Code to the Scriptures – Chapter 4

by MJSmith

Chapter 4 – The Third Part of “Genesis”


“Man springs from Mind
     “All error proceeds from the evidence before the material senses.  If man is material and originates in an egg, who shall say that he is not primarily dust?  May not Darwin be right in thinking that apehood preceded mortal manhood {as depicted in 2001 A Space Odyssey}?  Minerals and vegetables are found, according to divine Science, to be the creations of erroneous thought, not of matter.  Did man, whom God created with a word, originate in an egg?  When Spirit made all, did it leave aught for matter to create?  Ideas of Truth alone are reflected in the myriad manifestations of Life, and thus it is seen than man springs solely from Mind.  The belief that matter supports life would make Life, or God, mortal.

“Material inception
     “The text, ‘In the day that the Lord God [Jehovah God] made the earth and the heavens,’ introduces the record of a material creation which followed the spiritual, — a creation who wholly apart from God’s, that Spirit had no participation in it.  In God’s creation ideas became productive, obedient to Mind.  There was no rain and ‘not a man to till the ground.’  Mind, instead of matter, being the producer, Life was self-sustained.  Birth, decay, and death arise from the material sense of things, not from the spiritual, for in the latter Life consisteth not of the things which a man eateth.  Matter cannot change the eternal fact that man exists because God exists.  Nothing is new to the infinite Mind.  (S&H 543:17-5; {my interpolation.})


“First evil suggestion
     “In Science, Mind neither produces matter nor does matter produce mind.  No mortal mind has the might or right or wisdom to create or to destroy.  All is under the control of the one Mind, even God.  The first statement about evil, — the first suggestion of more than the one Mind, — is in the fable of the serpent.  The facts of creation, as previously recorded, include nothing of the kind.

“Material personality
     “The serpent is supposed to say, ‘Ye shall be as gods,’ but these gods must be evolved from materiality and be the very antipodes of immortal and spiritual being.  Man is the likeness of Spirit, but a material personality is not this likeness.  Therefore man, in this allegory, is neither a lesser god nor the image and likeness of the one God.”  (S&H 543:17-544:12)

Soul as Mind

     “Material, erroneous belief reverses understanding and truth.  It declares mind to be in and of matter, so-called mortal life to be Life, infinity to enter man’s nostrils so that matter becomes spiritual.  Error begins with corporeality as the producer instead of divine Principle, and explains Deity through mortal and finite conceptions.”  (S&H 544:28-545:2)

Soul as Spirit

     “‘Behold, the man is become as one of us.’  This could not be the utterance of Truth or Science, for according to the record, material man was fast degenerating and never had been divinely conceived.”  (S&H 545:3)

Soul as Soul

“Mental tillage
     “The condemnation of mortals to till the ground means this, — that mortals should so improve material belief by thought tending spiritually upward as to destroy materiality.  Man, created by God, was given dominion over the whole earth.  The notion of a material universe is utterly opposed to the theory of man as evolved from Mind.  Such fundamental errors send falsity into all human doctrines and conclusions, and do not accord infinity to Deity.  Error tills the whole ground in this material theory, which is entirely a false view, destructive to existence and happiness.  Outside of Christian Science all is vague and hypothetical, the opposite of Truth; yet this opposite, in its false view of God and man, impudently demands a blessing.”  (S&H 545:7)

Soul as Principle

“Erroneous standpoint
     “The translators of this record of scientific creation entertained a false sense of being.  They believed in the existence of matter, its propagation and power.  From that standpoint of error, they could not apprehend the nature and operation of Spirit.  Hence the seeming contradiction in that Scripture, which is so glorious in its spiritual signification.  Truth has but one reply to all error, — to sin, sickness, and death:  ‘Dust [nothingness] thou are, and unto dust [nothingness] shalt thou return.’”  (S&H 545:21)

Soul as Life

“Mortality mythical
     “‘As in Adam [error] all die, even so in Christ [Truth] shall all be made alive.’  The mortality of man is a myth, for man is immortal.  The false belief that spirit is now submerged in matter, at some future time to be emancipated from it, — this belief alone is mortal.  Spirit, God, never germinates, but is ‘the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever.’  If Mind, God, creates error, that error must exist in the divine Mind, and this assumption of error would dethrone the perfection of Deity.”  (S&H 545:31-546:8)
     Mary Baker Eddy is telling us that sex (germination) is not God’s method of creation.  God could never create error.  Neither Adam nor Jesus were created via sexual intercourse.  So what is the difference between the two?  Adam was made of the erroneous material red clay and spirit (the Lord’s breath) was breathed into his nostrils, this is spiritualism.  On the other hand, Jesus was created by Mind alone.  Jesus reflected Soul and this reflection of Soul was his Life.


