The Wedding of River Song – Spiritual Interpretation

by MJSmith

THE WEDDING OF RIVER SONG, by River Song, written on October 9, 2011

As the Doctor ascends River descends and as the Doctor descends River ascends.

     The diagram above explains the difference in how River Song and the Doctor travel different directions in time.  This was really a hard concept for me to grasp.  But once I took it in its symbolic meaning I began to get it.  I actually have the V feminine cup for River Song crossing with the ^ (pyramid) masculine blade for the Doctor.  This also explains the literary format for the 2011 (Chi’) storyline for Dr. Who.

The Impossible Astronaut

     My wedding day was not your usual wedding day, with me in a white dress and at some church.  But before I can tell you about my wedding I must begin at the foundation stone of my tale.
     I had received an invitation from the Doctor to meet up with him in Utah on a particular stretch of highway.  The funny thing about the abbreviation for Utah is that it is UT.  UT also means “universal time.”  Well, what do you expect when you are dealing with the events of a Time Lord?
     I told my prison guard that I was going to America.  Could I help it if he thought the name of the planet Earth was called America?  Perhaps it should be!

April 22, 2011
     When I arrived I saw a red 1950s station wagon.  For those of you who are not into symbols, well, let us just say that this particular car represents the divine Mind of Christ’s Church.
     Sitting on the hood of the car was my sweetie, the Doctor.  He looked quit handsome in his Augusta Stetson hat!  I later found out that Craig (“steep rock” of the Christ) Owens (“young warrior”) gave this particular hat to the Doctor.
     Rory Williams and his wife, Amy Pond, were just getting off a San Juan school bus.  San Juan means “St. John.”  This symbolically means that they had been learning all about Revelation, its spiritual structure and make up.  Neither of them yet realized that they are my parents, and actually, you could truly say that only my father, Rory Williams, was present.  My mother, Amy Pond, was somewhere in heaven gestating me.  Okay, I suppose this all sounds a little bit crazy, however, bare with me and it will soon make sense to you (I hope).  So, the woman in front of me was not really my mother, even though she looked just like her, had her mannerisms, and had all of her memories, what I saw was a flesh replication of my mother.
     Let me stop here for now and explain the meaning of my parent’s names.  Rory means “praised warrior” and Williams means “determined guardian.”  My father was also a Roman centurion soldier-robot, again, hard to explain, however, it will make sense to you (I hope) later on, and you will actually see how he relates to my husband, the Doctor.  Amy means “industrious.”  Her first name actually relates to the Augusta Emma Stetson hat.  A pond is a very small lake, a confined body of water; also, a pond can be artificial like the flesh is.  It is a very quiet or still body of water.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending upon your point of view.  A pond can become stagnant because there is a lack of motion; this is the not so great meaning of it.  Ecclesiastical despotism is this type of pond.  The better definition is the pond mentioned in Psalm 23 – “[Love] maketh me to lie down in green pastures:  [love] leadeth me beside the still waters.” (S&H 578:6)  The still waters are actually a reference to harmonious thoughts.
     My name, River Song is actually a spiritual translation of my birth name Melody Pond.  A river cannot be confined, nor is it artificial.  This river has a head, a source of spiritual teachings, this river runs, this river has a mouth that speaks the Word of God, and even though this river has a bed she never sleeps nor slumbers.  The river of divine Science, well, that’s me.

River.  Channel of thought.
“When smooth and unobstructed [by Adamic thinking], it typifies the course of Truth; but [when] muddy [from Adamic thinking], foaming, and dashing, it is a type of error.” (S&H 593:14-17)

     The last part of Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of river points to how a river is trapped into a dam.  Adam, the first material corporeal man, is an obstruction, a dam.
     A melody is defined as “a rhythmic succession of single tones organized as an aesthetic whole.”   Song is defined as “a short musical composition of words and music.”  Both words relate to the seven synonymous tones, or terms, for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love and the four living creatures of the divine calculus – the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.
     The reason why I do not have my father’s name is because it is not my role to be the determined guardian; this is the Last Centurion’s duty.
     To continue on with the story, I shot the Stetson hat right off the Doctor’s head with my six-shooter!  (I am a good shot, unlike a certain maniac I once met.)  I said to the Doctor, “Hello, Sweetie!”
     The four of us, a divine calculus, went to a local diner.  It was decorated in 1950s fashion and on a wall was a painting of Elvis Presley (the king of rock and roll).  The Doctor and I checked out our lives.  We spoke of Easter Island, which seems appropriate for today’s date.  They treated the Doctor like a god, now you know who those statues were of!  We even laughed about Jim (Jacob) the Fish (Christ).  Then the Doctor mentioned that he had been running (he always runs) and something about us going to 1969.  Something about this sent a chill down my spine.
     Next we left the diner to have an evening picnic near the shore of Lake Silencio.  Silencio means silence.  This Lake is in Utah (for symbolic reasons the lake is in Utah).  Utah is the fourth state that shares the Four Corners for the divine calculus.  The other three states are Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

     The Doctor told Amy that she appeared to have put on a few pounds.  She looked upon the hillcrest and saw a member of the Silent, however, once she looked away she could no longer remember seeing it.  If you were to ask me what one of them looks like I would have to say, you know the painting called Shrik (The Scream) by Edvard Munch?  Well, they look like that screaming guy.
     There was an old man standing on top of the hill.  The Doctor stood up and waved at him.  We barely had time to notice the man before a form came out from the lake.  It was an astronaut, or rather someone in a white astronaut suit.  That someone was myself.  She was from my past.  The Doctor said to the three of us, “Stay back.  Do not interfere.”
     It was as if he knew exactly what was to come.  Well, of course he did.  After all, he is the Doctor!  I stood there watching from a distance as the Doctor and myself in the astronaut suit spoke to each other.  I saw me raise my arm to fire at the Doctor.  I shot again so that he could not regenerate (resurrect).
     We all rushed to the fallen Doctor.  I aimed my revolver at the astronaut and emptied out its chamber.  I missed my target.  I had to because I was shooting at myself.  Did anyone notice that I missed on purpose?  The time was 5:05 p.m.

Grandfather Clock

     Why is the name of the Lake “Silencio”?  I feel that the Silents planned the Doctor’s execution to be here because of the name itself – Lake Silencio – but how did they know where we would go?  Perhaps it was a Silent trick, or post-hypnotic suggestion that we eat our last supper together at the Lake’s shore?
     The old man had been invited to join us that day, however, he did not eat the last supper with us.  His name was Canton Everett Delaware the Third.  Canton was the third Canton Everett Delaware; I see this as being the Third Degree.  Delaware simply was how we all felt at that moment in time, dark, and in the valley of death.  Everett means “courageous as a boar.”  With what we were all about to go up against, Canton would certainly need to demonstrate this courage!  And finally, Canton means “body of troops; to divide into quarters; and corner.”  He was to be our new cornerstone, but for a short time only, he would be one of the four of us while my Doctor lay on the ground as our center hub.

