Code to the Scriptures – Chapter 6

by MJSmith

Chapter 6 – Revelation and “The Apocalypse”

     The difference between the BIBLE book of Revelation and the sixteenth chapter of the Christian Science Textbook “The Apocalypse” is that Mary Baker Eddy only translates three sections of Revelation.  I figure she did this because these three sections relate to her God-crown mission as Discoverer, Founder, and Leader.  However, W. Gordon Brown, in his book From Genesis to Revelation, explains that these three sections correlate with the sixteen chapters of the Textbook itself (they have the same matrix structure).  Max Kappeler calls these sixteen sections, “sixteen gates.”  I will go farther and say that there are the twelve outer circular gates (of the city) and the four inner gates (the Major gates) in the Science Hub (or the four sides).
     Revelation is set up with a matrix structure of what I call – the Mountain Range.  There have been books describing this Mountain Range and one of them I will quote heavily from as a resource for opening up the last book of the BIBLE for you.  However, on August 12, 2011, I realized that Revelation 1 presents this Mountain Range as the “Golden Candlesticks.”  Most people, including myself, see this plurality as meaning seven candlesticks to one Golden Candlestick.  But on this particular morning I pluralized it for the first time, understanding that there were actually seven Golden Candlesticks, each Golden Candlestick having seven candlesticks of its own, and this is so because it lays out the matrix structure for the whole book of Revelation!  Each Golden Candlestick (or each Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle) has seven candlesticks of its own.  This is like having 7 x 7 = 49.  Each Golden Candlestick (having seven candlesticks) represents one of the seven churches in Revelation’s Introduction section.  And each Golden Candlestick (having seven candlesticks) represents one of the seven visions of Revelation.  (Since posting this piece I have found out that the Candlestick matrixes are more involved as far as the tones go, as we not only need to work with the Science order (as seen directly below) for the seven angels of the churches, but also have to work with the Christ order for the seven churches of Asia.  Asia means “land of the dawning thought.”

One example is seen as directly below for Vision I:

     In order to understand the Mountain Range Matrix (or Seven Golden Candlesticks Matrix) for the seven angels you have to return to the structure of the Seven Day’s Matrix found in Genesis 1-2:3.  However, the two matrixes are somewhat different.
     In the book Studies In the Apocalypse of John of Patmos “Based on the well known lecture series by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt” is found the Mountain Range Matrix (Seven Golden Candlesticks Matrix) structure for Revelation.  This book was first published in 1944, and later editions must have been added in 1952 and 1963.  Hoyt probably learned much in her Field by reading material by London’s Dr. Burkitt who studied apocalyptic literature.  She quotes:  “This conception belongs to the Hebrew race and is the development of their particular philosophy and condition.”[1]
     It is also a fact that Hoyt was a Christian Scientist, however, in her works she never mentions Christian Science or Mary Baker Eddy.  One may ask, “If she was a Christian Scientist, why didn’t she mention it, or Mary Baker Eddy, in her life work?”  Her reason is probably along the line that she understood how the Boston hierarchy works.  She could have feared being excommunicated as a member of The First Church (if she was one), or she could have also realized that she would have to go to Boston to get their “authorized” permission to speak about Christian Science, hence she felt better in hiding the system of Science in her work, rather than coming right out and making claim that her works were based upon Christian Science.  This way she did not need to run to Boston to get their permission.  I cannot say if she knew John W. Doorly, or was associated with him in any way.  If she did not know him or his teachings, then I have to say that she did understand the same ideas that Doorly presented to the world.  I do now know that she knew Joel Goldsmith (not the song writer Joel Goldsmith).  Another possible reason for not mentioning Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy is that she was dealing with the educational system, her work as a professor, and perhaps she did not think they would accept it?
     What is interesting about Hoyt’s work, is that it is based upon other Christian’s work and not specifically that of Christian Scientists like John W. Doorly.  And because of this her work substantiates Doorly’s work, and proves that the Board of Directors who refused to allow Doorly to teach within the “Movement” and excommunicated him for his teachings, are proved to have been wrong all these years!  And those in the Field who refuse to read Doorly’s work (and his pupil’s works) are being spiritually bound, held back, and the Field’s slavery is all do to the hierarchy’s “authorized literature” rule, which they actually have NO AUTHORITY for putting in place.
     So, I ask you (who actually decide to read this book of mine) to be unafraid of what “Boston” thinks, and to begin thinking for yourself.  Remember, Mary Baker Eddy has told you:  “The time for thinkers has come.  Truth, independent of doctrines and time-honored systems [which consists of material church organizations], knocks at the portal of humanity.  Contentment with the past and the cold conventionality of materialism are crumbling away.  Ignorance of God is no longer the steppingstone to faith.  The only guarantee of obedience is a right apprehension of Him whom to know aright is Life eternal.  Though empires fall, ‘the Lord shall reign forever.’”  (S&H vii: 13)

