscle.  Mary Baker Eddy tells us, however, that there is no involuntary (unconscious) action.  This is because God never is unconscious and God is Mind, all-action.  Using the real warfare means that we must understand that the material heart, a material organ, has no power, is not a source of life because God is the only source of Life, and Life is eternal.
     We cannot use Christian Science to heal the material body when we are suppose to bury the material body, or release it, we are to stop believing in the existence of a material body (a material organized church)!
     There is another meaning, however, to the spiritual warfare – it has to do with the recognition of Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ, to see her place in Bible prophecy, and to accept her place and that God did choose her to fulfill the God-crown mission during the Sixth Day of Truth!  Why is this?  Because the red dragon’s flood (false mental teachings) is aimed at the woman.  The flood of propaganda lies and falsities are against Mary Baker Eddy.  Mary Baker Eddy made it clear that if we stay in the twelfth chapter (with its type of warfare) that it was the correct path.  This true type of warfare is the defending of the woman’s place, and our recognition and acceptance of who she is.  This acceptance and acknowledgement helps us demonstrate Christian Science.

     The Ten Commandments are to show us our relationship with God (1-5) and our relationship with mankind (6-10).  They also can form a pyramid structure.  But let us also see them as the two betyl stones – the Ark of the Letter of the Law and the Arch of the Spirit of the Law.

The Red Dragon’s Ten Commandments
     However, the Ten Commandments are counterfeited by the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism that controls and governs material organization.  And we can say that these are the ten horns.

Da Vinci 3     The mortal mind of Adam is the belief that God (Spirit) resides in matter.
1 – You, mortal mind, can have many gods before divine Mind (which is impotent compared to me).

2 – Moral depravity (First Degree) makes graven (dead) images and likenesses of anything that is in heaven above (the Third Degree), or that is in earth beneath (the Second Degree), or that is in the waters beneath the earth (the First Degree).  And you (personal sense) can and will bow down unto these (false) images of mortal mind and be slave unto sense, for God sees not nor cares not what man does on earth.  God will not punish your sins nor help those who obey Him because God is not real because He is not comprehensible to material sense at all.  You are hidden (clothed) in matter!

matter rules!
3 – You can curse God’s seven names (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love), for what good will these synonymous terms do you when you live in matter and not in Spirit?

physical sense leads to death
4 – Personal sense will work (be a slave to matter) for six days, and on the seventh day, the Sabbath, you shall also work because I, evil, hold you as my prisoner.  You are bound to corporeal sense; there is no rest for the weary or the wicked!  You are still a servant in Egypt (material organization) so why should you get to rest upon God’s Sabbath Day?  Who do you think you are, God?

chaos and….
5 – You honor evil, not Life and Love!  Why not obey your human parentage (inheritance and history in matter) when it brings you so much material sensation in the corporeal body?  And so much pleasure is given to you when you have sex!  Sex is fun!  So, go on, have sex, sex, sex!  I do not care or mind!

6 – Sex is murder, so go ahead and kill!  And you can also kill others via mental assassination (my hidden method of murder) via the use of animal magnetism.  Nobody will even know that you are guilty of the crime!

7 – You (personal sense via sex, which is death) can also commit adultery, have many gods (children), and live to tell the tale!  Mix good (Spirit) and evil (matter) together for this is life in matter!

8 – You can steal from all those outside yourself by admitting error as omnipotent.  Go on, it’s fun to believe the worst of everyone in this world, I do it all the time and get by with it, so gossip and malpractice all you want.

hate (hypocrisy)
9 – Believe what your five physical senses tell you about yourself and others, you can bear false testimony, after all, it really is believable, what your eyes see, ears hear, nerves feel, nose smells, and tongue tastes!

hate (lust)
10 – You can lust after anyone and everything in the world and not be punished (that is why I set up Roman Catholic confession for you).  You can desire everything you see out there and not be punished (even if something does not belong to you what harm does it do to want what others have and you don’t have?).  Go ahead and hate everyone by wanting the good they have, after all, don’t you deserve to have goodness in your material life?  Don’t you deserve comfort in matter?  Of course you do!
     But the seven crowns of the red dragon cannot give it sovereign power, rather they must be seven clobberings upon carnal knowledge (material consciousness).  These seven clobberings (crownings) must lead to the red dragon’s own death.

