by MJSmith


Chapter One – An Introduction

     The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction based upon some actual facts and (my favorite thing) symbolism.  I have viewed some television programs that are about Dan Brown’s book and Ron Howard’s movie.  These programs explain that what the book and movie implies are not true.  What they imply, for those of you who have not read the book or seen the movie, is that the Roman Catholic Church has lied for 2,000 years about Jesus Christ being the husband of Mary Magdalene; that the Hierarchy manipulated the Bible and decided what books to place within the Bible, thus leaving out all important information or facts that even spoke of the marriage.  It also implies that the Roman Church lied about Mary Magdalene and made her out to be a harlot (which I do believe could be true).  The book explains that the Holy Grail is really the royal bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene and that Mary’s womb is the chalice cup or the Holy Grail itself.  But what if, during the Last Super, Jesus meant that his blood (of the New Testament or Testimony) was not material blood?  What if this blood was really a symbol for sacrifice?  Could this be the real reason why Leonardo Da Vinci did not paint a Holy Grail in The Last Super?  Perhaps the artist understood that Jesus’ words had nothing to do with the material world at all!
     “Christians, are you drinking his [Christ’s] cup?  Have you shared the blood of the New Covenant, the persecutions which attend a new and higher understanding of God?  If not, can you then say that you have commemorated Jesus in his cup?  Are all who eat bread and drink wine in memory of Jesus willing truly to drink his cup, take his cross, and leave all for the Christ-Principle?  Then why ascribe this inspiration to a dead rite, instead of showing, by casting out error and making the body ‘holy, acceptable unto God,’ that Truth has come to the understanding?  If Christ, Truth, has come to us in demonstration, no other commemoration is requisite, for demonstration is Immanuel, or God with us; and if a friend be with us, why need we memorials of that friend?
     “If all who ever partook of the sacrament had really commemorated the sufferings of Jesus and drunk of his cup, they would have revolutionized the world.  If all who seek his commemoration through material symbols will take up the cross, heal the sick, cast out evils, and preach Christ, or Truth, to the poor, – the receptive thought, – they will bring in the millennium.”[1]
     I bought a book in the mid 1990’s called Bloodline of the Holy Grail.  I began to read it when I got it, but I put it away as I felt that the book was incorrect and not true.  After seeing The Da Vinci Code on TV, in November of 2008 (for the first time), I got out Bloodline of the Holy Grail and decided to read it.  It was after reading the book that I viewed the television shows about The Da Vinci Code.  Then, on Valentines Day of 2009, while in the supermarket, there was Dan Brown’s book, so I bought it.  It was like it all came together at the right time for me, like God was leading me to understand and decode the Da Vinci Code.  Just what was the Da Vinci Code and was it real?  My inner gut told me that Brown’s book was wrong about what the Holy Grail was; just as the book Bloodline of the Holy Grail was incorrect in its message.  But I have always been willing to expand my thoughts.  I have never been afraid to think “outside the box”!
     At times I would laugh out loud while I was reading Brown’s book!  I seriously doubt that most people would have understood what I was even laughing at, but there I was laughing at its hidden message to me and me alone!
     I guess my keen interest in the story were the symbols within the story.  I have been working with these same symbols since 1996!  In fact, it was in that year that I had a prophecy dream I named “The Archer Cloud Dream.”
     In the dream my brother is sitting on the floor working on a jigsaw puzzle.  I now understand that this was De Lancs Code (mentioned at the top of page 95 in The Da Vinci Code).  I am helping him put the picture together when I look out my front door.  I say to my brother, “Hey, look at that cloud, it looks like an archer, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Archer.”  I went out onto my porch with my camera to take a picture of the cloud located in the West.  The cloud had a triangular shape.  I mentioned in the dream that Da Vinci used the triangle shape in many of his works of art.  A Roman Catholic friend of mine is on my porch taking a picture of the cloud.  Another friend (whose last name spiritually translates as “son of divine Science”) is standing in her driveway; she too has a camera.  I yell to her, “That’s some cloud isn’t it?”
     I try to take a picture, but the Roman Catholic friend keeps getting in my way and I ask her to step back.  I have a hard time focusing, I feel frantic, like my time is short.  I feel that the three cameras taking pictures of the cloud represent three types of Christianity – Romanism (The First Degree), Protestant (The Second Degree), and Scientific (The Third Degree).
     I have always wondered why I was with my friend on my porch.  On June 3, 2009 my answer came to me.  I was reading from Edyth Armstrong Hoyt’s book Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos.  It mentions, on page 104, that the Arabs had a “Kubbe” (a tent) that contained two betyls or stones (female deities or sacred images).  Years ago I had seen my porch (in the dream) as a symbol for the Most Holies of Holies, where the Ark was kept in the Hebrew’s Holy Tabernacle Tent.  So, in 2009 I saw that my friend and I were like two betyls.  (My friend’s last name is Dice.  Dice is like “the box” what tent-like structures were called because of their shape.  Also, the ark was known as the box of Yahweh.  The shape of the porch is also like a box.)  The Hebrew’s equivalent to these two betyls would be the two stone tablets with the Ten Commandments.  And why are not the two archangels that face each other on the Mercy Seat two betyls as well?  I think that they are.
