Graphic Types for Christ and Christmas

by MJSmith

     Before beginning with the main body of this text I would like to talk to you about the June 5, 2012 transit of Venus across the sun.  Originally I read that the transit would take place on the 6th, perhaps this was a miscalculation in that 2012 is a leap year?  But it really does not matter what day, however, I do find the 5th interesting symbolically as it takes eight years for Venus to travel the path of the five pointed star.  In addition, the transit is God’s perfect symbol for the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.  Venus is the Morning Star.  And this Morning Star of the woman God-crowned is most important in relation to Christian Science as symbolized in Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem Christ and Christmas.  What this star stands for is the light (Mind) of divine Science.

     At this time I will mention the transits in relation to the development of the United States of America.  The first pair of transits, which take place eight years apart, happened during the time just before the American Revolution (6/5/1761 and 6/4/1769).  The importance of the transit is that America was to become a new country to be governed by a totally different type of government than the world had ever seen before.  I also feel that it is of importance that the stars on the United States flag have the five points of Venus.  The forefathers of the United States based their government upon trust in God, while it separated church and state.  Today the following fact is of grave importance because there are people who are trying to keep God out of government by misrepresenting the statement of “separation between church and state.”  This separation had nothing to do with keeping God’s government out of our public buildings or our laws and courts, it did, however, have everything to do with keeping the government from interfering with the operation of the churches and keeping the churches from interfering with the operation of the government.  It was because of the Roman Catholic Church’s interference with the English government that England separated itself from the Roman Catholics, and it is because the King of England tried to interfere with the Protestant churches in England that the pilgrims came to America.
     America had to come into existence, as it was all part of God’s plan.  God created the United States so that Christian Science could be given birth to by the woman God-crowned, Mary Baker Eddy.  Venus transited the sun twice during Mary Baker Eddy’s life.  The first time was on December 9, 1874.  This was just after the bulk of SCIENCE AND HEALTH was written but not yet published, it would be published in October of 1875.  Mary Baker Eddy’s revelation of Christian Science began in 1866, NINE years before the birth of her manchild book.  The next Venus transit took place on December 6, 1882.  This is after Mary Baker Eddy understand and revealed to others that she was the woman God-crowned.
     Venus waited until the 21st Century to transit the sun again, to be clothed with the sun.  (Photos of the June 5, 2012 transit can be seen on the Internet.)  Her first transit was on June 8, 2004.  The important “signs of the times” took place in the form of a book and movie.  In fact, the transit took place after the book’s appearance in 2003 and before the movie’s appearance in 2005.  The title of both is The Da Vinci Code.  This book was about the woman God-crowned.  I did not see the movie until a few years later, and after that I read the book.  I understood its important message and so I did a spiritual interpretation of it.  Venus is an important symbol in this book-movie.  It was last year when I had the vision dream that my name was Mother Hood.  And it was after this that I decided that I would have a sight called Mother’s Hood (it was already taken so I settled with my present title).  I knew that it was time to post my work for the thirteen nations (Israel).
     What would be the difference between a star with five points of light and a star with seven points of light?  I have already informed you that the five points of light represent Venus.  But the true idea of Venus must have two more points of light.  Why?  It must have two more points of light because the woman God-crowned (Venus herself) would provide mankind with the seven names of God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  This star with seven points of light is the Star of Bethlehem-Boston.  The Star of Bethlehem-Boston is the Christ idea manifested in the flesh (in order to destroy incarnate error) during the two Christ advents as the sacred masculine Jesus and the sacred feminine Mary Baker Eddy.  It is the seven pointed star that Mary Baker Eddy would utilize in her illustrated poem Christ and Christmas.  The picture directly below is from a much later edition of Christ and Christmas, the cloth covering of the book is brown.  Mary Baker Eddy originally placed her star upon a blue cloth background.  We must ask ourselves why she did this.  I feel it is because the blue color (as seen further on below) ties us to her blue cover of her Christian Science Sentinel periodical that she placed two women Sentinels on.

The following was written by me in December 2011.

     An interesting idea came to me about the seven points of light.  If we see them as the shape of the Star Trek badge then they are almost like a triangle having three points of light.  Could these three points be representations of the three advents of Christ in their full aspects with the seven synonymous terms for God?  (See below.)

The Seven Points

     The revised third edition of Christ and Christmas, an illustrated poem book by Mary Baker Eddy, has different types of graphics used throughout it (it is a continuation of the same type of graphics used in the first and second editions).  It is of importance that we understand what Mary Baker Eddy was trying to tell us via her code.  (Later editions of this book did not use differing print types.)

     Within the main book I found seven different graphic types.  A key for this code uses some of the types (not all).  This key is the title page.  The first graphic type (see below) is for the title of the book itself.  This same type is used for all illustration titles.  These titles are located underneath each drawing (the seventh illustration “SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME”  [Which is not the title given to the seventh illustration, but it is the title that Mary Baker Eddy gave to it.  (More on this later.)] is the only illustration that has different type.  I feel that she did not use the same type because she did not want people to think that the BIBLE verse was the title of the illustration.)

     The second graphic type on this page is used for “A POEM,” “AND OTHER WORKS,” and “Pleasant View, Concord, New Hampshire, 1897.”  This is the same print used to present the entire poem’s verses on their independent pages, the Bible “Glossary” near the end of the book, and the last two pages with the quote from St. John, Revelation (by Jesus) and the artists page.  So we have an immediate understanding that the poem is written in the home of Pleasant View, by Mary Baker Eddy.  We also have the immediate understanding from the last two pages that THE MORNING STAR is Mary Baker G. Eddy.

Directly below is the title page.

First Ed. CC Title Page

Second Edition

Second Edition

     The first page is from a third edition (revised), while the page in the middle is from the first edition, and directly above is from the second edition.  There are some differences between the two title pages.  Some are seen with the publishing place and publishing date of 1893 for the first and second editions and 1897 for the third edition.  The year 1893 came directly before the building of The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston (1894).  Mary Baker Eddy’s main purpose in putting forth Christ and Christmas was to help her students recognize who she really was.  She knew if they understood her place in Bible prophecy then this would help get the church built before its deadline arrived.  The year of 1897 is three years after the completion of The First Church of Christ Scientist Edifice and four years before a legal suit involving Josephine Woodbury (a wayward student of Mary Baker Eddy’s).  Mary Baker Eddy felt confident enough to tell her students, via signs and symbols, with this particular book exactly who she was (who she is).  She hid her Truth in order to keep mortal mind from inflaming Christians against Christian Science.  In 1901 she would completely have to deny this same Truth in order to save her Cause (not Movement) from Josephine Woodbury.  This could be why later editions of Christ and Christmas settled upon the same graphic types throughout.  The second graphic type is also used on the copyright page.
     The third graphic type is for the name of the author of Christ and Christmas, given as “Reverend [Revered Leader] Mary Baker G.[1] Eddy.”  Mary Baker G. Eddy is her legal name, the name she used when signing legal papers and using her executive powers as Head of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.  The type used for her name also matches the type for the title of her Textbook – Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
     The fourth graphic type is used for “Second Edition” and “Third Edition, revised.”[2]  There is no doubt that Mary Baker Eddy improved upon her previous edition so that we could see it in a different light.  This is the graphic type that corresponds with the seventh illustration, which has to do with the Third Advent of Christ.


First Edition

First Edition


Notice how the Star seems brighter in the later edition.  This is probably because the woman’s place in Bible prophecy has come to light (is recognized by more Christian Scientists).

First Zone (as you will see the first edition’s poem is slightly different from the third edition’s poems)

First Edition

First Edition

Reuben (Jacob’s son).  Corporeality; sensuality; delusion; mortality; error.” (S&H 593:12)

Verse 1 for illustration 1:

“Fast circling on, from zone to zone [from one son of Jacob to another son of Jacob][3]

     Bright, blest, afar,

O’er the grim night of chaos, shone

     One lone, brave star.”

Graphic “cursive A”:

First Edition

First Edition


     Beginning with the first illustration STAR OF BETHLEHEM[4] we find the first graphic, “cursive A.”  This fifth type is not found on the title page at all.  Cursive writing has to do with the hand or executive power (like Benjamin:  “Son of my right hand”).
     The repeated sentence for STAR OF BETHLEHEM [the city of Benjamin’s people] speaks of one loan, brave star.  Even though Mary Baker Eddy is speaking about Jesus as a prophet (a Star of Bethlehem[5]) she is really speaking of herself as well because she also calls this Star of Bethlehem the Star of Boston, which points to her.  Mary Baker Eddy is the prophet of Boston.[6]  For now, let me make it known that the Star of Bethlehem, with its seven points of light, will later on be called the “pale star.”  I will go into the meaning of this later on.
     For the most part this illustration is dark except for the star.  Those clouds, or objects, closest to the star are lighter and can be seen.  One such object, depending upon your viewpoint of it, appears to be a mother holding a baby (Mary and Jesus), while the other way of seeing it could be the profile of a man looking toward the object in the upper right corner.  This cloud-object is a woman in prayer, the STAR OF BOSTON.  What is also interesting is the fact that in other editions this cloud-object, depending on how you look at it, also appears to be a profile of Jesus and slightly to the right is the head of a baby (a manchild?).  In another viewpoint this cloud appears to be a man.