     The woman’s crown does not clobber her at all!  It is her halo of twelve stars.  It is the city foursquare of divine Science, for it is circular, yet it is squared.  The twelve stars are formed of three squares of stars, the major four-star cycle for the Word (Bride’s body), and the minor four-star cycles for the Christ (head) and Christianity (Christ body).  The body of Christ is the true Temple, “the idea of Life, substance, and intelligence, the superstructure of Truth; the shrine of Love.”
     The Word square is Mount Zion (the body of the Bible), and its capstone (the head of Science and Health) is the Lamb, or the spiritual idea seen as “a little book open” written by Reverend (the Revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy.  Zion means:  “Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength.” (S&H 599:6)
     There are twelve keystones that circle around the Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) in Window of the Open Book.  The word keystone, if split differently, can be read as key’s tone, so this takes us back to music, harmony (heaven), and the Scientific tones found in the Textbook.  These are the seven keys (the synonymous terms for God[20]) found within the chords of three notes and four notes.  The arrangement of the four chord keystones is foursquare (a foursquare city) while the arrangement of the three chord keystones is circular and lay out the city of our God.

Euphrates.  Divine Science [is like the twelve stars] encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God…”

     The Window’s four squares form the four chord structures of divine Science.  The Cycle-Square for the Word represents the first four chapters of Science and Health.  The Christ is the next four chapters, Christianity chapters 9-12, and finally, the Science Cycle-Square is for chapters 13-16.  These are the four chords consisting of four notes (a divine calculus), and there are a total of sixteen notes, or four spiritual chords, blending together.  Structured within the Textbook are the seven notes (synonyms) being played over and over.  This is what I believe is the true meaning to the “music of the spheres.”
     The Word Cycle-Square consists of the four major stars.  They are described in “The Apocalypse” chapter as the North Star for the Word of the Bible, the star (a Daystar, which I believe is the Evening Star [Venus – the Madonna] and the Sun [the Child] – as when Venus transits the sun) that leads the three wise men to the manger of Christ, the Southern Cross (which would be Crux) of Calvary (which has Acrux as its major star), and the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony (which I feel is a symbolic description of two locations found on the Moon, a star satellite).[21]  These descriptions from the Textbook were used to make the four Major Keystone windows of the Word Cycle for Window of the Open Book.
     The Christ and Christianity Cycles consist of the eight minor stars.  The Christ Cycle-Square of Keystones begins with the Woman God-crowned, and then on to the Oil Lamp, then the Pomegranates, and finally the Concord Grapevine.  The Christianity Cycle-Square of Keystones begins with the Lord and Lamb, next it moves on to the Palm Leaves of Salvation, the Harvested Wheat, and finally the Big Dipper.  The Science Cycle-Square is not made up of Keystones because it is found within the hub, it is “a little book open” and I think of its four corners as representations of its calculus movement.

Hiddekel.  Divine Science understood [absolute Christian Science] and acknowledged [Christian Science].”

Jerusalem…Home, heaven.”

Heaven.  Harmony; the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere of Soul.”

Kingdom of Heaven.  The reign of harmony in divine Science; the realm of unerring, eternal, and omnipotent Mind; the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme.”

New Jerusalem.  Divine Science; the spiritual facts and harmony of the universe; the kingdom of heaven, or reign of harmony.”

Sun.  The symbol of Soul governing man, – of Truth, Life, and Love.”  (All of these definitions are from S&H “Glossary”.)

     The Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) in Window of the Open Book has twenty-four petals.  The word Spirit has six letters, thus, each letter of Spirit can be written a total of four times, filling in each petal.  This is a divine calculus of Spirit, Spirit, Spirit, and Spirit as the clothing of the sun, or we have Spirit to the fourth power.  The woman is clad with the radiance of spiritual Truth (absolute Christian Science).
     The window City is lighted by the Sun of Righteousness (Christian Science Treatment), seen or symbolized as the Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) matrix for “Recapitulation.”  This matrix is based upon absolute Christian Science and Christian Science (the two feet of the angel of Revelation 10).
     The City of our God (absolute Christian Science) has no boundary or limitation.  For this city reaches out into the objective (Christian Science) universe.  It is symbolized by the four cardinal points of North (the Word), East (the Christ), South (Christianity), and West (Christian Science).  It is made up of four three key chord structures.

The Word Chord (chapters 1, 5, 9)
     The first three keystones on the North (Word) side are the Open Bible Keystone, the Woman God-crowned Keystone, and the Lord and Lamb Keystone.  These three are Life (Bible), Truth (Woman), and Love (Lamb or spiritual idea of God).

The Christ Chord (chapters 2, 6, 10)
     The second group of keystones found on the East (Christ) side, are the spiritual ideal of Mother-God as Madonna and Child Keystone, the Oil Lamp of Mother’s Room (Consciousness) Keystone, and the Palm Leaves (pages) of Salvation (Science and Health) Keystone.  The Oil Lamp Keystone relates to the Madonna and the Palm Leaves Keystone relates to the Child.

