by MJSmith

Chapter Five – ELOHIM-SHADAI as DEZ versus LORD ZED

     The Fibonacci numbering sequence is used as a combination code at the Bank of Zurich (Bank of Rock).  Fibonacci is a combination of string and mother of pearl.  So the sequence would also be a string of pearls, perhaps pearls belonging to Mother?  Keep the string of pearls in mind.
     Sophie includes within her the divine proportion of PHI, the divine number of 1.618.  This “divine proportion measurement” is the Holy Grail, the three measurements of meal (measure) of DEZ, which is “Science, Theology, and Medicine.”[1]
     The three earthly pyramids, found at Giza, reflect the three heavenly stars of Orion’s belt.  These three stars (Christ prophets or Christ comings of Life, Truth, and Love) are the leaven that a woman placed in three measures of meal (pyramids).  The three measures of meal are raised up by the yeast (the light of the Christ-Truth), which is used to make the Bread of Life.
     Another name for Orion’s Belt is Jacob’s ladder, or rather, Jacob’s pyramid or ramp.  And it is this pyramid order that I will present to you, the three pyramids of Giza.
     The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened—Jesus.[2]
     The word “meal” can mean “appointed time” as well as “to measure.”  Thus we have, with the measures of meal, measures to measure at its appointed time.  This sacred numbering system, or measurement, is that which some believe is the Holy Grail.  The Holy Grail was also believed to have been a cup or platter used during the last supper.  So, it is not a far stretch to see the Holy Grail as a measuring cup.
     In one of the episodes of Stargate SG-1 Daniel Jackson mentions that the Holy Grail is a bloodstone.  I translate this to mean that the bloodstone is the living divine calculus.
     The sixth (Truth) chapter of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, is titled “Science, Theology, Medicine.”  She explains that (Life) Science, Theology (of Truth), and Medicine (of Love) are the three measures of meal that she (womanhood) has placed the leaven into.  This does not go against the three measures of meal being three pyramids, but actually helps to explain what the three measures of meal are, as I will show you further on.
     “In the year 1866, I [Mary Baker Patterson] discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love [these three synonymous terms for God are also the Three Days of Christ comings], and named my discovery Christian Science.  God had been graciously preparing me during many years for the reception of the final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.”[3]
     Notice she says “the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.”  She does not explain it as “physical healing.”  This is a clue to inform us as to how Christ Jesus healed, how Mary Baker Eddy healed, and how we, as Christian Scientists heal.  Healing then, takes place in the mental realm, or within subjective consciousness, the Kingdom of God within.
     This is a hard thing for many humans to grasp hold of because the testimony of the five physical senses (the talking serpent) is so overwhelmingly convincing.  This is why they do not understand how Jesus healed.  It is easier for them to say, “Well, Jesus healed people because he is God.”  This is not true; Jesus never claimed to be God.  Jesus healed using the “absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.”  This scientific system was the Science of God and today it still is God’s Science.

Lord Zed

     Anyone who has watched the early episodes of the Power Rangers knows who Lord Zed is.  Lord Zed is the color red, as he has no human skin, could he then be like Adam before the curse?  For it is after the curse that the Bible mentions that the Lord God Jehovah gave Adam and Eve skins![4]  The Lord God Jehovah (who is a tribal god) makes Adam of the red clay.  This may shock you, but Adam is a self-made man, his material self is an illusion.  The Lord God Jehovah’s outer appearance (object thought) is Adam.  Adam is placed into a hypnotic, deep sleep, trance and he never wakes up.  It is all an illusion that Jehovah operates (surgery, electricity) on Adam and that his rib (covenant with God) is removed to create a woman.  It is all a dream, it never really happened.
     Adam is still dreaming when the serpent (Adam’s nervous system) tempts the woman to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of physical knowledge of good and evil.  This good and evil is the illusion that Spirit (good) lives in a material (an evil) body and that matter (evil) prevails, or is master, over Spirit!
     Lord Zed uses the symbol of the serpent in the shape of a ‘Z’.  The tree trunk that the snake coils itself around (another symbol of electricity) is Adam’s backbone or spinal column.  I call this serpent a copper head, as copper is red and is a great metal conductor for electrical current.
     The letter ‘Zeta’ in the Latin alphabet is the sixth letter.  Six is the number that stands for Truth, while its counterfeit represents Satan with its 666[5] (or its sex, sex, sex).  In Canada the word zed means zero, nothing.  Error is nothing, matter is nothing, the ground is nothing, and dust is nothing.  So, one can begin to see how Adam, as well as Lord Zed, is nothing at all but an illusion.  He is not the same man described in the first chapter of Genesis as God’s image and likeness – the man (and woman) who has dominion during the Sixth Day is idea, Principle’s own idea.
     It is also interesting that in this early series all the creatures that fight the Power Rangers are made out of clay, and Lord Zed actually does go to sleep.  While he is asleep Rita (pearls) Repulsive (it is said that “opposites attract” while “likes repel”) gives Zed a love potion.  When he awakes he sees her, falls in love, and marries her.  Rita repels Zed before the sleep because they are of the same nature; after digesting the potion he believes that they are now opposites (male and female) and he is attracted to her.
     If Zed has a spiritual translation what would it be?  It would be the three stars of Orion’s belt.  These three stars are called Zeta Orionis, Epsilon Orionis, and Delta Orionis.
     Orion is a name that probably means ‘origin’ or ‘original man’.  Thus, Orion has been seen to be Adam himself!  But if we are to actually accept that Orion (the original man) is spiritual in nature, then we must accept that Orion really is a representation of the Christ man and not the Adam man.
     If we take the Belt and go from East to West (the Christ to Science) we have as our Zeta prophet, Alnitalc, being Christ Jesus.  Our Epsilon prophet is Alnilam (middle or hub), while our third prophet is Delta in the West (her name is Mintaka).  Mary Baker Eddy represented Epsilon – Alnilam.  Who is Delta – Mintaka?  She is God as Daughter, the Holy Ghost to all mankind, or the Pentecost of divine Science.



