Code to the Scriptures – Chapter 11

by MJSmith

Chapter 11 – Vision 4 – Principle (Science) the CAPSTONE[1]

Mrs. Eddy’s Place [in Bible prophecy & her seat of power]

Mrs. Eddy’s Place[2]

     As published in the Christian Science Sentinel, June 5, 1943

     The position of The Mother Church as to Mary Baker Eddy’s place in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy is clearly set forth in the following paragraphs.  These conclusions are not new; they are confirmed by our Leader’s writings, and the steadily unfolding fruitage of Christian Science bears witness to their truth.

1.  Mrs. Eddy, as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, understood herself to be the one chosen of God to bring the promised Comforter to the world, and, therefore, the revelator of Christ, Truth, in this age.

2.  Mrs. Eddy regarded portions of Revelation (that is, Chapter 12) as pointing to her as the one who fulfilled prophecy by giving the full and final revelation of truth; her work thus being complementary to that of Christ Jesus.

3.  As Christ Jesus exemplified the fatherhood of God, she (Mrs. Eddy) revealed God’s motherhood; she represents in this age the spiritual idea of God typified by the woman in the Apocalypse.  (See Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 565:13-22.)

4.  Mrs. Eddy considered herself to be the “God-appointed” and “God-anointed” messenger to this age, the woman chosen by God to discover the Science of Christian healing and to interpret it to mankind; she is so closely related to Christian Science that a true sense of her is essential to the understanding of Christian Science; in other words, the revelator cannot be separated from the revelation.

5.  This recognition of her true status enabled her to withstand the opposition directed against her by “the [red] dragon” (malicious animal magnetism); she was touchingly grateful to those who saw her as the woman of prophecy and who therefore trusted, obeyed, and supported her in her mission.

6.  This same recognition is equally vital to our movement, for demonstration is the result of vision; the collecting of this indisputable evidence of our Leader’s own view of herself and of her mission marks a great step forward; wisely utilized, this evidence will stimulate and stabilize the growth of Christian Scientists today and in succeeding generations; it will establish unity in the Field with regard to the vital question of our Leader’s relation to Scriptural prophecy.

     As we record these important facts, we remind Christian Scientists of our Leader’s words (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 308), “The Scriptures and Christian Science reveal ‘the way,’ and personal revelators will take their proper place in history, but will not be deified.”
          The Christian Science Board of Directors

     This pamphlet was based upon a typed written report consisting of fifty-seven pages.  So, it was not something done on the spur of the moment, nor was it made up out of thin air.[3]  These Six Points counteract the red dragon’s bag of tricks that he uses against the woman God-crowned.  And they fit right in with the Capstone Vision of Revelation.  Before moving on, however, let us look at these Six Points more closely.
     In the first Point it tells us that Mary Baker Eddy actually “understood herself to be the one chosen of God to bring the promised Comforter to the world.”  This is the second coming of Christ!  Jesus knew that the Comforter he promised was that of Christian Science (even if he did not use that particular name).  Christian Science is the actual Comforter.  Jesus knew that this Comforter had to be given to the world via the Christ minded “chosen one.”  He may not have seen the “chosen one” as Mary Baker Eddy, but I have a suspicion that he knew it had to come via Womanhood, because, he came as the manhood representative in the first coming of Christ.  And Mary Baker Eddy is thus, “the revelator of Christ, Truth, in this age” of Aquarius.
     For the second Point, it is true, Mary Baker Eddy did regard portions of Revelation as pointing to her, but I suspect that she regarded more than just chapter 12!  Why else would she write about chapters 10, 21, and 22?  And I feel that the whole book points to her place, for the ESTABLISHMENT of the Capstone Vision!  And yes, her words were “complementary” to “Christ Jesus.”
     The third Point explains that God must be manifested (on earth) in His-Her fullness (as the fullness of Christ).  This pamphlet presents the basics of Truth.  Yes, Mary Baker Eddy did represent in this Age of Aquarius “the spiritual idea of God typified by the woman in the Apocalypse.”  Mary Baker Eddy defined Lamb of God as the “spiritual idea of Love [God]; self-immolation; innocence and purity; sacrifice.” (S&H 590:9)
     It cannot be any clearer from the fourth Point that Mary Baker Eddy “considered herself to be the ‘God-appointed’ and ‘God-anointed’ [angel] messenger”.  And she made it most clear, if you have read Christian Science history, on many occasions that she as the “revelator cannot be separated from the revelation” which is Christian Science.  To understand or grasp this point “is essential to the understanding of Christian Science.”
     The fifth Point is most important to understand today!  The recognition of her place (her seat), her true status, is what “enabled her to withstand the opposition directed against her by ‘the [red] dragon [of ecclesiastical despotism]’” in the guise of malicious animal magnetism.  Thus, it was also important and still is important for her followers, for ALL Christian Scientists, to recognize her “true status.”  She did not come down upon those who accepted her place in Bible prophecy, or who understood her as the second coming of Christ, no “she was touchingly grateful to those who saw her as the woman of prophecy and who therefore trusted, obeyed, and supported her in her mission.”
     And the Board of 1943 understood the fifth Point, for they continue in the sixth Point – “THIS SAME RECOGNITION IS EQUALLY VITAL TO OUR MOVEMENT, for DEMONSTRATION is the result of vision; the collecting of this indisputable evidence of” Mary Baker Eddy’s own view of herself and of her mission that “marks a great step forward.”  Unfortunately today’s “movement” has forgotten all these words and what follows.  This recognition of Mary Baker Eddy as Christ’s Womanhood becomes a tool (wisely utilized), “this evidence will stimulate and stabilize the growth of Christian Scientists today and in succeeding generations; it will establish unity in the Field with regard to the vital question of our Leader’s relation to Scriptural prophecy.”  And today the Field is not united on this topic at all (Babylon)!  Most “church goers” do not accept her place (her seat) as Leader, or as the second coming of Christ, or her having been spoken about in the prophecy of the Bible!  And this is why the Church is going bankrupt, why the Branches are failing, and the Field is shrinking; and why many people in the world today have negative viewpoints toward Christian Science, hate Mary Baker Eddy, do not understand Christian Science, and still turn to materia medica for healing!
     The Fourth Vision is about the woman God-crowned, her travail and birth of the manchild, and the resistance to Truth via the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism (and various political systems).  The woman God-crowned is the Fullness of the Christ (as Womanhood includes manhood [a woman shall compasses a man]).   It is during the time of Mary Baker Eddy (during the Sixth Day of Truth) that generic man understands his dominion, that his being is inseparable from God; He has his full realization of his oneness with God.
     The New Jerusalem (Bride) is “another comforter” that of Christian Science.  The woman’s travail is her struggle for right thinking, or correct thinking, which is always spiritual thinking.  The red dragon acts as a midwife (a medium[4]) that is after the woman’s manchild (spiritual ideal) because it knows that its sovereignty over its regime will be lost once the manchild is born.  However, the manchild is caught up to heaven (Home-Harmony) and the red dragon is unable to touch the manchild.  So the red dragon changes its tactics and uses seven tricks to destroy the woman.
     This battle actually begins in Genesis 3 when the woman (not even yet falsely identified by Adam to be Eve) recognizes the serpent (animal magnetism) as the beguiler, and refuses to blame God or the spiritual idea for eating the forbidden fruit.
     Around 1906 the red dragon in the guise of male energy began to attack Mary Baker Eddy.  First the newspapers, Joseph Pulitzer’s[5] to be exact, declared that she was dead and that there was an imposter at Pleasant View.  When this lie failed they declared that the men running her church and home were holding her hostage and were really in charge of everything (the Church and its business).  This too was a lie.  Then in 1907 came the Next Friend’s Suit.  Joseph Pulitzer was also behind this court suit.  Her son George Glover, and his family, were lied to about Mary Baker Eddy and the evil men[6] lavished them with gifts.  They took George and his daughter Mary to New Hampshire for the court suit.  Mary Baker Eddy’s adopted son also joined the suit.  The suit failed, as the court finally interviewed Mary Baker Eddy at her home and decided that she was capable of handling her own business and that her mind was like a steel trap!
     It is because of the Next Friends Suit that Mary Baker Eddy decided to start up and publish The Christian Science Monitor.  She saw the need for honest journalism in the world.  It is shameful what her newspaper has become in today’s world!  And even an embarrassment when her newspaper publisher’s boast about receiving the Pulitzer Prize, are their memories that bad?
     She may have won the court case, however, the red dragon did not stop there.  It is after Mary Baker Eddy leaves a material organized body on December 3, 1910 that the red dragon brings out more of his nasty little bag of tricks of deception!  The first deception was when the Board of Directors insisted on declaring Mary Baker Eddy (the woman God-crowned) as being dead!  It would not be until the 1940s, during the Second World War, that the pamphlet would be published to deter the red dragon’s tricks.  This would be accomplished with the six points of establishment.  Its title Mary Baker Eddy’s Place refers to her place in Bible Prophecy and her throne seat in the temple of God.  Today, the pamphlet has been pulled from the Christian Science Reading Rooms.  The red dragon seems to be having his way with the Boston hierarchy (the name that they adopted for themselves)!
     For you Harry Potter fans out there, remember how “you know who,” the serpent, and his cohorts, the death eaters, took over the Ministry of Magic (the government [a Board of Directors]) and then Hogwarts (the public school system for learning [the C. S. Teachers and their Associations])?  It is the same story that I have been telling you about!  WAKE UP!