     On page 109 Hoyt speaks of Deuteronomy 33:22 – “Dan is a lion’s whelp; he shall leap from Bashan.”  Dan is animal magnetism in this verse; it attacks Bashan, or Manasseh (Joseph’s first son).  But St. John replaces Dan with Manasseh (the woman God-crowned) in Revelation.  The name Manasseh means, “the shepherd, the stone of Israel.”  This stone of Israel, being that the woman God-crowned is like a betyl.  Thus, who is the other betyl?  She must be Martha[2] Smith[3] (a.k.a., Semi[4] Ramis[5]).
     On page 128 of Hoyt’s book is found a differentiation between the Old Testament’s Letter of the Law and the New Testament’s Spirit of the Law.  The Letter of the Law is rooted to patterns (in writing) of prophecy and the Spirit of the Law is rooted to patterns of apocalyptic writings.  “Prophecy visualized a future to arise out of the present, the inevitable harvest of present thinking.  Prophecy saw the wicked headed for disaster, saw the great world empires the instruments in God’s hands to execute His will on a faithless, ‘profane’ people, who had forgotten and broken their covenant.
     “Apocalyptists had little faith in the present to beget the future of right thinking.  They saw not the wicked headed for disaster so much as the innocent suffering for their faith, and they looked for freedom.  To them the great world powers were the adversaries of God resisting His will.[6]
     “‘The prophet books developed a different form also.  The prophets spoke from the standpoint of the present of their day.  The apocalyptists threw themselves back into the past, under assumed names, and the prevailing belief of the inspiration of the dead.’[7] (Charles: Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life, 1913, p. 196.)
     “The assumed names did not delude the readers.  The Hebrews were not interested in personal authorship.  The author of Daniel thus used popular old stories and adapted them to his own ends.  He bridged the gap between the past and the future by ‘sealing the book’.  Thus apocalyptic became esoteric [a closed book].”
     Could we then say that the Lamb of God who “unseals the seven seals of the book” helps the apocalyptic book to become non-esoteric?  In other words, that knowledge meant for a selected group only, becomes open to all men!  And could not we also say that the Catholic Church (symbolized by my friend) is rooted to the Letter of the Law – where the wicked will become punished and I am rooted (as is my dear Leader is rooted) to the Spirit of the Law – where we strive not to hide to the world, as the Hebrews did, but to understand and explain the esoteric (for “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”).  Revelation is an apocalyptic book and Mary Baker Eddy’s sixteenth chapter, “The Apocalypse,” unseals Revelation by showing the esoteric Truth about the woman that has been “hidden in cradled obscurity” to mankind.
     The Bible is compiled with books of prophecy and apocalyptic writings.  Could it be then, that my mission is to help bridge the two betyls together?  In the dream am I the Pillar of Mildness who looks down upon the Field of Christian Scientists between the Pillar of Severity (Letter of the Law) and the Pillar of Mildness (Spirit of the Law) and am I the tree of life itself?
     Hoyt’s next paragraph speaks of the Adversary being Satan.  “Satan was a title for the Persian functionary who was a member of God’s heavenly court, the Adversary, a sort of public prosecutor at the bar of divine justice, until he became thought of as the embodiment of the evil he had to expose, and then his office of adversary became his name, Satan.”  This tells me that the first lawyer was this Adversary of God.  He went out to arrest and then prosecute those men who had broken the law!  I guess this explains why people sign their names on the devil’s contracts to sell their souls.  (Which is ridiculous because men do not have souls that they can sell!  Man can only reflect the one Soul – God.)
     Max Kappeler explains that the problem with the law was the law itself!  Man was out of control, so Moses drafted laws for the Israelites.  After Moses, the people kept adding to this law.  It was not meant to be added to, and thus, it became harder and harder for mankind to rise above being what the Church referred to as a “fallen man.”  The Christ prophets wrote in order for mankind to be able to lay down the [Letter of the] law with the spiritual understanding of the Son of God, or the Mind Man, which is the Christ-Mind [the Spirit of the Law].
     And from this I concluded, that my friend – the free prophet (what her name means) – represented that which gets in people’s way, the law, or rather, their disobedience to divine law (Without Love the Letter of the Law becomes too severe) – while I represented the apocalyptic, that which sees mankind’s problem as being nothing more than material organizations, that which resists divine will.  There is really nothing wrong with the prophecy, it is just that it is misunderstood, or misrepresented by personal sense (those who endorse material laws and fail to distinguish between the spiritual law and material law).
     All I saw of the Archer was a head, arms, and chest.  His arms were positioned as if he had a bow with arrow and was about to shoot, however, the arrow and bow were invisible to the eye.  His aim pointed northward.  The color of the cloud was white, but its shadows were that of a burgundy color, like a cloud at sunset (the endtime?) might appear.
     I then see another sign (symbol) in the sky to the South of the Archer.  It looks like a photograph in the sky.  I was going to take a picture of the photograph.  In the picture was a golden dome of a building, like the dome of a church or of a capitol building.  After this my camera gets jammed and I get upset, as I had just put in a new roll of 20 exposures.
     I wake up with three words of a song in my head, “God keeps me.”  It was from a children’s song with the words of “In my Bible book it says that God keeps me.”  At the time, I felt it meant that God keeps me safe and protected.  But now, as I write this, I am thinking of how a bride is kept via her bridegroom.  God is my real husband!  But this Bride and Bridegroom symbol comes to mean more to me while working on this interpretation.  I came to realize that the Bible is the Word, the Bride, while the Bridegroom is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  This is a new revelation to me.