     Canton had brought a can of gasoline.  Rory said, “…if we’re going to do this, its going to get done properly.”  The action we took was basically the same idea as the Hebrew sacrifices with their Alter of Burnt Offerings.  We placed the Doctor’s body in a boat, poured gasoline over him and set fire to the body.  The boat was out on the lake as the sun set.
     I looked at the number on Canton’s envelope.  He had the number 4, he had to have 4 because he was the quarter.  I had number 2 and my parents had number 3, so who was number 1?
    Canton told us, “I will not see you again, but you will see me.”  After he left, the three of us went back to the diner.  One of the tables had a T.A.R.D.I.S. blue envelope-invitation with the number 1 on it.  Who did it belong to?  Then, from the men’s room, out walked the Doctor; he was alive.  Someone said to him, “You’re okay!”
     “I’m the king of okay.”
     I slapped his face and said, “This is cold, even by your standards; this is cold.”
     Was he the same Doctor?  Yes, however, this Doctor was 200 years younger and unaware of his own demise.  So it was the older Doctor of 999 years who had been killed.  He wanted to know who used the T.A.R.D.I.S. blue invitations to summon himself.  We had to play dumb, spoilers!

     We all left to travel in time to April 8, 1969.  It was here that we met up with a much younger rendition of Canton Everett Delaware the Third.[1]  (He happened to be at the April 15-17, 2011 Starfest Convention in Denver, Colorado.  Unfortunately, I did not go to Starfest this year.  I usually go, but I was not my usual self during that time, since I was kidnapped by the Silents so they could stick me in an astronauts suit to be placed underneath a lake.  Oh yeah, the other me could have gone but I was busy in that time line too, yeah, stuck in prison I believe, for killing the Doctor, which I had done but had not yet done.  But I busted out of prison after getting my invitation to Utah.)  Canton had worked for the F.B.I., but he wanted to get married to a certain type of person and society just was not ready for that yet.
     Canton was contacted by President Richard Millhouse Nixon[2] and brought to the White House because a certain child, who shall remain nameless at this time, had been contacting President Nixon and asking him for help, she wanted to be saved from the spaceman that was coming to eat her up.
     After seeing a Silent in the doorway Amy felt ill, so she went to a restroom.  When she walked in she saw a member of the Silents.  He, it, was dressed in a man’s suit of black.  She took out her cell phone and took a photo of the Silent.
     A woman came out from a stall.  When she saw the Silent she laughed as she thought it was someone dressed up in an alien costume from Star Trek.  The Silent sucked the woman’s life force from her and she disintegrated into ash.
     Amy wondered why the Silent killed the woman.
     The Silent said, “Joy.”
     “Her name was Joy.”  One thing the Silents do not like and it is joy!  “You must tell the Doctor.”
     “Tell him what?”
     Amy left the restroom but soon forgot what she had seen.
     When the Doctor figured out that the intersections of Jefferson, Adams, and Harrison was in Florida the five of us took the T.A.R.D.I.S. and headed there.  It was there that we found the astronaut suit, one I was well familiar with, one that I hated and loathed.  But I could not let on that I knew what the suit was all about could I?
     While looking at where the astronaut uniform had been I knew what Amy was thinking.  She wanted to kill the host inside the uniform.  She said, “Time can be rewritten.”
     I explained that it could not because of the paradox.
     I found an entrance to an underground tunnel and went to investigate.  I went down and saw some Silents but as I came up I could not remember them.  I felt nauseous, I just attributed it to prison food.
     Amy finally dropped the news to the Doctor that she was pregnant.  The girl in the astronaut suit showed up.  Amy grabbed Canton’s gun and aimed it towards me.  The flesh mother tried to kill me, the girl in the astronaut suit!  She did not know who I was, that I had been conceived in heaven, in the T.A.R.D.I.S. matrix itself.  She just felt that if she killed whoever was in the astronaut suit that she could change time and save the Doctor that had been killed at Lake Silencio.  This would not be the last time that my mother would point a gun at me.