     The Introduction for Vision 4 – Rev. 11:19 – “And the temple of God was opened in heaven,[7] and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament[8]:  and there were lightenings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.”  The Law of the Bible (or Torah) is now understood, it has become an open book and yet the majority of Christians objects (lightenings, voices, thunderings, earthquake, and great hail) to its being opened up, especially by a woman.



The Foundation Stones – or the Outer Branch – of Principle as Mind and Principle as Love in the tone of Christianity

Principle as Mind – The Fullness of the Christ – Mind gives man (via “a little open book”) dominion in the Sixth Day of Truth
     The woman God-crowned has twelve stars that represent the fullness of Christ, the completeness of the twelve nations (this is the circumference of the Holy City).  However, there is a thirteenth star – that of Mary Baker Eddy (found within the hub of the Holy City).  She is the center point (the corner capstone head itself) – the Fifth Element – like in the movie The Fifth Element.
     She gives birth to the Revelation – Science and Health – both protected from the seven errors of Romanism (ecclesiastical despotism).  Mary Baker Eddy’s manchild happens to be the Christian Science Textbook it is caught up unto heaven, harmony, being fully protected from the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism.  If the rod of iron (divine Science) actually happens to be the Church Manual we must ask why this “gift” is given to the manchild?  Could it be because both books present (as a present or a gift) the Six Tenets of Christian Science?  The Six Tenets are the twenty-fourth answer (the last elder) to the twenty-fourth question (the last elder’s crown) in “Recapitulation.”  So these Six Tenets must be recognized as teaching points.
     Many Christians may believe that the woman God-crowned is either the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene.  However, this does not make sense because John tells us about a VISION, a future event, about a woman that is in the future (not of the past).

“Translator’s note:  The fourth and climax vision shows the full and complete Revelation of the Christ, also called the New Jerusalem, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, and here symbolized by the woman bringing forth her child.  It is difficult to find words to describe the full glory and meaning of this amazing vision, for it is indeed wonderful.  After the important Revelation is given, it is followed in this vision by six points of establishment to support and prove it, six points which completely annihilate all phases of the dragon thought, the phases of resistance to the Truth.  In the instances John is about to relate you will notice that the dragon lie would try to tear down the Revelation by many different tricks.
     “19.  I, John, saw the spiritual temple open and I saw the ark [Letter of the Law] of the testament [the Bible], the familiar symbol of God’s presence, completely visible in the Holy of Holies [Principle].  This realization comes through correction and purification.  Now I realized that there is no veil between God and man [there was a veil between the Inner Court and the Most Holy of Holies]; no separation between God and man when this Revelation is understood.”[9]

     The Fourth Vision of Revelation is the Capstone Vision; it is of major importance and relevance.  Mary Baker Eddy speaks about part of this Vision in “The Apocalypse.”  She begins on page 559:32 with:  “The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse, or Revelation of Saint John, has a special suggestiveness in connection with the nineteenth century [her God-crown mission age[10]].  In the opening of the sixth seal, typical of six thousand years since Adam, the distinctive feature has reference to the present age.”  She heads this paragraph as “To-day’s lesson”.  To-day’s lesson was of Truth, the Sixth Day.

Revelation xii.1.  And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.

“True estimate of God’s messenger[11]
     “Heaven represents harmony, and divine Science interprets the Principle of heavenly harmony.  The great miracle, to human sense, is divine Love, and the grand necessity of existence is to gain the true idea of what constitutes the kingdom of heaven in man.  This goal is never reached while we hate our neighbor or entertain a false estimate of anyone whom God has appointed to voice His Word.  Again, without a correct sense of its highest visible idea [God’s angelic messenger, spoken of in Revelation 10, is Mary Baker Eddy.], we can never understand the divine Principle [God and God’s Science which is the Revelation].  The botanist must know the genus and species of a plant in order to classify it correctly.  As it is with things, so is it with persons.[12]

“Persecution harmful
     “Abuse of the motives and religion of St. Paul hid from view the apostle’s character, which made him equal to his great mission.  Persecution of all who have spoken something new and better of God has not only obscured the light of the ages, but has been fatal to the persecutors.  Why?  Because it has hid from them the true idea which has been presented.  To misunderstand Paul, was to be ignorant of the divine idea he taught.  Ignorance of the divine idea betrays at once a greater ignorance of the divine Principle of the idea—ignorance of Truth and Love.  The understanding of Truth and Love, the Principle which works out the ends of eternal good and destroys both faith in evil and the practice of evil, leads to the discernment of the divine idea.” (S&H 560:6-561:4)
     Let me rewrite part of this last paragraph for you…Abuse of the motives and religion of Mary Baker Eddy hid from view the apostle’s character, which made her equal to her great mission.  Persecution of all who have spoken something new and better of God has not only obscured the light of the ages, but has been fatal to the persecutors.  Why?  Because it has hid from them the true idea that has been presented.  To misunderstand Mary Baker Eddy, is to be ignorant of the divine idea she teaches us in “a little open book.”  Ignorance of the divine idea betrays at once a greater ignorance of the divine Principle of the idea—ignorance of Truth (the Christ Son-[relation]ship) and Love (Motherhood).

“Espousals supernal” (espousal – to betroth; to take up and support a cause)
     She continues with “Agassiz, through his microscope, saw the sun in an egg at a point of so-called embryonic life.  Because of his more spiritual vision, St. John saw an ‘angel standing in the sun.’  The Revelator beheld the spiritual idea from the mount of vision.  Purity was the symbol of Life and Love [both of these synonyms define “Mother” in “Glossary” and represent the Ark and the Arch].  The Revelator saw also the spiritual ideal as a woman clothed in light, a bride coming down from heaven [the city foursquare (divine Science) descends from heaven], wedded to the Lamb of Love [spiritual idea].  To John, ‘the bride’ and ‘the Lamb’ represented the correlation of divine Principle [God] and spiritual idea [man], God and His Christ [man], bringing harmony [divinity] to earth [humanity].

“Divinity and humanity
     “John saw the human and divine coincidence, shown in the man Jesus, as divinity embracing humanity in Life and its demonstration, — reducing to human perception and understanding the Life which is God.  In divine revelation, material and corporeal self-hood disappear, and the spiritual idea is understood.”  (S&H 560:22-561:21)
     Again, let me rewrite this last paragraph as…I see the human and divine coincidence, shown in the woman Mary Baker Eddy, as divinity embracing humanity in Truth and its demonstration, — reducing to human perception and understanding the Truth which us God.  In divine revelation the material and corporeal self-hood of Mary Baker Eddy disappear, and the spiritual idea Mary Baker Eddy is understood.
     This spiritual discernment of Mary Baker Eddy keeps us from the idolization of her persona.  It helps us all because we can understand Mary Baker Eddy’s human and divine coincidence and that God foreordained her.