I found the following hymn (#189) from the Christian Science Hymnal a few days after the dream.

Mine eyes look toward the mountains,
Help cometh from on high;[8]
From God who never slumbers,
Whose care is ever nigh.
My foot shall not be moved,
My keeper is the Lord,
He never shall forsake me;
I trust me to His Word.
God keepeth me from falling,
Fulfilleth all my need,
His love doth e’er uphold me
In faithful word and deed.
He keepeth me from evil,
My onward way doth trace,
My going and my coming
He crowneth with His grace.

     What I felt was important in regards to this hymn with the dream is that I was looking directly toward the mountains (the first line of the hymn) and the last line of the hymn I felt had to do with the dome in the picture.  Why would the golden capital dome have to do with a crown?  Because the Extension Church found in Boston, Massachusetts is also known as the Crown.  My going and my coming is also circular, as we all come from the Father and go to the Father, this is the path of Christianity (the Star of David, the Seal of Solomon, and the Star of Esther).
     What this dream was giving to me was the Cross and Crown symbols.  I had to figure out the De Lancs Code (Cross) and the La Sufrete Code (Crown).  But I also had to figure out the Da Vinci Code that is based upon the pyramid or triangle shape.  And it all began with my primary understanding (during the 1980’s) of the De Ysosy Code (or what I have come to call the Network Matrix).
     I feel that The Archer Dream from 1996 is coincidental with The Da Vinci Code.  And I realized that I had to try and decode the CODE, which I finally realized that I had already been doing over the last thirteen years!
     There was also something else of interest that I found out about Mary Magdalene this year.  I found out that the Roman Catholic Church had recanted their false claim about Mary being a harlot.  This took place in 1957; this is the same year that I came to Earth.
     Before I get into the book itself, let me backtrack to the year of 2008.  It was around September of that year (September actually means “seventh month”) that it came to me that The Archer Cloud Dream actually had to do with astrology.  What the Archer Cloud happened to be was the Archer itself, or the constellation of Sagittarius.  And the golden dome crown could actually be the Crown near the legs of Sagittarius!  After all, I live on a cul-de-sac (circle) street, or a carrousel drive!  Would the circle of my street have to do with the astrological belt around Earth?