     The word “Zeta” (Rita) is a short form of “Rosita,” Rose”; thus Orion’s Rose (belt or belt of pearls) is a reference to a man’s bride, his central pearl, the Mary Magdalene of the Medicine of healing understanding of God’s knowledge (spiritual Science).  It is Jesus Christ who was the great physician or healer.  Jesus had such a clear understanding of God’s four levels of consciousness, or God’s Science (Delta) that it cleared up any misconceptions about what God is, and Jesus knew the one true Theology (Epsilon) and this enabled him to utilize God’s Truth as Medicine (Zeta) to perform healing, or rather, he demonstrated the powerlessness of sin, sickness, and disease, and this made him capable of raising the dead.
     Alnitalc means “the girdle.”  “And in the midst[6] of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.”[7]  In Signs in the Sky Adrian Gilbert says that this golden girdle is a reference to Orion.  He has a painting by Bengt Alfredson, “Opening the Stargate:  29th June a.d. 2000.”  The painting depicts the spirit of Orion as the Alpha and Omega instructing St. John as he writes Revelation.
     At the time of the opening of this Stargate I had a dream.  I was looking over the shoulder of an angel.  In the angel’s hands was a book.  I heard a voice say, “Barbara[8] Streisand, you will understand Reincarnation Understood.”  Is it strange that Streisand means:  “stained sand.”  Is not this stained sand actually “colored glass” as in a stained glass window?  I think so!  This stained glass window is that of the Woman God-crowned.  Mary Baker Eddy had long ago understood her place in Bible prophecy.  In 2000 I did not think that the dream was telling me that I could be a representative of the Woman God-crowned stained glass window.  Perhaps I am really just the one who must explain and show Mary Baker Eddy to be the Woman God-crowned like nobody else has been able to, through symbols?
     What is meant by reincarnation?  It must mean that generic man will understand the incarnation of the Christ (the first, second, and third comings of Christ).  It was at the time of this dream that I received a mailing from the Christian Science Endtime Center about the incarnation of Christ.
     Another important sign at this time was a book I received in the mail from Helen Wright titled Your Divinity Revealed (understood).  Helen’s book went into great detail of the seven synonymous terms for God (the seven angels).
     It is of most interest that while reading a section (August 17, 2009) in “The Apocalypse” about the red dragon’s description that I wound up drawing a counterfeit candlestick (as seen in an earlier chapter).  The ten horns (of believed power) cause chaos (the opposite of harmony) or hell.  These ten horns are used to make sounds of error, leading men into disobedience to the Ten Commandments, which brings about discord.  Cords, which consist of three or four notes (not unlike the divine calculus groupings of stars and keys-tones[9] of fours and threes), are used in music to produce harmony.  So I ask all Christian Scientists, who fail to hear the harmony of the divine calculus found within Window of the Open Book, how they can overcome the red dragon without this understanding?
     Am I going too far to say that the description given in Revelation 1 of the son of man could not only refer to Jesus Christ, but also to Mary Baker Eddy (she actually had white hair)?  And am I going too far to say that the woman of Revelation 12 is a description of Uriel, or a woman named Mary Baker Eddy?  I have already shown to you, via Mary Baker Eddy’s own text, that Sun is Spirit.  In the Jerusalem artichoke (sun-flower) the word Spirit goes around four times.  Thus, this sun-flower is a Spirit-flower of twenty-four petals.  These twenty-four petals surround (clothe) the name (identity) of Reverend (revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy and her manchild Textbook.  How much clearer can it get that Mary Baker Eddy is the woman clothed with the sun?
     One definition of girdle is “to prepare for action” Another meaning for it is “girasol:  sunflower; Jerusalem artichoke”.  As mentioned before, this Jerusalem artichoke symbolizes Mary Baker Glover’s SCIENCE OF MAN.  Science of Man is what Mary Baker Eddy first used to teach her students Christian Science.  Science of Man (“like unto the Son of man”) became her fourteenth chapter “Recapitulation.”  Giza’s center (hub) pyramid still retains its capstone or headstone (head of Christ).
     “Recapitulation” is a series of twenty-four questions and twenty-four answers all on the levels of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science.  The twenty-four petals spiritually translate the twenty-four hours in a day, with twelve midnight being at the top (at the 12 position) of the circle and twelve o’clock noon being on the bottom (at the 6 position) of the circle.  These twenty-four petals also represent the twenty-four elders that sit around the throne (seat of power – Science) of God in Revelation 5.

     On August 16, 2009 I purchased a copy of History is Wrong by Erich von Daniken.  On page 51 he writes:  If it turns out that the Egyptians are indeed right, and Enoch [the seventh in line from Adam] is the same person as Saurid, the pyramid builder, then there could well be some pretty amazing surprises lying in wait for us within the Great Pyramid.  After all, Al-Maqrizi stressed in the Khitat that texts were placed in the pyramids ‘to protect them and preserve them.’[10]” (bold infuses added by me)  Mary Baker Eddy did the same exact thing in the “cornerstone” of her pyramid church edifice!  I feel that the Pyramid’s structure is actually the key – for the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.


     The word “Epsilon” refers to the Greek’s fifth letter, The Fifth Element found in the hub of the divine calculus hub (the Jerusalem artichoke’s seeds).  It is Life itself.  God’s own Understanding (Science) of Him-Herself is the one true Theology; it is based upon Science.  God’s true Theology, which is Science, came to man via the second coming of Christ as the woman Mary Baker Eddy.  Eddy is the vortex center of the Stargate Matrix (based upon her Window of the Open Book).  Her book (“a little book” Revelation 10) is found as the hub, as Alnilam, Mary’s “string of pearls.”  This string of pearls takes us through the seven synonymous terms for God (God’s identity).  Mary Baker Eddy is part of the Christ link (string of star Christ-prophets).  God’s NEW (original) Theology gave to the world the four orders of the seven synonymous terms for God.  However, the hub, is mainly concerned with the capstone of Mother’s Room (Mother’s head or Leading consciousness = knowledge of Science) – Life, Truth, and Love – that sits upon the (Golden Candlestick order of Science, or the) Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle.
     Below is a picture that I made based upon Window of the Open Book.  It displays Aaron’s rod that buds and blooms.


     The third coming of Christ is the understanding in human consciousness (the body or congregation of the Christ Mass) God’s own Science (with its four [Delta] levels of understanding).  This Mintaka “honored man” of Petras “Church of Christ Scientist” holds the key to heaven, known as the “Key of David” found in Science and Health.  This book is the Key to the Scriptures (by Mary Baker Eddy).  The last four major chapters, in particular, are the structure of Science, the Kingdom within.