The Chord of Christianity (chapters 3, 7, 11)
     The third group of keystones found on the South (Christianity) side, are the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history as the Cross of Calvary (Axis) Keystone, the Pomegranates Keystone, and the Harvested Wheat Keystone.
     The Axis Crux leads up to the woman’s book in the hub of the wheel, and then onward further to the Open Bible Keystone of the Word.  This is the Rose Line of the Earth.
     Pomegranates symbolize Venus, the Morning Star.  It overcomes the physical.  The Harvested Wheat (endtime symbol for Christian History) has an X (for the city of our God and also the blade [manhood] and chalice [Womanhood] as one) that binds it together and is embraced by a heart of Love.
     I feel that the Cross of Calvary Keystone has to do with Jesus’ God-crown mission during the Day of Life, and the Pomegranates Keystone has to do with Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crown mission during the Day of Truth.  I also feel that because of Joseph’s dream where he sees his brother’s sheaves bow to his own sheaf that the sheaf of Harvested Wheat Keystone has to do with the generic man God-crown mission with the universal acceptance and manifestation of the Christ.

The Chord of Science (chapters 4, 8, 12)
     The fourth group of keystones found on the West (Science) side is “Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and great Exemplar” as the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony Keystone, the Concord Grapevine Keystone, and the Big Dipper Keystone.
     The name for The Golden Shore (divine Earth) of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony is like the right and left feet of the angel-woman God-crowned who has dominion over the moon (matter).  She founds the Foursquare Concord Church Grapevine upon home (heaven) with the Word of divine Science; it is her gift.  It is this city foursquare which can be measured in Revelation, however, these measurements exist only on the inside, for the gentile world is not to be measured until the city of our God is allowed to rule and govern.  This time is NOW because Martha’s twelve STARGATES have now been opened.
     I go back to the Universe of Stars with the Big Dipper that points to the Word’s North Star.  The Big Dipper, however, are the seven stars held in the hand of the son of man in Revelation 1.  These seven stars are the seven angels of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  Each star also has seven points of light (seven tones of the seven synonyms).  So in a way, the Big Dipper Keystone points us once again to Revelation’s seven visions.
     Mary Baker Eddy writes that the city of our God “has no material sun [light], or moon [reflected intelligence], for Love is the light of it, and Mind is its own interpreter.  Its gates [keystones or its key’s tones] open towards light [Love] and glory [Mind – which is Mother Hood] both within and without [center and circumference], for all is good [God, Spirit].”
     There are, however, six chapters left after this and it is possible that these six chapters make up two more three noted chords.
     I should also mention that there are probably two more definitions in “The Glossary” that have to do with the Rose Window.

Valley. …Christian Science, contradicting sense, maketh the valley to bud and blossom as the rose.”

Wilderness. …spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence.”

     And the 23rd Psalm is the Golden Candlestick that nullifies the tree of knowledge because it represents the tree of Life Science.  This tree of Life Science is the CENTER core of understanding; this is why it is in the center-hub of the Holy City in Revelation.

     Since this chapter is about the divine calculus I would like to explain what came to me in a dream on the morning of February 23, 2009.  Since Science and Health is the Key to the Scriptures (the Bible) it must be masculine, while the Bible must be the sacred feminine.  The masculine key unlocks the feminine heart or Word of God!  Remember, the Open Bible Keystone is found in the position on the wheel as the Word as the Word, or the Bride as the Bride.  Both books are married to each other.  But I also find it interesting that many men wrote the Bible and a woman (God-crowned) wrote the Key!  The WOVEN TEXTBOOK (woven without seam or rent) must then be the sacred masculine of Science.  It is the Christ Science Head of the Bride Word’s Body.

The HEAD message written by a woman messenger…
     The SCIENCE of the Key as the Bridegroom is “Spiritual understanding; the pure consciousness that God, the divine Principle, creates man as His own spiritual idea, and that God is the only creative power [as spoken of in Genesis 1-2:3].”[22]

The BODY message written by many men messengers…
     The WORD of the Bible as the Bride is “Purity and innocence, conceiving man in the idea of God [as in Genesis 1-2:3]; a sense of Soul [not five senses of physicality], which has spiritual bliss and enjoys but cannot suffer [cannot permit error as reality].”[23]