Painting I did sometime after the Archer Dream, the keystones are backwards compared to Window of the Open Book (as I presented them from outside the Church, except for the Big Dipper).

     I have known for years now that the white horseman (actually it is an off-white horseman) of Revelation 6 is a reference to Sagittarius.  And one reason why I plunged myself so much into trying to understand the symbols found in Mary Baker Eddy’s poem book Christ and Christmas is because it was born on December 2, 1893, so it is a Sagittarius book.
     It was also at this time that I was watching a television special about the lost book (an art book) of the well-known (non Biblical) prophet Nostradamus.  In the show they mentioned a thirteenth zodiac sign known as Ophiuchus “the Serpent Bearer.”  Ophiuchus is found between Scorpio and Sagittarius.  It is also a fact that Scorpio and Libra use to be the same constellation, and the ancients called it an eagle.  Would this mean that the splitting up of the twelve into thirteen meant that Ophiuchus was thrown out, or forgotten about?  What was so important about these four star constellations?  They had to do with the endtime of the well-known Mayan date, December 21 (midnight), 2012.  The show said that at this time there was to be an alignment (a Roslin?) of our planet and the heavens, when the Archer (Sagittarius) would be pointing his arrow right at the center of our galaxy where a black hole is said to reside.[9]  Is this why I felt pressured for time in the dream?  Was this pressure meant to tell me that 2012 was approaching faster than I realized, and I was running out of time to get the picture taken, to get the puzzle pieces all in place so that I would get the “big picture” of the endtime pointing to December 21, 2012?  Was I meant to get it done, was I meant to do something?  Why me?  I am not sure that I want the job, God!  Am I all that special?  Am I really Mary Baker Eddy’s successor?  Will not everyone think I am nuts or crazy, gone off my rocker?  (Editor’s note [April 23, 2013]:  Yesterday the idea came to me that the endtime may have been a reference to the year 1882.  This would have been the year that the Age of Pisces came to an end and the Age of Aquarius began.  Jesus’ God-crown mission [of seven stars] took place during the Age of Pisces [with the two Christ Fish – one for manhood the other for Womanhood].  Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crown mission [of twelve stars] took place at the end of the Age of Pisces and the very beginning of [in 1882] the Age of Aquarius.  So the endtime could have been a reference to the end of the Age of Pisces.)
     There were also some other interesting things that had come to my attention about the endtime period.  The first was about Stargates.  I read a book The Birth of a New Age Signs in the Sky where the author mentioned these two Stargates.  One, he said, opened on June 2001, during the summer solstice.  This Stargate was found near Orion’s outstretched hand.  The second Stargate is near the tail of Scorpio.  He said that this Stargate opens on December 21 (midnight), 2012.  I had to ask myself if this Stargate opens up to the black hole found in the center of our galaxy, if this is when time will stop?  There is a very well known episode of Stargate SG-1 when the Stargate connects up with a black hole and time begins to be distorted.
     In February 2009 I received a free newsletter in the mail from Edgar Cayce’s organization in West Virginia (Editor:  John Van Auken).