Z Great Pyramid of Giza (Medicine), a.k.a. Z Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth, Z First coming of Christ

The Khufu (Cheops) Pyramid

     The Arab name of Cephas (Cepheus) is derived from Khufu, which means: “rock.”  In Matthew 16 Jesus was really saying to Simon, “You are Khufu [in Greek, Petros], and on this rock [i.e., the Great Pyramid of Khufu], I will build my church and the Gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”  Now, this does not mean that Simon Peter, the man, would build this church of Christ, but that the sacred numbering system of the Holy Grail[12] would shape his church.  It would be based upon “Truth and Love.”  It would be based upon Science, upon mental qualities and not personal sense.
     As mentioned before, Christ’s real church is the Christian Science Textbook, however, Mary Baker Eddy’s stone edifice was used as symbolic teaching in order to give the matrix structure found within her Textbook.  It was part of her KEY system.

Notice in the round pool, a shape that resembles a pyramid.

     The Founder of Christ’s real Church must be Truth and Love, the last thousand years of Genesis’ creation of ideas (the Day of Truth) and its Sabbath Day (the Day of Love) where Principle rests in perfect action.  The Founder must also be a woman named Mary Baker Eddy.  For her edifice (which is a testimony to her) is a Church with a triangular shape.  Her church is also the shape of a river delta and both streets on the North and South sides were originally names of rivers.  The Church was also built upon foundations of rock, as the area was a marshy land.  Built with New Hampshire granite her church had Three Degree levels and a bell tower (a Magdalene).
     The airshaft in Khufu’s Queen’s Chamber leads, or points, to the culmination star of Sirius, which is the brightest star and associated with Isis (the Egyptian goddess).[13]  This Queen’s Chamber has to do with rebirth ceremonies, the opening of the mouth (river) ceremonies.

E Hub of Chephren (Khafre) – E Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle (Theology) – The second coming of Christ

     Originally John W. Doorly (in the 1940’s –50’s) taught this matrix in the format of the Golden Candlestick (as seen in the Holy Tabernacle and Holy Temple).  This Candlestick was made by Moses, by order of God, “in the pattern seen in the mount.” (infuses added)
     This tree, or Golden Candlestick, is the Christian Science tree of life, The Fifth Element, where we have Life as Life within the hub of the Stargate Matrix (Window of the Open Book).  This element will be found in the third matrix pyramid also.
     There is a life size statue of Khafre made out of green[14] diorite.  Khafre was thought to be Khufu’s brother, Phineas “dark skinned.”  Could the ‘dark skin’ be symbolic of Binah (spiritual understanding) as well as, the Black Madonna?
     Archeologists have also believed that Khafre was the model for the sphinx.  I personally like the symbology of this, even though I feel that it was never really based upon his face, but someone else’s face.  I also believe that the sphinx is older than originally thought, and it may have originally had the face of a lion.  It is well known, however, that the lion is symbolic of the Tribe of Judah (as well as, the Word of God – the first living beast).

Menkaure (Mycernio) Pyramid – (Anitak, the Southern most star-prophet) – D(aughter) of Science Pyramid Matrix – The third coming of Christ

     However, if we were to view this structure in its Bird’s Eye View we would have another way of seeing the Science Pyramid Matrix.