     On March 15, 2009 this was symbolized to me at Church.  On that day the First and Second Readers were a real married couple.
     In Window of the Open Book the Star of Acrux is the attendant to the Cross of Calvary Keystone.  This Cross of Calvary could literally be a key!  It is like the earth’s axis, it points Northward toward the “Open Book of Science and Health,” found within the hub of the Window (or the Wheel) and then onwards to the Word as the Word of the Open Bible Keystone with its attendant North Star.  This is the Rose Line.
     In the Tarot’s minor Arcana there are the four suits, a divine calculus.  They pair up, or they translate the four elements of mortal life back to God as the four living creatures.  Even astrology gets into the act.  Many Christians feel that it is wrong for them to know or learn anything about astrology; however, many of the men who wrote the Bible use astrological symbols!  They did this not because they gave into the belief of fortune telling but in order to translate the zodiac back to God.  They also probably did it because they knew that the common person was already familiar with these symbols.  Many of us today have forgotten the ancient religion called astronomy.  Mary Baker Eddy said, “Astrology is secondary.”  It is not the primary Science, but it is worth understanding.  One simple example of the use of astrology is found in Revelation 6.  There is a white horseman, this off white horseman is an archer.  He is Sagittarius.  Even Ezekiel’s wheel makes use of the zodiac!  The four living creatures are the lion (Leo), the ox or bull (Taurus), the face of a man (Aquarius), and the eagle (originally Libra and Scorpio combined).[24]

The following is a matrix of these symbols.

     The WHEEL of FORTUNE CARD (Key 10) is most interesting.  If you understand the wheels of the zodiac it actually makes sense.  The following explains this card to you as it runs from the top left hand corner counterclockwise.  I am beginning with Christianity because that is about where we begin our calendar year.  On the card each Living Creature (zodiac symbol) is reading a book.  These books are the four books of the Gospel.
     Below on the card, around the wheel (according to Eden Gray), is Typhon the serpent (of evil) descending while Hermes (self-consciousness, intellectuality)-Anubis (the evolution of consciousness from lower to higher levels) ascends.  Sitting on top is the feminine sphinx holding a sword of Truth.  This lioness rules.  She has dominion over evil and over human intellectualism.

January to February – Aquarius, the Face of a Man for Christianity – the Gospel of Luke

March – the serpent descends, spiritually interpreted the serpent is not the serpent found in the Garden of Eden (unlike above), but true wisdom that of God’s Science.  Remember that Moses used the symbol of the serpent and placed it on a rod.  He told the Israelites that if a serpent bit them that they were to look at the brass serpent and they would become healed.[25]  I feel that this is why today’s medical professionals also use the symbol of the serpent.  True Wisdom is Spiritual Understanding; it is Christian Science treatment via righteous judgment.
     Moses was in charge of the Israelite Nations during the Age of Aries, and Jesus was born during the Age of Pisces.

April to May – Taurus, the Bull, the Christ – the Gospel of Mark

June – the feet (understanding) of Hermes-Anubis, this is the time of Gemini and Cancer.  I see Gemini as the two feet or the two aspects of Hermes-Anubis (also thought to be the Bible’s Enoch).  Mary Baker Eddy was born (in July) under the sign of Cancer.  So the feet are spiritually translated to be the two feet of the “angel with a little book” the feet of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science.  (Even the United States of America celebrates its birthday under the sign of Cancer.)

July to August – Leo, the Lion, the Word – the Gospel of Matthew

September – the head (crown) of Hermes-Anubis, this is the time of Virgo and Libra, represented by the HERMIT CARD (Key 9) and JUSTICE CARD (Key 11).  The HERMIT stands upon the capstone holding a lantern with a six-pointed star, or he holds the illumination of the Star of David (also the Star of Esther), a.k.a., Solomon’s Seal.  The woman of JUSTICE holds the scale of balance, justice, in her left hand (womanhood) while her right hand (manhood) holds the sword of Truth.  She represents Daniel, righteous judgment, or Christian Science Practice.

October to November – Scorpio, the Eagle, Science – the Gospel of John

December – the Sphinx, the Archer of Sagittarius represents unity or marriage here.  The Sphinx holds the Sword of Truth in her left hand (womanhood), and she has the leading head of Christ (Joseph), while having the sacred feminine body of the Lion, or the Word of God.  (Editor’s note:  In April 2013 I had a dream about THE CHARIOT card.  It has two female sphinxes on it, one black [for the Pillar of Severity] and one white [for the Pillar of Mercy].  It came to me that these two lion sphinx represent the two legs and two paws of the Great Sphinx in Egypt, while the charioteer represents the Leading Mind of a King [ruling Principle].  I also fit them into the Window of the Open Book as being the two top Keystones [the same position where the WHEEL of FORTUNE sphinx literally sits upon her WHEEL].  These two windows are the Woman God-crowned Keystone [for the Black Madonna sphinx] and the Lord and Lamb [for the White Madonna sphinx] as you would view them from outside the Church’s building.  You would view them from outside of a material organized religion where there are no limitations or boundaries [the city of our God].)
     The WHEEL itself has the four letters of TARO in the cardinal points of the divine calculus, for the city of our God.  If you complete the circle, it spells TAROT.  If you spin the wheel the other way you get TORA.  If you begin the spelling in another spot you get ROTA.  ROTA actually is giving you the instruction to ROTATE the WHEEL!  In between these four letters are the Hebrew letters for YHWH.  The YHWH letters are in the position of the four major stars (for Window of the Open Book), the Word cycle, for the city foursquare of divine Science.
     If I rotate the wheel in the opposite direction of what I just laid out then we go in the direction of the zodiac ages.  I do not remember the exact amount of time each age lasts but I know it is over a two thousand year period.  So the Age of Leo began around 10,500 b.c.  Since that time we have only gone halfway around the wheel.