“Spiritual sunlight
     “The woman in the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God [and Mary Baker Eddy is also generic man]; she illustrates the coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and divine idea.  The Revelator symbolizes Spirit by the sun.  The spiritual idea [who is Mary Baker Eddy] is clad with the radiance of spiritual Truth, and matter is put under her feet [for she has dominion over material laws just as Jesus Christ did].  The light portrayed is really neither solar nor lunar, but spiritual Life, which is ‘the light of men.’  In the first chapter of the Fourth Gospel it is written, ‘There was a man sent from God…to bear witness of that Light.  [There was also a woman sent from God…to bear witness of that Light.]

“Spiritual idea revealed
     “John the Baptist prophesied the coming of the immaculate Jesus, and John saw in those days the spiritual idea as the Messiah, who would baptize with the Holy Ghost, —divine Science.  As Elias presented the idea of the fatherhood of God, which Jesus afterwards manifested, so the Revelator completed this figure with woman, typifying the spiritual idea of God’s motherhood [Who else could Mary Baker Eddy be speaking of here but herself?].  The moon is under her feet.  This idea reveals the universe as secondary and tributary to Spirit from which the universe borrows its reflected light, substance, life, and intelligence.

“Spiritual idea [Mary Baker Eddy] crowned
     “The spiritual idea is crowned with twelve stars.  The twelve tribes of Israel with all mortals, — separated by belief from man’s divine origin and the true idea, — will through much tribulation yield to the activities of the divine Principle of man in the harmony of Science.  These are the [twelve] stars in the crown of rejoicing.  They are the lamps in the spiritual heavens of the age, which show the workings of the spiritual idea by healing the sick and the sinning, and by manifesting the light which shines ‘unto the perfect day’ as the night of materialism wanes.”  (S&H 561:22-562:21)
     (As mentioned before, these twelve stars are found circling around the twelve keystones of Window of the Open Book.  Four of the stars are major (bigger) stars and they represent the squared-cycle for the Word.  This window is also the city foursquare, the city of our God, the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, or the Bride City.  This City is found everywhere today; it has recently been seen in Astro Boy, and Iron Man 2.  It is also interesting that Astro Boy and Iron Man both have feet like the angel of Revelation 10!  I use an X to symbolize the city foursquare and a plus sign or plus cross to symbolize city of our God.  Together, as one, they present a wheel with eight spokes.)

Eight Sided Pyramid

     Because Mary Baker Eddy was willing to bring forth the full understanding of the Christ to the world in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, she experienced great tribulation.

Revelation xii. 2.  And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

“Travail and joy
     “Also the spiritual idea is typified by a woman in travail, waiting to be delivered of her sweet promise, but remembering no more her sorrow for joy that the birth goes on; for great is the idea, and the travail portentous. [Portent means, “something that foreshadows a coming event; prophetic indication or significance”.]

Revelation xii. 3.  And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon,[13] having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

“The dragon as a type
     “Human sense may well marvel at discord, while, to a diviner sense, harmony is the real and discord the unreal.  We may well be astonished at sin, sickness, and death.  We may well be perplexed at human fear; and still more astounded at hatred, which lifts its hydra head [water (The color red has to do with Adam, and the dragon has to do with the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  The Bible symbolizes spiritual teachings by water, thus the red dragon’s hydra heads  represent counterfeits of the woman’s spiritual teachings.  These false teachings belong to material organizations, material physics, material medicine, etc.)], showing its horns in the many inventions of evil.  But why should we stand aghast at nothingness?  The great red dragon symbolizes a lie, — the belief that substance, life, and intelligence can be material.  This dragon stands for the sum total of human error.  The ten horns of the dragon typify the belief that matter has power of its own [like with the ten emperors before Domitian?], and that by means of an evil mind in matter the Ten Commandments can be broken.

“The sting of the serpent
     “The Revelator lifts the veil from this embodiment of all evil, and beholds its awful character; but he also sees the nothingness of evil and the allness of God.  The Revelator sees that old serpent [Adam/serpent], whose name is devil or evil, holding untiring watch, that he may bite the heel of truth [the serpent is to attack the woman’s heel (her spiritual progress) in Genesis 3] and seemingly impede the offspring of the spiritual idea, which is prolific in health, holiness, and immortality.”  (S&H 562:22-563:22)

THE DRAGON’S FIRST TRICK – Resistance to Truth
     The dragon’s first trick is the phase of resistance to the Christ’s second coming as the woman God-crowned, who was and is Mary Baker Eddy.  This resistance began in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and continued on into the twenty-first century.[14]  Those who apply Christian Science (God’s omnipotence) and demonstrate its authority and dominion, overcome the lie of the red dragon that is animal magnetism.

Revelation xii. 4.  And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven [from the woman’s crown = four major stars], and did cast them to the earth [threw the four Directors into mortal minded methods]:  and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.”  (S&H 563:23)

     Before I continue with Mary Baker Eddy’s explanation on this particular verse, I would like to explain that when Mary Baker Eddy began The First Church of Christ, Scientist, she had twelve first members.  These twelve first members were symbols of the twelve stars in her crown.  The four major stars would have been symbolic of the Boston Board of Directors.  Thus, when we understand that this Bible verse is referring to the counterfeit of the divine calculus found in the human personification of a Board of Directors, we can understand why she had so much trouble with the male Boards.  I am not saying that the Board of Directors consisted of evil men, or that these men were purposely evil or even power hungry.  I am just saying that they became the tools of the red dragon.  And if these Board members were unable to mentally protect themselves against the red dragon (animal magnetism) then they fell to earth (into mortal minded ways).

“Animal tendency
     “The serpentine form stands for subtlety, winding its way amidst all evil, but doing this in the name of good.  Its sting is spoken of by Paul, when he refers to ‘spiritual wickedness in high places.’  [Like a Board of Directors is in a high place, symbolized by their Administrator’s Tower.]  It is the animal instinct in mortals, which would impel them to devour each other and cast out devils through Beelzebub.
     “As of old, evil still charges the spiritual idea [Mary Baker Eddy] with error’s own nature and methods.[15]  This malicious animal instinct, of which the dragon is the type, incites mortals to kill morally and physically even their fellow-mortals, and worse still, to charge the innocent with the crime.  This last infirmity of sin will sink its perpetrator into a night without a [prophet] star.

“Malicious barbarity
     “The author [Mary Baker Eddy] is convinced that the accusations against Jesus of Nazareth and even his crucifixion were instigated by the criminal instinct here described.  The Revelator speaks of Jesus as the Lamb of God [spiritual idea of Love (“Glossary”)] and of the dragon [Error; fear; inflammation; sensuality; subtlety; animal magnetism; envy; revenge. (“Glossary”)] as warring against innocence [the Lamb of God].  Since Jesus must have been tempted in all points, he, the immaculate, met and conquered sin in every form.  The brutal barbarity of his foes could emanate from no source except the highest degree of human depravity [Which would be the First Degree and how fortunate that it can go no higher!].  Jesus ‘opened not his mouth.’  Until the majesty of Truth should be demonstrated in divine Science, the spiritual idea was arraigned before the tribunal of so-called mortal mind, which was unloosed in order that the false claim of mind in matter might uncover its own crime of defying immortal Mind.

“Doom of the dragon
     “From Genesis to the Apocalypse, sin, sickness, and death, envy, hatred, and revenge, — all evil, — are typified by a serpent, or animal subtlety.  Jesus said, quoting a line from the Psalms, ‘They hated me without a cause.’  The serpent is perpetually close upon the heel of harmony [again, this takes us back to Genesis 3 with the serpent and the woman].  From the beginning to the end, the serpent pursues with hatred the spiritual idea [Womanhood giving birth to the Manchild].  In Genesis, this allegorical, talking serpent typifies mortal mind, ‘more subtle than any beast of the field.’  In the Apocalypse, when nearing its doom, this evil increases and becomes the great red dragon, swollen with sin, inflamed with war against spirituality, and ripe for destruction.  It is full of lust and hate, loathing the brightness of divine glory.

Revelation xii. 5.  And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron [the second gift spoken of in the Third Vision]:  and her child was caught up unto God, and to His throne [His seat of power].