First Edition

     Who is it that is knocking at the portal of humanity?  It is Mary Baker Eddy, as seen in the first Illustration for “TRUTH versus [reverses]ERROR” from Christ and Christmas.  The mansion represents the material organization known as The Mother Church.  All of the adults (the members who are adulterers) are inside drinking wine (a false type of sacrament which only leads to inebriation) oblivious to the God-crowned Woman’s knocking to gain entrance into their consciousness.  Yet, an individual (married union of male and female) sees the Woman God-crowned, and this individual is depicted as a young girl (who I call Martha or Mother Hood) and a manchild (Martha’s own spiritual ideal).
     The book of Revelation is found in the New Testament, and its writer borrowed from the Old Testament symbols and writings.  Hoyt writes on page 1, that apocalyptic writing “is based on the completeness of the seven-fold development in which the fourth point is the climax.”  I see this climax as the capstone of the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle (for the angel and Love for the church); that Moses based the Golden Candlestick upon (for he saw the formation, the shape of it, in [not on] the Mountain).  So the Trunk of the Golden Candlestick represents Principle as Science.
     Now, this is different in that the climax of the first chapter of Genesis is at the capstone of Truth, while the capstone of the Apocalypse Visions is at the point of Principle as Love.
     So first off, let me show you the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth, which I use for the Seven Days in Genesis.  (Read it from bottom to top.)

     These are the seven thousand year periods, the seven years of demonstration manifested in the Textbook chapter “Fruitage.”  Returning to the idea of a month, in Hebrew, the month was symbolic of a man.  So, we could say, that these twelve months (mirrored by the zodiac) would be like the twelve stars of the woman’s crown, which are the twelve nations of Israel, of which the leaves (pages of a book) were to heal.  (It is interesting that the Hebrews have a thirteen month calendar.  This actually makes sense because the thirteenth star, or tribe, would be placed in the center hub of the wheel [the cult of Israel] and they would be the tribe of Levi – the priests.  See the book of Numbers.)
     The Golden Candlestick Matrix (which was first presented by Christian Scientist John W. Doorly in the 1940s or 50s) is the presentation of Science, or what I call Aaron’s Rod.  I first titled it the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle (which is the title I gave the matrix around 2001).  It was not until 2010 that I renamed it as Aaron’s Rod.  The difference in the two titles has to do with their shape.  John W. Doorly is the man who gave the Golden Candlestick Matrix its mountain, or pyramid, shape.  One of his students W. Gordon Brown is the man who gave the Golden Candlestick Matrix a circular shape.  It is this circular shape that I give the Aaron’s Rod title to.  (As seen below.)


     It is this pattern that Apocalyptic Writing is based upon.  “A literary study of the Apocalypse of John is also based upon the ‘decoding’ of translation of the symbols or allusions used in apocalyptic literature.  John uses approximately a thousand allusions in his Apocalypse, and more than half of these come from the Old Testament of the Bible.  These translations are the key to the meaning of the allusions and, when placed in the literary seven-fold structure, give us the full literary study of the Apocalypse.”[3]  She also makes it clear that John used references to Greek mythology.  One example is the white horseman of Revelation 6 (which is a different horse from the white horseman of Revelation 19).  This off-white horseman of Revelation 6 relates to Sagittarius, the Archer.
     Can there be any doubt or wonder as to why Mary Baker Eddy wrote:  “Spiritual teachings must always be by symbols”?  Yet some Christian Scientists resist the symbols!  And this is partially why I have this web site, so that I can help explain these symbols to the world.
     Hoyt explains that the first and seventh points of each Vision are the foundation stones in the arch design, while the fourth point is the apex, or what I call the capstone (it could even be called the keystone), the epitome toward which all sections work.  “As an engineer once said to me, ‘In engineering, when we drop the keystone into place, the whole structure is established and secure.’  So in this seven-fold form of vision and apocalyptic literature, the keystone (IV) is that toward which the whole action works – the first three ‘stones’ preparing the way for IV, the last three completing that which IV has brought to light or established.”[4]  She says also that points 2 and 6 are exact correspondents, and points 3 and 5 also correspond.  Is this not exactly what Doorly’s Golden Candlestick Matrix is presenting to us?

     It is also of importance that John W. Doorly and his students have the last four chapters of the Textbook (sort of ) representing this matrix layout.  Chapter 13 “Teaching Christian Science” is for the Inner Branch of Soul and Life (the Word) representing (from Revelation) the New Heaven (Soul) and the New Earth (Life).  This presents the New-Man (or the Original Spiritual Man of Genesis 1), or as Leonardo De Vinci named him – the Vitruvian Man.  The Vitruvian Man is the Son of man spoken of in Revelation 1!  The Son of man stands in the CENTER (HUB) of the Seven Golden Candlesticks, hence he represents Principle, or man governed by Principle.

     Chapter 14 “Recapitulation” is for the Middle Branch of Spirit and Truth (the Christ) representing (from Revelation) the city foursquare’s Jerusalem artichoke.