The Age of Leo – the Word of God made manifest in the flesh – begins around 10,500 b.c.

The Age of Taurus – the “Christ.  “The manifestation of God, that which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” (S&H)  This period ends around the time, or right at the time, that Moses leads the Israelites out from Egyptian bondage.

The Age of Aries – is still the Christ period.  It begins when the Israelites are in the wilderness.  This is said to be one reason why Moses may have destroyed the Golden Calf (although I think it really had to do with the fact that the Golden Calf was a counterfeit of the Christ that would have led the people into idolatry).
     Interesting, however, is the sacred bull of Egypt.  It was believed that a spiritual being, or god, would upon occasion descend from heaven to inhabit the bull’s body (a Christ incarnate).

The Age of Pisces – is Christianity, with the two Christ Advents (two Christ fish) represented as the sacred masculine Christ Jesus and the sacred feminine Mary Baker Eddy with her Christ Science.  I feel that the Age of Pisces ended in June of 1882, when Venus made its second transit across the sun (during Mary Baker Eddy’s mission).

The Age of Aquarius – is Science.  And because Aquarius is the “living creature” for Christianity, the Age of Aquarius is specifically the Age of Christian Science!  I believe that the Age of Aquarius began sometime around June 6, 1882.  The Christ Coming was acknowledged within Mary Baker Eddy’s consciousness in July of that year.  She understood her place as the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.  Mankind would finally catch up to her during Cancer’s sign for July 16, 1969.  July (the seventh month of the year) 16 (the divine calculus), 1969 (69 is Cancer’s symbol) was Mary Baker Eddy’s birth date.  She was also born on a Monday (a moon day).
     Apollo 11 (number used in the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth) had the Mother Ship (Mother Church) of Columbia (divine Science).  The Lunar Module was called the Eagle (Science’s Living Creature).  It landed in the Sea of Tranquility (the Peaceful Sea of Harmony).  During the Apollo moon missions a total of twelve men walked on the surface of the moon.  These twelve men symbolize the twelve stars of the woman’s crown.  The woman God-crowned is described as having her feet upon the moon (having dominion over material laws and forces).
     Another interesting aspect is that when the astronauts who looked back at Earth from the moon, if the timing was just right, they might have seen Earth being “clothed with the sun.”
     It was also during this time period that the famous song about the Age of Aquarius was being broadcast over the radio waves.

Diagon Ally
     What was the purpose for the name that Dan Brown gave to the Bishop in his story?
     A Bishop is an overseer of the Roman Catholic Church.  But a bishop also moves in a diagonal[26] path across a chessboard.  Is not this diagonal line a symbol of the Rose Line?  Manual means “Emmanuel ‘God is with us.’”  However, it could also be a symbol of the Christian Science Church Manual, the book of By-Laws for The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts (which has been disobeyed since the printing of the illegal 89th edition).  To disobey the Church Manual is like turning the Christian Science Mother Church into another Roman Catholic Mother Church.  Or what I refer to as a Smother Church.
     Now, the Bishop’s last name is where, I think, Dan Brown is playing with us.  Aringarosa can be broken up as A-ring-a-rosa.  It could be that he was hinting at the children’s game – Ring-a-rosy, where children join hands, go around in a circle while singing the song, and then they all fall down.  “Ashes, ashes, we all fall down [dead from the plague].”  But since this chapter is about the divine calculus wheel (Ezekiel’s Wheel) A-ring-a-rosa is also a symbol of the Rose Window of the Open Book that has the diagonal (bishop) line going from the Word as the Word to the Word as Christianity.  So perhaps even Bishop Aringarosa is symbolic of the Rose Line.

Seth Gabel – Michael
     In the movie there is a news reporter interviewing Aringarosa.  They are on an airplane (hum, in heaven?).  The news man (or the New-man – the original man) is asking the bishop about his Order – Opus Dei.  Is it a cult (in the bad sense of the word)?  This interviewer’s name is Michael (the angel of Truth).  The actor who plays Michael is Seth “appointed” Gabel “devoted to God.”  Gabel also means Gabriel and Gabriel is the angel of Love.  (Shout out to Seth!)  So, this interviewer, who is seeking the Truth, represents the angel of Revelation 10 in this movie but he also represents the angel’s two legs or columns.