View of cloud looking at it sideways – Jesus.

Normal view of the cloud – woman’s head

Bible verse for illustration 1:  I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.—St. John.

     Here we have confirmation from Mary Baker Eddy that she, as the Star of Boston, is also the root and the offspring of David, the bright and morning star, a.k.a., Venus.[7]  The planet Venus has many things about it that seem to point to the angel of Revelation 10 and the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.  The planet Venus is clothed in a cloud of volcanic ash and smoke and upon occasion becomes clothed with the sun.  If you look at the woman’s head above you will see a third shape, something that resembles a woman embracing a boy.  The first time I saw this is on April 10, 2017, I have never seen it before this date.  This could have to do with the girl and boy looking out the window in the tenth Illustration – TRUTH versus ERROR.  And I feel that this has to do with the third advent of Christ that takes place during the Seventh Day of Love (now), which is what…The second transit of Venus represents and it took place on June 5, 2012.[8]  What is interesting (as mentioned above) is that Venus made two transits (they always take place in pairs, eight years apart[9]) during Mary Baker Eddy’s life time; both having important significance.  The first time was in 1874, the year before the Textbook was published (this has to do with illustration 3 SEEKING AND FINDING).  The second transit took place in 1882 when she realized who she was and the importance of her God-crowned mission.

First Edition

First Edition

Tenth Zone

Dinah (which means vindicated) is Jacob’s daughter.  Dinah is born after Zebulun.  Later on I will show you that with Zebulun “Heaven [Womanhood] and earth [manhood] are demonstrably one.  This is the moment, in Revelation, when the heavenly city has descended to earth, and the Lamb is wedded to the bride.  But this fact must be understood in its universal Science.”[10]  If the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy is not understood then we wind up with revengeful vindication instead of with righteous judgment vindication.

Verse 14 for illustration 10:

First Edition

First Edition

“To-day, as oft, — away from sin

     Christ summons thee!

Truth pleads to-night; just take me in!

     No mass for me!”

Graphic “cursive A” – Christ calls [Truth pleads] to-night; Oh [just] take me in!

No mass for me!”

First Edition

First Edition

     This tenth illustration accompanies the first illustration and is titled:  TRUTH versus ERROR.  In the background you can see stars in the sky.  There is light shining down upon the woman, however there is no seven-pointed star depicted.  The woman is shown with a halo signifying that she is the light (Science itself).  There is an angel depicted in the rays of light, which I think is interesting.
     The Star of Boston has to be the woman who is knocking on the mansion’s door (its doorplate is titled “mortal mind”) with her left hand (her Womanhood).  Her right hand (her manhood and executive hand) holds a scroll that has the word TRUTH on it.  This scroll, or roll of bread, is really her book of Truth – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  It is her book that must be spiritually understood (eaten) by its reader, as it is the fruit from the Tree of Life.  The woman is the bread, or the roll of Truth, meaning that we must understand and accept her place in Bible prophecy as the woman God-crowned and as the second coming of Christ (the Comforter of Christian Science).  The woman stands upon a foursquare (divine Science) rug.  She also stands between two pillars (two columns) that are like the two columns to Solomon’s Temple.
     In “The Apocalypse” chapter Mary Baker Eddy only writes about three sections of Revelation.  The first is about the angel (Rev. 10).  She is this angel, clothed with a cloud, and she descends (divine Science) with “a little open book.”  The second section is about the woman God-crowned, clothed with the sun, (Rev. 12), who is Mary Baker Eddy.  The third section is about the Bride (the Word), the Holy City (of Science itself) that descends from heaven.  This Holy City is the city foursquare (divine Science), New Jerusalem (absolute Christian Science and Christian Science),[11] and the city of our God (Christian Science) all as one city.  And this is the Kingdom of God that is within each of us, or within our consciousness.
     Inside the mansion are a group of male-female couples.  Most are adults drinking wine and dancing.  The room is lighted by electricity (animal magnetism).  The only male-female couple that even notices Mary Baker Eddy is the child couple.  It is also interesting that the women are dressed in white (The Third Degree) while the men are dressed in gray or black, and some white.  The two children looking out are dressed in dark clothes (The First Degree), but because of their innocence, and the fact that they see the woman, Science and Truth will save them.

     I am not sure what edition the above illustration is from, but it was copyrighted in 1897.   I do know that it is after the third edition.  The doorplate does not seem to spell out any word, but that is before you turn it upside down.  This means that what it says on the plate is inverted, an inverted image is what is found inside the mansion (church).  What does the doorplate say?  It says:  MINd.  I still cannot make out any words on the scroll, however, if you look at it when the book is upside down, the side of the scroll is the number 6, and 6 is the number that stands for TRUTH.  The number 9, on the other hand (Or should I say, “in the same hand”?) is symbolic of spiritual rebirth.  Another thing that is of interest in this illustration is the border decorations.  Also, each section of poem found on the opposite page of each illustration has a boxed in boarder, and on the top boarder, in the center, is a crown.  The crown has six jewels on top and in the center of these six jewels is a fleur-de-lis.  This is symbolic of Christ, the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, as well as, the Trinity.  Also notice at the bottom are two letters – M. and H.  Do these stand for Mother Hood?  (The partial verse below is for the fifth Illustration – CHRISTMAS MORN.)

Six diamond crown

Bible verse for illustration 10:  Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:  if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and sup with him, and he with me. —St. John.

     There is a time difference between the illustration seen directly above and the first editions of Christ and Christmas.  The word TRUTH cannot be read on the scroll, however on the latest edition that I purchased a year ago, I can see the word TRUTH on the scroll.  The words mortal mind cannot be read on the door plate.  The six squares are now seen as three Christ vineyard branches, and the floor has become Romanized with its checkered pattern of black and white squares.  The difference between the two is the fact that the first illustrated book came out before The First Church was even built.  The first illustrations with the six squares on the door symbolize the six days of Adam man, a period of 6,000 years.  Quite literally Mary Baker Eddy is knocking on mortal mind’s consciousness to open the door.  The later illustrations depicts the outcome of material organized Church and what happens when it is held onto by the Christ mass; and it is to this type of consciousness that the Lone Stranger must now knock upon.

     If you look at the left side of the illustration, directly below, you can make out a coffin in the darkness (on the right side above Mary Baker Eddy’s head).  This is the only time I have ever seen the coffin.  I have not seen it in any other editions.

Second Edition

Second Edition

First Edition

First Edition

Second Zone

Levi (Jacob’s son).  A corporeal and sensual belief; mortal man; denial of the fulness of God’s creation; ecclesiastical despotism.” (S&H 590:11)

     Simeon is the second son, but he is one with Levi.  Simeon represents “hearing” while Levi represents “joined.”  What will he hear, God’s Word or ecclesiastical despotism’s rules and regulations belonging to corporeal sense?  Who will we join (marry) ourselves to, God or the serpent (sensual belief) in the Garden of Eden?  Simeon/Levi is the man seen on the right side of the illustration; he is objecting to CHRIST HEALING.

First Edition

First Edition

Verse 2 for illustration 2:

“In tender mercy, Spirit sped

     A loyal ray,

To rouse the living, wake the dead,

     And point the Way, —”

Verse 3 for illustration 2:

“The Christ-idea, God anoints.

     Of Truth and Life;

The Way in Science, He appoints,

     That stills all strife.”

Graphic “print A” –

First Edition

First Edition

     This graphic type points us to Reverend Mary Baker G. Eddy and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES because it is the same exact type used on the title page (the key page).  This type tells us that the woman in the coffin and holding Jesus’ right hand in CHRIST HEALING is Reverend Mary G. Baker Eddy.  It tells us that the book in CHRISTMAS MORN held in the female angel’s right hand is SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  This type tells us that the woman in the dark, and later white, mantle of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING is Reverend Mary Baker G. Eddy.  And it finally tells us who the woman is, and what her scroll is, in CHRISTIAN UNITY.
     In CHRIST HEALING the seven-pointed star shines down upon Jesus, while both women seen are found in “the shadow of death.”  Mary’s left hand and Jesus’ right hand form the shape of an ‘n,’ this symbolizes “intersection, a joint” instead of “union.”  Her right arm forms a right angle (her thinking is foursquare).
     At this time, 1866, Jesus’ black mantle (of succession) is still upon his shoulders (his government).
      The second woman is looking to Mary with her hands sort of in prayer.  She expects a healing to take place.
     Hardly any light lands upon the man who is literally objecting to the Christ healing taking place.  He stands in the shadows of ecclesiastical despotism, scholastic theology, dogma, false creeds, the devil, and the red dragon.  These shadows are even darker than “the shadow of death.”  He is literally objecting to Mary Baker Eddy (who is inside the coffin) being raised from death.  Even his beard has the form of a serpent.  And he appears to have a devil’s horn, and his ear has the shape of a ‘D.’  This man typifies Mary Patterson’s doctor and clergyman in 1866, for both of them objected to her becoming healed.  His clothing is also dark and matches the type of clothes that Jesus is wearing, so this man’s viewpoint is outdated and the same as the priests who had Jesus crucified.