     Chapter 15 “Genesis” is for the Outer Branch of Mind and Love (Christianity) representing (from Revelation) the city of our God.  This city is made up of the twelve Keystones seen in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.

     And finally Chapter 16 “The Apocalypse” is for the Trunk of Principled Science where the false idea of Jehovah is transfigured into the real idea of Mother-God-Love with the 23rd Psalm.  “The Apocalypse” is where the unfoldment of understanding (Sharon’s Rose) through the four levels of Science takes place.  (Since writing this post I have specifically applied the term “Sharon’s Rose” to the circle pattern given to Christ and Christmas in the 1970’s by one of Doorly’s students.  However, I still apply it to WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, in that this WINDOW is a ROSE WINDOW, hence Sharon’s Rose Window.)

Part of Sharon’s Rose

     Getting back to the Vitruvian Man, he is depicted with three different stances.  The first stance shows the man with his arms forming the V shape of the feminine cup while his legs form the ^ shape of the masculine blade.  This forms the X of the city foursquare, for divine Science.  With the second stance we have the arms straight out as


and with the ^ legs, and counting the head, we get the star symbol for Venus, the Morning Star.  This Star of Venus is often seen inside a circle (the circle is a feminine symbol).  And then with the third stance, if we use the  ——-   arms with the    |    legs (as the tree trunk in alignment with the head) we get the symbol for the planet  Venus, the circle upon  the  plus cross.  The circle would represent the head of the Vitruvian Man.  The + sign or cross also represents the  city of our God for Christian Science.  So I find it interesting that with Leonardo De Vinci’s drawing that we have two different symbols for Venus and the symbols for the Holy City (combination of the city foursquare X and the city of our God +).  And even more astounding is that we get the Golden Candlestick Matrix represented by the Vitruvian Man!  The third stance, with the two legs together along with the body and head, represents the Trunk of Principled Science (the Son of man is found to be the center of the Golden Candlestick, as Revelation 1 puts it).  The ^ legs represent the Outer Branch of Mind and Love (Christianity).  The horizontal straight-out arms represent the Middle Branch with Spirit and Truth (the Christ).  And the V arms represent the Inner Branch of Soul and Life (the Word).  Think of each point mentioned (except the two legs that represent the Trunk) as having its own Golden Candlestick (or Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle).  Hence, not only is the Son of man (the Vitruvian Man) the Holy City (the city foursquare, the New Jerusalem, the celestial city, the city of our God), but it is also the structural layout KEY to Revelation for its seven visions.
     In Revelation the Son of man has a girt of brass, but even more interesting, if we correlate what I have just told you about the Son of man with Window of the Open Book (in the Edifice of Boston) we find that this girt of brass must be the Christian Science Textbook, and it is also located in the stomach area of the man, hence, the man has eaten the little open book (Revelation 10), or mentally digested it.  This mental digestion becomes man’s protection and salvation.  (Science of health means salvation.)
     “Quoting Dr. Moulton again:  ‘The seven visions of the Revelation seem, in their line of succession, to trace the figure of an arch, the keystone of this arch [Could this be why Revelation is the prophecy for the fulfillment of the Arch of the Covenant with Mary Baker Eddy as the woman God-crowned?] being the master thought of the prophecy….The Movement….is the beautiful movement of the regular arch, with its turning point in the center, while every stage in the rise of the action[5] has its counterpart in the fall[6]….This revelation is one Vision falling into “seven visions [Seven Golden Candlesticks],” as in the case of Zion Redeemed (Isa. 40-66) or Zechariah’s Revelation; the seven parts are however continuous, one developed out of the other, with no break.[7]  The distinction is one of analysis.  It is most important for the translator to divest his mind of all idea of succession in time.  As with Isaiahan rhapsodies, the relation of these seven parts is not that of temporal succession; each is complete in itself, and a complete presentation of the whole from one side.  The connection of the seven is logical.’ (Moulton, MODERN READER’S BIBLE, pp. 1511, 1420, 1707.)”[8]

     WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK has two main Keystones at the top of its wheel (original meaning for the word “cult”).  They are the Woman God-crowned and the Lord and Lamb.
     As mentioned earlier, the body of Revelation is made up of seven visions and each vision has seven sections to it, and this is why I call it a Mountain Range Matrix.  There is also an Introduction and a Conclusion, which also follow the seven-fold structure.  The twelfth Keystone Window for WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK is the Big Dipper Keystone (or it could be the seven sisters).  There are seven star-flowers for the Big Dipper and each star has seven points (or seven petals).  To me this means that the seven star-flowers of the Big Dipper point us to the Seven Golden Candlesticks with their seven candlesticks, along with their seven points of flamed-light (having a total of 49 flames)!  But also, this Keystone helps us line up Sharon’s Rose Matrix, matching up its twelfth flower petal to this Keystone window.