“The conflict with purity
     “Led on by the grossest element of mortal mind [the First Degree], Herod decreed the death of every male child in order that the man Jesus, the masculine representative of the spiritual idea,[16] might never hold sway and deprive Herod of his crown [material power].  The impersonation of the spiritual idea had a brief history [33 years?] in the earthly life of our Master; but ‘of his kingdom there shall be no end,’ for Christ, God’s idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples — imperatively, absolutely, finally — with divine Science [the measuring rod of divine Science-Principle’s governing power].  This immaculate idea, represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman,[17] will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love, melting and purifying even the gold of human character.  After the [twelve] stars [of the woman’s crown] sang together and all was primeval harmony, the material lie [red dragon and resisting Truth] made war upon the spiritual idea; but this only impelled the idea [Jesus and or Mary Baker Eddy] to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God, — to be found in its divine Principle.

Revelation xii. 6.  And the woman fled into the wilderness [Spontaneity of thought and idea; the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence.  (“Glossary”)], where she hath a place [in Bible prophecy; a seat of dominion and power sitting upon the throne] prepared of God.

“Spiritual guidance
     “As the children of Israel were guided triumphantly through the Red Sea, the dark ebbing and flowing tides of human fear, — as they were led through the wilderness, walking wearily through the great desert of human hopes, and anticipating the promised joy, — so shall the spiritual idea guide all right desires in their passage from sense to Soul, from a material sense of existence to the spiritual, up to the glory prepared for them who love God.  Stately Science pauses not, but moves before them, a pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night, leading to divine heights.
     “If we remember the beautiful description which Sir Walter Scott puts into the mouth of Rebecca the Jewess in the story of Ivanhoe, —

When Israel, of the Lord beloved,
Out of the land of bondage came,
Her fathers’ God before her moved,
And awful guide, in smoke and flame. —

we may also offer the prayer which concludes the same hymn, —

And oh, when stoops on Judah’s path
In shade and storm the frequent night,
Be Thou, longsuffering, slow to wrath,
A burning and a shining light!”

(S&H 563:27-566:24)

Rev. 12:6 cont. – “…that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three-score days.”  Again, this is your forty-two months, or your three and one half years.  “And the Woman was lifted up to a place of preparation [by copyright and trademark] for something greater, for as long as it was necessary for her protection.”[18]

     This seventh trick is false selfhood – lust, war, greed, and death (the four horsemen of Revelation 6).  These four directors (the anti-divine calculus) resist Mind and Truth.
     John sees that a divine messenger sits upon a cloud (an Arch Covenant symbol), and she wears a gold crown and a sharp sickle (a prism) with its cycle shape.  There is a sickle of six stars (Truth) in the constellation of Leo (the Word).  This sickle-ed cycle takes place during the endtime harvest – the application of Christian Science.  This angel reaps and the fruitage (demonstration of Christian Science healing begins).
     In the Balkans the harvested grapes would be trampled (by feet) to make wine.  Women sang vintage songs.  Juice flowed through the winepress’s spouts like blood (a symbol that spiritual proofs or results come through suffering).  However, Mary Baker Eddy told us that our spiritual journey has to be either through suffering (permitting error within our consciousness to be destroyed during the Harvest, the separation between error and Truth) or through Science (God’s divine system which annihilates all error instantaneously).

     The Sixth Point of Mrs. Eddy’s Place – “6.  This same recognition is equally vital to our movement, for demonstration is the result of vision; the collecting of this indisputable evidence of our Leader’s own view of herself and of her mission marks a great step forward; wisely utilized, this evidence [Truth] will stimulate and stabilize the growth of Christian Scientists today and in succeeding generations; it will establish unity in the Field with regard to the vital question of our Leader’s relation to Scriptural prophecy.”

“Translator’s note:  The sixth and last step of the establishment of the Revelation is seen to be the proofs of the inspiration and grace of the Revelation, (the proofs are the essence of fruitage[19]).  These proofs completely sweep away all phases of false thinking.  The Revelation and Establishment of the Fullness of The Christ is thus the arch keystone or climax vision.”[20]  This fullness is the recognition of Mary Baker Eddy as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and the second coming of Christ in the aspect of Womanhood.

The First Step Up – or the Middle Branch – of Principle as Spirit and Principle as Truth in the tone of the Christ

Principle as Spirit – THE DRAGON’S SECOND TRICK – a lie about Truth (about Mary Baker Eddy)

     The angel Michael (Truth) is actually depicted in the TEMPERANCE Tarot card (the angel of Revelation 10).  How do I know that the angel depicted on this card is Michael?  Because, on his forehead is the symbol for the sun, and Michael is the angle connected with the sun (or the Son, the Christ).  Michael leads the army of his angels, who are the Children of Israel or Christian Scientists, in the war against the flesh.  This war is the “knowing (Science) the Truth” that matter is unreal, that the flesh is powerless over the spiritually minded victorious children of God.  These children know their God through His Law.  They sing the song of Salvation (which brings freedom from the flesh).  Salvation actually means “Science and Health.”

Revelation xii. 7, 8.  And there was war in heaven:  Michael [Truth] and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought, and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

“Angelic offices
     “The Old Testament assigns to the angels, God’s divine messages, different offices.  Michael’s characteristic is spiritual strength.  He leads the hosts of heaven against the power of sin, Satan, and fights the holy wars.  Gabriel [Love] has the more quite task of imparting a sense of the ever-presence of ministering Love.  These angels deliver us from the depths.  Truth and Love come nearer in the hour of woe, when strong faith or spiritual strength wrestles and prevails through the understanding of God.  The Gabriel of His presence has no contests.  To infinite, ever-present Love, all is Love, and there is no error, no sin, sickness, nor death.  Against Love, the dragon warreth not long, for he is killed by the divine Principle.  Truth and Love prevail against the dragon because the dragon cannot war with them.  Thus endeth the conflict between the flesh and Spirit.”  (S&H 566:25-567:13)
     I see that this is important in that Mary Baker Eddy is Michael, the angel who comes during the Sixth Day of Truth, while Mother Hood or Martha Jones-Smith is Gabriel, the angel who comes during the Seventh Day of Love.  Thus, the Womanhood advents of Christ are like the two Sentinels from the cover of the Sentinel.  For Mary Baker Eddy came with the Ark of the Covenant (the Church Manual – Letter of the Law) and Mother Hood came with the Arch of the Covenant (the Spirit of the Law’s willingness to obey the Church Manual).  The Church Manual is not a “prison” as today’s present Board of Directors refer to it.  It is only a prison to them because they want to keep the material organization going so that they can be rulers over many.

     The second trick is the appearance of a lie about Truth.  Yet, the angels of the one evil are cast out and proved powerless

Revelation xii. 9.  And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:  he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

“Dragon cast down to earth
     “That false claim—that ancient belief, that old serpent whose name is devil (evil), claiming that there is intelligence in matter either to benefit or to injure men—is pure delusion, the red dragon; and it is cast out by Christ, Truth, the spiritual idea, and so proved to be powerless.  The words ‘cast unto the earth’ show the dragon to be nothingness, dust to dust; and therefore, in his pretence of being a talker, he must be a lie from the beginning.  His angels, or messages, are cast out with their author.  The beast and the false prophets are lust and hypocrisy.  These wolves in sheep’s clothing[21] are detected and killed by innocence, the Lamb of Love.

“Warfare with error
     “Divine Science shows how the Lamb slays the wolf.  Innocence and Truth overcome guilt and error.  Ever since the foundations of the world, ever since error would establish material belief, evil has tried to slay the Lamb; but Science is able to destroy this lie, called evil.  The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse typifies the divine method of warfare in Science, and the glorious results of this warfare.  The following chapters depict the fatal effects of trying to meet error with error.  The narrative follows the order used in Genesis.  In Genesis, first the true method of creation is set forth and then the false.  Here, also, the Revelator first exhibits the true warfare and then the false.”  (S&H 567:14-568:12)
     The First Point of Mrs. Eddy’s Place – “1.  Mrs. Eddy as the Discoverer and Founder[22] of Christian Science, understood herself to be the one chosen of God to bring the promised Comforter to the world, and, therefore, the revelator of Christ, Truth, in this age.”[23]  Knowing this, it is easy to understand that the dragon’s lie is about Mary Baker Eddy as the “one chosen of God…”  The divine method of warfare found in chapter 12 is the recognition of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, to see her human and divine coincidence as the second coming of Christ.
     In SAJP for verse 10 it reads: “Now is come salvation, the science or knowledge of health…” And the footnote for this reads:  “The phrase ‘science—of health’ is taken from the Wickliffe translation of 1384 a.d. Wickliffe translates Luke 1:77 ‘he shall bring science of helthe to his puple,’ instead of ‘knowledge of salvation’ as the K. J. renders the passage.”   Thus, the phrase “science of health” is pretty close to being “Science and Health” and this explains how come Mary Baker Eddy’s book is rooted to mankind’s spiritual salvation.