“No truth from a material basis
     “Is Christian Science contradictory?  Is the divine Principle of creation misstated?  Has God no Science to declare Mind, while matter is governed by unerring intelligence?  ‘There went up a mist from the earth.’  This represents error as starting from an idea of good on a material basis.  It supposes God and man to be manifested only through the corporeal senses, although the material senses can take no cognizance of Spirit or the spiritual idea.
     “Genesis and the Apocalypse seem more obscure than other portions of the Scripture, because they cannot possibly be interpreted from a material standpoint.  To the author, they are transparent, for they contain the deep divinity of the Bible.[1]

“Dawning of spiritual facts
     “Christian Science is dawning upon a material age.  The great spiritual facts of being, like rays of light, shine in the darkness, though the darkness, comprehending them not, may deny their reality.  The proof that the system stated in this book is Christianly scientific resides in the good this system accomplishes, for it cures on a divine demonstrable Principle which all may understand.[2]

“Proof given in healing
     “If mathematics should present a thousand different examples of one rule, the proving of one example would authenticate all the others.  A simple statement of Christian Science, if demonstrated by healing, contains the proof of all here said of Christian Science.  If one of the statements in this book is true, every one must be true, for not one departs from the stated system and rule.  You can prove for yourself, dear reader, the Science of healing, and so ascertain if the author has given you the correct interpretation of Scripture.”  (S&H 546:9-547:8)

Life as Mind

“Embryonic evolution
     “The late Louis Agassiz, by his microscopic examination of a vulture’s ovum, strengthens the thinker’s conclusions as to the scientific theory of creation.  Agassiz was able to see in the egg the earth’s atmosphere, the gathering clouds, the moon and stars, while the germinating speck of so-called embryonic life seemed a small sun.  In its history of mortality, Darwin’s theory of evolution from a material basis is more consistent than most theories.  Briefly, this is Darwin’s theory—that Mind produces its opposite, matter, and endues matter with power to recreate the universe, including man.  Material evolution implies that the great First Cause [which is Mind] must become material, and afterwards must either return to Mind or go down into dust and nothingness.”  (S&H 547:9; [my interpolation])
     Reading this paragraph makes me wonder why most Biblical Christian’s reject Darwin’s theory?  After all, do not most Christians actually believe that God (Mind) created its opposite Adam?  Do not they believe that men are born into a material body that grows up and eventually dies (returns to heaven [Mind])?  Or as atheists believe – when man dies he goes down into the dust and nothingness, this is his experience from that point on.  The following is explaining SCIENCE AND HEALTH 561:5, from a book by Irene Oppenheim, SCIENCE VAST I, p. 204-205:

          ” ‘Agassis, through his microscope, saw the sun in an egg at a point of so-called embryonic life.  Because of his more spiritual vision, St. John saw an ‘angel standing in the sun.’  {This angel is the angel from Revelation 10 and the woman God-crowned.}  The Revelator beheld the spiritual idea from the mount of vision, Purity was the symbol of Life and Love.  The Revelation saw also the spiritual ideal as a woman clothed in light, a bride coming down from heaven, wedded to the Lamb of Love.  To John, ‘the bride’ and ‘the Lamb’ represented the correlation of divine Principle and spiritual idea, God and His Christ, bringing harmony to earth.
          ” ‘John saw the human and divine coincidence, shown in the man Jesus, as divinity embracing humanity in Life and its demonstration–reducing to human perception and understanding the Life which is God.  In divine revelation, material man and corporeal selfhood disappear, and the spiritual idea is understood.’

     “Agassis looked for cause in effect, Principle in its idea.  John found idea in its Principle.
     “Life, eternal cause, in never embryonic, always infinite, Life, having always been, is forever going on.  The identity of every idea in the divine ideal is ‘the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever’ (Heb. 13:8).
     “The Revelator beheld the spiritual idea [of being] from the mount of vision’–the inspired vision of Life.  The mountain is a symbol of the calculus of Truth and Spirit, but the ‘mount’ typifies the exalted state of thought which apprehends the ideas for the calculus.  From that ‘mount of vision’ the spiritual nature of life as it is in Science is forever discerned.  The phrase, ‘an angel standing in the sun,’ is a quotation from the book of Revelation (see chapter 19:17).  In that same verse reference is made to ‘the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven’, taking thought back to the fifth day in Genesis with its tone of Life.  The Revelator invites his hearers to ‘gather [themselves] together unto the supper of the great God’, a fulfilled understanding of the fact that every individualized idea, or identity, is gathered into the infinite calculus operating within Love’s infinite design or plan.  This fulfilled understanding establishes the spiritual sense of Life thus destroying belief in life on the basis of the five physical senses.  This is illustrated in verse 18 by five specific references to the flesh indicating that mortality must finally give place to the immortality of Spirit.” (See S&H 485:14-24; 288:31-289:7; and 289:31-290:2.; {my interpolation})