     Another meaning of Gabel could be “fork” so Michael could represent, in the movie, the Y stance of the Vitruvian man.  Seth is also the Third Degree (spiritual understanding) son of Eve (the woman).  The Bible says that Jesus Christ comes from the lineage of Seth.
     Many people, who find they do not understand or even care to look into some other faith (or religion), often just decide to classify what they do not understand as a cult.  Just what is a cult?  I have been talking about it to you already!  Brown explains in his book that Opus “[operate]: work” Dei “God” becomes a cult to many people outside its organization.  Too many Christians misunderstand Christian Science, or they do not care to learn about it and only go by hearsay evidence.  This type of Christians classify Christian Science as a cult.  I am not against calling Christian Science a cult if it is defined with its proper meaning!  After all, cult simply means: “wheel”!  And Christian Science is based upon Ezekiel’s Wheel, which is the divine calculus!  Even the name of Opus Dei (if defined in reverse) gives us the words of ‘God’s operation’ – which would be the divine calculus.
     The word cult actually goes back to the fact that the Middle East Tribes did not stay in one place, but moved around.  Also the Israelite Tribes camped around the Holy Tabernacle in a circle, like a wheel.  Cult is also rooted to the word “culture,” which has to do with civilization.
     It was the true cult – Ezekiel’s Wheel of the divine calculus – that Mary Baker Eddy, the true angel of Revelation 10, discovered and utilized in her Textbook’s structure (its matrix).

More on the different codes
     As with the three right-hand pages with different codes at the top heading there are four left-hand pages in The Da Vinci Code that stand out among the others.  Instead of having Dan Brown’s name at the top as the author, they have a message heading for what is going on in the story for that page.  The first is on page 60 – ANKH FENELE.  These two words mean “life support.”  On this page Silas’s mother is murdered by his father, his womanhood is killed off.  His father was a drunkard and would beat up his mother, and him.  Silas had enough, and he found a knife, went in and killed his father.  His “life support” was to kill off the false sense of fatherhood.  He would search for his true Father from that point on.  But did he actually find Father (Life) in Aringarosa?  Perhaps he felt like he had, but there is only one true Father and that is God (Jesus is not God).
     The second title page is 138.  Its message is DAS BRILLI.  This means “The Flat Fish.”  Fish is a symbol of the Christ.  The stone tablet is the flat fish here, the stone tablet had to be uncovered for it was buried in the dust.  The stone tablet had an engraved Bible verse – Job 38:11.  Silas looked the verse up in a Bible, it has only seven words:  “Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further.”  And now, Silas feels prostrated, like a flat fish!  A flat fish lives in the mud, down with Adam – the corporeal mind.
     Silas “forest dweller” is the murderer [the Adam man] in this story.  First he kills the directors of the Priory of Sion and then the Sister Sandrine.  He is following the orders of Bishop Aringarosa and the Teacher.  In the book the Teacher is using both Aringarosa and Silas.  Silas is being used and misguided by erring mortal mind or personal sense.  Forest also means forum, which can be defined as “the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business” or “a public meeting place for open discussion.”  It can also be something like a newspaper or a judicial body or assembly, like with a court.  Assembly can also be a religious or a business association.  Could this forum or forest then, represent Vatican City?  I think so.
     Vatic means “seer, prophet; madness” it also means “seer, poet :  prophetic, oracular.”  Are those who dwell at Vatican City true prophets?  Or are they the false prophets that the Bible warns us of?
     Silas goes to the church of Saint-Sulpice in order to find the Keystone (the Christ Key).  On page 34 Silas says, “The wheels are in motion.”  I like the symbology of this, however, I am not sure that Silas’s wheels are based upon the divine calculus!  But, the divine calculus is at work, and the result will reveal God’s purpose.
     Aringarosa instructs Sister Sandrine to allow Silas into her Church.  I feel that the name Sandrine is symbolic of divine Science, but it could also have to do with defending mankind, after all, divine Science does defend mankind.   The Sister is there to protect mankind from Rome, from the false prophet, the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism.  Silas sees her as a traitor to the Church, and he kills her after he fails to find the true Keystone.
     On page 192 is the message REON TIGALDO that means “mighty tiger, or mighty tattoo.”  A trademark is also considered to be a tattoo.  This page is where the golden (Christ) key is being utilized to get inside of a parking garage (a Church).  The golden key is Reon Tigaldo.
     Many Christian Scientists believe that the trademark for Science and Health is the Cross and Crown Seal, but this is only partially true.  The Board of Directors took out the real trademark found before the text of the book begins.  Probably their excuse to the Field was, “The illustration of Mary Baker Eddy only leads to deification of her person.”  Ah, this is not so!  The illustration of Mary Baker Eddy, along with her signature, was HER trademark!  It was her protection for her book, so that the Board of Directors could not claim copyright on it, or change it in anyway.  But they did change it when they took out her portrait and added the Cross and Crown Seal as their trademark symbol, hence turning it into a seal of error.  They also changed it by switching a couple of testimonies and deleting another testimony in “Fruitage,” and they continue to change it in certain ways, whenever they choose to do so.  How many Christian Scientists are aware of their Leader’s trademark?  How many of them even have copies of the Textbook with her portrait in it?
     If Mary Baker Eddy’s portrait is her Reon Tigaldo, then she is telling us that the only real way to enter into The Church of Christ Scientist is with her Textbook, which is the “structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.
     “The Church is that institution,[27] which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick.”[28]
     On page 262 is the message MER REVE.  This means “the Revealing of Mary, or the Meridian line that is the Rose Line, or the Christ Link throughout human history.  Reve could also be short for “Revelation.”  This is the point in the story where Langdon and Teabing tell Sophie about Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Super.  They reveal to her that the disciple thought to be John is really Mary Magdalene.  (It would be wild if Mary Magdalene had written Revelation instead of St. John!)
     I also find it interesting that Reve or Reeve means Steward or Stewart.  Could Mer Reve mean Mary Steward?  In The Bloodline of the Holy Grail the author says that one of the royal bloodlines from Jesus and Mary Magdalene is the House of Steward (originally found in Scotland, as they moved to France the name changed to Stewart).
     And this Scotland trivia brings me to Madonna of the Rocks.  In Brown’s book he says that the rocks in Madonna of the Rocks, Leonardo’s painting (in the Louvre), reminds Langdon of the Scotland Hills. This painting, I feel, is like a prophecy, and I think it is THE LA SUFRETE CODE.
     In the book and movie a clue is left on the Mona Lisa.  This leads Sophie to another painting by Da Vinci.  This one is Madonna of the Rocks.  Mary Baker’s family heritage (in part) was Scottish, in fact, her family crest was that of two lions standing on their back feet and facing each other.  This crest was supposed to be for the McNeil family.  Mary’s grandmother was a full Scott with the Moor and McNeil families.  (A copy of this family crest can be found in Armstrong’s Building of The Mother Church.)  The Queen of Wands Tarot card has this family crest on the throne chair (only the lions are red instead of black).