Day of the Moon

     Three months later…the four of us have all been separated from each other.  Canton (Remember, he is going to quarter and corner the four of us) and his team of men were chasing down Amy.  My flesh mother was in the Valley of the Gods (this simply means that she was in the darkness of many minds) in the state of Utah (Mormon territory[3]).  Canton shot her and bagged her.
     The Doctor was being held captive at Area 51 in Nevada.[4]  He had a beard and was wrapped in a straightjacket and chains.  Men were building a prison around him; it was a Pandorica box.  Pandora means “highly gifted.”  This box takes me back to another time when I was pretending to be Cleopatra and Rory was a Roman Centurion.  In fact, he was a human cyber man, and he became known as the Last Centurion.  The Pandorica was to become the prison for the Doctor back then, as his enemies conspired against him, just as it appears that Canton was planning on it being his prison now.
     It is interesting that the myth of Pandora’s box was a reference to Pandora’s womb (matrix) and that the evil let forth into the world came through material procreation and birth.
     But this Pandorica Box held only good (for now).  You may ask why they used the Network (square) Matrix to build it?  Well, only the square Network Matrixes were taught to Christian Scientists during the 1960s.  It would not be until the 21st Century that Mother Hood would begin to teach the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth, the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle, and the Holy City Stargate Matrix, even though Mother Hood would learn about these matrixes in the 1990s.  But the T.A.R.D.I.S. Matrix would actually be hidden to Mother Hood until May 2011, shortly after the Doctor’s sacrifice.
     At the time that my sweetie was at the hidden military base for the oneness of the Holy Ghost (51), I was in the New Estate known as New York City.  I was on the fiftieth floor of a building that was under construction, my arms were marked just as my mother’s arms were marked when Canton found her.  I saw Canton and his men.  I tried to get him to remember what had happened three months before with the members of Silents in Florida, but he could not remember.  I backed away and fell backwards out of the building.
     Rory was at Glen Canyon (a little bit repetitious if you ask me) Dam in Arizona (Christianity).  Often a river runs through a canyon.  Since this particular canyon was also a dam, I would have to say that its river was blocked, or damned up, being obstructed.  A funny thing about the word ‘Arizona’ is that it could be rooted to an aria, which is a melody!
     Canton found Rory and put him in a body bag.  He dragged both of my parent’s bodies into the completed Pandorica.  Then he closed the prison door and opened up the bags.  Amy and Rory breathed deeply, and then the Doctor jumped up and freed himself from the straight jacket and the chains.  It had all been a put on, as the T.A.R.D.I.S. was cloaked and inside the prison too (a box inside a box).  The four of them entered the T.A.R.D.I.S. and then went slightly back in time to pick me up.  I dived straight into the T.A.R.D.I.S. swimming pool (a small pond), making a big splash!
     What was the Doctor’s secret weapon going to be against the Silents?  He said it was Neil Armstrong’s foot!  Spiritually interpreted this means the champion’s strong arm and spiritual understanding was the Doctor’s secret weapon against error.  The Doctor went to hook up cell phone service to Apollo 11.
     Canton and Amy went to Graystark Hall Orphanage, which was run down.  They were looking for the girl (young me).  The man that ran the orphanage was a Dr. Renfrew.  Renfrew means “raven woods.”  (He reminded me of Count Dracula’s cohort R. M. Renfield.)
     My mother found my room with pictures of me as I was growing up.  There was one picture of me as a baby and I was with her.  She saw this photograph and wondered how it could be; after all, she had never had a child.  Then I walked in.  She apologized for shooting at me.  I just wanted my freedom from the suit.  Unfortunately, the Silents were behind me.  And they took my mother of flesh as their captive.
     It was at this time that the young me forced her way out of the suit.  In the meantime Canton had shot one of the Silent members while in Renfrew’s office.
     The Doctor, Rory, and myself took the T.A.R.D.I.S. to the orphanage.  The younger me hid from us.  We found Amy’s transponder (the Doctor had implanted each one of us with a recording chip) in my bedroom.  Also found on the floor was the empty astronaut suit.
     The Doctor went to Renfrew’s office to question the Silent.  “What are you?”
     “Silents, Doctor, we are the Silents.  And silence will fall.”  We took the injured Silent member and Canton back to the Pandorica then left.
     We had brought the astronaut exoskeleton onto the T.A.R.D.I.S.; which I was examining.  I said, “She forced her way out of this suit, she must be incredibly strong.”  It was now July 16th, the launch day for Apollo 11.  It is the God-crowned woman’s birthday.
     The Doctor asked why would man finally decide to go to the moon?  He felt it must have been because the Silent needed a space suit.
     I said, “This suit, it seems to be able to heal itself.  Do you think the suit would be able to operate (on its own) by itself?”
     Doctor Shepherd tended to the wounded Silent, however, he could not remember doing it.  Canton had Amy’s cell phone and digitally recorded the Silent’s words, especially ones of importance, “You should kill us all on sight.”
     It was time to go save Amy Pond.  The Doctor followed her transponder signal to the Silent’s base of operations.
     Was it important that we all had something to do with the Apollo 11 mission?  Of course, it is important.  The Doctor was able to show the world what the Silents were and what they looked like by playing the recording during the space transmission, and the Silent itself planted the mesmeric suggestion to kill the Silents “on sight”!  It was a beautiful move on the Doctor’s part.
     “One small step for a,”  “You should kill us all on sight.”  “…man one giant leap for mankind.”
     The Silents began to attack us, and I was using my gun to bring them down.  I told you I was a good shot.  Rory asked me, “What kind of Doctor are you?”
     “Archeology, Lover too.”

     It was in January 1970 that Melody Pond was in a New York City ally.  I tend to go to New York a lot, don’t I?  I was dieing, I remembered this happening once before.  My body regenerated; after all, I was really conceived by the mother T.A.R.D.I.S. (its matrix system).

A Good Man Goes to War

Revelation 5:3 – And no man in heaven [Third Degree; this includes Jesus], nor in earth [Second Degree], neither under the earth [First Degree], was able to open the book [give birth to its Scientific structure], neither to look thereon [properly comment upon the Bible’s text].

     Only a woman God-crowned, Mary Baker Eddy, was able to give birth to the matrix system of Science, which is the Capstone River Head Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This birth process opened up the closed Bible’s womb.  This closed Bible is set on the table in Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me (an illustration from Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem Christ and Christmas).  The now open matrix, which is the Bible, is the Bride’s Christian body, the Amy Pond (the Christian body of the Word of God) of Christian Science, while Science and Health is the Bride’s Christ head, the River Song (the Christian [Amy] Science [Rory] River head of the Word of God).  In other words, Amy Pond gives birth, via the matrix, and releases her daughter of Zion from captivity and limitation.  The result of this captivity and limitation is “Emptiness; unfaithfulness, desolation” (S&H 599:7).

Zion.  Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength.” (S&H 599:6)