Life as Spirit

“True theory of the universe
     “The Scriptures are very sacred.  Our aim must be to have them understood spiritually, for only by this understanding can truth be gained.  The true theory of the universe, including man, is not in material history but in spiritual development.  Inspired thought relinquishes a material, sensual, and mortal theory of the universe, and adopts the spiritual and immortal.”  (S&H 547:23)

Life as Soul

“Spiritual perception
     “It is this spiritual perception of Scripture, which lifts humanity out of disease and death and inspires faith.  ‘The Spirit and the bride say, Come!…and whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.’  Christian Science separates error from truth, and breathes through the sacred pages[3] the spiritual sense of life, substance, and intelligence.  In this Science, we discover man in the image and likeness of God.  We see that man has never lost his spiritual estate and his eternal harmony.

“The clouds dissolving
     “How little light or heat reach our earth when clouds cover the sun’s face!  So Christian Science can be seen only as the clouds of corporeal sense roll away.  Earth has little light or joy for mortals before Life is spiritually learned.  Every agony of mortal error helps error to destroy error, and so aids the apprehension of immortal Truth.  This is the new birth going on hourly, by which men may entertain angels, the true ideas of God, the spiritual sense of being.”  (S&H 547:31-548:17)

Life as Principle

“Prediction of a naturalist
     “Speaking of the origin of mortals, a famous naturalist says:  ‘It is very possible that many general statements now current, about birth and generation, will be changed with the progress of information.’  Had the naturalist, through his tireless researches, gained the diviner side in Christian Science, — so far apart from his material sense of animal growth and organization, — he would have blessed the human race more abundantly.

“Methods of reproduction
     “Natural history is richly endowed by the labors and genius of great men.  Modern discoveries have brought to light important facts in regard to so-called embryonic life.  Agassiz declares (‘Methods of Study in Natural History,” page 275):  ‘Certain animals, besides the ordinary process of generation, also increase their numbers naturally and constantly by self-division.’  This discovery is corroborative of the Science of Mind, for this discovery shows that the multiplication of certain animals takes place apart from sexual conditions.  The supposition that life germinates in eggs and must decay after it has grown to maturity, if not before, is shown by divine metaphysics to be a mistake, — a blunder which will finally give place to higher theories and demonstrations.

“The three processes {of earth reproduction}              
      “Creatures of lower forms of organism are supposed to have, as classes, three different methods of reproduction and to multiply their species sometimes through eggs, sometimes through buds, and sometimes through self-division.  According to recent lore, successive generations do not begin with the birth of new individuals, or personalities, but with the formation of the nucleus, or egg, from which one or more individualities subsequently emerge; and we must therefore look upon the simple ovum as the germ,[4] the starting-point, of the most complicated corporeal structures, including those which we call human.  Here these material researches culminate in such vague hypotheses as must necessarily attend false systems, which rely upon physics and are devoid of metaphysics.”  (S&H 548:18-549:23; {my interpolation})

Life as Life

“Deference to material law
     “In one instance a celebrated naturalist, Agassiz, discovers the pathway leading to divine Science, and beards the lion of materialism in its den.  At that point, however, even this great observer mistakes nature, forsakes Spirit as the divine origin of creative Truth, and follows matter and material law to usurp the prerogatives of omnipotence.  He absolutely drops from his summit, coming down to a belief in the material origin of man, for he virtually affirms that the germ of humanity is in a circumscribed and non-intelligent egg.

“Deep-reaching interrogations
     “If this be so, whence cometh Life, or Mind, to the human race?  Matter surely does not possess Mind.  God is the Life, or intelligence, which forms and preserves the individuality and identity of animals as well as of men.  God cannot become finite, and be limited within material bounds.  Spirit cannot become matter, nor can Spirit be developed through its opposite.  Of what avail is it to investigate what is miscalled material life, which ends, even as it begins, in nameless nothingness?  The true sense of being and its eternal perfection should appear now, even as it will hereafter.