Bible verse for verse 2 of illustration 2:  Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God; and they that hear shall live. — Christ Jesus.

Bible verse for verse 3 of illustration 2:  The people who sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up. — John.

First Edition

First Edition

Fifth Zone

Naphtali “wrestling.”  Once we see the human symbol (of birth), servitude to an organic sense of life in matter is overcome, the wrestling ends.
     The negative side of Naphtali is that he is “a hind let loose:  he giveth goodly words.”  The Textbook says, “thought, loosened from a material basis but not yet instructed by Science, may become wild with freedom and so be self-contradictory” (S&H 552:19).  This describes many New Age religions of today.  Because Science has not instructed these New Age religions they are self-contradictory.

Verse 7 for illustration 5

First Edition

First Edition

“Yet wherefore signalize the birth

     Of him ne’er born?

What can rehearse the glorious worth

     Of his high morn?”

Graphic “print A” – What can rehearse the glorious worth

Of his high morn?

First Edidtion

First Edition

     It is easy to see that the words are slightly different here.  Why did she change “Of one ne’er born” to “Of him ne’er born”?  Why did she change “Of that high morn?” to “Of his high morn?”  The word “one” could be reference to Jesus or the Christ.  She knew that the Christ was never born into matter, yet the man Jesus had been born into matter.  So she probably changed the wording in order to make her meaning more clear.  In doing this it is easier to see that the “high morn” does not belong to Jesus but to the Christ, thus also, it belongs to the Star-Angel of divine Science.

     This is the only oval shaped illustration, symbolic of Womanhood, in the book.  The two angels are coupled, they are one, and the female has the Textbook in her right handOriginally Mary Baker Eddy wanted three angels to be depicted.  I believe that these three angels were for the three Christ advents.  She settled on two angels – Michael and Gabriel (Truth and Love) for the second and third advents.  We could say then that this “one” is what is referenced in the First Edition, however, people misunderstood what she meant by “one” and assumed that she was speaking about the man Jesus when she was really speaking about the Christ angel.  The male angel (Michael/Truth) has his arms folded in prayer.  Both of them have flames on top of their heads (like candle flames or candlesticks).  This brings to mind the two witnesses of Revelation 11 called the two candlesticks.  But I have come to believe that these two angels do not represent the two witnesses.  The angels have no wings or halos.  The female angel (Gabriel/Love) has her left hand cupped over her eyes, touching her brow.  Notice that her hand and face form the shape of a D.  I feel this stands for Divine Science.  They are on the North (the Word) side of the illustration traveling southward, toward Christianity sort of towards the direction of the twelve sheep of Israel.  The four directions match up to the Skylight (Sunburst) Window seen below (in the original Boston Edifice).
     The path has an S shape as does the stream or river.  They also cross one another.  I call this the X-stream of Science.  This is why I correlate this illustration with the Skylight in the Boston Edifice.  Another thing that is interesting is the fact that the path comes to a fork in the road and seems to lead directly to a church in the background.  This church seems to look like the two Boston Edifices.  One path leads to the original Edifice and the other path leads to the Extension Edifice (or what looks like the Edifice…If you look closely at it there is a ‘t’ cross on top of the roof).

     In the Illustration’s background are different types of churches, and the home is really the true Church that Mary Baker Eddy preferred.  The flock of sheep represent the twelve tribes of Israel gathered together again during the endtime.  Although the sheep appear to be enclosed within the fence, there is a break in it, so they are free agents, able to go out beyond the enclosed pasture.  Will these twelve disciples go out to heal the world with Christian Science?  There is also a cracked tomb in the forefront by the path.  On top of the tomb there seems to be the shape of a woman or man.
     This illustration was actually based upon an Easter drawing that had nothing to do with Christmas.  Also of symbolic importance is the fact that the artist drew inspiration from a sunset (always found in the West, the cardinal point for Science) instead of a sunrise.

Bible verse for illustration 5:  Before Abraham was, I am. — Christ Jesus.

First Edition

First Edition

Sixth Zone

Gad (Jacob’s son).  Science; spiritual being understood; haste towards harmony.” (S&H 586:21)

First Edition

First Edition

Verse 8 for illustration 6:

“Christ was not crucified—that doom

     Was Jesus’ part’

For Sharon’s rose must bud and bloom

     In human heart.*”

     She first lets us know that the Christ was not born into matter and now she is telling us that Jesus was not crucified in matter, that it was the man called Jesus who was crucified (killed).  Why did Jesus have to die?  So that he could resurrect the material body and finish his God-crowned mission by ascending out of matter.  And before the human race can follow in “The Way” that Jesus took, one thing needs to happen, “Sharon’s rose must bud and bloom in human heart.”  In other words, God was (and always is) manifest in the flesh (in human heart) as the Christ.  The Christ came in order to destroy incarnate error.

Verse 9 for illustration 6:

“Forever present, bounteous, free,

     Christ comes in gloom;

And aye, with grace towards you and me,

     For health makes room.”

* “God was manifest in the flesh.”—[Timothy] St. Paul.  (This footnote is for Sharon’s rose.)

     “Truth glows through gloom” is changed to “Christ comes in gloom.”  Truth is the Christ and the gloom is material birth.  Truth, however, points directly to the one who is depicted in the sixth illustration – Mary Baker Eddy.  In the First Edition she is saying that the feminine representative of the Christ, during the Sixth Day of Truth, glows through the human birth of one called Mary Baker Eddy.  She then later tells us that she is the second coming of Christ and is shrouded in the material body of Mary Baker Eddy.  “Christ.  The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” (S&H 583:8)

Graphic “print A” – And aye, with grace towards you and me,

For health makes room.

First Edition

First Edition

     This particular type tells us, since this sixth illustration points directly to Reverend Mary Baker G. Eddy, that she, like Jesus, is God (the Christ) made “manifest in the flesh.”  Jesus is the man God-crowned and Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crowned (notice she wears the Christ mantle).  And because of both of their God-crowned missions, then each of us, as the spiritual ideal of God can also claim our own Christhood!  We too, are generic man, or the woman God-crowned, for we are married to God.
     The seven-pointed star shines down upon Mary Baker Eddy enveloping her in a pyramid of light.  Her right hand is at a right angle and points upward.  Even her eyes look toward heaven.  Her left hand curves downward toward the old man in the bed.  In Christian Science healing there is no reason for the practitioner to physically touch the patient, so there is no hand contact between Mary and her patient.  In the New Testament it mentions the “laying on of the hand.”  The disciples did this, however, were they really physically touching their patients or were they “laying on the power of God” instead?  I feel that there is no touching here because Christian Science healing takes place in the mental realm.  Also, Mary Baker Eddy wanted it made clear that her students were not to manipulate the patient with their hands because this was what the mesmerists did.  The possible reason why Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy hold hands in CHRIST HEALING and in CHRISTIAN UNITY is because they are spiritually married or unified as the male representative of Christ and the female representative of Christ.
     In earlier illustrations Mary’s mantle was black.  In the third edition, of 1897, illustration (seen below) her mantle is white.  “About 1896 or 1897 an interesting incident occurred.  At a gathering of students the Leader had been teaching (probably at Pleasant View), Edward A. Kimball made a statement that caused Mrs. Eddy to whirl around and say, ‘Where did you learn that?’  Mr. Kimball replied, ‘Why, Mrs. Eddy, it is in Science and Health.’
     “After all the long years of waiting, one student had opened the book!  What a joyful day!  It had been more than twenty years since Mrs. Eddy wrote:  ‘We have faith this book will do its work, though not fully understood in the nineteenth century.’ (PV 414:1[12])  And now that faith was seeing fulfillment, one student, at long last, had loosed the seals and opened the book.  And yet, we will see in illustration 7 that the child is not depicted as a boy but as a girl.  So, Mr. Kimball represented the first man to open up the Textbook and this leaves a woman to complement his deed, or to compass his understanding of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.
     “Beginning in 1897 the sentence in Christian Healing was changed to read:  ‘I waited many years for a student to reach the ability to teach; it included more than they understood.’ (14:22)”[13]
     Could this be the reason why Mary’s mantle was no longer black in the second Illustration for CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING?
     There is medicine on a table behind the man (the use of it is forever behind him, he needs it no longer).  The bed’s perspective is off.  This was done on purpose to symbolize that mesmerism (the deep sleep) is not reality.
     Behind Mary Baker Eddy is a woman in prayer.  This could be Mary’s symbol of “getting Mary out of the way” putting her outside of the room like Jesus did in order to resurrect the twelve-year-old Jairus’ daughter from death.  The woman also probably represents the old type of prayer, while Mary Baker Eddy presents the correct type of prayer describe in her second chapter “Prayer.”  I later came to think that this woman could be the third advent of Christ (Martha-Sharon-Dinah-Gabriel).