     Could the name of the third pyramid be rooted to the name of Michael, the angel of Truth who battles Satan in the endtime?  The matrix for the pyramid is the Science Chart Pyramid Matrix that I feel when understood will annihilate Satan, his beast, and the anti-Christ (The opposites of the three comings of Christ?).
     Why was it that the Egyptians (or perhaps it was Enoch) laid out these pyramids to reflect the heavens?  I feel that it was by God’s grand design.
     There are also three Queen Pyramids to the East of Khufu’s Pyramid and three Queen Pyramids to the South of Mankaure’s Pyramid.  These six Queen pyramids line up with each other in a certain way.  Are they to be used as time clocks?  Do they depict the beginning time of Adam man (mortal man) and his endtime of a.d. 2012?
     Is the Giza Plato just one big giant clock?  Is it depicting the same thing as the Mayan calendar stone?  Perhaps.  But I feel that it is more likely that these six Queen pyramids have a more significant meaning to them.  I feel that they represent the two wings of Principle, which are Mind, Spirit, Soul (Khufu) and Life, Truth, Love (Menkaure).
     In the book The Birth of a New Age Signs in the Sky, by Adrian Gilbert, there is a drawing of the pyramids lined up with constellations.  Anyone who has seen The Da Vinci Code will recognize the chalice and the blade.  The chalice is the heavenly triangle formed by the movement of the constellation, while the blade is the pyramid.  The blade (male) is Earth, while the chalice (sacred feminine) is Heaven.
     Even though Jesus died he could still be a candidate for material fatherhood, after all, according to the Bible he was around after the resurrection.  The question remains if he would have come back after he ascended to heaven.  There is nothing really stopping him from doing so, as we are told that he appeared to Saul on his way to Damascus.  My biggest hang up with believing that Jesus had children is the fact that he preached against women giving birth to children.  And for him to have had children with Mary Magdalene means that Jesus would have been an awful big hypocrite!  And I do not think that Jesus was a hypocrite.
     To those who are worried that Jesus married a mortal woman, perhaps this can rest your mind at ease.  If Jesus represents the blade (Earth) then God as Wife, Mother, and Daughter (the Daughter of God would become man’s Sister)[15] surely represents Heaven’s Holy Grail (chalice or womb).  Are not these the three aspects of true womanhood?  Then could not Jesus’ wife (Mary Magdalene), Mother (Mary Baker Eddy with Christian Science), and Daughter (Holy Ghost) be the three aspects of God’s sacred feminine?
     Could Jesus have been married to a woman without having sex with her?  Yes, he could have.  It is said in The Da Vinci Code that Jesus and Mary’s daughter was named Sarah “Princess.”  Is not God, as Daughter, this Princess of Nations (the world)?  Four thousand years ago it was Prince Isaac born to Sarah.  This was the prophet telling of the coming of today’s Christian Science that is born to the Daughter of God.  This Son (man child) of God is Immanuel “God with us”.  The Daughter of God is Acrux, the Southern most Star (Prophet of Christianity).  She is:  Semi Ramis, Isis, the queen, Martha Jones-Smith, the woman God-crowned, Mother Hood.  She has opened the mouth, Mother’s Room (Con-Science) or Mother’s Hood, the corner stone that was rejected by the builders of the Church!  It is she who has explained these sacred measurements of the Holy Grail.  It is she who understands the Holy Grail and offers to you your spiritual rebirth.
     Would it be this Daughter who would understand the keys to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy more than most do?  She would be the one who sees the grand scheme of all faiths as one.  She could see how they are all originally based upon the same numbers, the same Science, and teach it to you.  It was personal sense, the red dragon, or Adam mind of material knowledge – the belief that good and evil co-exist in matter and that evil is more powerful than good – that messed up all these religions!
     Would the Christ royal bloodline exist today?  I do not doubt that some bloodline may still exist that is from King David, but we have no proof that the line is from Jesus.  What if Jesus’ own family had children to carry on a bloodline?  Would this royal blood enable some humans to have a clearer insight into God?  I doubt that anything based upon DNA would give any man better insight into God than another!  Would not the bloodline be so diluted, after all these years of intermarriage with common folk, that it holds no power?  Yes, according to mortal belief, yes.  So in saying this, we must say that what comes to us is given directly to us via divine Mind, not DNA (the devil’s naughty allegations).  Mary Baker Eddy certainly did not believe that anything of the material world held any kind of power, nor did she give any kind of power to blood.  She knew God is Life, and denied that blood was the source of Life.
     Today mankind has become so hypnotized, or brain washed, into believing that theories, such as Darwin’s, are real that it is taught in the schools, even by the Christian schools (even though they portray Darwin’s theory of evolution as a lie), probably because they have to teach it (because of human law).  And accepting Darwin’s theory has only caused more problems for mankind because it is of the tree of knowledge.  This false theory about the origins of man is leading mankind, via atheism (the anti-Christ), into liberalism, socialism, progressive-ism, and communism because it teaches that man is not revealed by Spirit to be God’s ideal, instead it teaches man that we are nothing more than an ape, an animal magnetized creature, a.k.a. Adam (a dam or an obstruction to our own Christhood)!  By the way, toward the end of his life (in matter) even Charles Darwin came to realize that his theory was incorrect.
     What is atheism?  Mary Baker Eddy explains (in her first edition) that atheism is the belief that God exists (lives) in matter and that matter created matter.  Thus, I say that the reason why atheists cannot accept that God exists is simply because God never has existed in matter!  God did not create matter, Spirit’s opposite.
     The Holy Grail lineage would have to be based upon Mind Science (those who grasped its concepts) and not upon material bloodlines.  The Christ lineage would be within Christ’s own disciples and students of Christian Science.  They would be those who follow their Shepherd (Jesus) and Leader (Reverend Mary Baker Eddy) instead of ecclesiastical men of the red dragon (Adam as the serpent of church and state).
     I have recently found out that I am a descendent of royal blood, of a Holland Duchess (her name meant “little,” like as  “a little book”) and Duke[16] Coffeeberry[17] with twelve children.  From this linage came Rose “related son to the shield bearer” twins Jacob “son of the hero,” mother to Maud “Magdalene; high tower,” mother to Rosemary with “white skinned; white haired,”[18] mother to “a gracious carpenter who is consecrated to God,” my mother.  I love the symbols of this bloodline, but I do not believe that this bloodline gives me any special powers or understanding.[19]
     According to the Mayans the “Age of Movement or Change”[20] began on August 11, 3114 b.c.  This age is a period of 13 baktuns, a period of 5,125 years.  It is suppose to end on December 21, 2012.[21]  I find it interesting that its beginning date is during the time of Adam (according to Scripture) and that it is also (by my calculations) during the time of Enoch, the man who walks with God (he is translated and does not die).
     The Mayans believed that “creation happens at the Black Hole.”  This Black Hole is located in the center (hub) of our galaxy.  It is also called “the Crossroads.”  Could this be the “Cross of Travis” or the “Wormhole X-Stream of Science”?  They also say “the image [and likeness of God] will appear in the sky.”[22]  I am guessing they mean December 21, 2012.  If this is so, I ask, what constellation would be the image that appears in the sky at this time?  Would it not be Sagittarius, the Bowman Archer?  Another interesting thing, according to Adrian Gilbert, is suppose to happen at this time, the second Stargate is going to open.
     “Twelve years further down the line [from 2000 when the first Stargate opened] there is a possible connection between ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012 and the opening of the [second] Stargate.  The Mayan calendar, or at any rate its present cycle, is due to end on 22 December 2012.  A few months earlier in that year, in August, Venus, symbolically the planet of the ‘Bride of Heaven,’ who along with Sirius was linked with Isis in Egypt and Ishtar in Babylonia but which also signifies Mary in Christianity, will be stationary within the hand of Orion.  This is an extremely rare event and can be read as symbolizing the mystic marriage in heaven between Orion as the ‘Christ’ and the ‘bride’ [as the ‘Word’] who holds his hand.[23]  As this occurs at the ending of the Mayan calendar and Venus is also the planet of Quetzalcoatle/Kukulcan, the hero-god of Meso-America whose return is predicted at the end of the age, it is tempting to see this as the final sign in the sky before some sort of ‘Second Coming.’” [Actually, I know the Second Coming has already come.  It is interesting though, that these Meso-Americans celebrate July 16th as their “new year” day.][24]
     “The half-processional cycle of some 13,000 years has a beginning and an end, points that are as immovable as the numbers 6 and 12 on a clock face.  The processional movement of the summer solstice represents the turning of the small hand on this cosmic clock.  The fact that the sun now stands [which was in June 2000] at the Orion Stargate at the precise time of the summer solstice signifies that the small hand is pointing toward 12.”[25]
     On Window of the Open Book, the point of twelve o’clock is right in between the two keystones of the Woman God-crowned (on the right of twelve) and the Lord and Lamb (on the left of twelve).  Does this not signify the holy marriage spoken of by Jesus and its taking place at the “midnight hour”?  Hence, I feel that the date of December 21, 2012 midnight worth thinking about because of all the twelve numbers.  December is the twelfth month, the year is twelve, midnight is twelve, and the two dates of 21 and 22 have a 12 in between the two twos (that is four 12s!).