Notice the lions at her side, symbolic of Judah and the Word.  She also holds a Jerusalem artichoke.

     Madonna means “my Lady” but is used to signify holy women, like the Virgin Mary and even Mary Magdalene.  There are white Madonna statues and black Madonna statues.  I have read that the white Madonna represents the Virgin Mary (that the Roman Catholics put out into the world), while the black Madonna represents Mary Magdalene (that the followers of the Magdalene put out into the world).  They do not have anything to do with racial color.  Are these two types of Madonna represented in the Tarot as the black column and the white column (or the black sphinx and the white sphinx)?[29]  I think so.
     This Tarot card has some similarities of the wall mural I painted in 1982.  Back then I had not begun my study on symbols, it was not until 1988 that I began to understand the importance of the woman in my mural.
     I have a book on the work of Leonardo Da Vinci so I looked at Madonna of the Rocks.  In the black and white photo I saw a head inside Mary’s sleeve, however, I am not sure that this head really exists on the painting.  I certainly could not see the head on the color reproduction.  If the head does exist, could the representation of the invisible head be that of John the Baptist as a grown man, that he will loose his head?  The angel who holds her finger as if she is cutting off the Baptist’s head is Uriel “fire of God.”  A book I have on angels says that Uriel has the key to the Scriptures!  Why is it that everything keeps coming back to Mary Baker Eddy?  Why would Mary Baker Eddy have cut off John’s head with the help of the Virgin Mother?  Could it be because Mary Baker Eddy, as Uriel, was not to baptize via water like John did?  No, Uriel, being fire, had to baptize her congregation with the Holy Spirit, with baptism by fire!  Mary Baker Eddy says that baptism is, “purification by or submergence in Spirit.”  She speaks of the gold of human character being purified from its dross via fire.
     Mary Baker Eddy, when asked by her students who wanted to hear prophecy, told them that the world (material world) would be destroyed not by water, but by fire.
     Jesus’ baptism was twofold.  As he came up, straightway, out of the waters of Jordan (Jordan means to descend) the Holy Ghost (the dove of divine Science descended and) lighted upon him from heaven.[30]  “The water baptism typified Jesus’ total repentance, his complete repudiation, of having been supposedly born of the flesh; while the Holy Ghost baptism [baptism by fire] signified his submergence in the understanding that man, in Truth, is born of God, born only of the Spirit.”[31]
     As Mother Hood, I am here to tell you that the end of the world (as we know it via the physical testimony called sense) will be by fire.  What we know as Earth will be burned.  But the true translation of this burning is that the Holy Ghost baptizes by fire – the Word of God.
     “Because there is but ‘one I, or Us’ (S & H 588:11), therefore in the words of Isaiah, ‘unto us [man in the generic sense] a child is born, unto us a son is given’ (Isa 9:6).  Typified by Mary the mother of Jesus, and by Mary Baker Eddy the discoverer and founder of Christian Science [Uriel], we, man, are the mother of our own reality as the Son of God in the measure that, like the woman in Revelation 12, our ‘I’ has gone unto the divine Principle, Love, and is no longer thought of as a personal, human ego.  Then we are both mother (generically) and brethren (individually) to one another.
     “Man giving birth to the Son of man is himself the Son of God being born of God.  In the course of our spiritual education, our own Christ-selfhood which is born to us is born simultaneously of God.”[32]
     This is the new child to be born 4,000 years after Isaac.