“Mayan Date of Destiny

     “December 21, 2012, is the end-date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.  To some it spells catastrophic disaster.  To others it promises the dawn of a Golden Age.[10]
     “According to the Mayan calendar, the beginning of our present age occurred on August 11, 3114 b.c.  This age is called the Age of Movement or Change.[11]  Texts associated with Mayan creation monuments report that ‘creation happens at the Black Hole,’ at ‘the Crossroads,’[12] and ‘the image’[13] will appear in the sky.  For the Maya, the rising, passing, and descending of the Milky Way in the sky marked major points in the cycle of time, and the changes in its position and shape reveal our origin, passage, and destiny.
     “Using a complex system of Mayan baktuns (measurements of time), we can calculate when their calendar reaches a new zero point.  This happens every 13 baktuns, or about every 5,125 years.  December 21, 2012, signals the end of the Age of Movement and the commencement of a new Earth Age.[14]  For the Maya, the end of an age marks the beginning of the next cycle of rebirth, renewal, and resurrecting to even higher levels of enlightenment and understanding.
     “There are no specific markings or statements about the year 2012 on the archaeological artifacts at Izapa, but there are numerous images that portray a rare celestial alignment that appears in the skies in the years around 2012.  Souls on earth experience a change of galactic seasons, a celestial time-cycle shift, with our Sun moving into rebirth at the “Black Hole” at the celestial base of the Tree of Life (a location in the great Milky Way).
     “Some say that 2012 marks the end of the world, but many more say that it is a new beginning.  Nostradamus wrote that he sees to the year 3797!  The biblical Revelation sees a time when all evil will be banned from the world and that period will last for a thousand years!  Though the Mayan and Aztec artifacts do not tell of a time beyond the Age of Movement, their ancestors carry a tale of two more ages to follow the Age of Movement.  They are the ‘Age of the Spirit of All Living Things,’ followed by the ‘Age of the Return to Oneness,’ indicating that there is much left to do and much soul growth to realize and make our own.”
     To me, the Spirit is God, and it is during the “Age of the [only] Spirit of All [spiritual] Living Things” that mankind will be led into the “Age of the Return to Oneness,” or when mankind comprehends and accepts that “Principle [God] and its idea [man] is one.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; by Mary Baker Eddy)
     “Astrologers through the centuries have tried to predict the arrival of new world teachers and new epochs of civilization through adding to and subtracting from Biblical dates.  The Aquarian Age is said to have started in a.d. 1882, but this date cannot be fixed as there is still considerable controversy as to the date of the beginning of the Piscean Age.  So much was predicted about the Second Coming that the Crusades were preached in every country of Europe as the Christian duty, to clear the Holy Land of infidels before Christ’s arrival.  Perhaps the whole episode of the crusades can be laid at the feet of astrologers.”[15]
     It was of the Golden Dawn’s opinion (according to Gray) that they expected the Second Coming to take place in the year 1882.  They were right, but they did not realize that the Second Coming was to come as a woman; they expected a man from the East so they were blind to the appearance of the woman God-crowned (Revelation 12) into the world.
     It was on July 10, 1882 that Mary Baker Eddy began to reveal her place in Bible prophecy as the woman God-crowned!  Thus, her revelation (Second Coming) came during this time, and it would be her remnant seed that would accept her place and speak of it within her Cause and to the world.  God also sent an important sign for those who were able to recognize it that also fulfilled the words of Jesus Christ in Revelation and Revelation 12.  December 6, 1882 is when Venus, the Morning Star, made its second transit across the sun (it was clothed with the sun).
     It is a coincidence (where two things co-in-side) that all the matrixes I have been working with over the last 13 years are found in The Da Vinci Code.  God has planed it that way, so that I can interpret for the world these most important matrixes to mankind!
     Sadly, in today’s world, most people either have never heard of Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy, or they have been lied to about Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy.  There are those who belong to one of the Branch Churches, or The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts (or both) – the number is dwindling.  There are also many Independent Christian Scientists.  I am of the latter group.
     I use to be a member of The First Church, but I resigned in the 1990’s because I realized I could not be a member of a Church that denies and disobeys its own Leader!  I felt to remain a member, well, that I was being a hypocrite to my Leader.  So I resigned, and it was while watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when Master Yoda helped me make my final decision.  I have never regretted the decision.
     My first introduction to the matrix system (or the De Ysosy Code) was via an aunt of mine.  She was talking to my mom about John W. Doorly.  John Doorly was in the very last approved class of 1910 (approved by Mary Baker Eddy).  His teacher was Bicknell Young, cousin to Brigham Young.  Yes, Bicknell Young had once been a Mormon.