     There is no doubt in my mind (okay, it is really God’s Mind) that Mary Baker Eddy was fully aware of this matrix structure of apocalyptic literature.  And it is for this reason that she has the seven synonymous terms for God as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love on the first page of her fourteenth chapter “Recapitulation” the “TEACHING” chapter originally called The Science of Man.  Not only is the pattern for the seven representative of the Word order (the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth) utilized in Genesis, but also representative of the Science itself order (the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle and Golden Candlestick Matrix) utilized in Revelation.
     “It is an eternal wonder that the author of the Apocalypse was able to use words, allusions, symbols, metaphors, and literary structure in such a way as to give to the ages the marvelous product which we call the ‘Revelation of Jesus the Christ.’”[9]
     From this point Hoyt goes into describing another seven-fold structure known as the Holy Tabernacle, which was the “Meeting Tent.”  Moses knew this structure because he was raised in the House of the Egyptian King.  He was educated in the ways of the Egyptian religions.  He borrowed the type symbols but focused their change to help educate (lead) the Israelites out of material (Egyptian) bondage.  Again these seven symbols, when approached from the door of Mind, represent the Word order of the seven synonyms for God.  But, another approach to these tabernacle symbols gives us a different order known as the Christ order (found in S&H 115).  It is at this point within the Most Holy of Holies that the Arch Priest alone could enter.  It is from this point that the Christ (Arch Priest) begins its order.   This order is Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, and Mind.  Instead of beginning at the entrance of Mind (the closet of prayer) one begins with the Ark of the Covenant, Principle.  Principle is complete within itself with all of its symbols.  It is located in the Most Holy of Holies, where the Egyptian temples kept their god statues.  So, instead of having a personal sense statue called a god, Moses replaced personal sense with the Ark (box) of impersonalized Principle.

     Mary Baker Eddy defines ark as “Safety; the idea, or reflection, of Truth, proved to be as immortal as its Principle.” (“Glossary”)  To me this means that man (as idea and reflection) is the ark itself!  She continues:  “the understanding of Spirit, destroying belief in matter.
     “God and man coexistent and eternal; Science showing that the spiritual realities of all things are created by Him and exist forever.  The ark indicated temptation overcome and followed by exaltation.”  (S&H 581:8-14)  Exaltation would lift us up to the mountain’s capstone!

     The gold Mercy Seat was the Ark’s cover or lid.  It had two Sentinel Arch Angels facing each other.  To “discover” what was inside the Ark you would need to take off the Mercy Seat.  Inside the Ark was Life – “What is it?” manna, Truth – the two tablets with the Ten Commandments (the Ark of the Covenant – Letter of the Law) and Love – Aaron’s Rod (the only rod to bud and bloom into Sharon’s Rose Window Matrix).

     The next symbol we would come to in the Christ order is located in the Inner Court.  This symbol for Life is the Golden Candlestick.  Thus, we could go as far to say, that this Golden Candlestick represents God’s Life Science.  And I specifically say that this particular Golden Candlestick represents the first coming of Christ, as Jesus is manifested in the flesh during the Fifth Day of Life.  The symbol of Truth is the table of Shew Bread with its twelve unleavened loaves of bread.  These twelve loaves represent the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve stars in the woman’s crown (the twelve Stars of divine Science circling WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK).  In the New Testament Jesus’ twelve disciples represent the twelve loaves.  He sent them out into the world in sets of two (a total of six pairs) to heal the nations via “Christ Healing.”
     Mary Baker Eddy would borrow upon this symbol when she set up her Bible lessons for The Quarterly.  She replaced personal priests or lecturers within the Christian Science churches (called Branches) with scripture from the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  These Six Sections, comprised of both books, made up the twelve groups of readings, or the twelve loaves of Shew Bread.  These would, like the Christ disciples, go out into the world on a daily bases to heal the world.  Either the Boston hierarchy has failed to understand this symbolism, as they have changed the Bible lessons within the last five years to be whatever they want them to be, or else the hierarchy understands the symbolism and maliciously changed the Bible lessons on purpose.
     The next symbol in the Inner Court is for Love, the Golden Altar of Incense with its four horns (of power) for the divine calculus.
     Then in the Outer Court there is the Laver Sea representing Soul, then the Altar of Burnt Offerings (or sacrifices) representing Spirit, and finally there is the door entrance of Mind, only wide enough for one man (generic man) to enter at a time.  (Since writing this post I have found out that it is possible that the Laver Sea is for Spirit and the Altar of Burnt Offerings is for Soul.  I put them in this order because the priests would look into the water and see their reflection [Soul] and there were ten gold cups, at the altar, to hold blood [wine “inspiration, understanding”], the number ten being symbolic of spiritual rebirth [forty weeks = ten months (not nine months) of gestation].)
     The Holy Tabernacle Tent was the hub of spiritual activity, the center of the wheel, the cultivation of Israel.  Moses placed the tribe of Levi, the Priests, around the Tent’s four sides (on the North, East, South, and West).  And around them would be the twelve tribes (four groups of three) of Israel (as written about in the book of Numbers).  What this really meant was that the outer cycle, or circle, with the twelve stars, was the progression mankind would make throughout the BIBLE’S matrix structure, with the center “Priestess of Love” being Science itself as “the little open book” belonging to the angel of Revelation 10.  This Priestess of Love is named as Reverend “Revered Leader” Mary Baker Eddy.  And “the little open book” is none other than the capstone (hub) SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.
     Now you may be asking yourself, how do I come to these conclusions?  My conclusions are based upon the window found on the South wall of the Boston edifice, WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  Now, there are two open books found in this window.  The center book is the Christian Science Textbook.  The other book is found in the position of the Word as the Word, with the first Major Star (the North Star) as its satellite.  This Keystone Window depicts the open BIBLE.