Revelation xii. 5.  And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron:  and her child was caught up unto God, and to His throne.

The conflict with purity
     “Led on by the grossest element of mortal mind, Herod decreed the death of every male child in order that the man Jesus, the masculine representative of the spiritual idea, might never hold sway and deprive Herod of his crown.  The impersonation of the spiritual idea had a brief history in the earthly life of our Master; but ‘of his kingdom there shall be no end,’ for Christ, God’s idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples—imperatively, absolutely, finally—with divine Science.  This immaculate idea, represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman, will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love, melting and purifying even the gold of human character.  After the stars sang together and all was primeval harmony, the material lie made war upon the spiritual idea; but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God, – to be found in its divine Principle.”[33]
     If Madonna of the Rocks has no hidden face, as in the color photo, what would be the symbolic meaning of Mary’s hand and the angel’s pointing finger?  Could it be that Mother Mary’s left hand (womanhood) is a symbol of grasping hold of divine Science (John or Jonah means dove, the symbol for divine Science)?  And perhaps the angel’s index finger is simply pointing to Christ Jesus as the Way Shower of all mankind.

[1] Noah’s triplet sons (which represent The Three Degrees of S&H 115-116) were born in his 500th year (a symbol of Life).  The Fifth Day of Life is when Jesus Christ came to Earth, the first coming of Christ.

[2] In the story of Noah this is symbolized by the baptism of water, the flood itself.

[3] S&H 581:8-14

[4] to direct, like a divine calculus directs

[5] Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[6] This is the name I gave to the girl.

[7] This pattern is found in Brown’s previous book Angels and Demons with the four places in Rome.

[8] Train stations also have round houses, a carrousel.

[9] My center star for the hub of Window of the Open Book is Venus.

[10] Jesus described himself as a door.

[11] I do not think that the Queen and King actually refer to gender, but rather they refer to size, like with the Queen bed and the King bed.  (Editor’s note:  Since writing this I have done more work on the Queen’s Chamber.  The posting I made in April 2013 is worth reading as it is about the Sphinx, the Queen’s Chamber, and the two witnesses.)

[12] Mary Baker’s first husband’s name was Glover.  Mary Glover wrote the first edition of Science and Health.

[13] The Christian Science Seal is of a cross within a crown.  It has four commands – to “CAST OUT DEMONS (sin) – HEAL THE SICK – CLEANS THE LEPERS (terminally ill) – RAISE THE DEAD”.  By the way, the cross is the North and South axis line, or the Rose-line.

[14] Museums are cabinets, as it was in people’s cabinets in their homes that they would display their works of art and important items.  A Board of Directors is another type of cabinet.

[15] S&H 193:4

[16] The Golden Candlestick Matrix is different from the Kabalah tree of life matrix.

[17] The Open Book is a reference to the Textbook found in the two windows – within the hub of the window, and also in the angel’s hands.

[18] Idea (the Divine reflection of God) is defined in S&H, on page 115:17 as:  “An image in Mind; the immediate object of understanding. – Webster.”

[19] The “Woman God-crowned” window depicts the woman among clouds.

[20] There are actually four orders to the seven synonymous terms for God, the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.

[21] I feel that there is a fifth star (a star-prophet) in the Window, found in the hub as the name Reverend Mary Baker Eddy.  This Major Star would be the Morning Star, or Venus.

[22] S&H “Glossary”

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[24] The eleventh zodiac sign would have been Ophiucus, the serpent bearer.

[25] I do not believe that the brass serpent had any healing powers, however, it may have been a form of faith healing.

[26] For you Harry Potter fans, Diagon Ally (diagonally) would also represent the British Island’s Rose Line.

[27] Institution is that which teaches and instructs.  This is exactly what Mary Baker Eddy’s Textbook does.

[28] S&H 583:12-19

[29] The black is on the left and the white is on the right.

[30] This makes me think of the dove in THE WAY.

[31] University City; by W. Gordon Brown; pages 9-10

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