     John Doorly became a Christian Science Teacher.  He was an Englishman and he was a very popular teacher.  It was John Doorly who got some of his students together to really ask questions about the Christian Science Textbook.  How was it structured?  He understood that there were the seven synonymous terms for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  But what was even more important in Doorly’s understanding of these seven terms was that they could not be exchanged or interchanged with each other like a lot of Christian Scientists were trying to do.  He understood that Mind had its own set of qualities, and when you spoke of Mind you spoke of Mind and not Spirit.  However, these seven synonyms did blend together; in other words, you could have Mind in the tone of Mind, Mind in the tone of Spirit, Mind in the tone of Soul, etc.  Mind (in this instance) being the main quality because it came first.  Spirit in the tone of Mind, however, had Spirit being the main quality as it was first.  There was specific order to these seven names for God, and they were not interchangeable!  Doorly and his students also found that there were four specific orders for the seven names for God within the structure of the Christian Science Textbook.  This order was what Mary Baker Eddy referred to as the divine calculus.  The divine calculus is made up of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  Not only were there the seven synonyms, and the divine calculus, but, there were the four levels of Scientific consciousness.  These four levels are Science itself, divine Science, absolute Christian Science, and Christian Science.
     It was John Doorly’s mission to teach, what I call, the Network Matrix (with a rectangular shape) and the Golden Candlestick Matrix of Science (which is located in the tone of Science as Science in the matrix structure as well as in the CHART where Christian Science is one with the tone of Science).  His student’s followed in his footsteps.  But, there was another English student of Doorly’s who showed me a second matrix structure; his name is W. Gordon Brown.
     But I am getting ahead of myself.  It was in the 1940’s that Doorly really began to get his “big picture.”  His jigsaw puzzle was coming together.  He had just started to teach it in the later 40’s when the Boston Hierarchy (five Board of Directors) put a stop to it.  They said, “You will not teach this in our Church!”  He knew he had to teach it, so he did, and they excommunicated him.  Doorly became free from ecclesiastical despotism.  He was now able to teach his Scientific System to his students without any interference.  Okay, the Scientific System was really God’s Scientific System, but he was the one appointed to teach it.  Many students, because his teaching became popular in the 1950’s, saw Doorly as Mary Baker Eddy’s successor.  But he came to soon to be her successor.  What the people did not understand was that Mary Baker Eddy’s successor would be born during the 1950’s, 1957 to be exact.  She would be raised in Christian Science and she would be me.
     This was revealed to me via a different dream.  An old man was trying to check out a video about Mary Baker Eddy’s life, while I was looking for a pair of white boots (pure understanding).  However, I was unable to find a proper pair of boots as they were all distorted.  This old man was upset with the clerk who gave him the wrong video, as its call number was rooted to electricity (mesmerism).  He told me that John W. Doorly was not Mary Baker Eddy’s successor, because he came too soon.  This surprised me to hear him say this.
     After waking from the dream I wondered if this were really true, and if so, why?  In a dream, some time after this one, I was actually with Mary Baker Eddy.  There was another woman with me and we had a wooden music box [an ark] to give to our beloved Leader.  In this dream Mary Baker Eddy gave me her pair of white boots!  And this is how I know that my spiritual understanding had grown enough that I was ready to understand that I was to be her spiritual successor.  I understood that when she prophesied that her successor would appear in about fifty years (from the time she was speaking) that it meant her successor would be someone born in the 1950’s.  Later on I had taken on a ghost name of Martha Jones-Smith, and it was just after this that I read from the Christian Science Endtime’s mailing about the three advents of Christ.  Mary Baker Eddy referred to these three advents with personal names of Jesus, Mary, and Martha.
     W. Gordon Brown published a book (which is excellent) called From Genesis to Revelation.  It covers the whole Bible and explains the tones of the Bible, or it gives mankind the matrix structure of the Bible!  In his book, at the end (the edition that I have) he gives us Network Matrixes for the Bible and the Golden Candlestick Matrix, but there are also two circle matrixes (what I call the United Matrix [a.k.a., the Stargate] format and what I feel relates to Dan Brown’s La Sufrete Code).  One of the circle matrixes is for the sixteen (12 minor and 4 major) Christ prophets (during the Bible’s Fourth Day of Principle) located in the Old Testament.  The second circle matrix is for the New Testament’s Fifth Day of Life’s Christian Epistles (12 Pauline Epistles and 4 General Epistles[16]).  In both Unity Matrixes the twelve are on the outside of the circle (like twelve stars circle around Window of the Open Book) while the four are located in the hub of the circle.
     I was introduced to Brown’s work in the 1980’s.  I bought this particular book either in the late 80’s or the early 90’s.  I found the circle matrixes interesting, as I had never seen them before.
     It was not until the 1990’s when I again saw a picture from the Boston edifice of a stained glass rose window.  It was then that I connected the window to Brown’s Unity Matrixes.  I understood that what he had diagrammed was a Rose Matrix (a Stargate).  I also felt that I was the very first Christian Scientist to make the connection of it to the sixteen main chapters of the Christian Science Textbook.  And so I assigned each of the first twelve chapters to a keystone window following the divine calculus method set up by Brown.  The four major chapters (13-16) would become the sides of the “Little Book” itself located within the hub center of Window of the Open Book.[17]