     My flesh mother thought she was pregnant, but she never appeared as if she was pregnant, even the T.A.R.D.I.S. could not determine if she was pregnant.  This is because the flesh never gives birth to the spiritual ideal!  My human mother was asleep (believed to be a corporeal person), but after the flesh (the belief that my mother was born into matter) was destroyed by Truth (the tones of a sonic screwdriver) she woke up (she lived) and began to give birth to me.  She had been held captive all this time by Madam Kovarian.  Madam Kovarian (The Mother Church) had an eye drive (a Board of Directors) over her right eye.  The eye drive stored memories and data, about the Silents (ecclesiastical despotism).  It was upon her manhood (right eye) and kept her privy to the Silents.  This woman was working with the Silents and she would kidnap me.  She would attempt to brainwash me into killing the Doctor.
     My mother told me that my father would not rest until he had found us.  “He’s the last of his kind, but he’s lived for hundreds of hundreds of years.  I promise you, Melody, you will never be alone.  He is your father the Last Centurion.”
     At this same time Rory and the Doctor were going about collecting their army of Christian soldiers.  Some twenty thousand light years away from us Rory was turning to the army of Cybermen.  He told the Cybermen that the Doctor had a message for them and that he had a question.  He asked, “Where is my wife?”
     They told him that she was at Demons Run.  “What is the Doctor’s message?”
     Outside in space an entire legion blew up.  That was the Doctor’s message.
     It was in London 1888 that Madam Alaya Vastra,[5] her pure steward Jenny, and her wise serpent army (the Silurians) were collected for the Doctor’s army.
     A nurse of medicine, Commander Strax a Centaurian (between the Southern Cross and Hydra), was also collected to serve in the ranks for the Doctor.
     It was my birthday.  I was heading back to my prison cell where I was held for committing murder.  The Doctor and I had been in the year 1814 at the River Tams (palm tree of Salvation) listening to a music concert (divine calculus melodies) by Stevie “crowned” Wonder.  It was then that I saw Rory in his Roman soldier uniform.  He had come to collect me for Demons Run.  I explained to him, “He’ll rise (ascend) higher than ever before (to the capstone) but fall (descend) so much further.  I can’t be with him until the end (until his fall begins).”
     Rory asked, “Why not?”
     I replied, “Because, this is the day he finds out who I am.”
     Mad-adam Kovarian and Colonel (column) Manton (man’s town, hero’s town) met with Dorium Maldovar, the big blue man (the subjective consciousness).  He was closing down shop.  He warned them of Demons Run – that demons run when a good man goes to war.  Afterward the Doctor came to collect Dorium.
     After he had collected his army, the Doctor arrived at Demons Run.  Colonel Manton had assembled his troops.  Behind him were the headless monks, named appropriately as they had no heads, just bodies.  They were blind sheep.  What they really symbolize is the Bible without its capstone head of Science and Health, or biblical Christians.
     My mother was being visited at this same time by Lorna “crowned with laurel” Bucket (who later kicks the bucket, sorry).  She was from the Gamma Forests.  Lorna Bucket symbolizes a small amount of the teaching of the woman God-crowned.  Lorna is giving my mother a prayer leaf with my name embroidered on it.  This prayer leaf symbolizes the leaves from the tree of life, the leaves (pages) that are meant for the healing of the nations.
     Manton addresses his troups about the Doctor, “He is not the devil, he is not a god, he is not a goblin, a phantom, or a trickster.  He is a man.”  It is the Papal mainframe herself that has given permission to lower the monk’s hoods.  As Manton does so the troops see that the monks actually have no heads.  But then Manton removes a hood and….
     “Guess who?”  The Doctor added, “Please, point a gun at me if it helps you relax.  Three minutes forty seconds.”  And the lights went out.  “I’m a monk!”
     The lights went back on and the soldiers began to mistrust the monks and the monks and soldiers begin to fire at each other.  But Manton holds it together and yells, “We are soldiers of God, we are not fools!”  He lays down his gun; his men begin to lay down their guns.
     Danny Boy swooped in to destroy Demon’s Run’s communication system.  Danny Boy is the name given to English World War II fighter planes.  The Doctor said, “Sorry, I lied, three minutes forty-two seconds.”  The Doctor’s Christian soldiers surround Manton’s soldiers and the Headless Monks.  The war is virtually over.
     Rory found Madam Kovarian and baby Melody Pond.
     In a main control office, the Doctor tells the Colonel that he is now Colonel Runaway and that he is to tell his people to run away.
     Rory brought baby me to my mother, she was relieved to have her daughter back.
     Madam Vastra interrogates the Doctor about Melody Pond’s conception because her DNA is human and Time Lord (divine).  “When did the baby begin?”  Her conception was on the T.A.R.D.I.S. during Rory and Amy’s honeymoon.
     Madam Kovarian was either let go, or else she escaped.  She is video conferencing with the Doctor and she tells him that Melody is a weapon of war.  He asks, “Against who?”
     She replies, “Against you, Doctor.”  The child is “hope in the bitter endless war against you, Doctor.”  Now, what battle is she talking about?  It is the battle between the Spirit and the flesh of course.
     He disagrees that the baby is a weapon.
     “She can be, she will be.”
     The Headless Monks begin their attack prayer.  Dormian heads toward the monks, he is confident that he can get them to end their war.  But instead they cut off his head and he joins their ranks becoming a headless monk.
     Madam Kovarian laughs and says to the Doctor, “Oh, Doctor, fooling you once was a joy, but fooling you twice the same way, it’s a privilege!”  And he began to run to Amy’s side but he is unable to get through a locked door.

Demons run when a good man goes to war

Night will fall and drown the sun

When a good man goes to war

Friendship dies and true love lies

Night will fall and the dark will rise

When a good man goes to war.

Demons run but count the cost.

The battle’s won but the child is lost.

     Madam Kovarian says to baby Melody, “Wake-ee, wake-ee!”  And the child in Amy’s arms melts into a pile of white flesh goop.
     The Doctor finally gets through the door.  The battle is over.  Amy is upset at the loss of her daughter.
     Lorna Bucket is wounded and dies.  The Doctor is saddened at the cost of the war, he hears me asking him…
     “Well then, Soldier, how goes the Day?”
     “Where the hell have you been?” he asks me.
     I begin to try and explain what everything was all about, that it was all his doing.  “This is exactly you, all of this, all of it.”  The healer, the wise man is what the Doctor is all about.  But to some, like in the Gamma Forest, Doctor has come to be known as “mighty warrior.”  People have come to fear you!  They have taken a child to turn her into a weapon just to bring you down.  “And all this my Love, in fear of you.”
     He asked me, “Who are you?”
     “Oh look, your cot (his baby crib).  I haven’t seen that in a very long time (since I was laid in it).”  Penny in the air!
     “Tell me who you are!”
     “I am telling you.”  We held hands; I got him to look at his cot.
     Penny drops!
     “Hello,” he says as if we were meeting for the first time.
     “Hu hu, but that means…”
     “I’m afraid it does.”
     “Then you and I we…”
     “How do I look?” he asked
     With that, the Doctor enters his T.A.R.D.I.S.
     “Doctor, where are you going?” Amy asked.  “No!  Where’s he going?  What did you tell him?” she asked me.  Amy picks up a gun and points it at me.  She wants to know who I am.
     I said, “Amy, you have to stay calm.”  I finally get her and Rory to look into the cradle at the prayer leaf.  “It takes a while for it to translate.”
     Then they finally read the words, Melody became Song and Pond became River.  I smile at them and say, “It’s me; I’m Melody.  I’m your daughter.”