“Stages of existence
     “Error of thought is reflected in error of action.  The continual contemplation of existence as material and corporeal—as beginning and ending, and with birth, decay, and dissolution as its component stages—hides the true and spiritual Life, and causes our standard to trail in the dust.  If Life has any starting-point whatsoever, then the great I am is a myth.  If Life is God, as the Scriptures imply, then Life is not embryonic, it is infinite.  An egg is an impossible enclosure for Deity.
     “Embryology supplies no instance of one species producing its opposite.  A serpent never begets a bird, nor does a lion bring forth a lamb.  Amalgamation is deemed monstrous and is seldom fruitful, but it is not so hideous and absurd as the supposition that Spirit—the pure and holy, the immutable and immortal—can originate the impure and mortal and dwell in it.  As Christian Science repudiates self-evident impossibilities, the material senses must father these absurdities, for both the material sense and their reports are unnatural, impossible, and unreal.

“The real producer
     “Either Mind produces, or it is produced.  If Mind is first, it cannot produce its opposite in quality and quantity, called matter.  If matter is first, it cannot produce Mind.  Like produces like.  In natural history, the bird is not the product of a beast.  In spiritual history, matter is not the progenitor of Mind.

“The ascent of species
     “One distinguished naturalist argues that mortals spring from eggs and in races.  Mr. Darwin[5] admits this, but he adds that mankind has ascended through all the lower grades of existence.  Evolution describes the gradations of human belief, but it does not acknowledge the method of divine Mind, nor see that material methods are impossible in divine Science and that all Science is of God, not of man.”  (S&H 549:24-551:16)

Life as Truth

“Transmitted peculiarities
     “Naturalists ask:  ‘What can there be, of a material nature, transmitted through these bodies called eggs, — themselves composed of the simplest material elements, — by which all peculiarities of ancestry, belonging to either sex, are brought down from generation to generation?’  The question of the naturalist amounts to this:  How can matter originate or transmit mind?  We answer that it cannot.  Darkness and doubt encompass thought, so long as it bases creation on materiality.  From a material standpoint, ‘Canst thou by searching find out God?’  All must be Mind, or else all must be matter.  Neither can produce the other.  Mind is immortal; but error declares that the material seed must decay in order to propagate its species, and the resulting germ is doomed to the same routine.

“Causation not in matter
     “The ancient and hypothetical question, Which is first, the egg or the bird? is answered, if the egg produces the parent.  But we cannot stop here.  Another question follows:  Who or what produces the parent of the egg?  That the earth was hatched from the ‘egg of night’ was once an accepted theory.  Heathen philosophy, modern geology, and all other material hypotheses deal with causation as contingent on matter and as necessarily apparent to the corporeal senses, even where the proof requisite to sustain this assumption is undiscovered.  Mortal theories make friends of sin, sickness, and death; whereas the spiritual scientific facts of existence include no member of this dolorous and fatal triad.”  (S&H 551:17-552:12)
     Perhaps the above questions can be answered in this fashion?  Neither the egg nor the bird came first, what came first was the idea of the bird and the egg.  And the idea (bird and egg) was thought of by Mind.

Life as Love

“Emergence of mortals
     “Human experience in mortal life, which starts from an egg, corresponds with that of Job, when he says, ‘Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.’  Mortals must emerge from this notion of material life as all-in-all.  They must peck open their shells with Christian Science, and look outward and upward.  But thought, loosened from a material basis but not yet instructed by Science, may become wild with freedom and so be self-contradictory.”  (S&H 552:13)

Truth as Mind

“Persistence of species
     “From a material source flows no remedy for sorrow, sin, and death, for the redeeming power, from the ills they occasion, is not in egg nor in dust.  The blending tints of leaf and flower show the order of matter to be the order of mortal mind.  The intermixture of different species, urged to its utmost limits, results in a return to the original species.  Thus it is learned that matter is a manifestation of mortal mind, and that matter always surrenders its claims when the perfect and eternal Mind is understood.

“Better basis than embryology
     “Naturalists describe the origin of mortal and material existence in the various forms of embryology, and accompany their descriptions with important observations, which should awaken thought to a higher and purer contemplation of man’s origin.  This clearer consciousness must precede an understanding of the harmony of being.  Mortal thought must obtain a better basis, get nearer the truth of being, or health will never be universal, and harmony will never become the standard of man.”  (S&H 552:22-553:9)

Truth as Spirit

     “One of our ablest naturalists has said:  ‘We have no right to assume that individuals have grown or been formed under circumstances which made material conditions essential to their maintenance and reproduction, or important to their origin and first introduction.’  Why, then, is the naturalist’s basis so materialistic, and why are his deductions generally material?