Window of the Open Book

     This means that the Open Bible Keystone represents the first Keystone for the Major Stared Squared Cycle for the Word while the two Squared Cycles for the Christ and Christianity tones are represented by the eight Minor Stars. Did you notice on the Pyramid Matrix of Truth how the BIBLE related to the Word, the Christ, and Christianity alone?  While the capstone of the Christ-Truth belonged to SCIENCE AND HEALTH?  They really are just two ways of looking at the same idea!  With WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK the Open Bible is on the circumference with the three Squared-Cycles of the Word, the Christ, and Christianity, while the center hub Squared-Cycle stands for the Christian Science Textbook, “a little open book.”  (Rev. 10)

     There is another matrix structure set up that correlates Revelation’s seven visions with the Boston edifice of The First Church with all of its symbols, Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem book Christ and Christmas, and the twelve keystone windows for WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK (located on the south wall – presented in this order).  I am going to present this matrix to you, however, I am going to present it too you as a pyramid (mountain),[10] as this is the basic shape of The First Church Edifice if you were to look at if from the sky.[11]  It incorporates the Minor Pyramid Matrix with the Major Pyramid Matrix (along with the idea behind the Holy Tabernacle or Holy Temple.

     As I mentioned earlier, there are only three sections of Revelation that Mary Baker Eddy chose to write about in her chapter “The Apocalypse.”  The first section of “The Apocalypse” is about the angel of Revelation 10.  This section has to do with Mary Baker Eddy’s mission as the Discoverer of Christian Science.  The second section is about the woman God-crowned as the Founder of Christian Science.  Some prefer to think of the Founder as founding of The First Church of Christ Scientist.  This Church is also known as The Mother Church.  I am not saying that this is incorrect, for Christian Scientists referred to Mary Baker Eddy as Mother, and The First Church was considered to be her church, or Mother’s Church.  But there came a time that Mary Baker Eddy understood that she had to get her followers to let go of her as their Mother, and this is when she closed off the Mother’s Room.  She knew that the time for the Bride to descend had arrived.  This Bride was, and is, the Bride City.  And Mary Baker Eddy is our forever Leader (Revered Leader = Reverend) of the Bride (the Word) City of our God.  And this is what the third section of “The Apocalypse” is all about – the Holy City.
     “And I saw another strong angel coming down [descending points to Womanhood] out of heaven arrayed with a cloud [this means that the angel is a divine messenger]; and the rainbow was upon his[14] head [the seven synonymous terms for God is within her consciousness], and his face was as it were the sun [she is the same angel as the God-crown woman clothed with the sun], and his feet as pillars of fire [this means that she has tremendous understanding of the Word of God].”
     This angel is not one of the seven angels of His presence because they are blowing the trumpets in Vision III.  This angel could be the angel that presented the seal of the living God in the interlude of Vision II.  If this is so then this seal is the Christian Science Seal with its divine calculus command – “cast out demons [sin] * heal the sick * cleanse the leapers [terminally ill] * raise the dead.”  This angel is a “ministering spirit, sent forth to do service for the sake of them that shall inherit salvation” or freedom from the belief in a material organized body. (See Hebrews 1:13, 14)  This angel has to do with light and illumination, for she is the Morning Star (another name for Venus).  The angel gives John the open book (SCIENCE AND HEALTH) that contains the record, or method, of Christian Science healing.  However, John is not allowed to write this book, just as other men are not allowed to write it, and it is sealed up!  Why?  It is because Womanhood is given the mission of writing this book.  John is only allowed to mentally digest the book and then write about the “little open book” in Revelation.  His book is a prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ during the Sixth Day of Truth.  John did not know that Mary Baker Eddy would be this angel only God knew this fact.  So John’s angel was a typification of God’s divine messenger to be born in the nineteenth century.
     Now, I can hear all you biblical scholars shouting out at me that Revelation is about Rome, in John’s day and time.  Okay, I am willing to concede this as being true, it seems that Revelation’s revelation of Science is good for all time, for the whole of human history.  Revelation is also prophecy for one’s own spiritual progress during the individual’s life experience.  But, specifically, it was meant for a certain time – during the Sixth Day of Truth, when the sixth seal would be broken.  Why do I make this statement to you?  It is because, from the days of Jesus, and from the point of a.d. 300, or so, the works of Christ Jesus had been forgotten or lost.  There has been no religious Church able to heal through prayer alone on a consistent basis, because mankind had lost the art of Christ’s Science (or the Christ Science)!  It was not until the second coming of Christ that Mary Baker Eddy discovered the laws of Christian Science and wrote them down.  In the illustration of CHRIST HEALING, from Christ and Christmas, an important thing overlooked by most people, is the ‘n’ shape that Jesus and Mary’s hands and arms form.