First Bible verse for illustration 6:  If Christ be in you, the [physical] body is dead because of sin; but the spirit [God-likeness] is Life because of righteousness. — St. Paul.  (The word physical is my interpolation.  The other one is found in Christ and Christmas.)

Second Bible verse for illustration 6:  But such as I have give I thee:  in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. — St. Paul.[14]

First Edition

First Edition

Ninth Zone

Zebulun “dwelling.”  “Now will my husband dwell with me,” Leah says when Zebulun is born.  “Leah’s real husband is God, her Maker” (Isa 54:5).  “The stage is reached where the divine veritably dwells with the human, and there is no more belief in two polarized worlds.  This is Immanuel, God with us.  Heaven and earth are demonstrably one.  This is the moment, in Revelation, when the heavenly city [symbolized by the circle] has descended to earth, and the Lamb is wedded to the bride.  But this fact must be understood in its universal Science.”[15]  The circle is also symbolic of God and Life, and feminine protectionJeremiah said that a “woman shall compass a man.”  Does this mean that a woman God-crowned will encompass (mentally gestate) a man (generic man)?

First Edition

First Edition

Verse 12 for illustration 9:

“For Christian Science brings to view

     The great I Am,

Omniscient power, — gleaming through

     Mind, mother, man.”

     I actually like  the word “winged” from the First Edition because it makes me think of the fourth living creature for Science – the flying eagle.  I feel that “Omniscient power” is much better wording than “With all His glory.”

Verse 13 for illustration 9:

“As in blest Palestina’s hour,

     So in our age,

‘Tis the same hand unfolds His power,

     And writes the page.”

     (“So in our age” is reference to the 19th century.  She could also be speaking of the Age of Aquarius, thought to have begun, by some, in 1882, but it may have begun in 1969, 1996, 2000, or 2012.  It is not exactly known when the Age of Aquarius really begins.  Aquarius, the water bearer, is the third living creature for Christianity.  Aquarius, an air symbol, has water.  Water is the element for Science [the flying eagle], the fourth living creature.)

Graphic “print A” – ‘Tis the same hand unfolds His power,

     And writes the page.

First Edition

First Edition

     And finally this graphic type tells us that the woman in CHRISTIAN UNITY is Reverend Mary Baker G. Eddy and the scroll that she holds in her left hand (of Womanhood), that reads “CHRISTIAN SCIENCE,” is her Textbook – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  For it is the same hand of God that unfolds His power, and writes the pages of the Christian Science Textbook.  This Textbook is the tree of life with its leaves (pages) for the healing of the twelve nations of Israel.  The window (seen below) is based upon SEEKING AND FINDING, however, it is different, Mary’s posture is different.  Because she has her pen in hand, I call this window – “T’IS THE SAME HAND THAT WRITES THE PAGE.”  This window is located at the HEAD of the Boston Edifice in Mother’s Room (Consciousness).

     CHRISTIAN UNITY is the only circled illustration.  Yet, inside the circle is found the square (section of earth) and the triangle (light descending).  To me this symbolizes the United (circle) Paramount (pyramid) Network (square) Matrix found within WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.

     I have read that people objected to this ninth Illustration because the halo of light around Jesus’s head was not as great as the light around Mary’s head.  It is easy to explain why Mary Baker Eddy did this and it has to do with Revelation.  In chapter 1 of Revelation Jesus, the Son of man, has only seven stars (for his crown), yet the woman in chapter 12 has twelve stars (for her crown).  We must recognize, however, that Mary Baker Eddy, being the woman, is the higher idea.  Did Jesus write down his method of healing or the system of Science?  No, he did not, unless he did so in the ‘Q’ Document, spoken of in The Da Vinci Code, it was the woman that was given this mission to fulfill.
     In CHRIST HEALING Mary’s left hand holds Jesus’ right hand and in CHRISTIAN UNITY Mary’s right hand holds Jesus’ left hand.  Also in the ninth illustration Mary is wearing her mantle while Jesus’ mantle is off (over his lap).  This means that the Lamb’s bride has uncloaked the Lamb and that his God-crown mission is over while her God-crown mission is taking place.  Jesus’ left hand and Mary’s right hand join and form the shape of a U for Unity.  Mary’s left arm and Jesus’ right arm are right angels (correct viewpoints).  Another explanation of why Jesus black robe is off could be that because of Mary Baker Eddy’s words and works she explained the Truth about Jesus.  She corrected the dark cloak (evil’s hiding) of who Jesus truly is because of the false teachings brought into Christianity by ecclesiastical despotism, scholastic theology, and mortal dogma.  She was able to take off this dark cloak and show the Light of Christ Jesus to the world.  This would also explain why her cloak may be dark in the early editions of Christ and Christmas.  When she first made the book Christ and Christmas she did it to bring light into her student’s and pupil’s conscious thought.  Their consciousness was dark in regards to her place in Bible prophecy and she needed to explain it to them, via symbols, in order for The First Church to get built in time.  Her true mission was cloaked to many of her students and pupils.

First Bible verse for illustration 9:  For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in Heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. — Christ Jesus.

     Mary Baker Eddy did do the will of Jesus’ Father (God)!

Second Bible verse for illustration 9:  And there shall be one fold [one Christ-mass], and one shepherd [one Christ]. — Christ Jesus.

First Edition

First Edition

Third Zone

Judah.  A corporeal material belief progressing and disappearing; the spiritual understanding of God and man appearing.” (S&H 589:24)


First Edition

First Edition

Verse 4 for illustration 3:

“What the Beloved knew and taught,

     Science repeats,

Through understanding, dearly sought,

With fierce heart-beats;”

Graphic “cursive B” –


First Edition

First Edition

     This sixth graphic type is used on the copyright page (which comes after the Title page) for the words “All rights reserved.”  Mary Baker G. Eddy holds “all rights reserved” not the The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (as later put forth by Boston in later editions).  This is what a modern day copy says on its “All rights reserved” page:  “The facsimile of the signature of Mary Baker Eddy and the design of the Cross and Crown seal [which are seen on the flip side of this page] are trademarks of the Christian Science Board of Directors, registered in the United States and other countries”.

Second Edition copyright page

Second Edition copyright page

     The sixth graphic type is used for SEEKING AND FINDING and CHRISTMAS EVE (even though the type is smaller in CHRISTMAS EVE).  SEEKING AND FINDING depicts Mary Baker Glover, quite clearly, looking down upon and studying an open Bible – “Through [spiritual] understanding [The Third Degree], dearly sought [within and throughout the open BIBLE], with fierce heart-beats [with excited discovery my heart beats].”  The light from the seven-pointed star (the morning star which is Venus) shines down upon her, but it is also clear that Mary Glover has her own inner light, from the halo depicted around her head.  We may ask why her dress is dark when the dress in CHRIST HEALING is white.  Her dress was white in CHRIST HEALING because it was showing us who the Lamb’s bride is, this is her true identity, and it was this identity that was awakened within her consciousness in 1866.  In SEEKING AND FINDING we see the persona of Mary Baker Eddy (dressed in black) yet there are tinges of white (her true divine identity) popping out along the edges (depicted by the white lace on the dress’s sleeve and neckline).  At this time in history, 1874-75, her true identity is cloaked or clothed within a cloud (like the angel of Revelation 10).  The first Venus transit took place (during her God-crowned mission) on Wednesday, December 9, 1874.  This was after the bulk of the first edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH had been written, but the final chapter dealing with the serpent of animal magnetism still had to be written before the book could be published.  It was something that Mary Baker Glover did not want to do, but she realized that she had to do it.  Wednesday was named after the Norse god – Odin and the Roman god Mercury.   Mercury’s feet could be described like Revelation 10’s angel’s feet.  Mercury was called the messenger of the gods.  A messenger is one of God’s angels.  Odin is symbolic of knowledge (science).  December 9th takes place during the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, the Archer.  This may not mean anything to most people, but it points me back to my Archer Cloud dream-vision I had in 1996, and this cloud was symbolic of Mary Baker Glover Eddy and The Da Vinci Code.
     The Grandmother’s clock behind her is interesting as it represents Revelation 12:1-5.  However, it also depicts the same slice of Keystone Pie as found in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  This keystone depicts the woman God-crowned.  The keystone found directly to its right is the Open Bible Keystone.  Hence, Mary Glover’s beginning point in understanding the Bible’s matrix structure was with the Word as the Word, and this made the BIBLE an open book (it became unsealed) to her.