Let’s Kill Hitler

     After I had regenerated into a different body in 1970, I eventually wound up at Leadworth (a worthy leader), Scotland.  It took a long time for me to be with them.  My name was Melody, but my parents called me Mels.  I actually grew up going to school and being best friends with my mom and dad.  I knew who they were, and I was their matchmaker, funny how things work out.  I knew all about the Doctor because of Amy’s stories about him.
     Yet, this was actually my parent’s second time around.  We were all adults when the Doctor came back to pick up Rory and Amy.  I showed up in a hot car.
     The Doctor wondered who I was, as he had never met me, not in this body anyway.  He said, “I do not remember you at the wedding.”
     I was not at my parents wedding as Melody Pond I was there as River Song.  I said, “I don’t do weddings.”
     As the police sirens became louder I pulled out a gun and suggested that we go kill Hitler.  On our way there I asked the Doctor what would happen if I shot the gun off.  Rule number one: he lies.[6]  He said that the gun would not work in the T.A.R.D.I.S. because we were in a state of temporal grace.  So I shot the gun and this caused trouble, as we sort of crashed into Hitler’s office in Berlin during 1938.
     Was our timing really off?  As it seemed that we had spoiled an assassination of Hitler via a robot impersonator.  This robot was called a Teselecta.  It was operated by the Justice Department, and this one happened to be Vehicle 6018.
     In an attempt to kill the robot man Adolf Hitler took out his gun.  He was aiming at the robot man, even though the Doctor stood between them.  The Doctor ducked.  The irony is that I had suggested we go kill Hitler and he is the one who winds up killing me!  Rory socked Hitler and stuck him in the cabinet.
     Amy noticed that something was wrong.  “Mels?”
     “Hitler, …lousy shot.”
     “I use to dream about you.”  I said to the Doctor.
     He said, “You stay alive and I’ll marry you.  Deal?”  I began to regenerate.  “Get back!”
     The Doctor was astounded that Amy named her daughter after her daughter.
     I said, “Excuse me lot, I need to weigh myself.”  While I was out of the room I overheard them refer to me as River Song.  I popped back in, “Who’s River Song?”
     The Doctor said, “Spoilers.”
     After this I kept trying to kill the Doctor, but he kept foiling my attempts.  I was ignorant of who he really was at this point in time, and let us not forget that scholastic theology had been brainwashing me to try and murder him.  The Doctor said, “I thought we were getting married.”
     I jabbed at him with an envelope opener, “I told you, I don’t do weddings.”
     I finally kissed the Doctor and headed for the window we had crashed through.  The Doctor had never suspected that I would use a weapon of love on him.  I gave him the kiss of death.  Poison lipstick made from the Judas tree. “Judas, thou betray me with a kiss?”
     I jumped from the window and made my escape.  A group of soldiers tried to kill me.  I said, “Never shoot a girl while she’s regenerating.”  After shooting them down I stole a motorcycle and rode off to go shopping.
     The robot actually had time travelers inside its body.  They were very small and they controlled the robot’s body.   They had realized that I was the murderer of the Doctor, a felon in the making, and they quickly turned their attention toward me.
     My parents tracked me down, but the robot was fast upon their heals and the robot’s crew beamed them into the robot and they were now miniaturized.  The robot had taken on my mother’s form.
     I yelled as the robot attacked, “No, no, get off me!”
     The robot said, “You killed the Doctor.”
     “Did you say she killed the Doctor?  Doctor Who?”  As the robot had me in its nasty clutches who came in to save me?  The Doctor himself!  But why would he come to help me?  After all, I had poisoned him.  He was still alive, was this possible?  “Don’t you harm her!  What do you want with her?”
     “According to our records she kills the Doctor.”  They explained that they were time travelers and that time travel has responsibilities.  They do not kill persons like Hitler, they just extract them near their established time lines and then give them hell.
     My parents were given access, for the Doctor, to personal records because they were my family.
     The Doctor asked, “Who wants me dead?”
     “The Silents.”  The Silents is a religious order or movement who must keep a question silent.
     “What is the question?” he asked.
     It was unknown.  As I ran away they turned toward me, “Give her hell!”
     Amy was able to take over control of the robot by turning the antibodies against all human organisms.  The crew beamed out.  This, however, still left my parents in danger.
     If they had succeeded in kidnapping me and putting me in prison what would have happened to the timeline?  Trouble, that’s what.  It all works out as it is supposed to work out.
     The Doctor said to me, “Please, now we have to save your parents.  Don’t run.  Never run when you’re scared.”  I watched as the Doctor crawled up the stairs to get into his T.A.R.D.I.S.  He could not make it; he was too weak.
     “Look at you.  You still care.  It’s impressive, I’ll give you that.”
     “River please save Amy and Rory.  Help me.  Just help me!”
     I entered the T.A.R.D.I.S. by myself in order to save my parents.  The T.A.R.D.I.S. enveloped Amy and Rory.  They were surprised to see me.  “I seem to be able to fly her.  She showed me.  The Doctor says that I’m the Child of the T.A.R.D.I.S.  What does he mean?”
     I took the T.A.R.D.I.S. back to the Doctor.  Amy asked, “Doctor, what can we do?  How can we help her?”
     “I need to talk to your daughter.”  I went to him.  “Find her, find River Song and tell her something for me.”
     “Tell her what?”  I went in to listen to him closer.  “Well, I’m sure she knows.”  I got up and asked my parents, “Who’s River Song?”
     My mother asked the robot, “Are you still working?  Show her River Song.”  The robots matrix structure changed and there I stood.  I looked at the Doctor and headed toward him.
     I asked my mother, “The Doctor, is he worth it?”
     “Yes, yes he is!”
     Here was a man who knew everything about me, how was this possible?  Remember the Samarian woman at the well?
     The Doctor was dieing, I had done this.  I must not let it happen.  I gave him my regeneration residuals.  I would never be able to regenerate again, but the Doctor would live.  I was sacrificing my regeneration power and giving it to the Doctor.  He said, “River, no, what are you doing?”
     I bent over him and said, “Hello, Sweetie.”  And we kissed.
     I awakened in a bed at some future time.  Mother said, “Hey.”
     “Hey.  Where am I?” I asked.  I was at a hospital.  When asked why I gave my regeneration power to the Doctor I said, “Mother, I had to try.  He said I was the only one who could save him.”
     The Doctor said, “Rule one, the Doctor lies.”
     They left, and on the table next to me was a gift from the Doctor.  It was a blue T.A.R.D.I.S. journal.  They had to leave because they had too much foreknowledge about my future.
     I was at Luna University in 5123.  I am now a woman  God-crowned and I would become an archeologist.  I would come to study the Arch of the Covenant and what it really is all about.  When asked why I wanted to study archeology I just said, “I’m looking for a good [generic] man.”

Night Terrors

     I was not along on this ride, but there are some interesting things in it that must be said.  This is the first time that the “Tick-Tock” song is heard.  This adventure is about a boy named George “farmer.”  He hides whatever frightens him away in a dollhouse (a consciousness where personal sense dominates or tries to take over) inside a cupboard (a cabinet).  Remember that Rory put Hitler in the cabinet, and how frightening was he?
     My parents were in the lift (elevator).  The sound of the lift frightens George, and he puts my parents into the dollhouse.  Amy sees the clock, and it reads 11:58, or 11:59, it is almost the Midnight Hour when the Bride descends as the Holy City to Earth.  The time is painted on the clock so it does not move.

Grandmother Clock

     In Seeking and Finding, from Christ and Christmas, the clock is drawn to read 12:05.  This points to Revelation 12:1-5 about the woman God-crowned.  It depicts Mary Baker Glover pouring over Scripture.  A seven-pointed star shines down its light upon her and the pages of the Bible.  Animal magnetism, as a talking serpent (it has human teeth), a.k.a. the red dragon, is on the floor behind her.  Mary Baker Glover was unable to get her first edition of Science and Health published until after she completed her last chapter which “uncovered, unmasked, and exposed” animal magnetism to the world.

Closing Time

     I have just received my doctorate degree in archeology.  I am reading through my T.A.R.D.I.S. blue journal when Madam Kovarian appears.  She picks up my journal and looks through it.
     I was ambushed by Silents and given a shot.  While I was knocked out they put me back into the astronaut’s suit.  I woke up underneath Lake Silencio.