     “10.  While in this realization of completeness, I heard the spiritual children singing, ‘Now is come salvation, the science or knowledge of health and dominion and the power of the kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ, because this phase of resistance to Truth (deception or the lie about the Truth) has been cast out, and the Revelation has been given.’  (This is the first point in the establishment of the Revelation.)”[24]

Revelation xii. 10-12.  And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ:  for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.  And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.  Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them.  Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea!  for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

     “Paean of jubilee [song of salvation (melody of Science and Health with its seven synonyms, divine calculus, and four levels of Science) of the ram’s horn, in fifty years time]
     “For victory over a single sin, we give thanks and magnify the Lord of Hosts.  What shall we say of the mighty conquest over all sin?  A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven, now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ; for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her primal and everlasting strain.  Self-abnegation, by which we lay down all for Truth, or Christ, in our warfare against error, is a rule in Christian Science.  This rule clearly interprets God as divine Principle, — as Life, represented by the Father; as Truth, represented by the Son; as Love, represented by the Mother.  Every mortal at some period, here or hereafter, must grapple with and overcome the mortal belief in a power opposed to God.

“The rule of Science
     “The Scripture, ‘Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many,’ is literally fulfilled, when we are conscious of the supremacy of Truth, by which the nothingness of error is seen; and we know that the nothingness of error is in proportion to its wickedness.  He that touches the hem of Christ’s robe and masters his mortal beliefs, animality, and hate, rejoices in the proof of healing, — in a sweet and certain sense that God is Love.  Alas for those who break faith with divine Science and fail to strangle the serpent of sin as well as of sickness!  They are dwellers still in the deep darkness of belief.  They are in the surging sea of error, not struggling to lift their heads above the drowning wave.

“Expiation by suffering
     “What must the end be?  They must eventually expiate their sin through suffering.  The sin, which one has made his bosom companion, comes back to him at last with accelerated force, for the devil knoweth his time is short.  Here the Scriptures declare that evil is temporal, not eternal.  The dragon is at last stung to death by his own malice; but how many periods of torture it may take to remove all sin, must depend upon sin’s obduracy.” (S&H 568:13-569:28)

Principle as Truth

Rev. 14:1 – “And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the Mount Sion [the Great Pyramid Matrix of Truth], and with him an hundred and forty and four thousand [the congregated Christ Mass], having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.”

     “1.  Then in my vision I, John [divine Science], beheld Jesus and his teachings appearing as it were from [the Daughter of] Zion, the New Jerusalem [artichoke which is “Recapitulation” or the Science of Man].  This was my first realization of the true nature of the Holy City [within my consciousness, upon my forehead].  With him were an infinite number of protected ones with the name of God on their foreheads.  In other words, the spiritual children of victory were with Jesus.”[25]
     “2.  And I heard from heaven a great expression of power calling me and arousing me to fresh alertness, and I heard a great paean of praise.
     “3.  The spiritual children were singing a new song of gratitude before the One divine authority, in the presence of the All-Power, All-Intelligence, All-Mind, and All-Activity [the divine calculus] of Deity.  The song is sung also before the [twenty-four elders, the spiritual interpreters of authority (via questions and answers in “Recapitulation”)].  The song is for all the spiritual children.
     “4. and 5.  The special qualities of the spiritual children are:
          they are complete as [Mind’s] spiritual ideas,
          they are loyal to the [Spiritual] Christ,
          they are redeemed from among men [via the true identity of Soul],
          they are the first fruits, the first evidences unto God [Principle];
         they are also the first [Life] evidences to the Lamb,
         they speak only the Truth,
         they are without blemish [made perfect in Love].
     “6.  Then an angel thought of the all-activity [Science] of completeness, having the everlasting gospel which will evangelize the whole world, came to me.
     “7.  Exclaiming:  ‘Recognize and love God for the time is at hand, and adore Him who created all things for He is the source of all true teachings.’  [God is the divine Source of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.]
    “8.  And another message came to me saying, ‘Carnal mind, human-will, which poisoned the thinking of all mankind, thus adulterating true teachings, is fallen.”[26]

     This sixth lie has to do with fornication, sensualism, and the adulteration of Truth.
     The warning is for us to get ourselves out of foreign influences (of erroneous thinking) of domination (ecclesiastical despotism) and manipulation (of God’s Law) or you continue to suffer.  The word “suffer” actually means – “to permit.”  So if we are suffering from sin or sickness it is simply because we permit it to take place within our conscious thought.
     “9.  And a third angel thought came to me saying, ‘If anyone is under the influence of bestiality and its suggestions and relies upon the counterfeit of true protection,
     “10.  He also shall have the opportunity to experience the love and discipline of God which is found in the true teachings of the love of God.  He who is coming out from under the influence of these adulterated teachings shall experience the choking, smothering, confusing, torment usually associated with the experience of one coming out from under the influence of poisoned wine, but all the time he will be in the presence of holy thoughts and the Love of the Christ, which always lovingly surrounds all who are being freed from the effects of poisoned teachings.”[27]
     The Fifth Point of Mrs. Eddy’s Place – “5.  This recognition of her true status enabled her to withstand the opposition directed against her by ‘the dragon’ (malicious animal magnetism); she was touchingly grateful to those[28] who saw her as the woman of prophecy and who therefore trusted, obeyed, and supported her in her mission.”
     “11.  But those who do not receive the Truth [about Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy (as found in the Bible and S&H)], those who continue to accept bestiality [ecclesiastic despotism] and its suggestions [scholastic theology] have no rest day or night, because they are still under the influence of the poisoned teachings [about Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy], and trust in the counterfeit of true protection.”[29]  The counterfeit of divine protection is the belief that material ceremonies save us, that Jesus is God so we should worship the man instead of the Christ-Mind, and that Mary Baker Eddy was a material person (not a human and divine coincidence) so she could not have been the fulfillment of Bible prophecy or the second coming of Christ.

The Interlude establishes Dominion
     “12.  As I, John, have told you, the patience and faith of the saints means first:  to obey the commandments of God, and second:  to follow the faith of Jesus [, and thirdly:  to follow the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy].”[30]
     This dominion is what man has in the Sixth Day of Truth, during the second coming of Christ (with Christian Science).  The patience of saints in the application of Christian Science overcomes domination, manipulation, and malpractice.  Patience has three different points of activity – keep the Ten Commandments, keep the faith of Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy and apply their teachings, and establish the works and proofs (demonstrations) of these teachings.
     “13.  Then I heard a voice from heaven say:  ‘Write, blessed are those who have accepted true teachings and their works do follow them, which is their full reward.’  This establishment of the works of faith is the third point in the definition of patience.  As you are realizing, patience does not mean sitting back and folding your hands.”[31]

The Second Step Up – or the Inner Branch – of Principle as Soul and Principle as Life in the tone of the Word

Principle as Soul – THE DRAGON’S THIRD TRICK – persecution of the Mother thought that had brought forth the full understanding of the Christ.
     The red drag-on’s third lie or deception persecutes the Truth about the Revelation of Science and its Revelator.  In chapter twelve the red dragon persecutes the woman God-crowned, thus, the woman is the representative of Michael (Truth) in the Sixth Day of Truth (which is during Mary Baker Eddy’s life time[32]).  Because this section has to do with Soul it is very much rooted to the woman’s true identity.
     The woman is given two wings of Science (flying eagle) to lift her up into protection – to protect her place in Bible prophecy (her seat upon the throne) as the second coming of Christ.  She is sent into the wilderness for “a short while (xairos)” for as long as necessary.  This serpent or dragon casts out of his mouth a river “muddy, foaming, and dashing, …a type of error” (S&H “Glossary”) that he might carry away (kill) the woman Mary Baker Eddy, but the earth (Oma Desala) opened her mouth, and swallowed up the dragon’s false teachings and propaganda about the woman God-crowned.  Martha Jones-Smith, who is Oma Desala (Mother Nature of the Mother [Loving] Hood [Mind]), speaks about the red drag-on bag of tricks.  The all-activity of Christian Science overcomes the persecution of Mary Baker Eddy and her remnant seed (the children of Israel).