The Woman God-crown Keystone

     Perhaps it is my imagination, but does not this woman in the Keystone resemble Mary Baker Eddy?  I think she does.
     Behind Mary Baker Glover, on the floor, is a talking serpent (it has human like teeth and a forked tongue).  This serpent represents the serpent coiled around the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden’s hub of activity.  It represents animal magnetism (mesmerism, hypnotism, etc.)  Even the idea of a coil points us to electricity.  Mary Baker Eddy had to unmask animal magnetism before her first edition could even be born (be published).  You can see, in the illustrations above, that the First Edition of Christ and Christmas is clearer.  You can see that there are swirls of serpent snakes above the serpent on the floor.  These swirls represent the mist of Eden and the red dragon of Revelation, for you can see multiple heads in the swirls.  These wisps of serpents represent hidden evil (animal magnetism) that come before evil is experienced by the physical senses.  This particular Illustration points us directly to the time when Mary Baker Eddy had to work on her final chapter “Healing the Sick” for the first edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  Why?  Because it depicts the attic room she lived in at #8 Broad Street in Lynn, Massachusetts.  The bulk of SCIENCE AND HEALTH was written before she moved into #8.
     One more significant thing about this illustration is that Mary’s right hand touches her brow.  This brow represents the brow of the angel of Revelation 10 who descends down with the little open book (SCIENCE AND HEALTH).  As Mary Baker Eddy writes on page 558 of the Textbook, “To mortal sense Science seems at first obscure, abstract, and dark [like her dress]; but a bright promise crowns its brow [like her halo].  When understood, it is Truth’s prism and praise.”[16]  Mary Baker Glover Eddy IS this angel of Revelation 10.  This right hand, which also symbolizes original power, or the first power, represents her eventual executive power over The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, which she writes the Church Manual with.

On November 1, 2014 I had the following two visions.  The first one is depicted below as a door.  If this door were inside a circle the sun would hit the same area that the Woman God-crowned Keystone is located on WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.Christ door     The second vision was of the angel of Revelation 10.  I saw the back of his (her) head and I knew that the angel was Mary Baker Eddy.  Then I saw a burst of rainbow colors (“Truth’s prism and praise”) go out from her brow.  It was like an explosion.  I knew that it represented the seven synonymous terms for God being distributed to the four corners of the earth.  After I had this vision I was watching the DVD movie about Noah’s ark.  At the end of the movie Noah’s daughter-in-law gives birth to twin girls.  Then when God makes his covenant with Noah, the account is different from the one in Genesis, Noah is with only two sons, his wife, his daughter-in-law, and she is holding the twin daughters (I call them Mary and Martha).  Then I see an arch of rainbow lights go outward into the sky!  It was exactly like my vision in the way it looked.  I realized that this version of Noah’s story has to do with the Seventh Day of Love.

Bible verse for illustration 3:  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. — Christ Jesus.

     In illustration 3 there is the Morning Star shining down upon her receptacle – Mary Baker Eddy.  If this light is extinguished, as in illustration 4, by ecclesiastical despotism, scholastic theology, and dogma (the hidden many heads of the red dragon serpent) then there will be sin, sickness, disease, and death (the visible many heads of the red dragon serpent) even though we are Christians and celebrate Christmas.

First Edidtion

First Edition

Forth Zone

Dan (Jacob’s son).  Animal magnetism; so-called mortal mind controlling mortal mind; error, working out the designs of error; one belief preying upon another.” (S&H 583:26)

Graphic – “cursive B” (smaller in size)

First Edition

First Edition

Verse 5 for illustration 4:

“Thus Christ, eternal and divine,

     To celebrate

As Truth demands, — this Living Vine

     Ye demonstrate.”

Verse 6 for illustration 4:

“For Heaven’s Christus, earthly Eves,

     By Adam bid,

Make merriment on Christmas eves,

     O’er babe and crib.”

Graphic “cursive B” –

First Edition

First Edition

     CHRISTMAS EVE  depicts what happens when religious rights outweigh the copyrights of Mary Baker Eddy.  This illustration is smaller than all the other illustrations in the book.  This is done on purpose because this particular part of the poem represents animal magnetism that must be cast out.  It is a very negative illustration.  This illustration depicts what happens to the Cause of Christian Science when it rejects Mary Baker G. Eddy as their Reverend (Revered Leader), for she is the second coming of Christ.  There is no Starlight (divine light); only electric light is depicted.  Electricity has to do with animal magnetism and the Adam man who was fooled or taken in by the “talking serpent.”  A coiled serpent is found wrapped around the giant Christmas tree’s trunk.  This tree represents the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  How fortunate for us, however, that the tree is decapitated (has no governing crown)!  This tree is dead, cut off from its roots!  Notice the blue letters I saw in the tree.  A ‘T’ for Truth and the letters M, B, and Eddy.  And is it possible that the shape next to the word Eddy, which looks like a woman, is Mary Baker Eddy?  Also depicted, near the top (where there is yellow), is what I call the Immanuel head (looks like a choir boy).

Close up of Christmas tree with the coiled serpent and the Holy Trinity.

     The chosen line is “Make merriment on Christmas eves [plural] O’er babe and crib.”  This illustration presents a Christmas (a Christ mass) celebration.  In TRUTH versus ERROR The Christ (Truth) states, “No mass for me.”  So this fourth illustration opposes what is depicted in the tenth illustration with the woman but repeats what is viewed through the window with the adulterers inside the mansion.  And this brings me to the title of the book itself.  Christ represents the Christ Head, while Christmas represents the Christ body or congregation (sometimes called a flock).  What good is the Christ Mass without its Christ Head (with its Head Leader being decapitated)?  In “CHRISTMAS EVE” the Goliath physical sense tree of knowledge has no head, it has no Christ Leader or Shepherd (no Mother’s Room), yet the Christ Mass – or body of Christianity is blindly following Adam’s religious bidding to celebrate the birth of Christ (who in Truth was never born and never died; Jesus was not even born on December 25th), for, as Scriptures reports, he was like the order of Melchizedek (the fisher-king).  The priest Melchizedek is first mentioned in Genesis, in the story of Abram.
     There is a piano in the lower right hand corner, however, nobody is playing it; Christ’s hymn (the operation of “Christ’s hands” – the seven synonymous terms for God and the divine calculus is not being considered at all as being important) is not heard.
     CHRISTMAS EVE depicts an old woman, dressed in black (The First Degree), sitting in a rocking chair.  This chair is tied to two later illustrations.  Her right hand holds a cane (The First Degree of Cain) and on her lap is a tablet with a matrix pattern.  She does not comprehend its meaning.  However, the girl dressed in white (The Third Degree) understands and is touching the old woman’s left arm (secondary power) with her right hand.

First Bible verse for illustration 4:  The tabret and pipe, and wine, are in their feasts:  but they regard not the work of the Lord, neither consider the operation of His hands. — Isaiah.

Second Bible verse for illustration 4:  Man that is born of a [mortal] woman is of few days, and full of trouble. — Job.

     Notice that in the illustration directly below we can once again see the hidden serpents.  They are upon the “CLOSED BIBLE”!

First Edition

First Edition

Seventh Zone

Asher (Jacob’s son).  Hope and faith; spiritual compensation; the ills of the flesh rebuked.” (S&H 581:15)

Verse 10 for illustration 7:

First Edition

First Edition

“Thus olden faith’s pale star now blends

     In seven-hued white!

Life, without birth and without end,

     Emitting light!”

Graphic “print B” –

First Edition

First Edition

     The seventh type is graphic “print B.”  It is for the last three illustrations I am now going to tell you about.  The first is “SUFFER [Permit] THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.”  “Me” refers to “Christ”, yet because the girl is holding the Christian Science Textbook we could see “Me” as standing for the Christ Mind of “Mary Eddy.”  In this illustration the young girl (the Lamb of God) sits on a foursquare chair that represents divine Science.  The perspective on the rung of the chair is purposely off.  The rungs are like a ramp winding its way around the Pyramid Matrix of Truth taking one upward.  The girl’s two feet (spiritual understanding) are resting upon the level of Spirit.  This girl is the female who encompasses Edward Kimball, she accomplishes opening up the seven seals of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  Edward Kimball’s line of spiritual teaching lead to Bicknell Young who was John Doorly’s teacher.  It is Womanhood that finishes the work that John Doorly and his students brought forth in the 1940’s-1990’s.  This girl’s God-crowned mission began in the 1990’s even though she came forth in 1957.  This girl is the one who opens up Sharon’s Rose Matrix (the circular matrix structure of Christ and Christmas that coincides with Window of the Open Book [Sharon’s Rose matrix, which is the name I gave to it, was first presented to me by two Doorly students.  Also, Sharon’s Rose is only mentioned by Mary Baker Eddy in Christ and Christmas.]).  Below is a picture of the twelfth petal to Sharon’s Rose Matrix and below that are the three windows in Mother’s Room.  What I find interesting is that if you look at these flowers they resemble the flowers found in the bay window of Mother’s Room.  The three Stars are actually flowers.  These white flowers, even though they have seven petals instead of six, are called the Star of Bethlehem Flower (Hyacinthaceae Ornithogalum umbellatum).  So what this means is that there are three advents for these three windows where God is manifest in the flesh (in human heart) as the Christ.  The Christ comes in order to destroy incarnate error.  Another interesting thing about the twelfth petal is that it matches up with the twelfth Keystone of WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK with its Big Dipper Keystone (seen below the bay windows).  This acts as a guide so that we understand exactly how the illustrations of Christ and Christmas line up with WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  Notice also how the seven stars for the Big Dipper Keystone match the Stars seen in Mother’s Room, they too are Star-Flowers.