“All nativity in thought {The devil’s number of  666 or sex, sex, sex.}  
     “Adam was created before Eve.  In this instance, it is seen that the maternal egg never brought forth Adam.  Eve was formed from Adam’s rib, not from a foetal ovum.  Whatever theory may be adopted by general mortal thought to account for human origin, that theory is sure to become the signal for the appearance of its method in finite forms and operations.  If consentaneous human belief agrees upon an ovum as the point of emergence for the human race, this potent belief will immediately supersede the more ancient superstition about the creation from dust or from the rib of our primeval father [named Adam].”  (S&H 553:10-28; {my interpolation})

Truth as Soul

“Being is immortal
“You may say that mortals are formed before they think or know aught of their origin, and you may also ask how belief can affect a result which precedes the development of that belief.  It can only be replied, that Christian Science reveals what ‘eye hath not seen,’ — even the cause of all that exists, — for the universe, inclusive of man, is as eternal as God, who is its divine immortal Principle.  There is no such thing as mortality, nor are there properly any mortal beings, because being is immortal, like Deity, — or, rather, being and Deity are inseparable.”  (S&H 553:29-554:7)

Truth as Principle

“Our conscious development
     “Error is always error.  It is no thing.  Any statement of life, following from a misconception of life, is erroneous, because it is destitute of any knowledge of the so-called selfhood of life, destitute of any knowledge of its origin or existence.  The mortal is unconscious of his foetal and infantile existence; but as he grows up into another false claim, that of self-conscious matter, he learns to say, ‘I am somebody, but who made me?’  Error replies, ‘God made you.’  The first effort of error has been and is to impute to God the creation of whatever is sinful and mortal; but infinite Mind sets at naught such a mistaken belief.”  (S&H 554:8)

Truth as Life

“Mendacity {the dishonesty} of error
     “Jesus defined this opposite of God and His creation better than we can, when he said, ‘He is a liar, and the father of it.’  Jesus also said, ‘Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?’  This is said of Judas, one of Adam’s race.  Jesus never intimated that God made a devil, but he did say, ‘Ye are of your father, the devil.’  All these sayings were to show that mind in matter is the author of itself, and is simply a falsity and illusion.”  (S&H 554:20; {my interpolation})
     Mary Baker Eddy is telling us flat out that Adam is the first devil consciousness that was “simply a falsity and illusion.”  There is further proof of this in her definition of Adam in the “Glossary.”

Truth as Truth

“Ailments of animals
     “It is the general belief that the lower animals are less sickly than those possessing higher organizations, especially those of the human form.  This would indicate that there is less disease in proportion as the force of mortal mind is less pungent or sensitive, and that health attends the absence of mortal mind.  A fair conclusion from this might be, that it is the human belief, and not the divine arbitrament, which brings the physical organism under the yoke of disease.”  (S&H 554:29-555:5)

Truth as Love

“Ignorance the sign of error
     “An inquirer once said to the discoverer of Christian Science:  ‘I like your explanations of truth, but I do not comprehend what you say about error.’  This is the nature of error.  The mark of ignorance is on its forehead, for it neither understands nor can be understood.  Error would have itself received as mind, as if it were as real and God-created as truth; but Christian Science attributes to error neither entity nor power, because error is neither mind nor the outcome of Mind.”  (S&H 555:6)

Love as Mind

“The origin of divinity
     “Searching for the origin of man, who is the reflection of God, is like inquiring into the origin of God, the self-existent and eternal.  Only impotent error would seek to unite Spirit with matter, good with evil, immortality with mortality, and call this sham unity man, as if man were the offspring of both Mind and matter, of both Deity and humanity.  Creation rests on a spiritual basis.  We lose our standard of perfection and set aside the proper conception of Deity, when we admit that the perfect is the author of aught that can become imperfect, that God bestows the power to sin, or that Truth confers the ability to err.  Our great example, Jesus, could restore the individualized manifestation of existence, which seemed to vanish in death.  Knowing that God was the Life of man, Jesus was able to present himself unchanged after the crucifixion.  Truth fosters the idea of Truth, and not the belief in illusion or error.  That which is real, is sustained by Spirit.”  (S&H 555:16-556:2)