First Edition

…In Geometry this ‘n’ is a symbol of a “cross” or “intersection” while the ‘u’ is a symbol for unity.  So, in this illustration the ‘n’ represents the two Christ missions (that of manhood [God’s Fatherhood] and Womanhood [God’s Motherhood]).  Yet, in the only circular illustration CHRISTIAN UNITY the hands and arms of Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy form a ‘u’ shape.  This ‘u’ is for sure symbolic of “unity,” the union of the Lamb (God’s spiritual idea) and the Bride (the Word of God), as well as, the union of the Christ and Science.  Not to mention, but I am going to mention it, the union of the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  In CHRISTIAN UNITY the scroll in Mary Baker Eddy’s (and yes, IT IS MARY BAKER EDDY) right hand reads “Christian Science.”  (CHRISTIAN UNITY, directly below, is colorized by me.)


     It is of interest, I think, that according to material science the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.  This seems to say, if translated back to God, that the Word of Womanhood (the left side of Mind) controls the right side of the Christ Body (Christianity) while the Christ of manhood (the right side of Mind) controls the left side of the system of Science.  (As seen directly below) the angel’s left foot (secondary power) is upon the earth (visible error and audible sin) while the angel’s right foot (dominant power) is upon the sea (elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms).

     The angel’s book (S&H) is the first gift and the second gift is “a reed like unto a rod.”  I mention the second gift because it coincides with the rod (of divine Science) given to the woman’s manchild in Vision IV.  This rod is a “standard of measurement” a Holy Grail.  This rod is used to “measure the temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein.”  The divine measurement is the understanding of the oneness of God.  John is told, “only those who understood the full significance of the worship or the understanding of the truth about God were to be judged according to this standard of measurement, ‘the reed like a rod.’  Those in the court of the gentiles, who represented the ignorant, unwilling, apathetic, materialistic thought, were not to come under this standard of measurement.  In fact, it would be absolutely unjust to think of such a thing until materialistic unbelief had changed.”[15]
     From this point on Revelation speaks of two seven-branched golden lampstands.  These two lampstands, or candlesticks are the two witnesses of Revelation 11.  There are two sources of spiritual illumination (two Christ advents) instead of one.  Could not these two witnesses then represent the two books of the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, as well as, Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy?  John is referencing the two prophets of Elijah “Power to shut heaven”[16] and Moses “Power over waters [spiritual teachings] to turn them to blood [eternal life].”  This would simply mean that Moses had power over the false teachings of Egypt (priest craft and magic) and he could kill these false teachings, or put them to death.  The red blood is symbolic of the red tide that kills off all material life within the water.[17]  Yet, we must also look at it in the following manner.  Water is the symbolic element for Science, so Moses and Mary Baker Eddy have power over (understanding of) the spiritual teachings of Science turning them into the blood-wine (“inspiration, understanding”).

     In the third vision the two Golden (divine) Candlesticks feed olive oil to a third Golden Candlestick in order to give light (enlightenment).  I understand this third Golden Candlestick to be the third advent of Christ with generic man (perhaps the Vitruvian[18] Man?).  It is of importance, however, that in The First Church edifice we have the six windows underneath JAIRUS’ DAUGHTER, having the two lamp stands (or candlesticks) located in the outer windows for LIGHT, INTELLIGENCE, AND VICTORY.  The “Light” panels (windows) are of the two lamp stands (two witnesses).  Notice that the candlestick on the left has a black flame while the one on the right has a white flame, like the two columns seen in the tree of life diagram below.  It is said that these two columns were placed outside of Solomon’s Temple.

…The “Intelligence” panel (second window from the left) reads, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures 296:7,” referring to the 81st edition—1894 (in the current edition that reference is on p. 350:11).  The quote would read, “His words were the offspring of his deeds, both of which must be understood.  Unless the works are comprehended which his words explained, the words are blind.”  And the “Intelligence” panel (second window from the right) reads, “Psalm CXIX, 105th Verse.”  This quote would read, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  The two inner panels have palm leaves for “Victory” (this Victory comes through Salvation).

Jairus’ Daughter

From an early edition of Science and Health

From an early edition of Science and Health.