     Adrian Gilbert says the age of Adam ended in the year 2000.  I hold this to be true.  I see that it is breaking up (its hold upon mankind is over) and man will begin living in a spiritual world, rather than a material one, even if the material one is completely destroyed!  What if it is?  It is okay, because it never was real; it was always an illusion, and who is to say that it is not divine Mind that brings about its destruction?

The Jerusalem artichoke Matrix
      While Dan Brown has Langdon thinking about 1.618 (which if you were to add the 1, 6, 1, and 8 together you would get 16, the divine calculus number of 4 x 4) he mentions that a close up of a sunflower’s seed head shows that the “Sunflower seeds grow in opposing spirals.”  Its ratio for each rotation’s diameter to the next is PHI.
     This explanation made it clear why the Jerusalem artichoke was tied to the word girasol “gear plus sun.”  And why the divine calculus could also be like a sundial and a Compass Rose (A play on the saying:  “A woman shall compass a man.”).
     The Window of the Open Book’s Jerusalem artichoke has as its seed head “a little book” by Reverend (Revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy.  Could the symbols speak more clearly than this as to who is the Leader of The First Church of Christ Scientist?

     What makes the seeds (questions and answers) of “Recapitulation” a girasol?  This chapter is structured to reflect the divine calculus tones, as well as, the seven synonymous tones and the two tones of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science (as depicted in my matrix as shown earlier on).   The tones of the divine calculus seem to spiral, they do not follow the same path as Window of the Open Book’s Keystone windows do.  Also the first three questions and answers are in the tone of absolute Christian Science, then there are three in the tone of Christian Science, then three absolute Christian Science, then six Christian Science, three absolute Christian Science, three Christian Science, and finally three more absolute Christian Science question and answers.  It also, with its number of twenty-four is like the time clock of a mariner, or the zodiac time clock, where the twenty-fourth question-answer (with the Six Tenets) represents the hour of Midnight.
     The first question of “Recapitulation” is in the tone of the Word as the Word as absolute Christian Science.  It is found on page 465.  The question asks, “What is God?”  The answer is:  “God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.”  Thus if the Word as the Word is the Bride, then the Bride is not only the Bible, but She is God!  She is the true Mary Magdalene or the real Madonna!  And it would do us well to understand that what the Bible is bringing out via its Word to the reader is what God is, is what Mother-Love is.  She is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.”  It is also very significant that if the golden candlestick’s inner branch of the Word continued on to form a circle it would represent the placement of the Jerusalem artichoke within the Rose Window (as seen with Aaron’s Rod and ShAaron’s Rose).
     The last question (page 496) is “Have Christian Scientists any religious creed?”  This question-answer is in the tone of Science as Christianity.
     Her answer is “They have not, if by that term is meant doctrinal beliefs.  The following is a brief exposition of the important points, or religious tenets, of Christian Science: – ”
     Now before continuing I remind you that the word cult means wheel.  Cult is also defined as:  “a system [a Science] for the cure of disease [which is what Christian Science does] based on dogma [definite authoritative tenet] set forth by its promulgator [one who declares, makes known, proclaims, puts into action these laws of Science].”  The answer found on page 496 is Mary Baker Eddy’s Six Tenets, also found in the Church Manual.

     “1.  As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life.

     “2.  We acknowledge and adore one supreme and infinite God.  We acknowledge His Son, one Christ [as in the first advent of Christ]; the Holy Ghost or divine Comforter [as in the second advent of Christ]; and man in God’s image and likeness [as in the third advent of Christ].

     “3.  We acknowledge God’s forgiveness of sin in the destruction of sin and the spiritual understanding that casts out evil as unreal.  But the belief in sin is punished so long as the belief lasts.

     “4.  We acknowledge Jesus’ atonement as the evidence of divine, efficacious Love, unfolding man’s unity with God through Christ Jesus the Way-shower; and we acknowledge that man is saved through Christ, through Truth, Life, and Love as demonstrated by the Galilean Prophet in healing the sick and overcoming sin and death.

     “5.  We acknowledge that the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection served to uplift faith to understand eternal Life, even the allness of Soul, Spirit, and the nothingness of matter.

     “6.  And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure.”

     The Compass Rose is found on maps.  A map shows the layout of the land, or of Mother-Earth.  But a map also has a KEY.  And just as maps have keys to help you understand the map’s codes, so the Window of the Open Book has twelve KEYSTONE windows.  Another flower used for this rose symbol was a fleur-de-lis, or lily.  This fleur-de-lis, Dan Brown explains, is the flower of Lisa, as in Mona Lisa.  Lisa means:  “consecrated to God” while Mona means:  “solitary, adviser”.  However, Dan Brown gives us a different definition of the name Mona Lisa.  He explains that the name is a combination of both the masculine and feminine; hermaphrodite, a combination of Hermes[26] and Aphrodite.
     AMON (Mona) was an Egyptian masculine God of fertility.  Amon was “a man” with a ram’s head (like Aries perhaps?).  L’ISA, on the other hand was derived from the Egyptian goddess of fertility, her name is Isis.  Isis, goddess of the moon, is then another feminine symbol for the woman God-crowned![27]
     The flowers depicted in the eleventh illustration “The Way” of Christ and Christmas are morning glories.  Although they are not lilies, they have a trumpet shape.  These morning glories crown a cross that is floating above ground.  A flock of birds seem attracted to this crowned cross.  This crowned cross represents absolute Christian Science.  There is also a dove (divine Science, the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, the Bride) descending down with an olive branch (peace symbol) in its beak.