Love as Spirit

“Genera classified
     “Vertebrata {bones}, articulata {joints}, mollusca {muscles}, and radiata {biology}[6] are mortal and material concepts classified, and are supposed to possess life and mind.  These false beliefs will disappear, when the radiation of Spirit destroys forever all belief in intelligent matter.  Then will the new heaven and new earth appear, for the former things will have passed away.”  (S&H 556:3; {my interpolations})

Love as Soul

“The Christian’s privilege
     “Mortal belief infolds the conditions of sin.  Mortal belief dies to live again in renewed forms, only to go out at last forever; for life everlasting is not to be gained by dying.  Christian Science may absorb the attention of sage and philosopher, but the Christian alone can fathom it.  It is made known most fully to him who understands best the divine Life.  Did the origin and the enlightenment of the race come from the deep sleep which fell upon Adam?  Sleep is darkness, but God’s creative mandate was, ‘Let there be light.’  In sleep, cause and effect are mere illusions.  They seem to be something, but are not.  Oblivion and dreams, not realities, come with sleep.  Even so goes on the Adam-belief, of which mortal and material life is the dream.”  (S&H 556:10)

Love as Principle

“Ontology {(a branch of metaphysics) re}versus physiology
     “Ontology receives less attention than physiology.  Why?  Because mortal mind must waken to spiritual life before it cares to solve the problem of being, hence the author’s experience; but when that awakening comes, existence will be on a new stand-point.”  (S&H 556:25; {my interpolation})

Love as Life

     “It is related that a father plunged his infant babe, only a few hours old, into the water for several minutes, and repeated this operation daily, until the child could remain under water twenty minutes, moving and playing without harm, like a fish.  Parents should remember this, and learn how to develop their children properly on dry land.”  (S&H 556:31-557:5)
     It was sometime during the 1970s that I saw a video, I think it was on an episode of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, of a mother giving birth to her child in a tank of water.  That baby was born safely and became a proficient swimmer.  The child was able to swim before it learned how to walk.  Children who are taught how to swim like this, exposed to the water, can hold their breath for a very long time.  I think I have heard (but I could be wrong) that they can hold their breath for close to twenty minutes (not unlike dolphins who can stay under water for around thirty minutes if necessary).

Love at Truth

“The curse {of woman} removed
     “Mind controls the birth-throes in the lower realms of nature, where parturition is without suffering.  Vegetables, minerals, and many animals suffer no pain in multiplying, but human propagation has its suffering because it is a false belief.  Christian Science reveals harmony as proportionately increasing as the line of creation rises towards spiritual man, — towards enlarged understanding and intelligence; but in the line of the corporeal senses, the less a mortal knows of sin, disease, and mortality, the better for him—the less pain and sorrow are his.  When the mist of mortal mind evaporates, the curse will be removed which says to woman, ‘In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.’  Divine Science rolls back the clouds of error with the light of Truth, and lifts the curtain on man as never born and as never dying, but as coexistent with his creator.”  (S&H 557:6; {my interpolation})
     Mary Baker Eddy removed the woman’s curse.  She was healed, as were many of her female students, of the blood cycle (pain with cramps, bloating, etc.) curse.  She also presided over women giving birth, all who had easy births and had no birth pains at all.  She did this not once, but many times.

Love as Love

     “Popular theology takes up the history of man as if he began materially right, but immediately fell into mental sin; whereas revealed religion proclaims the Science of Mind and its formations as being in accordance with the first chapter of the Old Testament, when God, Mind, spake and it was done.”  (S&H 557:22)
     Take this paragraph into heavy consideration!  What she is telling you is the truth about popular religious doctrines about Adam (including Roman Catholicism, biblical Christianity, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, etc.).  She is also making it clear that revealed religion (which is Christian Science) proclaims the Science of Mind and its formations as being in accordance with Genesis 1.  The reason why she does not include Genesis 2:1-3 is because all was done (made, created, or revealed) in Genesis’ first chapter!  The Seventh Day of Love is the Sabbath, when God rests in perfect action.

[1] And I will add that they contain the Bible code based upon the seven synonyms and the divine calculus.

[2] You see what she tells you?  That you can understand Christian Science!

[3] To me Mary Baker Eddy is using symbolism here.  She is saying that her pages are the leaves from the tree of life, meant for the healing of the nations, because a tree breaths through its leaves!

[4] Is this not interesting that material life is supposed to begin with poison – a germ?

[5] It is rarely admitted or reported that Darwin recanted his theory of evolution!

[6] Since there are four physical material concepts classified here, I see them as counterfeits to the divine calculus.