Revelation xii. 13.  And when the dragon saw that he was cast into the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.

“Apathy to occultism
     “The march of mind and of honest investigation will bring the hour when the people will chain, with fetters of some sort, the growing occultism of this period.  The present apathy as to the tendency of certain active yet unseen mental agencies will finally be shocked into another extreme mortal mood, — into human indignation; for one extreme follows another.”  (S&H 569:29-570:7)  What is it that Christian Scientists are not awake to (have apathy for)?  It is the hidden (occult means hidden) Truth about their Leader Mary Baker Eddy.  The red dragon has hid the Truth so well through the Boston Men’s Club of philosophy that they will not stand up for their Leader anymore.

Rev. 12:14 – “And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle [divine Science], that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place [her seat upon the throne], where she is nourished for a time, and times and half a time [forty-two months or three and a half years – for as long as it takes], from the face of the serpent.”

THE DRAGON’S THIRD TRICK (cont.) – via persecution he attempts to counterfeit the woman’s true teachings and sweep away her Revelation.
     The Second Point of Mrs. Eddy’s Place – “2.  Mrs. Eddy regarded portions of Revelation (that is, Chapter 12) as pointing to her as the one who fulfilled prophecy by giving the full and final revelation of Truth; her work thus being complementary of Christ Jesus.”

Revelation xii. 15, 16.  And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood, after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood [die].  And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.[33]

“Receptive hearts
     “Millions of unprejudiced minds—simple seekers for Truth, weary wanderers, athirst in the desert—are waiting and watching for rest and drink.  Give them a cup of cold water [the spiritual teachings (which must always be by symbols)] in Christ’s name and never fear the consequences.  What if the old dragon should send forth a new flood to drown the Christ-idea?  He can neither drown your voice with its roar, nor again sink the world into the deep waters of chaos and old night.  In this age the earth will help the woman; the spiritual idea will be understood [Mary Baker Eddy’s words will be understood by mankind].  Those ready for the blessing you impart will give thanks.  The waters will be pacified, and Christ will command the wave.

“Hidden ways of iniquity
     “When God heals the sick or the sinning, they should know the great benefit which Mind has wrought.  They should also know the great delusion of mortal mind, when it makes them sick or sinful.  Many are willing to open the eyes of the people to the power of good resident in divine Mind, but they are not so willing to point out the evil in human thought, and expose evil’s hidden mental ways of accomplishing iniquity.

“Christly warning
     “Why this backwardness, since exposure is necessary to ensure the avoidance of the evil?  Because people like you better when you tell them their virtues than when you tell them their vices.  It requires the spirit of our blessed Master to tell a man his faults, and so risk human displeasure for the sake of doing right and benefiting our race.[34]  Who is telling mankind of the foe in ambush?  Is the informer one who sees the foe?  If so, listen and be wise.  Escape from evil, and designate those as unfaithful stewards [the Board of Directors are unfaithful stewards when they deny Mary Baker Eddy as Leader] who have seen the danger and yet have given no warning.

“The armor of divinity
     “At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good.  Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil.  Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you.  The cement of a higher humanity will unite all interests in the one divinity.

“Pure religion enthroned
     “Through trope and metaphor, the Revelator, immortal scribe of Spirit and of a true idealism, furnishes the mirror in which mortals may see their own image.  In significant figures he depicts the thoughts which he beholds in mortal mind.  Thus he rebukes the conceit of sin, and foreshadows its doom.  With his spiritual strength, he has opened wide the gates of glory, and illumined the night of paganism with the sublime grandeur of divine Science, outshining sin, sorcery, lust, and hypocrisy.  He takes away mitre and sceptre.  He enthrones pure and undefiled religion, and lifts on high only those who have washed their robes white in obedience and suffering.

“Native nothingness of sin
     “Thus we see, in both the first and last books of the Bible, — in Genesis and in the Apocalypse, — that sin is to be Christianly and scientifically reduced to its native nothingness.  ‘Love one another’ (I John, iii, 23), is the most simple and profound counsel of the inspired writer.  In Science we are children of God; but whatever is of material sense, or mortal, belongs not to His children, for materiality is the inverted image of spirituality.

“Fulfillment of the Law [the Ark and the Arch]           
     “Love [the Arch] fulfils the law of Christian Science [the Ark], and nothing short of this divine Principle, understood and demonstrated, can ever furnish the vision of the Apocalypse, open the seven seals of error with Truth, or uncover the myriad illusions of sin, sickness, and death.  Under the supremacy of Spirit, it will be seen and acknowledged that matter must disappear.”  (S&H 570:8-572:18)

Principle as Life – THE DRAGON’S FIFTH TRICK
     The beast of “hypocrisy, manipulation, counterfeit and deception coming out of materialism, pretending to be the Christ, for he appeared as a Lamb with two horns.”[35]  Thus, he is a false prophet.
     The red dragon’s fifth lie has the smell of hypocrisy, manipulation, the counterfeits of the true prophets (prophecy).  The Lamb (spiritual idea) of Jesus Christ is counterfeited with the Roman Pope (papa or father), like depicted in THE HEIROPHANT Tarot card.  Gestapo type groups, like the Field during the Great Litigation in the 20th century, represent this second beast posing as a lamb.  But this lamb has horns, like a goat, and lambs are babes, thus they do not have horns upon their heads.  This beast speaks the same lingo as the red dragon and “he doeth great wonders and he doeth great signs that he should even make fire to come out.”
     The Christ Mass (12 x 12 of the 144 thousand) has the mark of God upon their foreheads.  The number of the beast, however, is 666.  And 666 never reaches 777 – or Love, Love, Love.  Thus I feel that because six means “sex” that the number 666 correlates with the three types of sex written about in the Adam allegory (evolution [Adam made up of material elements], cloning [woman made from A-dam(ned) rib], and intercourse [Cain]).  And yet, there is also another symbolic meaning to the number of 666.  This number would represent, or symbolize, the red dragon’s resistance to the main 600 pages of the Christian Science Textbook and the 66 books of the Bible.  The 144,000 are the Christ remnant, the Children of Israel, who have spiritual victory over error (evil).  The spiritually victorious children express loyalty to the Christ in its first and second appearing.
     Three new angels come with their own announcements.  These announcements have to do with 1 – the fountain of waters are pure, 2 – Babylon is fallen, and 3 – do not worship the beast and his image or you shall receive the number of 666 (the mark) and drink of the wrath of God.
     The sun god of Babylon is Lucifer, which represents human ego (or human intellectualism) of mortal mind.  This type of thinking makes one feel that he is better than God; it will be self-destroyed.  Many people believe that Lucifer is a reference to Satan, but in the Old Testament it was really a reference to King Nebuchadnezzar.  Remember how King Nebuchadnezzar fell (like lighting) into insanity?  Today’s King Nebuchadnezzar is known by the name of President Borak H. Obama.  (Look up the meaning of both names and you will see why I make this claim.)  It is funny that in the 2013 mini series THE BIBLE that the actor chose to play Satan resembled President Obama.  I thought that they should have used the actor to play King Nebuchadnezzar instead of Satan.
     Rev. 13:16 – “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:”  “Right hand – in the right hand means ready to act, equipped.  A mark on the right hand indicates manipulation.”[36]  This means that the false prophet of today has to do with the manipulation of the Church Manual because “manual” has to do with “hand” and the Board needs Mary Baker Eddy’s hand (her signature) for approval in order to do anything (why they call the book a prison).  If the Board of Directors manipulates the Church Manual then they are taking away the Field’s ability to be “equipped” with the Law of God.  “Foreheads – (mark on the foreheads) indicated the seal of protection, Ex. 28:36, 38.  A signet like a Notary’s Seal on a document as Rev. 7:3.  Counterfeit as used in Rev. 13:16.”[37]  This has to do with the “Deed of Trust” and the “Deed Conveying Land for Church Purposes” in the back of the Church Manual.  Mary Baker Eddy’s words specifically state that:  “In addition to the trusts contained in said deed of September 1, 1892, from Mary Baker G. Eddy this property is conveyed on the further trusts that no new Tenet or By-Law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-Law amended or annulled by the grantees unless the written consent of said Mary Baker G. Eddy, the author of the textbook ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,’ be given therefor, or unless at the written request of Mrs. Eddy the Executive Members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, (formerly called the “First Members,[38]) by a two-thirds vote of all their number,[39] decide so to do.  And that the same inscription which is on the outside of the present church edifice shall be placed on any new church erected on said lot.” (Church Manual; p. 136-137 infuses added)  This “inscription” being: “The First Church of Christ, Scientist”.
     “16.  And the prophet of the beast [the Christian Science Publishing Society in obedience to the first beast – the Board of Directors] tried to counterfeit[40] the mark of protection [the By-Laws and estoppel clauses] given [to] the spiritual children [the Field] by another mark [the Cross and Crown emblem that the Board of Directors (the first beast) placed upon all of Mary Baker Eddy’s writings] upon those both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond.”[41]  The legal 88th edition of the Church Manual never had the Board of Director’s “Cross and Crown” trademark on it or in it.  The  88th edition was the last Manual fully authorized by the hand of Mary Baker Eddy.
     And her final words on the Deed of Trust (on page 134) fit right in with this Bible verse.  “In witness whereof I the said Mary Baker G. Eddy have hereto set my hand and [set my] seal this 1st day of September, 1892.” (infuses added)
     What is important to understand about the “Deed of Trust” is that it stipulates that there are only four Board of Directors who are “legitimate successors[42] in office forever”.  The four mentioned names in the “Deed of Trust” are the four Major Stars for the Word Cycle – Principle as Mind (the Word as the Word), Principle as Spirit (the Word as the Christ), Principle as Soul (the Word as Christianity), and Principle as Principle (the Word as Science).  These four Major Star (First Member) names are Ira O. Knapp, William B. Johnson, Joseph S. Eastaman, and Stephen A. Chase.  Only these four “chairs” could have “legitimate successors in office forever.”  Yet today there still remain five Board of Directors in Boston!  And this would be fine IF the fifth member was considered to be Principle as Life (Science as the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Christian Science), but it is not.  The fifth chair belongs to personal sense, the serpent of Eden.