Part of Sharon's Rose

Part of Sharon’s Rose

Bay WindowThe Big Dipper Keystone

Star of Bethlehem Flower

Star of Bethlehem Flower

     In the girl’s hands is the open book of SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES – the actual open book in the capstone hub-center of WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK (for which the window is actually named for).  The girl is in white and she sits in a pyramid of light (remember Mary Baker Eddy stood in the pyramid of light from the seven-pointed star).  This light also descends from the seven-pointed Star, yet a greater source of light shines back up into her face from the book itself.  So olden faith’s pale star of Bethlehem now blends (combines into an integrated whole that produces harmony), in seven-hued white, with the Star of Boston’s pages of Salvation, or the leaves of the tree of life.  This helps us understand why Mary Baker Eddy’s crown of light is greater than Jesus’ crown of light in CHRISTIAN UNITY.
     In the same rocking chair from CHRISTMAS EVE is the “olden faith” man in black looking to the Lamb of God (the girl who is the spiritual ideal).  On the table next to him is a closed BIBLE; he does not understand it, as he does not have the Key of David with the seven synonymous terms for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  Also, on the table (in some editions), is a loaf of bread and a knife (it is hard to make out, but it is there), representing the woman’s leavened bread.
     Behind the man is a Grandfather’s clock.  We are reminded of the Grandmother’s clock in SEEKING AND FINDING.  It reads 5:05, so it points us to Revelation 5:1-5 about the seven-sealed book and the Lamb who is found worthy of opening it up.  Relating the clock to WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, it combines the Open Bible Keystone (the Word as the Word) and three other keystones that have to do with Science:  the Word as Science (The Golden Shores of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony), the Christ as Science (The Concord Grapevine), and Christianity as Science (The Big Dipper).  These are the three Science (key’s) tones[17] of Christ’s Hymn.

Window of the Open Book

     Underneath the illustration is the same graphic type found on the title page used for “Third Edition, revised.”  The quote reads, “I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent [the old man of scholastic theology], and hast revealed them unto babes [“Lamb of God.  The spiritual idea of Love; self-immolation; innocence and purity; sacrifice.” S&H 590:9]. – Jesus.

Bible verse for illustration 7:  Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God. — St. Paul.

     This is the Third Advent of Christ where each (generic) man (including each woman and each child) come to the recognition and spiritual understanding that he (generic man) is without (a material) father, without (a material) mother, without descent (no lineage from mortal minded DNA; nor has man ever fallen from heaven or grace), having neither beginning of days (being born into matter) nor end of life (dying out of matter); but made (created spiritual) like unto the Son of God.  It was Mary Baker Eddy who opened up (unlocked) the BIBLE and it is Martha Jones-Smith who opens up SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES and reopens the BIBLE with the Key of David.

First Edition

First Edition

Eighth Zone

Issachar (Jacob’s son).  A corporeal belief; the offspring of error; envy; hatred; selfishness; self-will; lust.” (S&H 589:1)

Verse 11 for illustration 8:

First Edition

First Edition

“The Way, the Truth, the Life – His word –

     Are here, and now

Christ’s silent healing, heaven heard,

     Crowns the pale brow.”

Graphic “print B” – Christ’s silent healing, heaven heard,

Crowns the pale brow.

First Edition

First Edition

     From the “pale star” we come to the “pale brow” in TREATING THE SICK.
     Some definitions of pale means, “not bright or brilliant; to enclose with pales:  fence; picket; a space of field having bounds: enclosure; a territory or district within certain bounds or under a particular jurisdiction; an area or the limits within which one is privileged or protected (as from censure); involving or dealing with ancient forms or conditions; early:  primitive:  archaic.”[18]  In this sense, one can understand that a “pale brow” would be the conscious mind of a man, or woman, that is limited by old religious creeds and false teachings about God and man.  It is the fenced in (limited) thought produced by material organization that closes up SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES to the members of the Church.  They do not understand its matrix structure like the girl in “SUFFER THE CHILDREN…” does.  Those in charge at the Boston Center have forbidden members the use of the Key of David.  One definition of key is “chart” like found on a map grid.  This map grid is a matrix structure of an area of land, and the key of the map helps one to decipher the codes on the map.  John Doorly and his students laid out the Textbook’s square matrix map and provided its Key of David.  For this work Doorly and some of his students were excommunicated from The Mother Church.  And these advanced teachings became taboo, or “unauthorized literature.”  Christian Scientists became afraid to read these works because they were afraid that these writings would lead them astray or they were afraid of becoming excommunicated from the Church.
     This eighth illustration depicts the same rocking chair, only this time a woman in white sits in it.  In her lap is a closed SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  So it makes sense that her right hand is upon her pale brow.  She, as the Christian Science practitioner, is not able to raise the man up who is asleep in the giant bed.  Practitioners cannot continue to heal if their work is nothing more than faith healing.  This man represents Adam, and he somewhat resembles the Adam man standing by the Christmas tree in CHRISTMAS EVE.  The bed in this illustration is too big and its perspective is off.  It is much worse than the bed in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING.
     Yet, with the understanding of whom Reverend Mary Baker G. Eddy really is, the practitioner will be able to wake up Adam man from his deep mesmeric sleep that corporeal life resides in matter.  But it takes even more than the acceptance and acknowledgment of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and as Reverend.  The Christian Science practitioner must stop being dictated to by the ecclesiastical despotic Board of Directors in Boston (a pale brow).  They must begin to “think” for themselves and be free from Church limitations that go along with material organization.
     Today’s practitioners are too caught up in small details about their patients.  They ask the patients, “Do you go to Church?  Do you study the Bible lessons each day?  Do you take vitamins?”  And some say, “Mary Baker Eddy is not the second coming of Christ, nor is she the woman God-crowned!”  Is not this why they fail to “heal the sick”?  It is also a fact that the word “treating” means that the practitioner must handle the serpent of animal magnetism.

Bible verse for illustration 8:  Heal the sick. — Christ Jesus.

     Heal the sick without any religious objections to taking on a patient!  Just DO it!  Did Jesus ask the blind man if he went to Temple every week, or made a sacrifice during Passover?  Did Jesus care if the priests got mad or angry with him for disobeying their dogma and scholastic theological WAYS?  He went into the Temple and threw out the money changers because he did not care about what mortal mind thought, he only cared about what Mind knew!
     Did Mary Baker Eddy care if a newspaperman was writing negative comments about her in the newspaper?  No, instead she healed him of his throat cancer!  Did she deny anyone because they might smoke or drink?  No.  Did she tell her students that they had better go to church or they would not be able to heal the sick?  No, in fact she was pleased when they realized that they did not need to attend church.  Did she stay away from sick people who were under the influence of medicine?  No.  She never said, “I cannot treat you because of the medicine.”  Did she tell them to be good little Scientists and read the Bible lessons on a daily basis or they would fail to heal people?  I doubt it!  Mary Baker Eddy would pass by a stranger, who was in trouble, and they would be healed instantaneously.  She did not care what church they went to or if they even went to church.  She just followed Jesus’ command, “Heal the sick.”
     So where do all these hang-ups come from that the practitioners have today?  They come from the religious material organization called The Mother Church of Boston (not to be confused with The First Church of Christ Scientist).

Second Edition

Second Edition (The site that had the First Edition did not have this illustration in it, even though it had the rest of the poem pages, so I am using the illustration from the Second Edition. Notice that there is a boarder around this drawing.)

Eleventh Zone

Joseph.  A corporeal mortal; a higher sense of Truth rebuking mortal belief, or error, and showing the immortality and supremacy of Truth; pure affection blessing its enemies.

Verse 15 for illustration 11:

First Edition

First Edition

“No blight, no broken wing, no moan,

     Truth’s fane can dim;

Eternal swells Christ’s music-tone,

     In Heaven’s hymn.”

Graphic “print B” – Eternal swells Christ’s music=tone,

In Heaven’s hymn.”