The Wedding of River Song

     On Earth, there are radio news reports of solar flairs and sunspots causing radio interference.  Do not always assume that everything you hear is correct.
     The soothsayer (the prophet) Doctor is being held prisoner, in the (administration) tower, by Caesar (ruler of Romanism) Winston (friendly town, victory town) Churchill (church on the hill = Boston’s First Church of Christ Scientist).  Caesar had him brought to him to explain why the time is always 5:02 p.m.  Which leads me to this question.  If the time was actually 5:02 p.m. in Utah, then how could it be 5:02 p.m. in England?  Would not there be a time zone difference?  The answer is not really important.  What is important is the symbol of the time being 5:02 p.m.
     The current Romanism of The Mother Church says to the Doctor, “It’s always two minutes past five, day or night, it’s always two minutes past five in the afternoon…’Tick tock goes the clock,’ as the old song goes.  But they [the clocks] don’t, do they?  All of time is happening at once…Explain to me in terms that I can understand what happened to time?”
     The Doctor replied, “A Woman.”
     And that Woman is River Song because I refused to kill the Doctor the second time around.  The Woman always refuses to kill the Christ whether it is its first coming or its second coming.
     When I refused to kill the Doctor at Lake Silencio time became frozen and all of history began to exist simultaneously.  This is what the Bible refers to as the endtime.  There are some who say that this is how time really does exist, all things at once, it is just that the human cannot perceive of this and so the human prefers to reside in a linear timeline.  What I mean by this is that everyone reads a book in a linear way.  However, it is not always recommended that we read the Bible in a linear fashion.  Take Revelation for example.  It is set up as a mountain range of pyramids.  It has seven visions and each vision has seven sections.  The first and seventh sections are foundation stones and correlate with each other.  The second and sixth sections are the first step up and correlate with each other.  The third and fifth sections are the second step up and correlate with each other.  Finally, the next step up is the major point, the ARCH-CAPSTONE of the vision; it is the capstone of the pyramid or mountain.  Once the Bible is understood to work in this way, or even in the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth way, the Bible becomes an open book.
     Later on the Doctor explained the looks of Caesar Winston Churchill to me.  I took note that he was dressed in black and wore glasses and that behind him was a grandfather’s clock stuck at the time of 5:02.

Revelation 5:02 – And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?

     Could it be the Doctor Who is worthy?  Or is it a little girl child who has been freed from her astronaut’s uniform?  In the seventh illustration of Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas, there is a man in black, wearing glasses.  He is slender (Churchill is rather plump) and he sits in front of a grandfather’s clock.  On his right side is a table and on top is a closed Bible.  There is also the girl child who sits on a wooden chair in front of a window with nine panes (a symbol for the matrix of spiritual rebirth).  The [Pale] Star of Bethlehem/Boston is shining down upon her and the open page of the “open book” she holds in her hand.  This “open book” is the same book that descends from heaven in Revelation 10.  Its title is Science and Health Key to Scriptures.


     What made me think about this illustration was how Churchill looked (even though he is not slender) and the stopped time on the grandfather clock.  The time, however, in the illustration of Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me reads 5:05 p.m.

Revelation 5:5 – And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not:  behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