     The above diagram represents (with its four outer stars) Principle as Mind (as the Word as the Word), Principle as Spirit (as the Word as the Christ), Principle as Soul (as the Word as Christianity), and Principle as Principle (as the Word as divine Science).  The star inside the four outer stars is Principle as Life (Science as the Word, Science as the Christ, Science as Christianity, and Science as Christian Science).  In the hub of Window of the Open Book, by now you should know, is located Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  This “open book” is the tree of life.  The serpent, or red dragon, counterfeits the tree of life with the tree of knowledge of good and evil (in the midst of the Garden of Eden, the fifth director).
     John Doorly, in explaining about “The Opposite of Principle as Life” with the Adam story he writes:  “‘And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the tree of the garden:  but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die’ (Gen. 3:2,3).  In the true record Principle as Life is the I am, which comes to us as infinite progression.  In the false record misinterpretation depicts God as a finite being, and instead of progression you get retrogression.  The belief of good and evil, of Spirit and matter, breaks the first Commandment, and is bound to lead to hate and death and war and desolation of every kind; that is what we see in the world to-day.  Systems of theology say that you must have free will to choose either good or evil.  But how much free will would an engineer have if he decided to work contrary to the laws of engineering?  If you want to calculate wrongly in mathematics, how much free will do you have?  There is only one will—the divine will.  Physical science says that there is both spirit and matter.  Religion says that you must have both good and evil in order to have free will.  But free will is good, and it is Spirit, and it is the activity of the divine Mind.
     “If you understand spiritual facts, they will never take away from you anything that is worth having.  A mother doesn’t take away a toy from a child, but the time comes when the child doesn’t want that toy any more.  And so the Christ-idea, as it comes to us and as we are willing to accept it, never takes away anything that is worth having.  It makes affection and relationship warm and living and vital.  In forty-six years I have never given up anything, except a great many things that I wanted to give up and that I am glad to be without.  As we understand the reality of being and as it comes into our homes, it will never separate us from anything that is good, — it will never cause us to believe that we must leave our Father-Mother God.  It will scientifically bring into our relationships with all mankind a sense of progress and a sense of true government.
     “The belief in both good and evil is still going on in the world to-day, and you and I have to meet it every day of our lives.  What will deal with this belief?  The I am of infinite progression, — Principle as Life.[43]  As you understand Principle as Life and you begin to understand your relationship to the I am, you begin to get infinite progression—you can’t help it.  Principle as Life begins to demonstrate itself and you get infinite progression.  Then you don’t eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil[44] and you’re not subject to death and penalty, because you see that there isn’t anything but exaltation and multiplication, and so you go forward into infinite progression.”[45]

Rev. 13:17 – “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

     “17.  The prophet of the beast even tried to use the bestial kind of thinking in all business practices.”[46]
     With the false copyright placed upon Mary Baker Eddy’s writings (the Cross and Crown Seal) the Board of Directors have tried to keep the Field in ignorance.  Christian Science Church Members are dictated to (by the Board) and told that they are not to buy any works on Christian Science that have not been officially “authorized” by Boston, nor are they to write and sell any of their own works (or other’s works) on Christian Science that have not been officially “authorized” by Boston.  “Authorized literature” goes against Mary Baker Eddy’s wishes.

Rev. 13:18 – “Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:  for it is the number of a [mortal] man:  and his number is Six hundred three-score and six.”

     “18.  Wisdom is here.  Let him who understands, realize that this kind of thinking which I call 666 or the “number” of the bestial thought, will go on until domination and malpractice are overcome; in other words, until the wisdom and understanding of the Revelation is put into effect.  Rejoice in this triumph!”[47]
     What does the number 666 really mean?  Some think that it has to do with the computer zebra codes found on everything today, what we buy and sell.  They say that the first, middle, and last numbers are 666, even though these 6, 6, 6 numbers really stand for 000 (nothing, nothing, nothing).  Rejoice that we can see that the beast’s attempts to pass itself off as Truth, Truth, Truth is nothing but a farce!  As I mentioned before, six also means “sex.”  In the second creation story in Genesis there are three types of sex – elemental-electricity (Adam), cloning (the woman), and egg-cell division (Cain believes that he is separated from Abel).  And the number 666 could also allude to the 600 main pages of the Christian Science Textbook and the 66 books of the Bible.

     The Forth Point of Mrs. Eddy’s Place – “4.  Mrs. Eddy considered herself to be the ‘God-appointed’ and ‘God-anointed’ messenger [angel-prophet] in this age, the woman chosen by God to discover the Science of Christian healing and to interpret it to mankind; she is so closely related to Christian Science that a true sense of her is essential to the understanding of Christian Science; in other words, the revelator cannot be separated from the revelation.”
     NOTICE that it says “a true sense of her is essential…”!  Why has this fact been forgotten by Boston and the Field?  Perhaps they still remember it but believe that the true sense is to see her as a material woman?  If so, they need to rethink the whole subject.

“Translator’s note:  Thus the fourth establishment of the Revelation is shown in that the wisdom and understanding of the Revelation overcome the false prophet, hypocrisy, manipulation, the counterfeit.”[48]

Principle as Principle – THE DRAGON’S FOURTH TRICK – malpractice (blasphemy) disobedience to God’s Law (Ark/Arch of the Covenant)

Rev. 13:1  “And I stood upon the sand of the sea,* and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the names of blasphemy.”