First Edition

First Edition

     And the final illustration for this graphic type, and in the book itself is, “THE WAY.”  The first illustration of “THE WAY” is before The Mother Church is built so there is no black cross in it.  At this point there is only the divine and human crowned-cross that is planted in the earth.  Above the mortal minded grey cross we see the Christ man ascending out of corporeal thought.  What is it that helps man to ascend from the physical?  It is the music-tones (the matrix structure) found within SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  This second illustration of “THE WAY” shows us that “THE WAY” to ascend is to end material organized church (the black cross), then one must accept the human and divine coincidence (the crowned with flowers grey cross), and finally spiritually understand “I am Christ, the God-crowned Son of God.”  The first illustration has the shape of a circular triangle that resembles half an egg, or loaf of bread, or a woman’s breast.  I have read it may symbolize the womb of a woman; certainly it sort of has the shape of a pregnant woman’s stomach.  It is safe to say that the shape is a feminine symbol.  It is a strong possibility that the second drawing for “THE WAY” is drawn this way, after 1903, because Mary Baker Eddy gave up her role as Mother so that she could allow the Bride to descend.  The second “THE WAY” presents the square matrix shape.  This square shape is what was needed when those in charge of The Mother Church and the majority of the Field held on to material organization (motherhood) after December 3, 1910.  It would be left up to Doorly, Kapler, Brown, Morgan, Wright, and other Independents to bring down the walls of Jericho (organized church) so that divine Science could be freely distributed throughout the world.
     In the first “THE WAY” there is a man floating in the air, if he is Jesus he looks different from the other illustrations of Jesus.  So this man could represent generic man.  He is surrounded by many images of people (angels?).  Above him is the dove of divine Science with no olive branch of peace.  This dove represents Mary Baker Eddy while the dove, which does have an olive branch of peace in its beak, in the second “THE WAY” represents the Bride City of divine Science that descends after 1903I think that the first dove represents Jacob’s eleventh son Joseph (but I could be wrong, it may symbolize Benjamin).  Joseph represented the woman God-crowned (Mary Baker Eddy).  He was given the coat of many colors (these coats were given to female virgins).  Joseph’s brothers wanted to follow ecclesiastic despotism and this is why they sold him into bondage – Joseph was taken down into Egypt (material bondage).  Eventually, because of a spiritual drought, Joseph would bring all the twelve tribes down into Egypt.  Mary Baker Eddy had to do the same thing – so this is why she allowed her students to build The First Church of Christ Scientist.  It was a “suffer [permit] it to be so now” reconciliation.  Below, in the second illustration of “THE WAY” is a black cross, the cross of organized religion that leads to death.  There is also the same cross (as seen above) in the second “THE WAY” floating above ground.  The cross (seen above and below) is crowned with forget-me-not lilies.  So long as we remember who Mary Baker Eddy really is, so long as we understand her human and divine coincidence,  we will overcome slavery and bondage of mortal mind and physicality.  There is also a flock (congregation) of birds.  There are nine birds flying around the cross and sitting upon the cross.  These birds represent differing degrees of thought (as spoken of on S&H 115:19-116:3) and probably the nine names found in “Glossary” having to do with Jacob.
     Joseph actually represents Womanhood, as his coat of many colors was given to female virgins (“a bow within a cloud” covenant was made between Noah and his triplet sons; the angel of Revelation 10 upholds this covenant).  It is Joseph’s second son that is given the blessing by Jacob to fulfill the Arch Covenant (the Bow = Arch).  This second son represents the “affirmation of Truth.”  Joseph’s first son represents the “denial of error.”  Both sons (spiritual ideas) are necessary in Christian Science treatment; however, affirmation of Truth is of first importance and must come FIRST.
     The names of Joseph and Ephraim, Joseph’s second son, refer to an extension.  Mary Baker Eddy called The First Church Extension the Crown.  So what exactly does this mean?  The city foursquare (divine Science, the dove) descended from (is in line with) heaven (harmony).  So long as the city foursquare utilized its walls for spiritual protection instead of material limitations her Church would extend out into the world – it would become the city of our God (Christian Science).  But this did not take place.  This is probably what Mary Baker Eddy saw one day in a vision.  She saw the Extension and grew sick from what she saw.  She saw ecclesiastical despotic leadership running her Church.  She never set foot in the Extension.
     The chosen words for the eleventh illustration is “Eternal swells Christ’s music=tone, In heaven’s hymn.”  I find it interesting that the hyphen is actually an equal sign!  So, Christ’s music in heaven’s hymn equals the key-tones for the divine calculus presented to us in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  And the circle pattern for the eleven illustrations of Christ and Christmas is actually Sharon’s rose that “must bud and bloom In human heart.”*  So let us begin to understand and accept that the manifestation of God came in the flesh as Reverend Mary Baker Glover Eddy the same as with Jesus Christ!
     In an early edition of the Church Manual there were the twelve First Members.  Each of these First Members had a star by their name.  The only First Member that ever lost his star was Benjamin – Mary Baker Eddy’s adopted son Foster-Eddy.

* “God was manifest in the flesh.” – St. Paul.

Bible verse for illustration 11:  And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. — Christ Jesus.

     And now we come to the twelfth and final zone.  Immediately upon Benjamin’s birth Rachel dies.  Rachel represents motherhood.  Rachel’s death reminds us of the death of Sarah.  As mother Sarah had to die.  When she died her son Isaac (who represented the Christ during the Second Day of Soul it the Old Testament) was able to wed his bride.  Likewise, Jacob’s idea of motherhood (or a false type of government – like with a Mother Church) had to die before he found his bride.  The false sense of “Benjamin (Jacob’s son).  A physical belief as to life, substance, and mind; human knowledge, or so-called mortal mind, devoted to matter; pride; envy; fame; illusion; a false belief; error masquerading as the possessor of life; strength, animation, and power to act.” (S&H 582:4) This erroneous sense of Benjamin had to die in Jacob’s consciousness.
     When this took place then Joseph, as the Virgin Bride, could descend down into Egypt and become its salvation with her coat of many colors.

The Seven Points B

Twelfth Zone

Benjamin (Jacob’s son).  “Renewal of affections; self-offering; an improved state of mortal mind; the introduction of a more spiritual origin; a gleam of the infinite idea of the infinite Principle; a spiritual type; that which comforts, consoles, and supports.” (S&H 582:9)

Second Edition

Second Edition

“AND he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

“And I will give him the MORNING STAR.

“—St. John, Revelation.”

Second Edition

Second Edition

     Later on the photographer’s name is dropped from the artist’s title page.


Second Edition

Second Edition




     The following is from The Individual Christian Scientist published by Doris Grekel.  This is from Volume XXVII, Number 3 from November 2002 (pages 10-19).  It is her idea of what the differing types of Christ and Christmas symbolize.  I do not disagree with her, but as you read above, I think there is more to it then what she has provided or written about, as I feel that we must look to the first page to understand further what the differing types are all about.  As far as I know  I am the first one to do this.


     IN tracing Mrs. Eddy’s footsteps I learned that she did much of the mental work for the Movement, much pondering and planning for her Cause in the still small hours when others were asleep.  As a consequence, I learned not to fret over a sleepless night, but to endeavor to make those wakeful hours spiritually profitable.  I began to spend them pondering something I had committed to memory such as our Leader’s hymns.

Night Work
     The other night I was reviewing the wonderful message which came when I pursued the point that Mrs. Eddy had made to James Gilman (her artist at the easel) as he sat by her side while she showed him the first copy of the first edition of Christ and Christmas.  The point was the different styles of type she had used.
     I first endeavored to share this message in the pages of The Founding of Christian Science, but there was no response from readers.  I decided that the message needed the illustrations alongside the different type styles, so retold the story in the March, 2000 issue of The Individual Christian Scientist.  Alas!  I learned a lesson!

Message Lost
     The third edition of Christ and Christmas which we had used in this article for both the illustrations and type styles (or fonts) still had the different styles of type, but they had been mixed around so that the message they had conveyed in the first edition had been obliterated.  (The serpent is ever at the heel of the Woman.)  As soon as we discovered this we sent out a correction.  Nonetheless, the type styles which directed the order of the illustrations once again were not alongside the pictures.
     As I pondered the difficulties in getting this message across, I recalled the many hurdles in Mrs. Eddy’s path when she was endeavoring to publish Unity of Good.  At that time she wrote to her student Ellen Brown in Chicago that Unity of Good “was needed or it would never have taken about six months to get published.  The way is always blocked in proportion to the weight of good that is to be carried over it.” (Dis 370)

Way Blocked
     About the same time in a letter to Edward A. Kimball in 1893 she had written:  “For the world to understand me in my true light, and life, would do more for our Cause than aught else could.  This I learn from the fact that the enemy tries harder to hide these two things from the world than to win any other points.” (DCC 112)  [Notice the year of the letter to Kimball is the same year that Christ and Christmas was published and she speaks of her “true light, and life.”]
     The “true light and life” of the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science is of Spirit not of matter.  It is the spiritual idea from infinite Mind, the one, lone brave individual who came to the chaos of this darkened world to waken the sleeping thought and “break earth’s stupid rest.”  This divine idea, known humanly as Mary Baker Eddy, knocks at the door of human consciousness, and, as the illustration depicts, mortal mind is so occupied with its own activities that the child thought alone sees the messenger of Truth and Love standing at the door.  This is the message from type style number one [what I call cursive A] which starts with illustration number one “Star of Bethlehem,” (“The star of Bethlehem is the star of Boston.”) and takes us directly to illustration number 10, “Truth versus Error.”