CHRIST HEALING (colorized by me)

     THE RAISING OF JAIRUS’ DAUGHTER depicts Jesus raising the twelve-year old girl, while CHRIST HEALING in Christ and Christmas depicts the raising of the twelve-year old girl – Mary Baker Eddy.  She is raised up out of the shadow of the valley of the dead —scholastic theology and ecclesiastical despotism.  This same illustration is also said to represent her healing of February 4, 1866, when Mary was 45, saving her from the predicted death placed upon her by materia medica and priest craft (the man who is objecting to the healing).  I feel that these four types of erroneous teachings (of mortal mind) are oh so like the four horsemen of Revelation 6.  (I like the fact that the shape formed by Jesus arm and hand along with the Daughter’s arm and hand form a square or diamond shape.  A diamond is a symbol for a “shielding of the woman”.)
     Many Christian Scientists seem to fail to accept that Mary Baker Eddy was/is actually the second coming of Christ, and they deny that she is the woman God-crowned because they believe if they do so that they are idolizing a material woman, even if she is supposed to be their revered Leader![19]  They are actually afraid of idolizing her, thus they wind up denying her place in Bible prophecy as the “Fulfillment of Christ.”  This is the result of a false philosophy (wormwood) placed into the Christian Science periodicals, and the third Robert Peel biography on Mary Baker Eddy, by men like Alison Phinney (who falsely influenced Robert Peel).  They claim that, as they call her, Mrs. Eddy was a material woman, that she was therefore unknown by God, and that she just happened to get to the top of the mountain before anyone else did so she was given the revelation of Christian Science!  What they did was deny Mary Baker Eddy as the human and divine coincidence.  This led Christian Scientists in the wrong direction, being afraid to idolize a material woman (Christian Scientists do not idolize Jesus, so what were they really afraid of?  Probably being excommunicated.).  “The removal of God’s anointed can be done just as effectively through deification [as what happened with Jesus] as it can through indifference and ingratitude [as what happened with Mary Baker Eddy].  In both instances the revelator is misunderstood, or not understood at all, and the revelation is lost.” (In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed, Paul Smillie, p. 325)
     Do Christian Scientists deny Jesus Christ’s place in Bible prophecy?  No, they do not.  Do they idolize Jesus Christ as other religious faiths do?  No, they do not.  So, why are they so afraid that they will wind up idolizing Mary Baker Eddy if they recognize her true place or acknowledge her true God-crown mission?  Because they now see her only as a material person.  They only think this way because the Boston hierarchy has told them to think this way – they have fallen for one of the red dragon’s tricks!
     As far as written works go, there is far more written by Mary Baker Eddy to prove that she accepted her role as the second coming of Christ and as the woman spoken of in Revelation’s fourth Vision than there is where people believe she was denying such things.[20]  It is true, she did not want her followers to idolize her and this is why she told them not to idolize her material persona.  But there is a difference between recognizing her importance and idolizing her persona!  I recognize Jesus Christ’s importance, I recognize and understand his God-crown mission, I accept that he came to present to the world God’s Fatherhood, that he brought about Christianity.  But Revelation makes it clear that God’s Motherhood is to be represented on Earth too.  So, this woman who “shall compass a man” (see Jeremiah) is Mary Baker Eddy, even though St. John (and perhaps Jesus too) did not know who the woman God-crowned was to be, certainly not her name.  But God did know, and continues to know.
     So, why did Mary Baker Eddy hide her place in Bible prophecy and deny it?  Well, one reason was because the world just was not ready to accept her place in Bible prophecy!  Remember Jesus was not even accepted in his day as the Christ by the Hebrews, his own people.  Well, the same is true of Mary Baker Eddy, some of her followers, not all, were not ready to really accept her place, as they had strong ties to old theology and church, they did not even want to give up Church (material organization).  And a lot of the confusion, like in the footnote below, had to do with what happened because of the Woodbury trial.  Carnal mind puts up resistance (which is the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism) to Truth, and Mary Baker Eddy represented Truth, she came in the Sixth Day of Truth, Science is God’s Truth based upon divine Principle.
     So, what I am going to tell you is Truth.  I am not speaking of you as a material person here, but as God’s spiritual idea!  You, the real you, not the carnal or material you, is the Christ, the Son of God.  It is said that Jesus is God’s only begotten Son.  While this may be true in the physical world, because the Virgin Mary gave birth to him, this is not the reality of the way things really are.  You, me, everyone, are the only begotten Son of God.  Why?  Because there is only One Son, there is only one Christ, just as there is only one sun in our solar system.  Mary Baker Eddy puts it this way, “If we say that the sun stands for God, then all his rays collectively stand for Christ, and each separate ray for men and women (My 344;3).”  If there is only One God, then there can be only One Son!  There is only one Father and there is only one Mother!  Or, if you want to say it this way, there is only one Life, Truth, and Love (divine Principle).  This does not mean, however, that Jesus’ light or Mary Baker Eddy’s light is not brighter than your light or my light.  The stars of the heavens all have different amounts of brightness to them, as in heaven, so on earth.
     Revelation is Bible prophecy about the second coming and third coming of Christ.  The Revelation is Science itself.  It shows us how the God-crowned woman’s mission took place (it is in the past for us, even though it was in the future for St. John) during the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries.  Of course, Revelation was also prophecy about that time period, just as it is prophecy about everyone’s present time period, and that is what makes it Revelation!  It is an on going prophecy, or a self-fulfilling prophecy!  The book of Revelation (Are you ready to hear the Truth?) is about you!  You, my friend, are the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Lamb of God, the woman God-crowned, the white horseman, and the Holy City of our God (for the Kingdom of God is within your consciousness).  No, you are not God, for God is God, but you are God’s image and likeness (as in Genesis 1); yes, you are God’s reflection.  And for sure you are not God’s deflection, nor are you an inverted image of God!  The real you is inseparable from God, it is only the personal sense you that believes that you have been separated from God via a material birth.
     You may object to claiming your spiritual identity, no?  But, Mary Baker Eddy tells us that there is the Christ link, this means that there is the one Christ throughout human history working within man’s consciousness.  She instructs us in the Church Tenants to have the same Mind that was in Jesus Christ!  (This is also in the BIBLE.)  If you are incapable of reflecting the Christ Mind then you cannot do the works of Christ.  But Jesus made sure that we were told (by him) that we are able to do the same works that he did, even greater works than his we can do!  So, what is holding society back from doing the same works as Jesus Christ did?  What is holding society back from doing the same works of Mary Baker Eddy?  The red dragon’s resistance to Truth!  Now, if you accept this Truth, then you are ready for the seven visions (the Seven Golden Candlesticks) of Revelation!