Window of the Open Book

     So, I now was familiar with the rectangular or square matrix and the circle matrix.  Next, I would be introduced to the pyramid matrix (triangular matrix).  I purchased a pamphlet attributed to Judge Septimus J. Hanna.  It was about Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem Christ and Christmas.  In this pamphlet I found, what I now call, the Paramount Matrix (a.k.a., the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth).  Mary Baker Eddy wrote the poem “Christ and Christmas” and had an artist, James F. Gilman (a student of Christian Science), do the illustrations.  There were a total of eleven illustrations in the book, however, there were actually two different illustrations of THE WAY making twelve illustrations total (also some of the illustrations had subtle changes made for the different editions).  In Hanna’s pamphlet, the pyramid layout was for the eleven illustrations.  It took me many years to figure out the actual meaning of the layout, however, the main gist of it came to me during the latter end of the 1990’s.  (This was the Da Vinci Code, as seen in the shape of the Archer Cloud.)

Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth 1

     Also around that time I was studying Studies of the Apocalypse attributed to Edyth Armstrong Hoyt.  She laid out the book of Revelation in a pyramid structure or format.  These structures were based upon the number seven and I could see how they were much like the Golden Candlestick Matrix by John Doorly.  Her pyramid matrix is what I call the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle, or I could say, the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principled Science.  Also, in her book, she gave symbolic meanings for the Tabernacle of God, and its layout.  This is where I began to study layouts of the Tabernacle and the Holy Temple.  I realized that the Boston Edifice also had a structure to it that perhaps followed the same layout as the Tabernacle and the Holy Temple.  I wrote a whole book about it, however, I feel it is immature and is not my best work.  Yet, working on it gave me practice and a beginning understanding, I learned a lot by writing it.


     It is soon after this (around 1999) that I came up with the Cross of Travis matrix, I saw it as the chalice and the blade, although I did not use those terms at that time, and I saw it more as ascending thought consciousness and descending thought consciousness.  It was a diagram of The First Church edifice, one level being flipped to be the chalice (The Third Degree or the third level) and facing the blade (The Second Degree of the second level).  Also, during May of this year, the Big Giant Head was being manifested to the collective consciousness via Star Wars:  The Phantom Menace and Third Rock From the Sun.[18]
     Around 2007 I became interested in Tarot Cards as I could see that they spoke of the woman God-crowned (Revelation 12).  I was fascinated to find out that these cards actually depicted the woman (not only once but over and over).  It did not surprise me at all I just figured God was behind it all, as there is only one Mind.  I got a couple of books on Tarot cards and they used the Rider Deck, so that is the deck I studied.  I feel since this deck was created in 1910 that it was the one God most wanted me to understand.
     My first understanding was about the Major Arcana.  I could see how its 22 cards fit into three columns.[19]  I came to call this the Gridiron Matrix (patterned after a football field).  These three columns are The Three Degrees found in Science and Health, on pages 115-116.  And these three columns are also the three columns for the tree of life.

Gridiron Matrix

     While learning about the Tarot I also began to learn about the Kabalah Tree of Life Matrix (many people do not refer to it as a matrix but that is what it really is).  I also realized that the Tree of Life was the Key to the Rider Deck!  The artist, Pamela Colman Smith used the Tree of Life as the structure for each card’s illustration!  The template card is the ten of pentacles.

X of Pent.