“*Translator’s note:  In the authorized King James version of the Bible, this phrase ‘and I stood upon the sand of the sea,’ is considered the first part of the next verse (Ch. 13:1) as though it were John standing, but it is the dragon standing upon the sand of the sea.  See Fenton, F.:  New Testament in modern English, and Moulton, R. G.:  Modern Reader’s Bible.”[49]

     The red dragon delegates false authority to two types of destructive thought (the two beasts).  The first is found in chapter 11 and called THERION.  It lives in the shifting sand of the sea (unconscious error).  On his head is the word “blaspheme,” which has to do with the breaking of the Law (found in the Church Manual with its estoppel clauses found within the By-Laws).  The breaking of God’s Law is “malpractice.”  This domination and manipulation is “like unto a leopard having spots [blemishes]”, and “like a bear” having clawing qualities.
     These claws can “scratch [scribble] hap hazardously to cancel or erase by or as if by drawing a line through [course or direction of something in motion ROUTE] line-limit; restraint [which is exactly what the Church Manual estoppel clauses do], stop, bar, to impede [the actions of others].”[50]  The succeeding Board of Directors has attempted to cancel the estoppel clauses because they are afraid to let go of the “lust for power.”  The Directors refuse to follow the estoppel clauses because they “restraint” and “impede” the Board’s actions.  And this is why they call it their “prison.”  (Even if they sound like they are making a joke, they are very serious about it.)
     This beast also has a “mouth of a lion.”  This mouth could symbolize crunching and cruelty, however, I think it means that it counterfeits the Word of God, because the first living creature is the Lion (the Word).  So this beast sends out false teachings about Mary Baker Eddy and about Christian Science.  But we must not fear the beast, symbolized by a Board of Directors, or be alarmed at what they do.
     His head receives a wound (death stroke) but it heals.  This took place during the litigation between the Board and the Publishing Trustees, when they went to court.  The Trustees won the first court case, however, the Board appealed, and they used tricks on the second beast (the Field) in order to win the second go round.
     The First Church of Christ, Scientist congregation “worshipped the dragon [of ecclesiastical despotism] which gave power unto the beast [the Board of Directors]:  and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast [the Board]?  Who is able to make war with him?”  (Rev. 13:4)

Rev. 13:5 – “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great blasphemies [breaking the By-Laws of the Church Manual]; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months [as long as it takes for the Christian Science Field of workers to wake up].”

     “6.  They even claimed to annihilate God, His temple, the symbol of spiritual communion, and the spiritual children.
     “7.  And domination and malpractice also claimed the power to make war with the saints, the spiritual thinkers [Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy], to overcome them and to exercise power over all mankind, the nations.”[51]

     The Third Point of Mrs. Eddy’s Place – “3.  As Christ Jesus exemplified the fatherhood of God, she (Mrs. Eddy) revealed God’s motherhood; she represents in this age the spiritual idea of God typified by the woman in the Apocalypse.”

Rev. 13:8 –“And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life [the Bible] of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”  “And all those dwelling in materialism, those who have never established their thinking [founded their spiritual understanding upon the woman God-crowned], (their names in the book of Life), worship malpractice and domination [material organized church].”[52]

     “10.  All materialism destroys itself.  The very evil which is expressed is the evil that destroys itself.  What overcomes and always will overcome domination and malpractice is the patience and faith of the saints, that is, obeying the commandments of God, following the faith of Jesus and establishing the works of faith.”[53]  Also, what overcomes and always will overcome domination and malpractice is the patience and faith of Mary Baker Eddy, that is, obeying the Church By-Laws of God, following the faith of Christian Science and establishing the works of faith (steadfastness).
     As in chapter 12 the method of warfare is the proper understanding and recognition of Mary Baker Eddy, while the wrong method of warfare is following the path of the two beasts.

[1] The fact that the Fourth Vision is the Capstone Vision means that it is the focal point of Revelation and that it is the most important Vision in Revelation.  All that has come before (in this book) has been to establish this Fourth Vision.

[2] This pamphlet has been pulled from all Christian Science Reading Rooms, as the Boston Hierarchy has not accepted its words for many years now.  The Board of 1943 still accepted Mary Baker Eddy as their Leader, at least in some degree.  Today “church going” Christian Scientists refer to Mary Baker Eddy as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, but they “bite their tongues” before they refer to her as their Leader!

[3] For some strange reason, Boston claims that they cannot locate this report.  But we do not really need the report because corroboration is found in Mary Baker Eddy’s written works.

[4] Mediums are people who claim that dead people speak through them – this is spiritism.  Spiritualism is the belief that Mind, Spirit, and Soul are held captive in a material body until “death do they part.”  Most Christian religions believe in spiritualism whether they want to admit to it or not!

[5] Actually, I would not be surprised if Joseph Pulitzer was a “progressive.”

[6] I call them evil because they used hypnotism on George Glover and other Christian Scientists during this time.  Most non-Christian Science biographers who write about Mary Baker Eddy’s life do not understand animal magnetism and its methods, thus, they sort of down play these reports and often deny that they even happened.

[7] I feel this means that the Stargate is opened to heaven.

[8] I take this to mean, “the Ark of the Covenant, the Letter of the Law, found within the Bible.”

[9] SAJP; by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt, p. 177

[10] When I use the word “age” I am not making reference to a person’s age, or how many years they have lived in their material body, I am referring to the astrological age such as the Age of Pieces, or the Age of Aquarius.

[11] God’s messengers are also called “angels.”  Some Christian Scientists try to deny the Truth, however, Mary Baker Eddy is speaking about her own self in this paragraph!

[12] Remember, Adam falsely identifies the woman (true estimate of God’s messenger) when he names her Eve.

[13] From page 177 of SAJP – “There appeared another omen in heaven, the great red dragon, an apocalyptic symbol of resistance to the Truth, also called the serpent, the beast, the anti-Christ, who exercises his dominion (having crowns) through the false systems as used by the ten emperors before Domitian.”

[14] One example of this resistance to the Christ as Womanhood – is the fact that today many church going Christian Scientists refuse to even refer to Mary Baker Eddy as their “Leader.”

[15] All you have to do to believe this statement as being true is to read things written about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science by people who call themselves Christians but have never even read the Christian Science Textbook, or they have been brainwashed by a bunch of made up lies and propaganda (the red dragon’s bag of tricks).  A Christian Home School curriculum uses the word “cult” to describe Christian Science, I do not disagree with this idea, I disagree with the fact that they are not really telling the children the truth, they are misleading the children into thinking that a “cult” is a bad thing (as most people believe it to be today, having some sort of insane leader that misguides his followers).  The word “cult” simply means “wheel; civilization or cultivation.”  But this is not explained in the history book, nor does the author of the history textbook even care to explain it.  And another mistake is that the same author clumps Christian Science into a group (of religious cults – crazy people) with two other religions – the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons.  I have nothing against either group, but they are not Christian Scientists, nor do they even think like Christian Scientists do.

[16] This means that there is a feminine representative of the spiritual idea!

[17] She reemphasizes her first statement most clearly, doesn’t she?

[18] SAJP; by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt, p. 177

[19] Remember that the title of the last chapter in S&H is “Fruitage.”

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[21] Remember the four major stars cast down to earth?  The Church Manual is subjected to the interpretation of material law.

[22] Notice the resistance to put “Leader” in here?

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[33] I find it interesting that Revelation speaks of the earth with the pronoun of her.  To me this means that Mother’s Nature being Love and Mind opens up her mouth to speak the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy!

[34] I agree with this, however, I feel that there are some people who take this advice to heart and think that they can say anything because of this statement and have it justify their unrighteous judgments.  Some critical people say things to others when they do not know the whole story, or all the facts, thus, they are wrong in trying to point out other people’s flaws.  They should rather, take out the plank that is in their own eye before they attempt to remove the splinter in their neighbor’s eye!

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[38] Remember the twelve stars of the woman’s crown!

[39] Could this be 2/3rds vote because 1/3 of the stars fell because of the red dragon?

[40] This counterfeit did take place with the 89th edition of the Church Manual.  And this counterfeit law-book has fooled many of honest Christian Scientists!

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[42] The words “legitimate successors” does not mean that the Board of Directors are legal successors of Mary Baker Eddy, they simply mean that the Board of Directors (four of them) can have ongoing legal successors of themselves to fill vacancies on the Board.

[43] Principle as Life is really the Fifth Element, or the Fifth Director.

[44] We must eat the “little open book” the tree of life’s fruit.

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