Type style number 2 [what I call print A] follows this spiritual idea beginning with picture number 2 “Christ Healing.”

     From “Christ Healing” this font takes us to the spiritual beings in “Christmas Morn,” picture number 5 — our first glimpse of God’s Two Witnesses (unidentified).[1]  “And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophecy a thousand two hundred and threescore days [42 months = an indefinite time, for however long it may take], clothed in sackcloth.  These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.” (Rev 11:3-4)  From this first glimpse of spiritual being, this second type style takes us to “Christian Science Healing” in picture number 6; and thence from this Christly healing on to eternity in the perfect circle in picture number 9 which clearly identifies God’s Two Witnesses.

     The first two type styles [have told us] tell the spiritual facts.  The next two type styles [from here on] depict the human experience.  Type style number 3 takes us back to picture number 3, the Woman “Seeking and Finding,” with the serpent (baring the teeth of a man) behind her waiting to devour her child as soon as it is born.[2]
     Type style 3 [which I call “print B”] takes us next to the atmosphere into which the Woman had to try to introduce her wondrous discovery, — picture number 4 “Christmas Eve.”

     But the woman and her discovery did penetrate human stolidity and reach receptive hearts as type style number 4 [what I call “print B”] indicates in pictures numbers 7, 8, and 11.  However, picture number 8 “Treating the Sick” is the second illustration with no spiritual light.  It depicts an improved state of human consciousness and most of the Christian Science practice at that time.  But it does not have the spiritual light from above as expressed in “Christian Science Healing.”

     The last illustration, “The Way,” is a picture of the human concept of the way.  Early editions have the cross with birds and flowers and Jesus in the sky.  Later editions have two crosses, the first one very dark, and a crown in the sky.  Devout Christians, including many who call themselves Christian Scientists, see the path as a very dark cross which becomes lighter as we rise and progress.  But the crown, heaven, is a long way off up in the sky.  The human concept of heaven is always in another place at some future time.
     Contrasting the human concept with the divine idea, we learn that heaven is here and now.  With the advent of the “little book” there shall be time no longer.  The Way is found in “Christian Unity.”  It is recognizing, acknowledging, and following the commandments and example of God’s Two Witnesses.
     God’s first Witness said:  “Thy kingdom come ON EARTH as it is in heaven.”  And “Be YE therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”
     God’s Second Witness said:  “Think of this inheritance!  Heaven right here where angels are as men clothed more lightly, and men as angels, who burdened for an hour spring into liberty, and the good they would do, that they do, and the evil they would not do, that they do not.”
     This ends the piece from the TICS.  Remember that what is referred to here by Doris Grekel as the second type points us to Mary Baker G. Eddy as the author of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  So with this type we know that the woman in the coffin is Mary Baker Eddy (illustration 2) even if she looks different from Mary Glover’s depiction in “SEEKING AND FINDING,” the angel in the sky (illustration 5) is Mary Baker Eddy and the book in her hand is Science and Health, the healer in the sixth illustration is Mary Baker Eddy, and the woman in Christian Unity is Mary Baker Eddy and the scroll in her hand is Science and Health.
     Notice that all of the clothing upon Mary Baker Eddy in the “spiritual facts” section (illustrations 1, 10, 2, 5, 6, and 9) is white.  In the human experience section (illustrations 3 and 4) the clothing is not white when we see Mary Baker Glover Eddy.  This is because of it being the human experience, but also because she is clothed with a cloud (cloaked) being that she is the angel of Revelation 10.  And this is why “All rights” are ‘reserved” for her!  I feel that illustrations 7, 8, and 11 represent material organization in the human experience.  Illustration 7 is prophecy of the Third Advent of Christ and it is her mission to teach the practitioners (as depicted in “TREATING THE SICK”) the Matrix Structures, Christ’s music=tones, so that all may be free from material organization whether it is of the physical body or the church (the Christ-mass).  Also, if we take this order of the illustrations as being of importance it explains why the girl’s clothes are dark in “TRUTH versus ERROR” and then white in ‘SUFFER [PERMIT] THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME – CHRIST MARY EDDY”.

     Finally, to tie in the cover of the Sentinel with Christ and Christmas we have the light blue covers.  Although I do not have the Sentinel cover as being blue (as seen below), it is because the picture I used is a black and white copy of the Sentinel (from The Forever Leader, one of Doris Grekel’s books).  I asked myself, “Why is it that all the Christ and Christmas illustrations have the women dressed in modern clothes (during the Sixth and Seventh Days) except for the two women in ‘CHRISTIAN UNITY’ and ‘TRUTH verses ERROR’?”  Then it hit me that it was because these two women were later depicted as the two women on the Sentinel cover with the light blue paper.  I also (below) used the first Sentinel cover with the Women because it was aligned better on the page than the other example I had, so in this diagram the two Sentinel’s eyes are shut.  The first Sentinel having the women’s eyes open was published for December 22, 1906 (Volume IX, Number 17).  Notice also how (as seen below) that the door that is being knocked upon represents the Christ, the living Vine.  Gabriel’s hand touches the door knocker, as they are UNITED, just as Jesus and Mary (Michael) have UNITED hands in CHRISTIAN UNITY.  The Christ Door and Jesus are symbolized on the Sentinel cover as the two oil lamps.  I provide you with the following diagram.

Sentinel Blind B     Still, what is the purpose of the toga type gowns or robes?  Mary Baker Eddy writes, in Miscellaneous Writings p. 251:20, about man’s spiritual inheritance in an Address on the Fourth of July:  “Think of  this inheritance!  Heaven right here, where angels are as men, clothed more lightly, and men as angels who, burdened for an hour, spring into liberty, and the good they would do, that they do, and the evil they would not do, that they do not.”  She tells us, in the paragraph above this one, that “‘the Kingdom of God cometh not with observation’ (with knowledge obtained from the senses), but ‘the kingdom of God is within you,’–within the present possibilities of mankind.” (line 16-19)  Of course, the other illustration where we find two angels is illustration 5 – CHRISTMAS MORN, it is possible that the two angels of CHRISTMAS MORN also represent Michael and Gabriel or Truth and Love.
     In the above diagram both women face each other just like the two angels face each other on the Ark’s Mercy Seat (lid cover) that was placed in the Most Holy of Holies where man communes (is one with) God.  Thinking upon this, if the Sentinel cover is the Christian Science Mercy Seat and these two angels have been taken away, then what does that say about today’s Sentinel?  Do we, like the present day Jews, have a missing Ark of the Covenant?

Ark and Mercy Lid

[1] God’s Two Witnesses are identified in “Christ Healing” as Mary Baker Eddy (the girl in the coffin) and Jesus Christ.

[2] This describes the red dragon of Revelation 12 acting as a midwife, or mediator between God and man.

[1] The ‘G’ is for Glover.

[2] Third version, revise “to look over again in order to correct or improve.”

[3] The “zone to zone” is a reference to the twelve zodiac constellations that take place during the twelve months of a year.  The word month is a reference to the word son, so the twelve months correlate with Jacob’s twelve sons (I do not think the word son has to do with sex type).  This is symbolized throughout the Bible when they encircle the Holy Tabernacle and later encircle the land around Jerusalem.  This is the cult, or wheel, of Israel (Jacob) which is symbolized by The First Church stained glass window – Window of the Open Book (its twelve stars being the twelve sons, the twelve stars of the woman’s crown (Revelation 12).

[4] Each illustration title ends with a period – “STAR OF BETHLEHEM.”

[5] Jesus would be rooted to the Star belonging to Judah.

[6] I have read that one of Mary Baker Eddy’s students did a genealogy study on Mary Baker Eddy’s family and found ties to Judah.  I do find her family crest of interest as it consists of the royal lions standing upon their hind feet.

[7] Venus is also called the Evening Star.

[8] The first transit of this century was June 8, 2004.  This was the first transit since 1882.

[9] It takes eight years for Venus to form the shape of a five-pointed star.

[10] From Genesis to Revelation; by W. Gordon Brown, p. 84

[11] The New Jerusalem (artichoke) is symbolized as a sunflower (with twenty-four petals) in Window of the Open Book.  It represents the chapter “Recapitulation” with its twenty-four question-answers and the twenty-four elders of Revelation.

[12] PV – Science and Health, First Edition, “Precious Volume”

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[14] In later editions the name is changed to St. Peter.

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