     “The climax of the Textbook is Science itself; the climax of the Bible is divine Science, as seen by St. John in the vision of the New Jerusalem.  This holy city does not, however, illustrate Being itself but, coming down from God out of heaven, it illustrates a translation of the infinite One, of Science itself and ‘represents the light and glory of divine Science’ (S&H 575).  The Textbook describes the holy city from two different aspects as ‘the city foursquare’ and as ‘the city of our God’; the first aspect illustrates divine Science [X] and the second, absolute Christian Science [+].”[28]
     I recognize that the Path of Light (Science) in the illustration of The Way is at the same angle as the axis crown found within the Seal (located at the head of Mother’s Room[29] but also found to be a Rose Window in the Concord Branch[30]).  If the Path of Light as the Rose-line axis is the same as the Rose-line axis found in Window of the Open Book then what would this mean?  It means that the black cross correlates with the X cross, or Crux, found in the Keystone Window of the South, that the crown correlates with the Open Book Keystone of the North (which is the Bible, the Holy Grail itself), and in the center of the Path of Light (Rose-Mary Christ link) is the crowned (prophetic Christ consciousness) cross (Key to the Scriptures) that correlates with “a little book” found in the hub of the Rose Window, written by Reverend Mary Baker Eddy.  The Cross and Crown represent “Marriage” or Christian Unity (“Atonement and Eucharist”[31]) that comes to us via “Prayer.”  This alone leads us to the city of our God (where “Christian Science versus [reverses] Spiritualism”).
     The Christian Science Seal found on the South side of the First Church of Christ Scientist, Concord, New Hampshire, as mentioned above, is also found in the Christian Science Seal, that is located as a stained glass window at the head of the Corner within Mother’s Room.[32]  (Both crosses point in the same direction from inside the churches.)  In this Christian Science Seal the “meridian (Mary axis)” line from the North Pole to the South Pole is found to be the Cross itself.  What these crosses really represent is the union of the two Open Books!  As both books (the Bride and the Bridegroom) are read together in Church as One.
     I am sort of an artist (I write more than I draw or paint now), however, I have an oil painting I did of Mary Baker Eddy back in the 1990’s.  It is hanging on my family room wall.  It freaks some people out as they say, “It seems like her eyes are following me no matter where I am.”  Believe me, I did not try to get this effect.  The background is simple; it is just a teal color.  I painted her in a purple velvet dress with white fringe.  But what amazes me about it was how much the portrait reminds me of the Mona Lisa.  (Accept I painted Mary Baker Eddy with blue eyes.)  Speaking of Mary’s eyes, people said that she had gray eyes, some people said they were blue, at other times they would say that her eyes were brown, or even black!  Why was there an inconsistency in the reports about the color of her eyes?  It was explained this way, her eyes changed colors when her mental emotions changed.  Another thing that people said about Mary Baker Eddy is that she sometimes seemed to be very masculine, and other times she was feminine.  Mary Baker Eddy was not a sexual-hermaphrodite she was physically female.  However, the qualities she expressed, her manner, her tone, would change to meet the need.  If she needed to be strong she would be, if she needed to be compassionate she would be, and she was most definitely quality-hermaphrodite.  She was this way because she understood that God was masculine and feminine in one, thus, as God’s image and likeness, or God’s reflection, she too expressed qualities that expressed both the masculine and the feminine!  She had mentally married God, Principle, and constantly demonstrated this union!  I feel that this is why she was able to write about it in “The Apocalypse.”
     After having my “U.S. Brigal” dream I looked up a brig ship (a two masted square-rigged ship[33]) and it mentioned a different type of ship in comparison called a hermaphrodite brig (the front mast resembles the front brig, only with five sails while the back mast has one large sale on it).  What got my attention about this ship was its name.  Underneath this was the name of Hermaphroditus.  He was a son of Hermes (remember some think he was Enoch) and Aphrodite (a goddess of love, like Venus).  This reminded me of the combination of Amon and L’isa.  This idea that lies behind Amon and L’isa or Hermes and Aphrodite is the divine sense of Deity.
     Mary Baker Eddy wrote under the heading of Divine sense of Deity, “The term Lord, as used in our version of the Old Testament, is often synonymous with Jehovah, and expresses the Jewish concept, not yet elevated to deific apprehension through spiritual transfiguration.  Yet the word gradually approaches a higher meaning.[34]  This human sense of Deity yields to the divine sense, even as the material sense of personality yields to the incorporeal sense of God and man as the infinite Principle and infinite idea, – as one Father with His universal family, held in the gospel of Love.  The Lamb’s wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, – to the perfectibility of God’s creation.”[35]
     So with this paragraph she explains just exactly what the sacred feminine really is as the Lamb’s wife.  I explain this to you so that you can understand the importance of The Da Vinci Code in explaining truth about Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy.  I feel that this is what God was really trying to get across with the book and the movie.  Do you believe me?
     Mary Baker Eddy, as mentioned before, left the human realm on December 3, 1910.  I found it interesting, that Brown, in speaking about the Mona Lisa, mentions that she was stolen in 1911 from “Salle (impenetrable) – Le Salon (the fashionable house of) Carre (dear).  She was later “found in 1913 in a Florence hotel room.”  How does this theft relate to Mary Baker Eddy?  Well, it was in 1911 that the men in charge of The First Church stole the Cause away from the dear woman God-crowned.  The Salon was the Church itself, thought to be impenetrable from error.  But when the estate is attacked from within, by those running the Cause, it does not stand a chance.
     Dan Brown says that Leonardo (fire, lion, the Word) Da Vinci used a style of painting called sfumato.  This word means “the definition of form without abrupt outline by the blending of one tone into another”.  I feel that this too applies to Mary Baker Eddy in that she was an artist of sfumato!  She wrote her book to where it was a perfect DEFINITION OF God’s form, and man’s form, without abrupt outline by the blending of one tone of God into another!
     Brown also mentions that on The Mona Lisa Da Vinci painted the left horizon line lower than the right horizon line in order to make the left side of her face (the Womanhood side) appear larger, to be more majestic.
     On April 6, 2009 the Discovery Channel aired a program about the Shroud of Turin.  The theory is that Leonardo Da Vinci is the creator of the Shroud.  If so, the Shroud of Turin is probably the first known photograph!  I mention this because I find it very interesting, but also because it is said of Da Vinci that The Mona Lisa is a self-portrait because he was gay.  I have no proof that this is true.
     I really do not think that the Holy Grail is supposed to be just a royal bloodline from Jesus.  I think the Holy Grail has a double identity – the Bible, the sacred feminine, and the woman God-crowned, Christ Mary Baker Eddy.  Now, by writing this I can already picture Christian Scientists out their cringing, and other Christians thinking to themselves: “Of all the nerve, saying that this Mrs. Eddy is the Christ!”  But why is it not possible that Mary Baker Eddy[36] is the Christ representative of the Second Coming?
     I will present the topic in a logical manner to you, okay?  God is Father and Mother, because God as only a male Father would be incomplete.  God must be complete.  Therefore, God has to be both masculine and feminine.  And just as Elohim-Shaddai (Father-Mother God) is masculine-feminine, so must His-Her creation (revelation of ideas) be complete.  Thus, man must not only be man, but man must be woman.  So during the Sixth Day when God creates man in His-Her own image and likeness, man is created with the masculine and feminine qualities.  Male and female, in the Sixth Day of Truth, is the compound idea, is complete, is whole, and is “a man.”[37]  So God is Father and Mother, just as man is the Son of God and the Daughter of God.
     I am going to say that the Bible is the Word as the Word, or the Bride as the Word of God.  Next the Bible is about the Christ-link successor-ship of the prophets (mostly in the masculine).  They are the many men who wrote the Holy Bible, and the spiritually seeing men that the Bible is written about.  This is the sacred feminine of the Bible being manifested in the flesh by the masculine Christ-link prophet (the Word as the Christ).  Literally, this is the Old Testament.  It is not until we get into the New Testament (with its new Covenant with God) that we have the Word as Christianity.  This is when the First Coming of Christ (in the New Testament) appears.  And this appearance takes place as Jesus Christ.  Jesus is masculine (with his male disciples and male apostles, however, as Dan Brown says, there were female apostles also).  However, Jesus (who is God-crowned) tells us that he will give us the Morning Star (Venus, or the Christ Woman who is God-crowned).  Being God-crowned simply means that you allow yourself to be governed by Principle’s Mind Science.
     So, in the period of Christianity, the New Testament, we have Jesus Christ as the head Master (manhood) of the Christ body (womanhood).  This is in the Fifth Day of Life.  Because Scripture tells us, “A woman shall compass a man,” the Second Coming of Christ, that is to take place in the Sixth Day of Truth, must take place in the feminine (the higher idea).  Woman, the Word as Christianity, is manifested in the flesh; this woman is Mary Baker Eddy.  In Christian history there is no other woman that accomplished all that Mary Baker Eddy accomplished!  Yet she is ignored by the world.  Men are the founders of all Christian churches, beside The First Church of Christ Scientist (laid out as the symbol for Venus).  There is only one Church Founded by a Woman!  And some of the Woman’s female students also built their own churches of Christ Science.[38]  Not only this, the same woman who founded this Christian Church also wrote (as God’s Scribe) the masculine Key to the Scriptures.  The sacred masculine is the Word as Science, found in the Christian Science Textbook.
     This being said, I give you the following:

The Old Testament Body

God as Mother

The North Star

The Open Bible (sacred feminine is the Holy Grail) Keystone – the Word as the Word

The First Day of Mind, the Second Day of Spirit, and the Third Day of Soul

The first chapter is “Prayer”

The Old Testament Head

Man as the Son of God

The Daystar (the Morning Star)

Madonna and Christ Keystone

The patriarchs of Mind, Spirit, and Soul are the Christ-links to the sixteen Christ prophets, and the kings of Principle (“The manifestation of God, that which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” – the Word as the Christ)

The Fourth Day of Principle

The second chapter is “Atonement and Eucharist”

The New Testament Body

Man as the Daughter of God


The Southern Cross of Calvary Keystone

Triune Principle of the Christ-link body (Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus and Mary Magdalene in the Fifth Day of Life, Mary Baker Eddy (foursquare city) and The First Church of Christ Scientist (city of our God) in the Sixth Day of Truth, and Martha Jones-Smith (the Stargate) and the manchild of Christian Science (the Wormhole X-Steam) in the Seventh Day of Love – the Word as Christianity

The Fifth Day of Life

The third chapter is “Marriage”

The Headstone Textbook comes in the Sixth Day of Truth

God as Father

The Moon

The Golden Shores of Love Keystone

Science Health Key to the Scriptures (sacred masculine is the Holy Blade). – the Word as Science that gives us…

The Sixth Day of Truth

The fourth chapter is “Christian Science versus Spiritualism”

The Headstone Textbook’s Matrix Structure is Explained in the Seventh Day of Love

Venus (the Morning Star and the Evening Star)

The Northern Wall of the Holy City

Science (and Health = Salvation) as the Word (of God as Father-Mother by Reverend Mary Baker Eddy)

The Seventh Day of Love

The thirteenth chapter is “Teaching Christian Science”

     Mary Baker Eddy is the Holy Grail, or the Christ Mary manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.  For she is, as Dan Brown puts it, “A woman who carried with her a secret so powerful that, if revealed [discovered], it threatened to devastate the very foundation of Christianity!”  That foundation of Christianity that Dan Brown is speaking of here is based upon a false foundation, a false type of Christianity that believes that Jesus, a material man, is the Son of God.  But the woman discovers the Truth – the Christ is the Son of God.  Christ is the idea manifested as man, and Principle’s own ideal is the Son of God.  “Son.  The Son of God, the Messiah or Christ.” (S&H 594:16)  Lately the Christian Science Quarterly has been using a new translation of the Bible (sometimes instead of the King James version).  One thing they have changed is the Bible verse that is so familiar to all Christian Scientists.  “Now are we the sons of God….”  The new translation has, “Now are we the children of God.”  Is this not the serpent’s attempt to once again hide the Truth from man, to deny his own Christhood?  “NOW” am I (and you) “the Messiah or Christ!”
     Mary Baker Eddy was a threat to Roman Catholicism’s ecclesiastical despotic material organization that had placed a mortal man, named Jesus, high upon a pedestal so that the anti-Christ-link of Pope successors could take over the world with its one world order.  And today, it sadly seems that many Christian faiths either do not know who Mary Baker Eddy is, or they believe her to be the devil, or anti-Christ, and a leader of some cult body that worships the ground she walked upon.  The truth is that many Christian Scientists reject her place in Bible prophecy.  I do not idolize Mary Baker Eddy, just as I do not idolize Jesus Christ.  But I do accept their place in Christian history as the First and Second Comings of Christ.  And I do not accept their places in order that I can proclaim myself as the Third Coming of Christ either.  I do not want the job!  I do not want the responsibility.  And this is why I do not tell you my birth given name.  Mother Hood is not (nor is Martha Jones-Smith) my birth name, but it is the name that God provided me with so that I may tell you the Truth during the endtime of the Age of Movement (material organized Church), at the beginning of the Day of Love.
     “The interpretation of ‘the city foursquare,’ which has four equal sides, reads, ‘The four sides of our city are the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science’; and of its gates it is said that they ‘shall not be shut at all by day:  for there shall be no night there’ (S&H 575).  Thus ‘the city foursquare’ symbolizes the four modes of operation of divine Science, a divine consciousness flooded by infinite light.  As this city is described as ‘foursquare’ with four equal sides, its symbol is the square, and it conveys the sense of the All-in-all, the all-embracing and all-inclusive sense of divine Science.”[39]
     I will add that the city foursquare consists of four squares, or four squared cycles.  The four Major Stars give to us the Word Square Cycle.  The first foursquare Minor Stars are for the Christ Cycle, the second group of foursquare stars are for the Cycle of Christianity, and finally, the fourth square of divine Science is in the hub, the four sides of “a little book open” – Science and Health.