     I began to gain much admiration for Miss Smith.  She was much smarter and more intelligent than the men of the Golden Dawn Society who had commissioned her work.  She even patterned her three-initialed signature after the Tree of Life.[20]
     It was in the fall of 2008 that I came up with the Jerusalem Artichoke Matrix.  A few months before 2008, I had another dream.  Its message was that ancient people use the artichoke as a symbol for the four elements (fire, earth, water, and wind).  I told this archeologist instructor what these elements really symbolized was the divine calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  He really did not understand what I was even talking about!  I also had the feeling that he did not believe me.Recapitulation
     I got out my dictionary after having this dream.  I had never heard of a Jerusalem artichoke before, little lone did I know that it was a sunflower!  Sunflowers are seen in the Tarot cards, they are symbolic of the Christ Sun or Son of God who is the Christ-Truth.  I found another word rooted to this flower, it had to do with gears (gyre “the coil of a shell; ring, circle, spiral”[21]), the word is “girasol, or girasole (sole as in sun).”  In fact, the Jerusalem artichoke is a girasol!  I remembered there was a sunflower in the center of the Window of the Open Book that surrounds the Open Book itself.  I now refer to it as a Jerusalem artichoke.
     It was last fall when I realized that this flower in the Rose Window was actually a matrix structure for the thirteenth chapter of Science and Health, “Recapitulation.”  Recapitulate means to review everything that has come before, in fact, Deuteronomy is a recapitulation of the four previous books, and perhaps we could place Deuteronomy in the hub center of the previous four books of the Word Cycle.  But there is another signification to the name of Mary Baker Eddy’s chapter “Recapitulation.”  It is here, for the first time in the book, that she gives us the Word order for the seven names of God, and they are re-capitalized!  Also, anyone who is familiar with Christian Science history knows that this chapter is based upon her first teaching manuscript from the 1870’s, The Science of Man.
     Before the end of the year of 2008, I had become convinced that another matrix existed that I had known about for a long time but had not put much attention to in the past, this was do to the fact that I had not yet come to understand the four levels of Scientific consciousness.  (Conscious, by the way, means: “to know Science.”)  I named this matrix structure the Wormhole X-Stream of Science, and I feel that the oval skylight window found in the Boston edifice’s auditorium is this matrix.  But even more interesting is the fact that the only oval illustration found in Christ and Christmas “Christmas Morn” has two ‘S’ shapes crossing each other forming an X.  One of the S’s is a path, while the other is an actual stream (of thought).

Christmas Morn

     So, this brings you up to speed as to all the matrixes that I have become privy to.  And this short introduction is hardly a full comprehensive understanding of these matrix structures for you.  I mention them to you so that you may understand that I have been working on these symbols for many years now and it is for this reason alone that I feel that The Da Vinci Code spoke to me, and it is the message which I got from the book and movie that I wish to share with you.  It is this message that I feel will help unravel its code for you.

[1] Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; by Mary Baker Eddy; p. 33:27 –34:17

[2] Martha is Mary’s sister, but Martha and Mary both have similar meanings.  Also, it is said that the Virgin Mary’s sister’s name was Martha.

[3] Smith, as in Granny Smith apples?  Smith actually means “maker.”  God is our true Maker.

[4] Semi may mean “heaven; divine omen.”

[5] Ramis probably means “god, godlike” and probably is a reference more to a “goddess” than a “god.”

[6] This certainly seems to sound like what is going on today; does it not?

[7] I feel that the word dead represents the leading shepherd, like Moses was considered to be dead.

[8] This cloud was a divine messenger, the coming of Christ.

[9] Since the time of writing this I have learned that this alignment takes place every winter solstice.

[10] A Golden Crown?

[11] I see Movement as having to do with types of Church Movements.

[12] Crossroads holds special meaning to me, as I have what I originally called the “Cross of Travis Matrix.”  Travis means “crossroads.”  This is the blade and the chalice where their capstones meet, forming the X cross.

[13] Is it possible that it could be “the image and likeness of God”?

[14] As mentioned in The Da Vinci Code Brown spoke of the ending of one age and the beginning of another.  These were the Age of Pieces and the Age of Aquarius.  However, these zodiac ages are not as long as the Mayan age.  I know that the Second Coming of Christ came sooner; it came in 1882.

[15] A Complete Guide to the Tarot; by Eden Gray; page 210

[16] Some of these groupings include more than one book.  It is the tones of these books that are of importance.

[17] Window of the Open Book is the title for the Rose Window.  It is also named “the Director’s Window” as the four members of the Board of Directors paid for it.  Spiritually translated I recognize the four directors to be the divine calculus (the four living creatures or the four beasts).

[18] A dream I had in 1996 had William Shatner being the Big Giant Head.

[19] Card #0, THE FOOL, is not part of the middle column; I have him positioned at the Goal Post.  But he does not really represent part of the Field itself because his number is zero.  I will say, however, that THE FOOL typifies generic man.

[20] The Tree of Life actually has three columns.  The center column is called the Pillar of Mildness.

[21]Max Kappeler says that the spiral best represents Science.