     The girl is the Lion (the Lion is the first living creature for the Word) of the tribe of Juda, for she is the Word who praises God.  She is the Root of the beloved Son (Truth) and she is the Root of Love.  She is the one who generally circulates the accepting use of the Word in a given place or time during the Sixth Day of Truth.  The book of Truth is open to her and it shines its own light up toward her.
     The seven seals are on the backside (the seat of the body) of the closed book.  What this means is that the men who have been in charge (the church heads or directors) of running the Christ congregations (the Church body) have closed the Bible to the Field.  They have pretended to be Christ successors and sit in Moses’ high seat of power, and also in Mary Baker Eddy’s high seat as Leader.  These men of high places (Roman Caesars) have put the seals of error upon the Bible.  The Bible is a closed book to most Christians (and other people of the world) because Romanism (ecclesiastical despotism) has tried to put the River Song (God’s Scientific matrix system) into an astronaut suit.  But the archeologist girl child opens up the Bible when she opens up Science and Health and explains God’s Scientific matrix system!
     The Doctor began his story to Churchill with his search for answers.  He began with a Dalek robot.  He wanted to know all that the Daleks knew about the Silents.  From there he went to the docks of Callisto B.  He wanted to speak to Father Gideon “tree cutter” Vandaleur “woodsman,” the former envoy “ambassador” for the Silents.  He wore what most would call an eye patch over his right eye, just like Madam Kovarian does.  This priest represented the unconscious realm which is where the Silents thrive.  The Doctor told him, “My condolences.”  He said this because the real Father Gideon was already dead.  He understood that he was speaking to the Teselecta robot.  “May I speak to the Captain?”  Their conversation led the Doctor to the Silents’ weakest link, Gantof.
     Gantof and the Doctor played a game of Live Chess where the looser gets four million volts of electricity running throughout his body if he touches the live piece.  The Doctor wanted to find Dorium Maldovar, at least his head.  Gantof, also spouting an eye patch over his right eye, said that he would show the Doctor to Dorium if he would concede the game of chess.  The Doctor agreed.
     They went to some catacombs where the Headless Monks kept their leftovers (their heads).  There were lots of shelves with monk skulls.  The skulls turned their heads as the two men walked by.  There were also set booby traps.  Gantof explained that only the rich people, who became monks, were placed in boxes.  Dorium was rich.  The Doctor opened Dorium’s box while Gantof tripped a trap and fell into a pit of monk skulls.  They ate him alive.
     Dorium’s box was decorated with a fleur de leaf design.  The Madonna flowers formed a plus sign, this was a symbol for the city of our God, and in the center was a jewel.  In each corner were four other flowers for the city foursquare.
     Dorium joked, “Give it to me straight, Doctor, how bad are my injuries?”  He proceeded to tell the Doctor about the Silents, that they were a religious order, a movement,[7] and that their goal was to kill the Doctor.  It was all because of a question that would be asked in the future, or rather answered in the future, on the Fields of Transilor, or rather the Field that becomes mentally enlightened.  This Field would have to be the Christian Science Field.
     “What is the question?” Churchill asked the Doctor.
     He did not answer, he only asked Churchill what he would do to a man if that man knew a secret that must never be told.
     “If I had to I would destroy the man.”
     “And silence would fall.  The Doctor will fall.  Where are we?”
     “The Senate Room.”
     “Why do you have your revolver?”  The Doctor looked at his arm and noticed a black mark.
     “Resume your story,” Churchill said.
     The Doctor took Dorium back to the T.A.R.D.I.S. and placed the box upside down on a chair.  “Ou, I fell on my nose!  You know what the question is now.  You know why you have to die.”
     “Oh, I see.  Why Lake Silencio?  Why Utah?”
     “It’s a still point in time, easier to make a fixed point in time.”
     The Doctor picked up his phone.  “Well, it [time] has never laid a hand on me.”  He spoke over the phone to a nurse, “Brigadier Stewart is gone?”  Brigadier Stewart was from U.N.I.T. – Unified National Intelligence Taskforce.
     The Doctor pulled the T.A.R.D.I.S. blue stationary from his pocket.[8]  “It’s time.  It’s time.”
     The Doctor returned to the Teselecta.  “Surely you can deliver these.”  He held the blue invitations in his hand.
     The captain asked, “Why would you do this?  To invite your friends to your death?  We’ll deliver your messages for you.  We are champions of law and order too.  Is there anything else we can do for you?”
     The Doctor and Churchill were not alone.  The Doctor noticed a mark on his arm, the Silents.
     Churchill asked the Doctor, “And the woman you spoke of, was she there?”
     He continued his story about going to Lake Silencio.  “River Song came twice.”
     The Doctor walked to the shore to meet me by the water’s edge.  I lifted the visor on the astronaut suit.  I said, “I can’t stop it, the suit’s in control.”
     He said, “I must die, this always happens.  Don’t worry, you won’t even remember.”
     Was that Rule number one?  I pleaded, “Run!”
     “I did run, running brought me here.  Look over there.”  I turned my head slightly to the left and saw Amy, Rory, myself, and another man in the distance.  “That’s you after serving time for a murder you don’t even remember.”
     I asked, “Why would you do this, make me watch?”
     “So that you would know it’s inevitable.”
     “Time can be rewritten,” I say with hope.
     “Don’t you dare!”
     I raise my arm and shoot.  He is still alive, and I say, “Hello, Sweetie!”
     “What have you done?”
     “Well, I think I just emptied my weapons.”
     “Well, what happened?” asked Churchill.
     “Nothing happened, or if you prefer everything happened all at once.”
     There was the smell of gun smoke in the air.  Churchill looked at the gun in his hand and said, “We seem to be defending ourselves.”
     “Don’t panic.  In small numbers they’re not too difficult to kill.”  They look up to the ceiling and see many Silents members.
     It is at this time that my father and mother, with their Christian soldiers, appear upon the seen.  As a smoke grenade is thrown into the room the Doctor pushes Churchill to the ground.  After it went off Rory said, “Keep your eye drives on at all times!”
     Churchill asked, “Who are you?”
     “Pond, Amelia Pond.”
     The Doctor looks at Amy, sees the eye patch, “No.  Why are you wearing a….”
     Mother shoots the Doctor with a stun gun.  He wakes up on a train to Cairo (a city of Egyptian bondage).  Amy said, “Stun guns aren’t fun, sorry.  I wanted to avoid a long conversation.”
     After that the Doctor went on and on trying to get Amy to remember who he was.  He picked up her toy T.A.R.D.I.S. and it slowly dawns on him, as he looks around at her drawings, that she does remember him.  “Oh, oh!”
     “You look rubbish,” she said.
     “You look wonderful.”
     “So do you.”  She held up a suit.
     Mother was unable to remember everything, like what Rory really looked like, or that he happened to be her Captain Williams, the best of the best, she could not live without him.  She remembered the two differing accounts at Lake Silencio, as did I.
     The Doctor was impressed that my mother had an office on a train.  He then explained to her that time was not just frozen but that it was disintegrating.  The problem was that he was still alive.
     The train pulled into the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth at Area 52 (the second coming of the Holy Ghost).  Inside the Pyramid are many tanks with 100 Silent members.  We believe them to be our prisoners.  They do not like to see the Doctor at all.
     I am looking toward The Mother Church kidnapper when my parents and the Doctor enter our base of operations.  I heard him say, “Hi, Honey, I’m home.”
     We all, of course, have our right eyes covered (over our manhood).  We explain that the patches are really eye drives.  They interact directly with the memory centers of the brain and make it possible for us to remember the Silents.
     Madam Kovarian is tied up, she says to the Doctor, “The death of time, the end of time.  Oh, why didn’t you just die?”
     “Did my best, I showed up.”  Then he grabbed hold of me and time began to move forward, but my people pulled him off before much time had elapsed.  When he was pulled off time returned to 5:02 p.m.
     I ordered, “Cuff him!”  He was trying to short out the time differential.  “I’m not a fool, Sweetie.  I know what happens if we touch.
     “We’re opposite poles.”  What is new when it comes to male and female?
     I ask, “Am I the one who marries you or am I the one who murders you?”
     Amy noticed water was dripping on her.  The Silents were breaking out of their containment tanks and the eye drives begin to shock us.
     Madam Kovarian said to the Doctor that the Silents had not been trapped.  They have been waiting for him to show up.  “They will take you all one by one…”  Her eye drive began to shock her.  “What are you doing?  Don’t be stupid.  Stop it!”
     I took the Doctor to the top of the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth where the reception (broadcasting) room was.
     Rory said to Amy, “You have to go now, Mam!”
     She left.  The Silents broke in through the door, and Rory was on his knees in pain.  Amy returned with machine guns and shot the Silents.  Then she took the eye drive off Rory’s eye.  They were heading to the reception room when they heard Madam Kovarian say, “Amy.”  They looked at her; the eye drive was loose upon her face.  “Help me.”
     Amy responded with, “You took my baby from me and hurt her.  She’s grown up now and is fine.  But I’ll never see my baby again.”
     “But, you’ll save me because he would.”
     She put the eye drive back on to The Mother Church kidnapper’s eye so that she would die.  “The Doctor is precious to me, but you know what else he is?  Not here.  River Song didn’t get it all from you, Sweetie.”  Material organization must always die.
     On the capstone head the Doctor looked at the communication device and said, “A time-ee whime-ee distress beacon.”
     “To the future and past.” I replied.  We had been sending out a message outside our tiny bubble that the Doctor was dieing.  “The universe is still turning and I’ve sent a message to everywhere.  The Doctor is dieing, please, please help.”
     He said, “It’s stupid, you embarrass me.”
     My parents joined the Doctor and myself.  We had all ascended to the capstone (with its Holy City of the + [for the city foursquare with its tone of divine Science] and X [for the city of our God with its tone of Christian Science]).  In the center hub is the communications device going out into the whole universe asking for help to save the Doctor.

     I told the Doctor that he thinks that the universe can get along without him but the universe knows that it needs him.  I said, “It’s not the sun spots or the sun, it’s you.  The sky’s full of a million, million voices saying, ‘of course we’ll help.’  You’ve touched so many lives, so many people.  Did you think that when your time came you would have to do more than just ask?”  I cannot kill him.  “I can’t let you die without you knowing that you’re loved by so many, so much.”