Christmas Eve

[1] The coinciding illustration of Christ and Christmas for this chapter is “Christmas Eve” with the giant decapitated Christmas tree and the hidden holy trinity floating in front of the tree (as seen directly above).

[2] It was Sarah who is the first woman in the Bible instructed to prepare three measures of meal for God’s visiting angels.  This is when they announce to Abraham that Sarah shall conceive his manchild successor.  It is also of importance that Abraham has four ideas about who his legal heir will be.  He first thought it would be his nephew Lot (symbolic of the Word), then he thought it would be his servant (symbolic of the Christ), then he thought it would be his son Ishmael (symbolic of Christianity via the Letter of the Law), but it had to be his son of promise, the son of Science (for the Spirit of the Law), Isaac.

[3] S&H 107:1

[4] It is not until after the curse that Adam names his womanhood Eve.  This is very important to understand.

[5] Every zebra code for merchandize today has the number 0 (left side) 0 (middle) 0 (right side) on it, this 000 is said to actually be 666.

[6] This word “midst” means that this Son of man stood for the Principle trunk of Science.

[7] Revelation 1:13

[8] One definition of Barbara is “stranger.”  Mary Baker Eddy wrote a parable about a stranger knocking at the door of material thought (mansion; religious church organization).  She depicted this stranger in Christ and Christmas (illustration 10 “Truth versus Error”) as a woman.  The drawing of this woman was based upon her own self.

[9] Do not you just love how the word keystones can be rewritten as the musical terms of key’s tones?  It is also mentioned in Revelation that the Stars sang together.

[10] Al-Makrizi, Das Pyramidenkapital.  By the way, the title of this book means, “the pyramid’s capital or cornerstone.”

[11] This is where Mother’s Room would be located in the Church Edifice.

[12] In The Birth of a New Age Signs of the Skies, by Adrian Gilbert, he says that the Holy Grail is a holy measurement system; two particular numbers held to be special were 7 and 11 (both which are used in my pyramid matrixes).

[13] Isis is also associated with the rainbow.

[14] Green is the color I sometimes use for Principle, Life, and Science.

[15] I find it interesting that Abraham and Isaac both tell those whom they fear that their wives are their sisters.

[16] Duke means “leader.”

[17] Coffee berries are used to make a drink.  I like the symbology of it, as it must be distilled.  Distillation is like the action of Spirit, that which separates the chaff from the wheat.

[18] The Son of man described in Revelation 1:14 has white hair.  Also, angels are always described as having white skin.  In fact, Anglo (white man) is probably rooted to the word Angel.  The White Rose is an emblem of the House of Lancaster (keep this in mind for later); remember the War of the Roses.

[19] I have deleted the actual names in some instances and put in their meanings.

[20] According to Adrian Gilbert, the name of this Age is also called, “The Age of the Jaguar.”

[21] The year 2012 may be used instead of 2011 because there was no year of zero.

[22] Some people may believe that this is when the extraterrestrials will return to earth (their second coming).

[23] Window of the Open Book depicts this Holy Wedding with the two keystones of the Lord and Lamb and Woman God-crowned.  Between these two keystones is the “midnight hour” spoken of by Jesus Christ.

[24] It is also symbolic to me that my son and I are both born in August, I am the Virgin, my son is the Lion.

[25] The Birth of a New Age SIGNS in the SKY; by Adrian Gilbert; page 280-281

[26] Hermes was a messenger for the gods.  Today angels are called God’s messengers.  Mary Baker Eddy writes that angels are “God’s thoughts” coming to man.

[27] Another name for a Greek goddess and flower is Iris.  Iris means “rainbow.  Mythology:  the goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods [like Hermes only feminine].”  So, we have another goddess connection to the angel with “a little book” as he has a rainbow upon his head.

[28] The Four Levels of Spiritual Consciousness; by Max Kappeler; p. 143-144

[29] The Cross and Crown as seen from inside Mother’s Room is the same angle as in Window of the Open Book, only the words are backwards.  From without the Church its axis points in the opposite direction as from inside and the words are not backwards.  Could this symbolically mean that the seal trademark used by today’s Publishing Society Board of Directors is going in the opposite direction of the Seal that is located at the HEAD in Mother’s Room?

[30] The Concord Branch (in New Hampshire) is the city foursquare (divine Science) while The First Church of Christ Scientist is city of our God (Christian Science).  However, it has not been able to act like the city of our God because of ecclesiastical despotic walls of limitations and boundaries.

[31] Eucharist is spiritual communion with God.

[32] However, the Seal in Mother’s Room is placed in the East instead of the North or South.  The Rose Window at Concord is placed on the auditorium’s South wall.

[33] As mentioned before, each mast has four sails.

[34] By the end of “The Apocalypse” Mary Baker Eddy has translated the “Lord” into “Love.”

[35] S&H 576:26-577:11

[36] Mary Baker’s mother’s maiden name even has “rose” in it.

[37] It is really this “a man” that Mary Baker Eddy speaks of as being her true successor.

[38] Augusta Emma Stetson is one of these students.  She was the builder, founder of the First Church of Christ Scientist in New York, New York.  But in 1909 the male Board of five sensual Directors stole her church from her.  Some may ask, why?  I know that it was to push Augusta forward, she had to let go of organized religion, and this is why Mary Baker Eddy allowed her to go through the experience.

[39] The Four Levels of Spiritual Consciousness; by Max Kappeler; p. 144