[1] Burkitt:  Jewish and Christian Apocalypses,  Pub. in London, p.3

[2] It is easy to see here that this pattern also resembles the shape of a Christmas tree.

[3] Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos; Lecture Series by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt; page 1.  From this point on I will abbreviate her book as SAJP.

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[5] This would be the manhood aspect, for manhood always ascends.

[6] This would be the Womanhood aspect, for Womanhood always descends.

[7] Like a mountain range?

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[10] It actually has the shape of the shield found on Superman’s chest.

[11] I drew the “bird’s eye view” outline of the edifice around 1999 or 2000.  It was not until around 2005 that I saw a satellite photo of The First Church.  I was amazed at how close I really had come to the true shape of The First Church’s edifice!

[12] These three pillars have to do with the three columns of the Kabala tree of life matrix.

[13] The Grecian Oil Lamp in Mother’s Room was always to be kept lit (as a symbol).  I do not know if they still do this or not.

[14] Just because the angel is described as “him,” “his,” or “he” does not mean that the angel is a male.

[15] SAJP; p. 57

[16] To me this is symbolic of a Stargate.  And remember that Jesus referred to himself as a door!

[17] Whether or not the red tide would enter fresh water, as with the Nile, I cannot say.  Usually the red tide is found in the ocean, or the sea.

[18] Vitruvian refers to a stained glass window (vulcanized sand becomes glass).

[19] The name “Reverend Mary Baker Eddy” is found on two stained glass windows in the edifice.  One is in “a little open book” in the hub of WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, while the other is on “a little open book” above the WOMAN GOD-CROWNED window!  How more obvious could she have spelled it out for us?

[20] Some Christian Scientists use Edward Kimball’s words on the subject (to the press during the Woodbury trial) as divine law on the topic!  (Kimball was a student of Mary Baker Eddy.)  These same people also refer to her own words, to her lawyers during the Woodbury lawsuit, as proof that Mary Baker Eddy did not claim to be the woman God-crowned.  Josephine Woodbury (notice the name as a pun, would bury) was a disloyal Christian Scientist and she tried to sue Mary Baker Eddy in court for libel.  However, animal magnetism (the red dragon) was really behind the attack on Mary Baker Eddy, and one of its “tricks” was to try and reveal Mary Baker Eddy’s place as the woman God-crowned to the world before the world was ready for this Revelation, before the world was ready for the full recognition of the Christ.  Mary Baker Eddy did not deny to her lawyers that she was the woman God-crowned; she just answered their inquiry with a question, “Could a little old gray haired lady be the woman God-crowned?”  The men were satisfied with her answer.  Kimball, by the way, was disobedient.  Mary Baker Eddy told him not to go to Rome (the Roman Catholic Church), but he did.  Nor would he come work for her at Pleasant View.  After his refusal to come work in her home she placed a By-Law in the Church Manual.  It is on page 67, Art. XXII, Sect. 11 and it is concerned with the importance of a call to duty and the penalty for refusal was excommunication.  The statement in Miscellany about Kimball is also suspect – about his “clear, correct teaching of Christian Science.”  It was not something that she requested be published.  So who did publish it?  It would have had to have been a Board of Directors that published it.