     He tells me that I must do the job because the point in time is a fixed date that it cannot be changed no matter what.  “We are ground zero.  Billions and billions will suffer and die.  Is your love worth more than every living thing in the universe?”
     I said, “Yes.”
     “Amy,” the Doctor said, “uncuff me now.  Okay, I need a strip of cloth about a foot long.”  He took off his bow tie, a very old tradition.  This bow tie is a symbol for the Arch Covenant, our marriage with God, where the Spirit of the Law shows us the importance of following the Letter of the Law (the Ark Covenant).  He instructed me to wrap one end to my wrist.  I wrapped it around my right hand (manhood) while he wrapped it around his left hand (Womanhood).
     He asked, “Will you marry me?”
Of course I will.
     My parents give their consent that I am given in marriage to the Doctor.  “And Wife, I have a request, this world is dieing and I must save it.”  Then he whispered something in my ear, a secret that I was to tell no one.  I promise.  He whispers, “Look into my eye.”  Look into the eye that is single, into the left eye of Womanhood.  As I look into his left eye I saw the Doctor and behind him was his T.A.R.D.I.S.  I realized that the outer manifestation is the robot, an artificial Doctor.  He said that it was his name that he told me.  This simply means that his true identity is the subjective Christ consciousness.
     With that understanding of Truth I said, “You may kiss the Bride.  We kissed (embraced) and then find ourselves on the shore of Lake Silencio.  Time’s linear movement begins again because the endtime period is over and the Sabbath has begun.  I understand now that I must kill the outer manifestation of the Christ, for it is Good Friday, April 22, 2011, when the Doctor Christ is crucified.  The Doctor dies at exactly 5:05 p.m. the same time depicted on the grandfather clock in Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me [the Christ].

Tick-tock goes the clock

He gave what he could give her

Tick-tock goes the clock

Now prison waits for River.

     History has the time of death as being 5:02, but that is when I shot him.  He died at 5:05.  And I am forgiven always and forever, I am forgiven.
     I am at my parents home, in the back yard, with my mother having tea.  Mother said, “I heard there was a freak meteor rock shower.”
     She is upset that she has killed The Mother Church.  I try to comfort her, with the fact that she did it in a different timeline.  But she says, “I still remember it.  I need to talk to the Doctor but I can’t.”
     She feels bad because she believes the Doctor is dead.  I try to cheer her up.  “Oh, Mother, of course he isn’t.”
     “Not for you.  You’re seeing the younger versions running around.”
     “But that’s not what I mean.  Okay, I’m going to tell you what I probably shouldn’t.”  I told her that he did not whisper his name to me.  “Rule one.”
     “The Doctor lies.”
     “So do I.  Spoilers.”  I tell her what the Doctor really told me, we are jumping around when Father enters and I tell him too.
     I explain about the Doctor being inside the robot ship (that is full of time travelers) we had met when I suggested we kill Hitler.  He was in the Teselector on the capstone (the Reception Room) and at Lake Silencio. “Oh, that man, always one step ahead.  Always a plan.”
     “You’re sure?” he asked.
     “Of course I’m sure, I’m his wife.
     Amy said, “Yes, and I’m his mother-in-law.”  That is to say, she is his mother by the Letter and the Spirit of the Law.
     And what about my husband?  Three things are left to come to pass, the Fields, the fall of the eleventh, and the question.  It must be clear that the fall of the eleventh is the fall of the eleventh Doctor, when he regenerates into the twelfth and final Doctor.  And what is the question that must not be told to the world?  The question is, “Doctor who?”
     And now you know WHO exactly the Doctor is!  The Christ Doctor, who is the healer of mankind, answers the question that ecclesiastical despotism (the Silents) does not want anyone to understand that the Christ is not limited to one man known as Jesus.  The Christ is found within each individual, within each of us.  The man Jesus was the manifestation of the first coming of Christ, Mary Baker Eddy was the manifestation of the second coming of Christ, and the third coming of Christ is manifested by “a [generic] man.”
     “One small leap for [generic] man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Neal Armstrong symbolized the woman God-crowned whose feet were upon the moon, for she had dominion over material forces because she understood that she was the man-woman described in the Sixth Day of Truth (the first creation account from Genesis’s first chapter)!
     Mary Baker Eddy’s birthday was July 16th and Apollo 11 launched on July 16th.  The woman God-crowned has twelve stars to her crown, a total of twelve Apollo astronauts walked upon the moon.  Apollo 11’s Mother Church ship was called the Columbia, the dove = divine Science.  The space module that landed on the moon was the Eagle.  The flying eagle is the fourth living creature of the divine calculus for Science.  Spiritually translated Apollo is the Greek’s sun God, a symbol for the Christ.  Apollo was also the god of medicine, although he medically counterfeits the true Christ healer, as Apollo was also the god who sent disease to man.  I suppose there are many Christians out there who do believe that God made them sick because they sinned.
     The number 11 makes up the matrix structure for the Golden Candlestick Matrix (and/or Aaron’s Rod) with the seven synonyms for God (God’s seven names in its Word order – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love) and the divine calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  Who can deny that the Apollo missions were not representative of the woman God-crowned?
     And so, this ends the story about my wedding with the Christ Bridegroom.
     The following is a list of the sixth season Doctor Who episodes and how they correlate with each other.  Begin at the bottom of the pyramid.  The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon correlate with The Wedding of River Song and Closing Time.  Then you ascend up to the two episodes of The Curse of the Black Spot and The God Complex.  The next two episodes, The Doctor’s Wife and The Girl Who Waited, correlate with each other.  Then on the next level you have two episodes The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People linked with one another along with the single episode of Night Terrors.  And finally the capstone main point with A Good Man Goes to War (which is where a break took place) and (then picked up with) Let’s Kill Hitler.

[1] Like father like son!

[2] The name of the actor who played Nixon was Stuart Milligan.  I just think it is funny how Milligan and Millhouse have a similar meaning.

[3] Mormons are dualistic Christians.

[4] Nevada means “snowfall.”

[5] A clever joke is that Neve McIntosh played Madam Vastra.  A McIntosh is a type of apple, and Vastra is a talking serpent!

[6] The Doctor says he lies, but does he really?  Perhaps he speaks only Truth that seems to be a lie to the limiting finite sense of matter?  And if he does lie, it must be a type of protection for those around him.

[7] A movement is “a series of organized activities working toward an objective;  also:  an organized effort to promote or attain an end” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary).  The end of the Doctor!

[8] The Doctor picked up this blue stationary while at the house of his friend Craig.  Craig also gave the Doctor his Stetson hat!